Welcome to Exquisite! Here you can request high quality buttons for your site. While you wait for your order, please have a seat and accept a cup of hot chocolate and a cupcake! Make yourself home and feel free to browse through our menu. We hope you like our service!

01/10/17 - + 2 requests received! Requests are Closed. I'll start working tomorrow so expect Exquisite to open requests less often :')

25/09/17 - + 5 buttons at pick up!

18/09/17 - ATTENTION! Oh my... I cleaned my neomail box and accidentally lost the requests :((( I'm so sorry, please send me the form again so I can do your requests! I dind't remeber the usernames to contact you guys, geez, I'm sorry again!

16/09/17 - + 2 buttons at pick up!+ 8 buttons added to my portfolio! Requests are OPEN, but at low velocity. Also I wanted to warn you guys that I usually dont like making buttons with diferent border shapes like this one , so if you want me to use something like this in a button you must tell me in the "preferences" option at the form. I have this borders saved but I kind of don't like how some of them look :') So please let me know if you want something diferent then what I usually make.

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If you don't find it here, check my portfolio.
1. Neomails received while the requests are closed will be ignored. I'm sorry!
2. Errors or missing information in the form are your responsibility! But if you send the rectification in time I'll do my best to make it right.
3. Always credit Exquisite for the buttons, please.
4. The buttons you request here are for personal use, don't repass or provide them in your petpage as a premade or something like that.
5. You can request just one button at time.
6. I won't do your request if it doesn't follow the rules of if it's not suitable for neopets.
7. I'd rather not do buttons for userlookups anymore, just for petpages, so don't insist please.
8. Have fun and always be kind. Thank you for reading till here! Please add "sugar" somewhere in the neomail as proof that you read the rules!


If you do not fill out the "Preferences" item of the request form, I will make your button as I find the best. You can check out my portfolio to see all the animations and types of buttons I usually make and choose something you like.



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Raindrops is a multiple request site created by Bea. As we runned our own sites thru the years here at neo, I watched her abilities get better and better and now I can say I am very proud of her work. If you ever need a high quality layout, try paying Raindrops a visit!


» layout by ceci
» coded by bea
» SWF Backgrounds from Bijou.
» Textures from VioletSpell.
» Png's by Aroma
» Place holders by Exquisite.

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