1-100 Np Book List:

This list currently contains 62 books that you can find on the shop wizard for under 100 neopoints each. This means that, at most, you will be spending 6200 neopoints to raise your pets' intelligence 62-122 points. If you have a grundo or hatched draik and start from level 0 intelligence, you will have a pet that is a master genius up to an ultimate genius, assuming that it wants to read every book. If you have any other neopet, and start at level 10 intelligence, your pet will be a master genius up to an ultimate genius, assuming that your pet wants to read every book. Thanks to jellyneo for providing the information on stat increases.
These books are in absolutely no order at all. If you need to compare this list to your pets' list of books read, just use the find feature on your browser. There are a couple of books on this list that took me a few minutes to find on the shop wizard for 100 nps or less, but just refresh the search results a couple extra times. If you know of other cheap books or the prices of these books has changed since I last updated this list, please neomail me.

Last updated: May 1, 2016

Neopian Times Issue 3
Babaa Care
The Luckiest Babaa
My First Babaa
Adventures In Space
Speak Tyrannian
Gruslen Pop-Up Book
Legends of Maraqua
Maraquan Faerie Tales
Fantastic Faellies
Faellie Handbook
Tuskaninny Treasure
Peopatras Petpets
Meepit vs Feepit Game Guide
Waterlogged Book
Lenny Crosswords
Spooky Stories
Counting Babaas
Robot Rock
The Secret of Treasure Island
Underwater Tour
Pirate Small Talk
Haunted Woods Reader
Gallion Care
Gallion Colouring Book
The Gorgeous Gallion
Soggy Scroll
A History of the Lost Desert
Ancient Scarab Scroll
Extreme Shenkuu
Ringed Scroll
Tablet of Water Runes
Rule with Wisdom
Shenkuu Lunar Festival Commemorative Guide
Deserted Desert Scroll
Slorg Care
Neocola Book
Tome of Selket
Mystery Island Monthly
Nimmo - Now and Zen
Mystery Of The Kougra Paw
Cybunny Diary
Maraquan Bed Time Stories
Attack On Kreludor
Mystery Island Tour Guide
Turmac Snacks
Geraptiku Recipes
Light Speed Made Easy
Skeith Inspired Treasure Maps
Grooming Your Faellie
Sunset On Mystery Island
Spooky Kau Story
Slimy Bog Scroll
Karate for Beginners
A Nimmo Music Extravaganza
The Rock Pool and You: Your guide to Mystery Island Petpets
Island Cybunny Guide
Exotic Ingredients of Shenkuu
The Definitive Snowglobe Guide
Mystery Island Paperback Book
Mystery Island Travel Brochure
Terror Mountain Travel Brochure