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Welcome Message

The Ixi Registry is an ixi directory. We take ixi of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Bring your ixi into the fold of the greater Ixi Community and Ixi Inc. by listing your special ixi with us today!

The Ixi Registry is run by Tayver, the desert ixi and Brenda (rainingzomutts). This directory is a labor of love and constant growth. Please don't ever hesitate to neomail us with questions, concerns, or listings!

Thank you to everyone who supports The Ixi Registry, Ixi Inc. and Ixi everywhere!

Important Information!!!

Thank you very very much to all of my loyal Ixi Registry fans and listers. I want to apologize for not listing new Registrants for the past several of months.

I have been on semi-hiatus - havinga now 6 month old! As such, since I didn't check my neomail quite as regularly as I should have (and didn't save any information contained there in), all of my neomails regarding new listings have been deleted before I copied down the information.

So, please, if you neomailed me wanting to list your ixi in the months of February - August 2013 and don't see your ixi already listed, please neomail me again and I will list them ASAP.

Thank you.

Additional Information

Symbol Key

Beside each ixi you will find a series of colored ixi signs. Each of these signs means something different and exciting about that particular ixi.

Customized Ixi (wearing an outfit)

Custom Lookup (lookup dedicated to specific ixi w/ pictures etc. for example see ebreni's lookup)

Custom Petpage (page dedicated to or hosted by ixi)

High Stats (considered a BD pet)

Awards (bc trophies/pet spotlight/customization spotlight)

Art (adoptables/fan art/art by owner)

Former Ixi Registry Spotlight

Unconverted Ixi

Ixi All Star (has all 6 signs not including pink or white)


Your pet-to-be-listed MUST be an IXI. This is an ixi directory after all.

Your pet-to-be-listed MUST be YOURS. Can't have you trying to list an ixi that isn't yours, now can I?

If you ixi changes color, or species, please please please neomail me so I can either change its listing or remove it completely.

You are more than welcome to use one account (ex: like I've done) as a contact account, rather than using the account(s) your ixi is on.

If your ixi has a nickname or goes by a name other than it's actual "name", please please please include your ixi's actual name along with his or her nickname. I link all ixi to their lookups and can't link (nor check to see if he or she qualifies for our custom signs) if I don't have the actual name!

Get Listed

If you'd like list your ixi at The Ixi Registry, please fill out the information below and mail it to rainingzomutts:

Pet's Name (and Nickname):
Account you can be contacted on about your ixi:

Please make sure you've read the "Rules" section before submitting your ixi!

Link Back

Click button for credit!

Registry Spotlight


Sylphyna is your typical Grandmotherly-type. She loves baking cookies, looking after the little ones, and sitting on the front porch in her rocking chair! Sylphyna was the first ixi in Neopia to be painted Elderly Girl!


Emmy is a beautiful faerie ixi. But don't let her looks fool you – she is as tough as they come. A seasoned battler in the BattleDome, Emmy meets all challenges with great enthusiasm!


Wolfymom is an ixi who loves change – the changing weather, the changing seasons. And for the Holiday season (which is her absolute favorite), she is trying to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!


Ro is a rather intimidating ixi – all that love of brains and such. But don't let her decomposing exterior scare you away. She's a great pal!


Possibly the first Glowing ixi in all of Neopia, Sweetenwafflez enjoys spending his time eating waffles, smelling waffles, baking waffles, and pouring delicious syrup all over waffles.


Myalona is a fun loving little ixi who enjoys gardening and watching butterflies. Myalona is also the host and manager of IxiDex – another awesome Ixi Directory. We're proud to spotlight this ixi's achievements in awesome ixi-ness!


Tayver is a hard working and very dedicated ixi. He loves nothing more than to be holed up in some dusty old library somewhere reading all about Ancient Neopia. Tayver's biggest goal in life is to make sure every single ixi from all over Neopia are brought together and listed in The Ixi Register.

Newest Listed

Pet: Galindah
Owner: ljjdjlove

Owner: akhara_wolf

Owner: akhara_wolf

Owner: akhara_wolf

Owner: akhara_wolf

Owner: akhara_wolf

Owner: akhara_wolf

Owner: akhara_wolf

Owner: akhara_wolf

Owner: akhara_wolf

Owner: maico199

Owner: maico199

Owner: maico199

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: hainky

Owner: mooboo22372

Owner: rainingzomutts

Owner: rainingzomutts

Owner: rainingzomutts

Owner: missmia03

Owner: thunderlight314

Owner: cho_11

Owner: cho_11

Owner: missbunny41

Owner: zunnybunny0

Owner: zunnybunny0

Owner: zunnybunny0

Owner: zunnybunny0

Owner: zunnybunny0

Owner: zunnybunny0

Owner: zunnybunny0

Agent H.
Owner: zunnybunny0

Owner: severediscretion

Owner: Josephinefarine

Owner: Zunnybunny0

Owner: angel1234657

Owner: scareletterayne

Owner: hoyunjoyce

Owner: hoyunjoyce

Owner: hoyunjoyce

Owner: hoyunjoyce

Owner: sportsaddict01

Owner: rainingzomutts

Owner: rainingzomutts

Owner: leo_flores

Owner: leo_flores

Owner: leo_flores

Owner: leo_flores

Owner: leo_flores

Owner: cheeky_jess

Owner: sara1elo

Owner: elizaboom

Owner: elizaboom

Owner: elizaboom

Owner: elizaboom

Owner: Brenna_080

Owner: lockheartdiamond

Owner: izzy_tina98

Owner: maico199

Owner: maico199

Owner: maico199

Owner: maico199

Owner: curseofthecoffin

Owner: curseofthecoffin

Owner: meepit_for_president

Owner: capricornfaery

Owner: 0llyness


Directory Opened: June 11, 2011
Number of Ixi Registered: 287
Most Popular Color: Faerie and Darigan
Newest Colors: Split & Stealthy

The Ixi Registry is a subsidiary of Ixi Inc.
Owned and operated by rainingzomutts.
Visitors since June 11, 2011

Registry News

October 2,2013

Listed 13 new ixi today! That's a lot of beautiful ixi. Be sure to visit them all!

September 24,2013

Listed 19 new ixi today! There are a lot of new ixi to see and get to know, so be sure to check the "Newest Listed" section for them!

September 4,2013

Listed Waggs today! And updated Electra & Link to Stealthy! Scat is also now biscuit! Added sections for the 2 newest ixi colors - Stealthy and Split!

Sorry I've been gone for so long, y'all! I've been out with my new baby girl - who is now 6 months old! And I have been a very very very busy bee!! But I'm back now and will hopefully be able to keep up with everything now!

So be sure to get me those neomails about your ixi!

December 16, 2012

Listed 12 new ixi today! Be sure to pay them all a visit!

December 16, 2012

Mandrogore the Halloween ixi was added to the Registry today! Go see this beautiful girl and take a peek at her petpage while you're at it!

December 11, 2012

Added 3 new ixi today! Be sure to stop by and see Ari, Jessi, and Carnevale!

September 26, 2012

It's been a while since I updated – so sorry about that! Please see the note above.

I have listed 4 new ixi today! Please be sure to pay Delchrom, Glitter_Horns722, MoonlightArtemis, ShinySilhouette, and IgneousShadow a visit!

July 11, 2012

Happy Ixi Day! We've just updated The Registry with the newest colors: Elderly Boy and Elderly Girl! We also have our first Elderly ixi listed! Please welcome Grandma Sylphyna and Grandpa Wrolland! Also – Leo_flores has registered his 5 amazing ixi! And be sure to check out Evillesa the newest Halloween ixi!

July 5, 2012

Just listed 6 new ixi!

June 21, 2012

Just listed 8 new ixi! Please be sure to visit all the newest ixi!

May 17, 2012

Just listed 2 new ixi! Please be sure to check out Redoxe the Grey Ixi and Zurist the Darigan Ixi!

April 12, 2012

Getting an early start today – 5 am NST! Hoping to be able to finish and launch v2.0 of the Registry today! Wish me luck that I get it all finished!

It didn't take too long! All finished! Welcome to v.2.0 of The Ixi Registry!

April 11, 2012

Still working on a re-vamp! Working late into the night on this one! Have added Flintan the UC Robot ixi though. Of course, you won't be able to see him in all his shiny glory until the new release of the page!

April 9, 2012

Still sorking on re-coding. There's a lot of information here!

April 7, 2012

Working on re-coding the Registry! It's time for an update!

March 15, 2012

Humor the Mutant ixi and Riylae the Maraquan ixi have joined the Registry!

January 30, 2012

Arielliss the baby ixi has joined the Registry!

January 24, 2012

Thirteen new ixi have been added! My good friend Sunny finally listed all of her ixi – and she's got some awesome characters! Also, Emmy, the faerie ixi has been listed and chosen as our new Registry Spotlight! Be sure to pay her a visit!

January 7, 2012

Two new ixi have been listed today! Be sure to check out Kurol the Maraquan ixi and Urre the Disco Ixi!

December 28, 2011

Added a new faerie ixi today – Vtb. Be sure to pay her a visit!

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! I added 10 new ixi today!

December 17, 2011

A very sad day in Neo today – my dear friend Channie has decided after 5 years to close the Ixidex. She has kindly left a notice on her page to send everyone here though. So if you're ixi has been a part of the Ixidex, please send me a neomail and I will gladly list you here!

December 7, 2011

Added 8 new ixi today! Be sure to pay them all a visit!

November 19, 2011

Added Rallein the speckled ixi today!

October 22, 2011

Added 19 new ixi today! Be sure to pay them all a visit!

The Ixi Registry has undergone a bit of a revamp. All the ixi information that used to be on the first page of the Registry has been moved to The Ixi Information Center. Also, all ixi news and sightings have been (are being) moved to a brand new page. For more information, please visit Ixi Inc. Headquarters.

August 28, 2011

Added one new ixi today – Be sure to pay Ro a visit! She's a creepy little cecomposing soul, but well worth the time to check her out! She is also the newest Ixi Registry Spotlight!

August 20, 2011

Just now getting around to updating the pages! So very sorry for the delay, but I've been working my tail off on getting my latest ixi project up and running.

Added 5 new ixi today! Be sure to pay Ria, Blasche, Kyla, Imps, and Magik a visit today!

July 30, 2011

Just in time for a new month I have finally updated everything here! We have a new Ixi Registry Spotlight – Sweetenwafflez! Check out this glowing ixi today! Also I have added 2 new ixi to the Registry – be sure to pay Wolfy and Zwataketa a visit! Be sure to take a peek at Ixi Sightings in Neopia to see some fantastic ixi art in the Art Gallery (page numbers have been provided for easy navigation).
Celebrate the Discovery of Meridell Day by showing your ixi spirit!

July 14, 2011

Added 9 new ixi today! Make sure to pay Ataxite, Ruby, Balnon, Salano, Tainiroo, Joriel, Torganach, Ivy, and Aethelwyne a visit today!

July 11, 2011

Happy Ixi Day from everyone here at Ixi Inc.! Added 10 new ixi today! Just waiting on the New Features to be announced to I can FINALLY fill in the Ixi Day 2011 space with ixi awesomeness!

Later… Ixi can now be painted Woodland and Glowing! Sooo pretty! Added our first Glowing ixi! Be sure to check out SweetenWafflez today! So many awesome things released for Ixi Day. Great new outfits, fantastic colors, fabulous artwork, and awesome poetry! I hope you've enjoyed celebrating Ixi Day with me and every other Ixi fan out there! I know I enjoyed myself!

July 10, 2011

Added one new ixi today! Be sure to pay Liveea the Biscuit ixi a visit!

July 6, 2011

Thanks to The Daily Neopets for these preview images of ixi clothes that may be coming out on Ixi Day!

July 4, 2011

Added 24 new ixi today! Yay! Also updated our newest Ixi Registry Spotlight – Myalona! Ixi Day is only a week away now. We're so excited to see what comes out!

June 26, 2011

Added 36 new ixi to the Registry today! Check them all out! Also got our first Unconverted ixi – Tragiique!! We made it to 100 ixi registered! Yay! *throws confetti and passes out party hats* Thank you to everyone who has listed their ixi with us! Now, let's make it to 500!

June 23, 2011

Added 2 new ixi to the Registry today! Check out: DeV and Ella! Have also added 3 new ixi sightings!

Ixi Day is only 19 days away and the folks at The Daily Neopets have found these 2 awesome new Ixi Morphing Potion images. Hopefully this means they'll be available for Ixi Day!

June 17, 2011

Working on new buttons. Got a few made already. Will add them to the page as soon as I get them all up. Am very happy with the ones I've made.

We've been listed in several Link Directories! Check out the "Listed At" section to the right to see who all has listed us!

June 16, 2011

Extended the Greetings section to include images of the greetings!

June 15, 2011

Added 17 new ixi to the Registry today! Check out: Mutashious, Mortisix, Ixi200, Corvexus, Zinndel, Lavixious, Kixtart, Ixfit, Sir Swixgar, Pooka Dot, Jinga Belle, Princess Delley, Macapplet, Oyarn, Vixeos, Itoxica, and Pixiebluebear!

Also added a new ixi sign – white! If your ixi is chosen to be spotlighted by The Ixi Registry, your ixi will be able to use this sign!

Will also be working on some new pet buttons (hopefully tonight) so that I can include all of the ixi colors.

June 14, 2011

Added 19 new ixi to the Registry today! Check out: Aexionn, Ixploration, Luca, Rocoto, Shemakora, Sproutix, Tippie, Zumazumuy, Ixtraterestrial, C.B., Strannia, Zanteron, Callaney, Ixcognito, Zombolla, Grixillian, Ixfoliate, Jazleni, and Mr. Ixi!

Also added a new ixi sign – pink! If your ixi is unconverted, you will get to use this special sign!

There is a new ixi listed in the "Ixi Spotlights in Neopia" section: Congrats to Arthx for winning 3rd place in the neocash category!

June 13, 2011

Added 5 new ixi to the Registry today! Check out: Mossy, Sheryltanii, Izkey, Isdari, and Xariiah! Also added several new ixi items pertaining to characters – Chortle now has his own section! So does the Ixi Commentator! Thanks to raven_zombie for suggesting these awesome additions!

June 12, 2011

Just picked up my Custom Ixi Signs from Tuva! Thanks hun! They're perfect!

June 11, 2011

We're live! Woo! Hoo! Got everything up and running now. Please apply to the Ixi Registry!

I know the Legend says that custom signs will be used to denote specific awesome things about each ixi, but Tuva hasn't finished them yet. I don't want to hold the site closed just because I'm waiting on them, so until then, the colored stars will have to suffice.

June 10, 2011

The Ixi Registry is almost complete. Just gotta make a few buttons and we should be open for business!

June 09, 2011

The Ixi Registry home page is finally almost complete! I've stared at coding for 9 ½ hours and it's time to take a break. Hopefully will get page 2 completed tomorrow so I can actually go hunting for awesome ixi to add to the Registry!

The Registry

name owner signs
TeensyTarla (f) rainingzomutts
Nutriino (m) oracle01
Sklydex (f) radhamantys
TinyTarla (f) samhainharvest
Kaneda_1 (m) Tigtorres
Ixivak (m) zunnybunny0

name owner signs
Scat (f) rainingzomutts
Crumbles (f) samhainharvest
Miene (f) mizrachii
Liveea (f) blablasmiles
Josie (f) kittenbaby_6
Mokiyato (m) oracle01
Brockeln (f) sw33tietash
Lily (f) tricksey_pixie
Voxum (f) leo_flores
Akhara (f) akhara_wolf

name owner signs
Blasche (m) i1wolfrunner
Saskia (f) tricksey_pixie
Lockheart (f) lockheartdiamond
MoonlightArtemis (f) hoyunjoyce

name owner signs
Ixploration (m) raven_zombie
Furgi (m) tricksey_pixie
Ringlithiel (f) Tigtorres
Pixiette (f) samhainharvest

name owner signs
Zumazumuy (f) ravebombx

name owner signs
Ixfoliate (m) ixi_bandit3

name owner signs
Yuleos (m) oracle01
Jinga Belle (f) skyeblue_unicorn
Azaina (f) oracle01
Shij (f) severediscretion

name owner signs

name owner signs
Solace (f) tricksey_pixie
Ella (f) xthecuttingedge
Kraesya (f) karyssia
Rad (f) kittenbaby_6
Cecilia7815 (m) Tigtorres
Ixcognito (m) ixi_bandit2
Ryychi (m) oracle01
Knyquist (f) sw33tietash
Ria (f) riah_vengance
Zurist (f) curseofthecoffin
Pyrm (f) elizaboom
Deejenya (f) sara1elo
Delchrom (f) sportsaddict01
Kedder (m) hainky
Drucie (f) akhara_wolf

name owner signs
Tayver (m) rainingzomutts
Pixiebluebear (f) theirishpirate
Akwetee (f) sw33tietash
Woody (m) hzoo_26
Aexionn (f) raven_zombie
Hibary (m) oracle01
Ady (f) kittenbaby_6

name owner signs
Clairykate (f) samhainharvest
Xennoxi (f) oracle01
Meam (f) hainky

name owner signs
Wrolland (m) rainingzomutts

name owner signs
Sylphyna (f) rainingzomutts

name owner signs
Zanteron (m) ixi_bandit
Ruby (f) samhainharvest
Venntii (f) oracle01

name owner signs
Sproutix (m) ravebombx
Xhalerax (m) oracle01
Myalona (f) sw33tietash
Pattiluv (f) Tigtorres
Ichi (f) hzoo_26
Isdari (f) animated_chaos
Itoxica (f) theirishpirate
Kary (f) karyssia
Xima (m) sw33tietash
Vtb (f) xienie
Emmy (f) Noetherian_guy
Bianca (f) zunnybunny0
Hildith (f) zunnybunny0
Baltt (m) cho_11
Devily (m) thunderlight314
Ikke (f) hainky
Galindah (f) ljjdjlove

name owner signs
Sybrri (f) rainingzomutts
Koax (f) sw33tietash
Dr. Walter J. (m) tricksey_pixie
Aqaelia (m) oracle01
Striz (f) Tigtorres
Pix (m) elizaboom
Rinell (f) hainky

name owner signs
Ix (f) rainingzomutts
Sheryltanii (f) emerald_skye
Blayne (m) oracle01
Mortisix (m) raylen_lee
Izayeh (m) sw33tietash
Kanthzer (f) Tigtorres
Kasumi (f) maico199
Wren (f) zunnybunny0
Koufin (m) hainky
Wintersin (m) akhara_wolf

name owner signs
SweetenWafflez (m) blablasmiles
Balnon (m) samhainharvest
Neon (f) elizaboom

name owner signs
Ixfit (m) skyeblue_ixi
Zenzhea (f) oracle01

name owner signs
Mossy (m) emerald_skye
Rita (f) hzoo_26
GlitterHorns (f) hoyunjoyce

name owner signs
Alyxiar(f) rainingzomutts
Dhataya (f) oracle01
Pix (m) sw33tietash
ixact (f) Tigtorres
Fatu (f) hzoo_26
Luca (f) raven_zombie
Tragiique(f) aureve
Sinstrez (m) sw33tietash
Feiyone (f) dimichan
Redoxe (m) curseofthecoffin
Vhan (m) zunnybunny0
Lullin (f) hainky
Marofi (f) maico199

name owner signs
Spad (m) tricksey_pixie
Ixi200 (f) raylen_lee
Candiell (f) sw33tietash
Magik (m) i1wolfrunner
Reki (m) rainingzomutts
Rocoto (m) raven_zombie
Senjou (m) oracle01
Zyik (or Z) (m) kittenbaby_6
Dragonfyre_alladriel (f) Tigtorres
SD (m) samhainharvest
Evillesa (f) cheeky_jess
Mandie/ Amanda (f) Josephinefarine
Arie (f) zunnybunny0
Benca (f) hainky

name owner signs

name owner signs
Risha (f) rainingzomutts
Vixeos (f) theirishpirate
Ilenaulea (f) sw33tietash
C.B. (m) Ixi_bandit
Tibs (f) loopdela356
Admiree (m) Tigtorres
Cuqe (f) hainky
Erydice (f) akhara_wolf

name owner signs
Tippie (f) ravebombx
Chixie_Dixie_Ixi (f) Tigtorres
Switchbox (m) oracle01
Forbihdd (m) rainingzomutts
Foxie (f) akhara_wolf

name owner signs
Ghillie (f) rainingzomutts
Oniko (m) oracle01
Zaxirox (m) Tigtorres
Kixtart (f) skyeblue_ixi
Syfinar (f) sw33tietash

name owner signs
Tomie rainingzomutts
Rhuny (f) sw33tietash
Viriii (f) boeketjebloemen
Riylae (f) capricornfaery
Blaze (f) oracle01
Mentari (f) areiacaju
Kurol (f) kurol
Loxuz (m) leo_flores
Agent H. (m) zunnybunny0
Bess (m) cho_11
Vuain (f) hainky

name owner signs
Nip (f) rainingzomutts
Lithium (m) oracle01
Ella (f) sw33tietash
ViolentJ (m) Tigtorres
Mutashious (m) raylen_lee
Agonies(f) aureve
Storm (m) kittenbaby_6
Humor (m) 0llyness
Zuls (m) hainky
Fulusia (m) maico199

name owner signs
Noxxur (m) oracle01

name owner signs
Xariiah (f) emerald_skye
Mesmurize (f) oracle01
ZootFloot (f) Tigtorres
Strannia (f) Ixi_bandit
Kalandin (f) samhainharvest

name owner signs
Oyarn (f) theirishpirate
Grimbled (m) haggiss
Vizzy (f) hzoo_26
Klenoel (m) sw33tietash
Morwynna (f) rainingzomutts
lnko (m) akhara_wolf

name owner signs
Forixine (f) sw33tietash
Ikzey (f) antonia22301
Spindle (f) hzoo_26
Bletzen (m) leo_flores
Carnevale (f) Zunnybunny0
Waggs (m) missmia03
Choe (f) rainingzomutts

name owner signs
Nemazarre (f) oracle01
Mayonette (m) Tigtorres

name owner signs
Bellahgeo (m) oracle01
Lil (f) tricksey_pixie
Varosa (f) hainky
Piper (f) rainingzomutts

name owner signs
Zwataketa (f) sonic_123_875
Ari (f) scareletterayne
Fifi (f) missbunny41

name owner signs
Callaney (f) Ixi_bandit2
Penelope_Cherry (f) Tigtorres
Kiwi (f) oracle01
Rotiz (m) samhainharvest
Flintan (m) meepit_for_president
Jessi (f) angel1234657
Mystikaz (f) zunnybunny0

name owner signs
Sir Swixgar (m) skyeblue_unicorn
Edrad (m) rainingzomutts
Lady Pound (f) hzoo_26
Frifx (m) leo_flores

name owner signs
Princess Delley (f) skyeblue_unicorn
Jerr (f) hzoo_26
Lindsee (f) kittenbaby_6
Klainely (f) rainingzomutts

name owner signs
Ilere (f) rainingzomutts
Lavixious (m) skyeblue_ixi
Immorta (f) tricksey_pixie
MacApplet (m) theirishpirate
DeV (f) devilzangel_43605

name owner signs
Zenuury (f) oracle01
Timewhistle (f) akhara_wolf

name owner signs
Zinndel (m) skyeblue_ixi
Tainiroo (m) samhainharvest
Zennariha (f) oracle01
_Shadow_Ixi_77 (f) Tigtorres
frixxz_perdoname_ (m) leo_flores
Valorena (f) hainky

name owner signs
Jazleni (m) Ixi_bandit3
Yercet (m) oracle01
Foxriine (m) sw33tietash
Joriel (f) samhainharvest
Alyebe (f) maico199

name owner signs
Shemakora (f) ravebombx
Ivy (f) samhainharvest
Snezhnaya (f) sw33tietash

name owner signs
Robby (m) kittenbaby_6
Iriz (f) hzoo_26
Pooka Dot (f) skyeblue_unicorn
Rallein (m) warrior_cats_freak10
Odie (m) izzy_tina98

name owner signs
Buddy (m) akhara_wolf

name owner signs
Alluriia (f) oracle01

name owner signs
Ixtraterestrial (f) Ixi_bandit
Imps (f) i1wolfrunner
Norma (f) hzoo_26
Gennetix (f) oracle01
Uyuni (f) samhainharvest

name owner signs
Electra (f) rainingzomutts
Link (m) fariy287

name owner signs
Tarlana (m) pennyloafer
Rihalaya (f) kittenbaby_6
Bahara (f) samhainharvest
Yevo (f) sw33tietash
Akiraspawn (m) Tigtorres

name owner signs
Grixillian (f) ixi_bandit3
Aethelwyne (f) samhainharvest
Vaimp (m) Tigtorres
Cenotta (f) oracle01
Kyla (f) i1wolfrunner
Priscilla (f) 1lalabears1
Pixi (f) mooboo22372

name owner signs
Mr. Ixi (m) ixi_bandit3
Kayriaka (m) sw33tietash
Khelerona (f) oracle01
Torganach (f) samhainharvest
Shi (f) elizaboom
Duggry (m) hainky
Querhanni (m) akhara_wolf

name owner signs
Zombolla (m) ixi_bandit2
Allezyn (f) sw33tietash
Aleena (f) oracle01
Salano (f) samhainharvest
Radox (m) hainky

name owner signs
Lizeal (f) rainingzomutts
Marcy (f) hzoo_26

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ShinySilhouette (f) hoyunjoyce
IgneousShadow (f) hoyunjoyce

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Ebreni (f) rainingzomutts
Cervellia (f) sw33tietash
Ataxite (m) sweetestdeal
Mym (f) hzoo_26
Corvexus (m) raylen_lee
Cheri (f) kittenbaby_6
Ro (f) oracle01
Romancez (m) Brenna_080
Eroad (m) hainky
Berri (m) maico199


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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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