Welcome to the Wandering Imperials webbie! Wandering Imperials was started by two friends, Jorie and Emma, but has greatly changed over the year. Since January 25 2011, Bubbles and Mary have been the new co-owners. It's definitely been crazy, but we're back to the way things were. Here at WI, we like to explore Neopia. Every month, we will explore a new land. We want this guild to be a place where we can relax after a long day of school or work. We offer a great variety of activites so our members can have something to do besides chat. If you have any suggestions or ideas, just neomail Bubbles or Mary.

New to the Guild?

First of all, welcome to Wandering Imperials! If you keep reading, you'll find a handy little check list that will help you get acquainted with the guild.

1. First off you'll want to read over our rules.

2. Now you should go introduce yourself to the other members. Have fun chatting!

3. While you're chatting, check out our ranking system, the Meet the Members page, and all of our features listed on the portal!

4. Hopefully you'll now feel that you know your way around the guild. Consider listing your information on the Meet the Members page or start earning some Milestones.


Trainee: 0 points and 0 posts, this is your rank upon joining the guild.

Apprentice: Trade in 25 points or post 250 times on the guild board. Now that you are an apprentice, you are able to participate in 1np auctions! Neofriend wi__guild to participate.

Novice: Trade in 50 points or post 500 times on the guild board. Now that you are a novice, you're getting pretty well known in the guild. This means you have a chance to be selected as member of the month.

Expert: Trade in 100 points or post 750 times on the guild board. Now that you're an expert, feel free to request a graphic from Mary, or maybe a font!

Master: Trade in 175 points or post 1000 times on the guild board. You've reached the top of the ladder! Feels pretty good doesn't it? Continue to be the wonderful and active member that you are, and help those that haven't reached your level. Now that you're a master, you will be able to invite worthy Neopians to the guild and help us monitor our board!

Ranks are updated daily. Neomail Mary to trade in points, and uprank. When you trade points to uprank you can't skip ranks.


Every guild must have some rules, otherwise it would be a jungle in here. We ask that you follow our rules to help ensure everything in the guild goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Always keep the conversation within the Terms and Conditions of Neopets.

2. We are a literate guild. Well what does that mean? This means we'd like to keep chatspeak to a minimum since some of our members don't have English as their first language. Abbreviations such as brb or gtg are okay. Keep in mind that not everyone will know what you're saying, especially for certain Neopets abbreviations!

3. We want to remain an active guild, so please try to post at least once a week on the boards. If there is ever a reason you won't be able to, please let us know so we can make sure you don't get deleted for inactivity! We will have member sweeps on the last day of every month.

4. Try not to post three times in a row. It's okay if you do though.

5. Neopets is no place for fighting or drama. We'd like to keep our guild board free of drama and fighting. If you have a problem with another member, please contact Mary, or Bubbles and we'll help you.

Member of the Month

The Information:
Yup, you read right! We want to spotlight a member that has been going above and beyond in the guild. Hard work and dedication deserves recognition, which is why we would like our members to nominate some outstanding fellow members of Wandering Imperials. Keep your eye out for fellow guild members that are active, helpful, and make your guild experience a positive one. Please send Bubbles a neomail with whom you'd like to nominate and why. Nominations will be announced on an annual basis, and winners will be selected within several days of the announcement.

Previous MotM's:

November: Mary
October: Madonna
September: Angel