ParkFacts Trivia Game

NOTE: Grouped for easier searching. If I missed out some questions feel free to neomail me (kurenai_7)

For each game you answered perfectly will give you 300nps. This can be played 3x per day. Total of 900nps.

I would also like to apologize for the lack of colors this guide has. ^^:

What color Bruce is Weltrude? = Cloud
What color is the beautful Collette? = Blue
What is Mick's code name? = Agent 27
What type of faerie is Cassandia? = Air Faerie
What can Cyrus assist you with? = Petpetathlon
Which of these does Wintoura NOT wear? = Hair clips

Where can you train your petpets? = Petpet university
Who are the founders of Petpet Park? = The Petpet Protection League
Who is the dean of Petpet University? = Professor Rigby

Who owns a toy chest? = Weltrude
Who runs the Help Booth? = Lindesen
Who is the Trick Match assistant? = Shortie
Who is the Gotcha! assistant? = Hokuta
Who runs Furry Fashion? = Miki
Who runs Fins, Feathers, and Fashion? = Miki
Who accidentally dropped some petpets into the ocean? = Casandia
Who is NOT a PPL agent? = Yurius

What is PPL's logo? = paw
What does Fairbanks wear on his head? = A hat
What shopkeeper wears an apron? = Portolio
What shop does Kellysia own? = Groomtopia
What color is Deckar? = Red
What species of Neopet is Rexter? = Lupe
What species of Neopet is Kevik? = Grundo
What species of Neopet is Kaylee? = Gelert
What species of Neopet is Professor Patrice? = Kougra

Which petpet species is aquatic? = Hifflo
Which petpet species is always engaged in physical activity? = Pinixy
Which Petpet love dancing? = Hippos
Which Petpet species makes cure gurgling noises when happy? = Dipni
Which Petpet species loves to eat jungle fruit? = Kassegat
Which petpet species loves music? = Hifflo
Which petpet species loves to dig for shiny objects? = Drym
Which petpet species can emit a high-pitched shriek? = Oukin

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