Welcome to CandyBox.

Hi there. I'm HMGR and welcome to CandyBox the premade petpage layouts site. Please feel free to browse and find your favorite one.

Terms of use

You can use my layouts freely as long as you follow the teams of use.
1. Please link back to CandyBox(/~suzuzono) or my user lookup(/userlookup.phtml?user=hamaguri2).
2. Do not claim or distribute my layouts.

Also, since I am Japanese, I'm not good at English. If you notice some linguistic mistakes, please neomail me and let me know.

Link back

❖❖  UPDATE  ❖❖

Sep 01 2017 +1 New petpage (lol I've forgotten to make an update notification)
Aug 16 2017 +1 New affiliate, Floral! It's a premade userlookup, petlookup, and petpage layouts site run by Sunlit. Please check it!
Jul 12 2017 New layout --- Kodomo in Abyss. Kodomo is a Japanese word and it means Child(ren).
Jul 10 2017 +1 New premade
Feb 19 2017 +1 New premade
Dec 19 2016 +1 New premade
Dec 10 2016 +1 New premade
OCT 06 2016 +1 New premade
Sep 16 2016 +1 New premade
Sep 13 2016 CandyBox has come back here!



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