Full Name: Eve Marie Varvarios
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Orientation: Straight
mother: Angelica Elizabeth Varvarios, 54
father: James Robert Varvarios, 59
brother: Andrew David Varvarios, 28
brother: Micheal Jonas Varvarios, 25
brother: Dominik Avery Varvarios, 23
Occupation: Waitress
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Clothing Style(s): She likes to look nice when she needs to. Her closet is full of everything from a dirty tee to a formal gown. On a normal day, she keeps it simple with a band shirt, or regular tee shirt, and some jeans. She has one pair of boots that she wears out to the barn and the rest of her shoes consist of sneakers or flats. Occasionally, she slips on a pair of heels, though it is not common. They hurt her feet and she would rather not wear them. She has four pairs of sneakers which one of the pairs is used for running. The other three pairs consist of old Nike's tennis shoes, a pair of DVS shoes, and a dirty pair of DC's. In addition to her regular wardrobe, she also has her whole show wardrobe that includes Western and English show clothes.
Height: 5'8"
Other: She has only one tattoo, and it is on the upper left side of her back. The tattoo is the Chinese symbol for faith to represent the faith she has in her family, horse, and close friends. She has an industrial bar piercing on her right ear and both her ears are pierced.
Anything Else:

The girl grew up in the suburbs, always moving from one place to another. By the time she was six her family had lived in three different cities and two states. This was because her father has a job that sent him, wherever they were needed. Finally, the family settled in the country in the middle-of-nowhere. They had a farm on their property, but it was never in their mind to use it. It was until their only daughter asked for a pony for her birthday. Since they had a barn and pastures they decided to buy her first horse, Patty.

The bond between this girl and her horse was incredible. Everyday this little girl would be out in the barn riding and brushing the pony until it was time to come inside. All the things she learned about horses she learned from wonderful little Patty. The only saddle she ever rode in was an English saddle. From there it was set that her seat and training would be primarily English; This included Dressage, Jumping, Cross Country, and Pleasure. Since she loved to run the pony she also wanted to participate in Western Riding Speed Events. That was more money that had to come out of her parents' pockets. Not only did they have to buy her all the saddles and bridles now, they would need to purchase larger equipment when their daughter got bigger.

When Eve turned 11 her parents figured that she was too big for the pony, they had purchased her 5 years ago. They decided to buy her a horse, so she could start learning how to train her own horses. This horse was an American Quarter Horse named Bob. He stood at a decent height of 15.1 hands high and was the perfect match for her. With the help of her two brothers that still lived at home, the training lessons started. Bob was partially trained and six years old when they bought him and that made him the perfect match for Eve. With her new English saddle and bit, she tried to transform this horse from average to extraordinary. Her mother tried to push her into showing when she was 12, but this stubborn brunette didn't want to start until her and her horse were ready. She didn't start riding competitively until she was sixteen and Bob was 11. Then she only rode in rail and pattern classes to get the hang of the English saddle and get her position perfect. After that she would practice jumping on her brother's Thoroughbred. That is when her fondness of Thoroughbred's kicked in. She liked the smooth movement and power that those horses possessed. I mean, she really cared for Bob, but you could not get this girl off of her brother's powerful horse.

Soon she decided that she needed to buy her own horse. By the time she was 17, she had enough money to buy the horse of her dreams. That is when her faithful sidekick, Just Got Zipped(Tank), came into her life. He was just what she was looking for in a horse; A Thoroughbred, large and still growing, young, and a future jumper. Training started right when she got the handsome gelding and all her time was spent on his training. Eve would come home from school, work, do her homework, and in the middle of the night it was time to go out to the barn. It helped that her dad had put lights out in the back after he had realized that she was riding in the dark. Whether they had lights or not, this adventurous teen(almost adult), would be out there with her horse to make him the best he could be. That was her goal and she planned on accomplishing it. First it was training aids, then it was jumps and barrels. She didn't start jumping her horse until she felt completely confident that he would work well for her in pleasure classes and the barrels were only for fun.

Now let us talk about schooling and interests. She was average enough to graduate high school with a Grade Point Average of 3.0. It was good enough to get her into a graduate program for Agriculture Business and Management. While she was in high school the music teacher inspired her to try to play the guitar. Once she started to play, she couldn't stop. The guitar was a way to reveal and play out her emotions in a positive way. Maybe that is why she never seemed to get caught in the drama that her high school had to offer. With the help of her music teacher, she started to write songs(with no words). Now it seems that she is too busy to have the time to play as much as she would want to. Though, she still has not lost her touch.

Likes: Music, Guys, Horses, Dogs, Family, Piercings, Tattoos, Cold Showers, Movie Theater Popcorn, Food In General, Running Outdoors, Mud, and Old Soap Operas.

Dislikes: Silence, Drama, Monkeys, Gray Hair, Body Odor, Ugly Earrings, Liars, Rain(even though it makes mud), and Turtle Neck Sweaters.


what to know

Fears: The one thing she cannot stand is bugs. They are gross, they sometimes sting, and are always bothering you and your horse. She is also afraid of being left alone. Eve cringes at the thought that she would be left on this earth with no one beside her. Who would want to be left alone anyway?

Living/Home: She lives with her parents and on of her older brothers at the farm(which her horse is not at anymore). Eve plans on moving out and getting her own apartment after she upgrades from her old car to a newer one. If she could ride her horse everywhere, she would.

Whether it be school, barn chores, or work, this girl tries all she can to be the best she can be. It doesn't even occur to her that maybe she should procrastinate or not do something to her full potential. She likes to get things done and get them done right. If she doesn't, she tends to retry until she does. Which can be a hassle or a blessing?

For an equestrian, Eve isn't that graceful. She trips over ripples in carpets, knocks over precious vases, and falls out of chairs(a lot). When she was younger she wasn't allowed to keep her cup near her when she drank something because she would always spill it. Lucky for her, she doesn't fall off her horse that often. That doesn't mean that she doesn't fall off. Just keep her away from your valuable(breakable) items.

~Bad Cook~
Don't ask her to cook you anything, unless you want to witness the worst tasting this you have ever eaten. To make matters worse, since she doesn't cook for herself, she tends to eat a whole surplus of fast food. On Sundays, she gets lucky since her mother cooks family dinner for her two brothers that come home to visit everyone. Another alternative for her is Chinese food(she knows the number by heart).


-Television Shows:
+WWE Monday Night Raw(yeah, yeah)
+True Life

+John Mayer
+Michael Franti
+Breathe Electric

+Forest Green
+Lime Green
+Navy Blue

+Walk The Line
+That Thing You Do!
+Catch Me If You Can

+Daniel Tosh




Family life



Just Got Zipped

Show name: Just Got Zipped
Barn name: Tank
Breed: Thoroughbred Horse
Gender: Gelding
Color: Dark Bay
Markings: White star and pasterns on hind legs.
Age: 5
Height: 16.3 hh
Discipline/Disciplines: Trained for English Pleasure and Show Jumping. Ridden for fun in Western Riding Speed Events.
Owner: Eve Varvarios
Looks: Tank is no more a Thoroughbred than the next; His head well-chiseled, his neck long, his lean body featuring his deep chest, muscular legs, compact back, and well-defined hind quarters. He carries himself with such elegance, as if he had been a master of his discipline for years. Even though all his moves may not be that graceful. His gaits come effortless whether it be his floating extended trot, well-rounded smooth canter, or normal paced walk. Tank's head is always kept level and in since that is the way he is trained. His head is like that whether his is on a trail ride or in the show arena. Since he has the lean body and muscular long legs, it makes it easier for him to do Western Riding Speed Events. It is also in the Thoroughbred genes to have a fast paced gallop.

Tank is one of the sweetest horses you will ever meet. When him and Eve go to shows, she opens the stall door and ties a lead rope across it in order to let kids come by and pet him. He will reach his head out at every passing person because he adores attention. When you get on him to ride the personality changes. Strange enough, when you get him furious with you he works better as if you, had intimidated him. Otherwise, he tends to ignore what you are asking him to do.
When Eve bought him, he was two years old, and the training started right away. He was originally stubborn, uncooperative, and always drifted towards the barn when he was ridden. The first thing she trained him to do was to stop heading towards the barn when the ride was over. If he was drifting towards the barn, how was she supposed to get a good ride in? Next step was to get Tank to cooperate with her. Without spoiling the gelding, she would reward him after everything he did right(intended or not). Lastly, she gave him the basic training every horse needs. After three years of training, he has become the regal, cooperative, and caring horse that he is now.



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