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Oh! Why, hello there. I'm sorry; I wasn't expecting any visitors this evening, especially none so early before the show. Troden probably let you in back here, didn't he? Yeah, he does that; he loves inviting people back stage. I really don't understand why, as it's always so messy back here... But you're nonetheless welcome to be here. Just be careful not touch any of the props. You could easily loose an eye over this stuff...
Anyway, you're probably wondering who I am, aren't you? Allow me to introduce myself:


Neopets Name: techo_angel (But please don't call me that)
Goes By: Choan
Age: 32
Date of Birth: October 26
Birthplace: Darlam (a small town just outside of Brightvale)
Current Residence: Verston (also a small town just outside of Brightvale)
Gender: Male
Species: Techo
Brush: Fire
Height: (Anthro) 6 ft. 1 in.; (Quad) About 3.5 ft tall (feet to shoulders) & 5 ft long (head to tail tip)
Weight: That's classified information.
Accent: Scottish
Hair: Red w/ blond tips
Eyes: Deep orange
Family: Only known relative is his father; they haven't spoken in years, as their relationship is quite cold. Considers Troden and Tigien to be his "adoptive" family.
Occupation: Magician's assistant (formerly a circus acrobat)

Personality: Choan may seem a bit quiet and reserved at first, but he later becomes very friendly and sweet after having a chance to warm up to you. He typically behaves like a gentleman. He's quite the scardy-cat, and he instantly panics at the sight of any potential hazard, no matter how small- especially anything involving fire. He's constantly paranoid that some little thing is going to go wrong and injure somebody. But despite these quirks and numerous others, he's really quite bright-minded, and generally pleasant to be around.

Strengths: Very kind and polite; respectful to everyone no matter how different.
Weaknesses: Freaks out when faced with anything dangerous (especially when it involves fire); easily snaps when teased (unless it's clearly a joke, but even then is still a little ticked off).

Additional Info: He's crazy good at mathematics; he suffers from pyrophobia, meaning he's afraid of fire (and really anything hot, like stoves and boiling water).


Anthro, Quad


* Reading
* Peace and quiet
* Classical music
* Chess
* Gymnastics

* Fireee... D8
* Hot things in general
* Danger
* Pessimism
* Being judged/teased

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So, you want to know a bit about my past, eh? Very well, then; if you've got time for a story, then I suppose I'll share it with you.

My life began one late October morning some years ago in the town of Darlam, a fairly small Neopian village just west of Brightvale. I was an only child; tragically, my mother had passed away shortly after I was born, so I spent most of my childhood under the care of my father. My neighbours had told me that before my mother's death, my father had always been a kind and genuinely pleasant man; but sadly, I never had the opportunity to see that side of him. He always looked down upon me and never really accepted me as his son, for to him I was nothing more than "the little beast who killed the woman he loved", as if I never wanted to know how it felt to be loved by a mother. He provided for me nonetheless, but did so with a strong grudge against me.

My childhood was a very lonely and empty experience. You could say that I feel under the stereotype of "the lonely weirdo"; I never really had many friends as a child, as I was always a bit quiet and didn't share many common interests with my peers. I did my studies at a small school along the east side of town, although I had always found it terribly boring and could never really learn much from any of my teachers. Every night, my father would work hard until it was nearly dusk, so he was never around by the time I arrived home from school. Knowing this, instead of heading straight home as I was expected to, nearly every day after school, I would sneak off to the enormous library we had in Darlam. The library had always been a safe haven for me; there was little I loved more than literature, and there were days where I would spend nearly all afternoon just sitting there reading. The library was also the place where I would spend time with my two best friends as a child, Troden and Tigien, who were a couple of twins I had met there one afternoon. The library was about the only place that we ever crossed paths, but regardless, the three of us shared a fine bond, and we would always joke around and talk about all the different subjects we were studying and the authors we most admired, like the nerds that we were. Seeing them was always the highlight of my day; they always gave me something to look foreword to after school, for which I was grateful.

However, there was but one thing which I loved more than visiting the library, and that was gymnastics. About the only thing that ever appealed to me about school was participating in gymnastics every Thursday after school; what it was about them that so greatly fascinated me, I cannot say. Performing them simply came as naturally to me as breathing, as though I had been born to do them. I had always been quite successful as a young gymnast; I had competed in many different tournaments with my team, which were usually met with great success. During my youth, I had a great ambition to someday find a career where I could take my talents to the stage and perform gymnastics professionally.


The first half of my days as a twelve-year-old were probably some of the loneliest ones I had ever experienced. The days at school seemed longer than ever, I felt more invisible than ever before, and my father was always so wrapped up in his work that he hardly ever paid any attention to me at all. It was during this time that one of my gymnastics friends told me of a travelling circus that was coming to town in the near future, and it was in need of new performers- specifically acrobats. After receiving the news, my face lit up with joy. Fed up with my glum, lonely life at home and being eager to fulfill my childhood dream of performing gymnastics professionally, I decided to run away from home and join the circus, becoming an acrobat.

After being accepted into the circus, I felt as though my life couldn't have been better. I spent most of my teenage years travelling to all sorts of new and exotic places, performing insane acrobatic stunts with my new found circus friends. My days as a teenager were undoubtedly the most exciting and happiest ones yet; I finally had the opportunity to see new places and meet new people I otherwise would have never been able to, all while doing what I loved, and no longer did I feel so alone. My father never seemed to come looking for me after I had disappeared, at least not to my knowledge; knowing him, I wonder if he ever even realized I was missing.

However, my brief circus career did have its consequences, and in particular, one incident that literally scarred me for life. I was only twenty when my troupe had come to perform a show in a town not far from where I grew up. The team and I had spent countless hours rehearsing our entire performance time and time again, and when it was time for the real show, we felt completely prepared for whatever could possibly come our way. And yet, somehow, something went horribly wrong.

I could feel my heart racing with excitement backstage, for my act was quickly approaching. A friend of mine was on stage performing her signature tightrope walking act, which she always did before diving through a series of rings engulfed with red, blazing fire. As always, her performance was flawless thus far; so much so that I never in a million years could have predicted what would happen next. Before reaching the rings of fire, her balance had suddenly become increasingly wobbly. None of us knew what was wrong at first, until we realized that she was beginning to faint. We watched helplessly as she lost consciousness and fell from the rope, slicing through the air like a bird that had suddenly lost its ability to fly. Panicked, one of the other performers quickly raced to her side; but upon doing so, he accidentally knocked over one of the wooden poles that suspended the flaming rings. This caused the other poles to knock over as well, creating a domino effect that only spread the fire, and before too long, the entire stage was set ablaze. As the terrified audience quickly scrambled outside the tent, screaming with fear, I quickly dashed over to the side of my friends to help carry the fallen performer out of the tent. Thankfully, both she and my friend who had helped me carry her were able to make it out of the tent unharmed; I, on the other hand, was not so fortunate.

Shortly before reaching the exit, I could hear a thunderous burst of flames as the roof of the tent collapsed, swallowing me within its fiery depths. I raced out of the tent screaming, engulfed by the fire, and ran around hopelessly until I found a pale of water to drench myself in. By the time the flame had been extinguished, I was covered with severe burns, and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital.


Within a few months, I had substantially recovered physically; but while that accident was now many years ago, the memory of it still haunts me to this day. I simply have not been able to look at fire the same way ever since, and I now live each day in constant fear of even the smallest of potential hazards. I had spent about a year hiding in my flat away from the world, too afraid to show my face; I didn't want anything to do with other people, for I had feared that they would only taunt me and think of me as just an ugly, disfigured weirdo. But after a while, I remembered just how desperate I had been to escape from being alone as a child- I mean, I even went as far as to join a circus for that very reason, for Pete's sake. It was then that I realized that sooner or later, I would have to face the world again, for the last thing that I wanted was a repeat of my lonely childhood. I thought that perhaps I could move to a new city where no one would know who I was, and then maybe I could start a new life there.

Remember how in that last sentence, I said "perhaps I could move to a new city where no one would know who I was"? Well, as it turns out, it didn't quite work out that way. After a few short months, I eventually moved to Verston, the town neighbouring my home town of Darlam. I was in a pretty rough situation at the time- I had very little money, and work was hard to come by, especially considering that no one would hire me due to my disfiguration. Feeling depressed and down on my luck, I had decided to go for a walk around town one peaceful morning to clear my head; and as I was walking, I had unexpectedly bumped into my old buddy Troden, one of the twins I was friends with as a child. Let me tell you, that lad never forgets a face, even after it's been burned to a crisp. Nonetheless, it was a happy reunion for both of us, especially considering how I had feared that I would never see him again. He told me of his reasons for coming to this town, which was to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional stage magician. After having spent many years working as a street magician, he had finally become skilled enough to take his talents to the stage; however, he still needed an assistant to help him with his magic shows, and he was having a hard time finding someone fit for the job. He told me that my experience with the circus meant that I already had most of the basic skills required for the job, and that he would much rather hire a friend than some stranger. Terrified of all of the dangerous tricks that magicians do, I was at first quite reluctant to accept his offer. However, I realized that I had grown to miss being up on stage performing, and I figured that frequent exposure to dangerous situations would be the only real cure for my fears. Besides, magic is mostly illusions, anyway- it's not like I'd be putting myself in any "real" danger, like I did as an acrobat. Thus, I said to myself "what the hey?", and I applied to be his assistant.

I was eventually hired for the job, and the two of us now perform magic shows here all the time at the Verston Auditorium. Tro and I are also roommates now; he was actually seeking a new apartment to move into when I first met up with him in Verston, so we decided to move in together and split the rent. I still often times find it difficult to watch Tro perform, simply because I fear for his safety and don't want him to suffer a similar fate as I; however, I do my best not to let my concerns get to me, as we've been performing together for several years now, and I've seen first hand how capable he is of handling his more dangerous tricks. I enjoy working with him, really, and I look foreword to many more fun years of performing together. Overall, I would say that I'm pretty content with my new life here in Verston. Honestly, I think I'm much happier these days than I've ever been in my life- and really, I guess if you're happy, then what more could you want out of life?

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What? You didn't think that I don't have any friends, did you? Well, I have you know that I do indeed, as a matter of fact. Allow me to tell you introduce you to them:

Troden is easily my best friend, and also my boss. As I've mentioned earlier, he and his brother have been good friends of mine ever since we were just kids; we always used to hang out with each other at the library in Darlam, which is where we first met. After I had left Darlam to join the circus, I thought I would never see him again; that's why I was so surprised that he was one of the first people I met when I first moved here to Verston. After a bit of talking, I eventually decided to partner up with him in his magic act, and that's how I became his assistant. We're also room mates, and we share a flat down town. He's sort of an interesting fellow, both as a colleague and as a room mate; he can be a little confusing at times, but he's still a pretty decent guy. He's usually pretty organised and knows what he's doing, so I can always count on him to have my back.

There's also Tigien, Troden's twin brother. I don't see him nearly as often any more since he still lives in Darlam, but occasionally Tro will invite him over to our flat or go to visit him in Darlam, and I'll usually tag along so that the three of us can hang out. He's sort of a confusing fellow, to be perfectly honest; he doesn't have a home, but that's mostly out of his own preference, for whatever strange reason. He's also always going on these philosophical ramblings about how beautiful nature is and how we should all try to live simply, and to be honest, I can hardly understand half of the things he talks about sometimes. Still, he's a pretty neat guy. He's a poet mostly, and he has a truly amazing way with words. He also likes to sew dolls in his spare time. (In fact, he even made me a teddy bear once for my birthday, which I thought was awfully kind of him). I'm not sure what else to say about him, really, other than I simply enjoy his company whenever I happen to cross paths with him.

Kira, Jasmine, and Dash are our bearogs. We adopted them when they were just puppies to train for our magic shows, and they quickly learned all sorts of amazing tricks. They're always the stars of all of our shows; the audience loves them, and they're simply a joy to perform with. When we're off-stage, I'm usually the one who cares for them. They live with us in our flat, and I'll usually be the one to feed them and take them for walks in the afternoons. They can be a little wild at times, but in general, they're big sweet hearts, and I just love the little guys.

Ack, I don't know why I'm even bothering to bring up Jupiter, that nasty pest. He's Troden's plathydon, and he's another one of the petpets who performs with us in some of our magic tricks. He's usually kept in his snake tank when we're at home (thank goodness), but Troden's always taking him out every so often. I'll often find him slithering in and out of all sorts of tight places that I never expect to find him, and it freaks me out every time. Tro thinks I'm such a sissy for being afraid of snakes and insists that he's harmless, but I'm pretty sure that snake hates me.

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And now it's time for: ADOPTABLES! :3
Rules should be obvious, but I'll post them anyway:

I. Please don't steal these or claim to have made them.
II. Don't edit them; if you'd like a custom, just ask. ^^
III. Please keep the link back on these.
IV. Don't enter these in contests, the art gallery, the NT, or anything else.
V. Don't take a custom that wasn't made for you.

Also, feel free to use these off site. Same rules apply for off site use.

Pretty simple, no?
If you can follow these, which hopefully shouldn't be too daunting a task, then feel free to use one. ^^

Requests and trades are now permanently closed. Sorry, but I'm hardly ever on Neo anymore! :c You're still welcome to use any of the default colours, but just be aware that I will not be making any new customs (Unless, of course, you knew me on other websites and wanted to bribe me with a trade or something...)

*In addition to techos, customs for this set are open to just about any reptilian species (krawks, draiks, grarrls, etc.)












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Time to leave, eh? Well, thanks for dropping by; it was nice meeting you. If you can't make it to the show tonight, I at least hope you'll take this with you and drop by another time; I'd love to meet with you again soon.

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