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Syndoche: n. a part that can be used to accurately represent the whole. In a Neopian context, a pet that accurately reflects his/her owner. Or naturally, an awesome agency like this one.

Mission statement: Syndoche aims to be a unique agency, adding a little creativity and generosity to the sometimes competitive field of pet trading" ~_smile_93

cclysb, welcome back to Sssyndoche! Your cussstomisssation becomesss you ssso well today. I've found the perfect sssissster for you, jussst through thisss door. " ~Syndoche

If you don't find the pet you are seeking here, other Neopians and I will help you find them! That's a feather-clad guarantee." ~Flamiie

Staff (pet) profiles


These are pets that I will never ever change the colour or species of, although I am looking for certain paintbrush clothing sets.

_smile_93 the yellow Pteri is the Managing Director of Syndoche. Her name may sound ordinary to strangers, but I chose it in my inexperienced youth because there are 92 days in a season, and I wanted her to smile in 93 of them. Although created by me, she fully understands the plight of pets in the pound. With her insightful intelligence and sky-high imagination, she inspired all her little sisters to join in Syndoche, her 'little project'. Fluent in English, Chinese, French, (hints for offering RW pets -no_html_comments-)Chemistry and Physiology, like her owner, she doesn't mind the use of British, American or Standard Sloth Spelling, emotions or minor lapses in grammar. However, 1337, pirate speak or deliberate illiteracy is going to make her put her Resistance Battle Visor on. Her hero is Gif'n, another basic Pteri, who managed to invent a game that brings smiles to pets around Neopia and she strives to do the same. In deference, her office/study contains a simple straw desk rather than the high-tech paraphernalia preferred by other high-flying pets. If you have any complaints to make to her, she will direct them to her owner, who will place the offender on the blacklist.

Flamiie the yellow Lenny is in charge of finding pets to be featured on Syndoche. My first pound catch, she lived in the Lost Desert with her family until, due to a particularly strong sandstorm and her perfectly camouflaged yellow feathers, she became separated, with nothing but Ngo, her pet Wadjet. She somehow managed to make it to the nearest pound and the rest is history. She lives on a mountain in Shenkuu, but flies to Lutari Island every weekend to visit her sisters, especially _smile_93, because they have so much fun racing each other in everything from flying to completing crosswords. She is a staunch supporter of the Shenkuu Yooyuball team, so naturally, her heros are Misha Grelinek, Foltaggio, Larcy Phu, Antola Maeir and Xana DiLanche.

Syndoche the pink Hissi is the director of Public Relations here at Syndoche. Created and painted by me, her name means "representative part of a whole". Pragmatic and down to earth, she agreed to host this petpage and share it with her sisters because she knew she could get more attention this way. Her eccentric customisation is designed to represent the varying personality of pets featured on Syndoche, while her tongue is as skilled as it is forked. Her hero is the robot pound transfer Hissi, who embodies the spirit of safe transfers so accurately. Syndoche never gets cold feet, even when dealing ith the fiercest Mutants and Darigans (possibly because she doens't have feet) and is happy to deal with all questions, queries, apps, trade offers, suggestions for the petpage, suggestions for the description etc. by neomailing