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So you've found your way to our little mini-website, eh? Well then, welcome! This is not our full website, because our full website has tons of information that cannot fit here on a simple petpage. Along with that, Neopet's rules are kinda... strict. D:

But that's beside the point. Let's get straight to business. Tales of Alaria, abbreviated TOA or just Alaria, is a literate and up dark fantasy fox role play. However, just because we're "literate and up," we are by no means a drab guild with a stickler for that "3,000 words per post" stuff. No, our role play post limit is simply three sentences. Now THAT'S easy, right?

Along with that, we plan to be a tight-knit community of not only role players, but friends. Cheesy, but true. Isn't guild simply a synonym for a community? Or is community a synonym for a guild..? Ah, who knows. But we strive to be a place that you look forward to role playing at, not one of those guilds that you just "have to role play in because you'd feel bad otherwise." (:

Well, if you're interested, why not browse those links up above for small overviews of what we're about? And if you've decided you're really interested, go ahead and go to our main webbie. The address is up above. Have fun! ^.^

story telling time

listen closely, traveler

Below is a brief overview of our plot. Please keep in mind that this is not the full thing, and that if you want more details, you should check out our complete plot on the full website. If there are any aspects of our plot that you do not understand, please don't hesitate to ask one of our council members a question or two. (:

The Gods of old always favored the sly form of the vixen. And so they chose one planet, out of the millions, to place the fox, and only the fox - the planet of Alaria.

It began with a handful of foxes. Gods, they were called - though not as powerful as their creators. These foxes were different than the average fox found here on Earth; they were stronger, bigger, and smarter. Their main purpose was to keep the planet Alaria balanced; so long as the world was safe and good, all was well.

However, one fox, the god of ambition and cunning named Cleo, broke away from the main group. He had different beliefs; in his eyes, there should be one single, all-powerful ruler. He wanted to own Alaria, not guide it. He left the god's floating island, Oasion, with a handful of followers. Their spirits, tainted by evil, caused them to become demons.

Desperate to protect Alaria from Cleo, the gods began to slowly drain Cleo and his demons of their power. Soon, Cleo found himself too weak to accomplish his goal of setting up his tyrannous world. In a last, drastic effort, Cleo's followers sacrificed themselves one by one. Cleo then used their blood to create a new species - though smaller and not as powerful, they had strength in numbers. He created hundreds of his new species and placed them on the sacred Isle of Alaria. These creatures still held the form of a fox, but were driven by an insatiable bloodlust - thus, they were dubbed vampires.

Horrified, the gods captured the still-weakened Cleo and attempted to end his life. However, Cleo threatened that if they killed him, the vampires would burn down the whole planet of Alaria. Not taking the threat lightly, the gods instead imprisoned Cleo eternally in the burning depths of Havsthmere, which was located near the planet's core.

In order to create balance, the gods created a new species - mortals. These creatures had no special powers, and were smaller and less powerful than gods. However, they were great in numbers, and populated the entire planet. They also created half-god, half-mortal creatures. The mortals and half-bloods eventually grouped together in skulks, following their own set of laws and morals.

Vampires, however, took to the deepest, darkest of shadows. They are unwanted, killed or chased out on the spot if seen. They rarely rear their horrifying fangs to the skulks. But somehow, rumors from the vampires got out, and are spreading throughout the skulks. The rumors say that Cleo will be freed, that he will cast a dark shadow across the land and claim what was rightfully his - all of Alaria. And if these rumors prove to be true... then who will save us?

about tales of alaria

a little summary of our role play

Our role play takes place on the Isle of Alaria. The little island is a sacred place, a sort of "haven" for foxes. It is where our five skulks live - Ellesmere, Umbra, Garothor, Ceros, and Eldris - in their own separate territories. There are summaries of each skulk on the full website. We role play one skulk, Ellesmere. Ellesmere is the skulk that lives in the grassy, forest-filled southernmost area of the island.

So, if you've read our plot summary, you've probably stumbled across the word vampire. Yes, we DO role play evil, blood-sucking vampires, but we also role play mortals and half-god, half-mortal foxes called "half-bloods." Our role play does not revolve entirely around vampires and therefore not ALL of our characters are vampires.

Our skulk has a pretty simple hierarchy. There's your basic Matriarch/Patriarch (Matriarch - Female, Patriarch - Male) who rules over the skulk. Then you have a Chief, the second-in-command, and a Seer who heals wounded skulk members and receives prophecies. Next you have the Master, the lead hunter, and Officer, the military commander. Lastly, you have subordinates who serve the skulk, vixens who care for cubs, and retired subordinates called veterans. But that's not all the details; the rest of our guild's info can be found on the full website. (: