Tina's Agenda
Hi I'm Tina and you're looking at my Agenda for Neopets. Here, I put important links, templates for my sites and other spiffy things. Scroll through if you wish but it's probably not really interesting to anyone but me! (Hover over the Pig Teacup for a cute welcome from Mr. Piggy!)

Intuition is a review site that I have been running since mid-2011. Currently on revamp but it will be ending very soon!
Oriental is my graphics site that I haven't really updated since December last year. I offer(ed) graphic requests as well.

About Me

Name: Tina
Age: 17
Birthday: 9 February
Time Zone: UTC+12:00 (NZST)

Facts about me:
1. My parents are Chinese but I was born and brought up in New Zealand.
2. I'm a vegetarian
3. I plan on studying Biology and Psychology once I enter university

Daily links


Mail Templates

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Standard Rubric | The Simple Rubric | The Visual Rubric

Site Goals

Last updated: 8th May, 2013

1. Update Intuition daily even with school
2. Complete at 7 reviews in ONE month. - 3 DONE
3. Reopen Intuition and open reviews! Lmbo haven't reviewed in agesss - DONE
4. Keep Intuition open and active for at least THREE months
5. Be able to complete a review within THREE days of starting it
6. Get to 3500 site hits!
7. Add Guides and Helpful pages to the Extras page

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