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Welcome to our little Playground!

Do you love baby ixi? We do too! Here at Ixi Playground, you will find the only Baby Ixi Directory in all of Neopia!

Little Teensy is our little hostess and she is crazy about her classmates.

Be sure to stop by all of Teensy's pages before heading out to the Playground to
check out the other babies! Teensy's worked super hard on it!

None of the baby ixi listed in this directory are listed as UFT/UFA.
Please do not pester their owners begging for their babies.

If you're looking for ixi that are UFT/UFA, please check out Ixi Rehoming Center

Have a great time exploring our Playground!

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Our Hostess


Baby Ixi Information

  • Baby Ixi were first released on April 18, 2007!
  • Baby Ixi can only wear clothes that are made specifically for babies!
  • Baby Ixi come with their own baby bib as paintbrush clothes!

How to Get a Baby Ixi of Your Own

  • Baby Ixi cannot be zapped or morphed. You must paint one!
  • That makes baby ixi very special, because they must be created.
  • In order to get a baby ixi of your very own, you must create or adopt an ixi and then paint one with a baby paint brush or dip your ixi in the Rainbow Fountain!

Baby Ixi Items & Wearables

Baby Ixi Items

Paintbrush Clothes

Neopoint Baby Wearables

Neocash Baby Wearables

Neocash Baby Superpacks

Baby Girls

Owned by rainingzomutts
Owned by ridingstar03
Owned by seamawnster
Owned by allie73a

Baby Boys

Owned by redpixel


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