Cadet Basic Information

Name: Sullivan Hugo Quartet
Alias: Sully, Suhq
Gender: Male
Age: 22
DOB: Exact date unknown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Rank: Corporal

Personality and Demeanor

Personality: Intelligent, loyal, determined and sure of himself, there isn't much he isn't willing to try. A perfectionist, he gets the job done to exact specifications, though he is quick to find alternatives himself if all doesn't go according to plan.

Interactions: Quiet and solitary, Sullivan prefers to keep to himself and observe, though he's friendly and social with those he knows well. He remains calm and detached when speaking and is slow to anger. His emotions rarely show though his voice or actions, and on the occasion they do it can only be read by someone highly trained in non-verbal communication.

Memo and Important Notes

Role:Communications Expert, Translator

Special Talent(s): Su's most special asset is his information absorbing brain. His ability to retain language is remarkable. Fluent in over 20 languages and dialects, he can understand and communicate in much more. He is also trained in hand to hand combat and long range weapons, but prefers to avoid such situations.

Previous Occupation: Previously a Communications decoder / Translator for a rebellious organization called "The Voice" and later, once The Voice was take down, he was recruited by The Community itself.

Motives: No one really knows why Suhq joined the Revolution. It's not something he talks about but most say the death of his younger brother got the ball rolling. Though perhaps Su also saw something more in the Revolution. It's just cause, the liberty it promised. Perhaps a bit of all three. Whatever the main reason, he has pledged his undying loyalty and expert abilities into the heart of the Revolution and it's movement.

Physical Description

Though with a basic rebellious appearance, there's something about his air that appears clean and sophisticated regardless of his apparel; A black canvas jacket, faded blue jeans, blood red hoodie, hiking boots and army cap. He wears his brother's cross on a chain around his neck and has three piercings in one ear. Though not very tall, Suhq holds his size well, slim but obviously well built.

Brief History

Born on the streets, with a mother not worth much more than the rags she wore Sullivan found himself looking after his half-brother Hector from a very young age. With no father he knew of, his survival and that of Hector depended entirely of himself. He was 7 and Hector was almost 5 when their mother was hit by a carriage and never seen again. Su welcomed the chance to start a new life in a new place, neither boys had cared very little for such an insane parent. For a long time he kept Hector hidden while working as a simple errand boy for members of a secret organization called The Voice. His abilities were quickly recognized and he was eventually recruited at age 13 and trained in communications and technology. When the Community finally took down The Voice, who they had been carefully observing for several years, Su was spared and put in their service. They had discovered Hector, who was now 15 and promised Suhq they'd keep his little brother safe if he did everything they asked. Seeing the chance to keep Hector out of harm's way, he readily agreed.

hidden in the stars

A Million Miles Away ★

Though he was only 5 at the time, Sullivan was well versed in the art of concealment. The shabby apartment he lived in wasn't very large, with one bedroom, tiny bathroom, kitchen and a sad excuse for a living room, but Sully knew where the best hiding places were, and used them often. From his vantage point under the bed he could hear voices in the other room. He knew his mother was entertaining a few of her so-called friends and what trouble he'd get into should he make himself known. Glancing over to his side, between himself and the wall, his little brother Hector slept peacefully. Hector was only two, and didn't really understand why they spent so much time behind the couch, at the back of the closet and under the bed but he was always happy to play "the silent game" with his brother. Sully was glad Hector was such a good sport about everything. It made life a bit easier to handle.

On the day of his 7th Birthday, his mother never returned after being hit by a speeding carriage. Though young, he had recognized it as a gift from above and hadn't hesitated to take the opportunity at a better life. Sullivan knew the Community police wouldn't take their time to make it to his mother's small apartment, and without even a bag of clothes, he'd grabbed Hector by the hand and they'd fled fast as their small legs could carry them.

It had all been about Hector's survival after that. The five year old was wise beyond his years, but there was no way he could survive by himself. Nor did Sully wish to give him up. For the most part, they'd hid in abandoned barns or under people's porches stealing only enough food to sustain them. Su knew they wouldn't receive help from the people. One sighting and the police would be called, and who knew what would happen then. There wasn't much hope for two orphans of low birth like he and Hector. At best, they'd be separated and put to work after receiving basic education. The Community always provided basic needs, but Su wouldn't have any of it. The mind of a seven year old is young, naive and flexible, no matter the background, and Su managed to learn new survival tricks with some of the older "street-savvy" kids. The type of punks that stayed just one step ahead of the street police and didn't cause enough trouble to be worth pursuing by higher means.

Sully's mind was like a sponge. Absorbing every drop of information and applying it to the surface; the very essence of survival in the rough streets. Finding food and money became like child's play, and with one of the older boys protecting him, he had nothing to fear from his new comrades. He began to have fun for the first time in his life, and if he'd had the option, he'd of stayed at that period in time forever. Though he didn't get close with many of the gang, there was an unexplainable sort of family aspect that he'd never felt before, and he'd been captivated by it.

...And we can be Anything ★

But the problem with young street kids is that they grow apart from the Community and join clans, rebellious clans. Though some were recruited by the Community for a new "Street Patrol" program, it wasn't many that went that way. And it was like that for Su, there wasn't anything exciting about Community ranks. He'd learned to live on the thrill of the moment, and he needed more. But there was also Hector. Too young still to work, Su needed to find constantly find safe places for him. It was then he found The Voice. The Voice was a small, but organized and powerful rebel group that started it's members young. They had budget, and didn't spare any expense at the education of their pupils. Recruitment started at age thirteen, and Sullivan was one of their long-watched picks.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when he arrived at the small shed he and Hector had called "home" for the past few weeks. Sitting on the floor with the nine year old was a man Sully had never seen before. The two seemed engaged in a hearty conversation and Hector was laughing like he never had before. Sully was terrified, how did they find him? As though sensing his fears, the stranger sent him a charismatic, yet genuinely friendly smile. Getting up, he threw a last joke at Hector and walked out the door asking Su to follow him. Although visibly panicked, Suhq obliged.

We can offer you what you've always wanted Sullivan, a safe place, and a family for Hector. We'll give you an education too, and much more, anything you can think of really. We have safe houses, you wont have to hide him anymore. All you have to do is listen Sullivan, learn what we'll teach you and apply it when we ask you to. Suhq reviewed the offer, he was suspicious, but he'd heard of the Voice and in the end, it was his liberty for Hector's. but it had always been that way, and how he'd wanted it to be. He didn't have to think long, it was the right thing to do, the only thing...

Within hours, Hector had left with the stranger. Sully had asked to remain a while and the stranger hadn't questioned. Sully knew it wouldn't be all fun and games, several of the street gang had joined The Voice and been hunted down and captured immediately by Community Officials. There was big debate amongst the street kids about the various rebel groups. Most were for them, the younger less experienced ones, but some were against, and it was this for Jack, Sully's best, and only true friend. But it was inevitable, Su had always put Hector before anyone else and that would never change. He'd looked after Hector since the day he was born and he'd watch over him as long as his mind and body would allow, no matter what the cost.

Just Give Me A Reason ★

The stranger, now a known friend and mentor, hadn't been wrong. The Voice belonged to a very rich well known figure, a powerful Community official with a secret wish to see them overthrown. Though it was a secret that only a trusted few knew. When it came to his recruits, the man spared nothing. He needed to train his men flawlessly if ever he was going to give back to the people the liberty they had lost years ago. He had designed the various training programs himself and he was excruciatingly proud of the results they had produced.

Suhq was enrolled in an intensive 5 year training program. Given his extraordinary learning abilities he completed it in four and was immediately released into the action. He had just turned seventeen. But his official service hadn't lasted long. As all good things, the Community had been watching The Voice closely since it had been discovered and it was quietly targeted and terminated. The war between the two organizations was a short one, but The Voice hadn't gone down easily. They fought with so much devotion Su promised himself he would never join another group again. Losing the Voice would prove hard for Sully, he'd found people to rely upon and his life had finally come to order. The cause they fought for, the energy and time they had taken to train him... It was more than a stabbing pain. When he knew all was lost, he found Hector, and they ran for it.

But it wasn't going to be roses this time. Su had never run so fast in his life and he was lucky The Voice had started training Hector two years back, the boy was keeping up with him tirelessly. Pursued by officers, they had no time to lose. Suhq hadn't expected the shot, in the heat of the moment all he saw in his mind was escape and when the bullet entered his calf he doubled over in pain. Hector stopped to help him up but Sully knew it was over for him. With tears, Hector fled down the street alone.

Sully glanced for a place to hide but there was none. Crawling off he continued till the weapon was pressed against his head. He hoped it would end quickly, but to his surprise, they didn't shoot him. Instead, he was loaded on the back of horse and carried away. He tried to think but couldn't get the thoughts to come. Giving in to the tranquilizer in the bullet, it all went dark.

To be continued...

mission 2

A Million Miles Away ★

Sullivan fumbled with the dagger he'd taken from a Community building. It wasn't like him to steal, thievery was beneath his morals now, but there was something personal about this item in particular. Something that set it apart from the rest. It had belonged to his brother, who'd been wiped out by the Community only a few days before. Hector had spoken of a group of revolutionaries fighting for their liberty. Sullivan hadn't wanted anything to do with it at the time, though he had admired his brother's fascination with them. It had been a while since his kid brother had such a shine on his face.

Now it was different, though Sullivan had often been given as task by the Community to eliminate rebellious peoples, they had gone too far this time. Sullivan, though loyal to no organization, had formed a pact with the Community. Let Hector be, in exchange for any service Su could offer them. But they'd doubled on their word and now the only person in the world he cared for was dead. They hadn't kept their side of the bargain, though they swore it was an accident, and he would make them pay for it. But he would make sure they suffered a huge blow of humiliation before they went down.... It wasn't like they could expect him to keep his side of the bargain after what had happened to Hector. Turning the dagger in his hands he noticed a small star engraved on the base of the handle, under the star, barely legible were the words VIVA LA REVOLUTION. It was time to find out what Hector had been talking about.

For most, seeking out the members of the Revolution would seem an impossible task, but for Sullivan, it was child's play. Not to mention that Hector, who'd always been rather sloppy, had left a mine-shaft of clues. It took him only a few hours to locate the small seemingly abandoned building. Sullivan knew this couldn't be the main headquarters, but he wasn't surprised. Hector had most likely not been of high enough rank to possess such information. This wasn't the place he was after, but it would have to do. After all, though he had kept his activities carefully concealed there was no doubt in his mind that the higher members of the Revolution would have a pretty good idea of what he'd done to quite a few of their members. They wouldn't like him popping up at their main place at all, and they'd probably obliterate him before he had time to prove himself. No, presenting himself at this lower hideout would work out much to his advantage. There would be plenty of time to figure everything else out later.

Sullivan settled in his hideout to observe the shack from a distance, he'd have to know the exact schedules of everyone who showed up here before making his move. He wasn't in a hurry though. After all, good things come to those who wait. He didn't have to watch the place more than a week to figure things out. It appeared to be a package exchange of some sort. Someone came with a parcel, hid it inside and a few hours later another would come pick it up. There was never more than one person at a time in the building. There wasn't really a mystery as to what the packages contained but it made little difference to him and he decided not to let on what he knew when he would present himself. Once satisfied with the information he gathered, Sullivan quietly entered the empty shack and located the hidden package. He then sat down to wait. Someone would be there any minute.

Sullivan was careful not to disturb anything, he'd never actually been inside the tiny building before and he was a bit surprised by what he saw. The furniture was not far from crumbling into dust and the kitchenware was so old and rusty it could have easily belonged to his great great grandmother. An old frame hung on the wall, but the portrait had long since faded. Dried red liquid decorated one of the walls, it wasn't hard to guess what had happened here.It was hard to believe anyone could have ever lived in the tiny house at all. By the look of the place the revolutionaries sure didn't look like they had much budget, though the shack probably had for purpose to look abandoned. Perhaps budget was something he could help them with to prove his worth. Money was something he knew how to get, though chances were slim that they'd hand over trust for that alone. He'd keep it in mind.

The kougra in charge of transfers arrived right on time. Sullivan sat calmly on the couch with the package another member had left there only hours before. Taken by surprise, the panicked kougra drew his weapon and pointed it at Suhq, ready to fight; Who in frith's name are you?! Sullivan refrained from answering right away, he got up slowly and held out the package. Smiling slightly he replied: I believe this is what you're looking for. After a moment's hesitation the kougra snatched the package from Sullivan's outstretched hand. Su continued; I'm Sullivan, I want to join the Revolution. A flicker of emotion showed on the kougra's face for a moment before quietly replying: You're Hector's brother aren't you? You'd best come with me. No more words were necessary and Sullivan quickly followed the speeding kougra down the empty street.

To be continued...


Old Friends and New Discoveries ★

I'm to deliver this to you the mynci whispered. It was dark, about 01:30am and there were Community officials everywhere. Sullivan didn't reply, he took the package from Vargul and disappeared silently into the darkness.

BONES! GET UP HERE YOU SWIVLING STOAT! I called for you over an hour ago! WHERE IN FRITH'S NAME HAVE YOU BEEN!? You better have a good explanation for this!Bones" rolled his eyes, it wasn't like Svithin to get angry at him, in fact, it wasn't like Svithin ever got angry at all. Besides, it wasn't like they had any ties. Jack, also known as Bones, was loyal to the highest bidder and everyone knew it. Something catastrophic must have happened, something he was most likely going to have to fix... They've done it again Jack, they've done it again. The 50-some year old xweetok dabbed at his sweating brow with a tidy white handkerchief. One of their men has something that belongs to us, something very important. I can't understand how he got away. He was such a thin sickly looking Ogrin. HOW DID HE GET AWAY?!!?! Jack waited for the storm to pass. Svith was usually not a man of many words, though he had a voice smooth as cold molasses and could con a bee into handing over honey. We've got him now of course, but it's too late. The package he stole is gone and the beggar won't talk. You see Jack, what they took... what they took, it contains vital information regarding the Community, if it were to fall into the wrong hands... if it were to fall into the wrong hands, the results could be devastating. It could set us back several months, years even. We'd have to change everything, but it might be too late and the Revolutionaries might have time to gain an upper hand. No, you must find the package before it reaches the Revolutionary officials. He's in the 4th lower dungeon, in room 34. Here's a pass for you. Without a word Jack took the slim plastic card and headed out the door.


Name: Unknown
Vuh, Bones, Jack
Exact date unknown
140 lbs
Charcoal Black
Community Role:
Assassin, Strategist
Personality: Uncaring, void, pessimistic and easily annoyed
Interactions: Short, doesn't converse much

Sullivan didn't waste any time making it to his hideout. There was no doubt that the entire Community's best hunters were out to find this package. He didn't even know what was in it yet, but he was about to find out. As he carefully opened the package Vargul had taped up he realized how quickly he'd come to be important in the Revolution. He was glad though, Hector would be proud. And so was he, he hadn't really done anything that did a great service to the world and it felt good to be on the right side once again. Shaking the bits of tape off his fingers, he opened the flaps of the slim package. Su prided himself on his ability to remain cool and collected, but seeing the contents of this package almost sent him into a panic. Something had to be done about this, and fast.

There was no time to waste. He slipped in front of the mirror and painted his face. he would be more difficult to recognize now. His face was a well known sight within the Community and it was a known fact he'd switched sides. Pocketing the items in the pouch on his belt, he burnt all other traces of the package. Other than what he had on him, it was like the package had never existed.

He ran for what seemed like hours. Sometimes waiting at corners for a sliver of chance to pass unnoticed, sometimes climbing on rooftops to throw any dogs off his trail. At last, at the very edge of the city, too tired to go a step farther he found a safe and quiet hideout to examine more closely the contents of the mysterious package.

It was a Maapallo, the Finnish word for "Globe", signifying Global Knowledge. When set up properly, it could reveal all the data it contained. Names, locations, dates, plans.... everything important pertaining to the community. It was the most incredible object known in the history of Neopia. Legend said only 5 of them were made in history and he knew that only 2 had ever been discovered. One was owned by the Community, he'd seen it once before by accident, but it was damaged and did not function properly, and the other was owned by a private collector in another world. The one in his hands must be the third to ever be discovered. The object was prized because it was the most reliable way to keep information safe. It was a miracle Ferris had intercepted this package.

He knew now why they'd chosen him for this mission, not just anyone could assemble these, even the wisest Maapallo readers couldn't always assemble them, or so he'd read from stories in an old history book he and Hector had dug out from an abandoned barn. Probably no one that couldn't read minds in the way he could would be able to take on such a task. And even then, you needed to have seen one before, something that didn't happen every day, the study of Maapallo's were banned and their pictures could not be found in any legal books. The Maapallo functioned by speaking to the reader using vibrations and humming noises. You had to read its mind to find out where the next piece should fit. The instructions were given in a variety of languages. It was like a 3D puzzle, but much deeper, Su had never read the mind of an object before. There was a particular order to it and he had to be incredibly careful, one misplaced piece and it could be damaged forever. Fumbling the pieces in his palm, he carefully started assembling them together one by one. The farther he got in the assembly, the more the item shone. So much that he was afraid to be discovered because of its bright light. Unwilling to put it down he continued and at last, the Maapallo was back together.

It was a small one, but still incredibly powerful. Though he didn't know how it worked exactly he knew he had to deliver it to headquarters. His job was done, he was probably the only member of the Revolution to have ever seen one and understand the mechanical and mental functioning required for it to be installed. Now it would have to be transferred over to those well versed in reading it. Sullivan wondered how the Revolution had acquired such people. From what he'd heard while serving the Community not more than a small handful of mages could actually read them, and most of them were loyal to the Community. Shaking the thought Sullivan tucked the item in his coat and curled up for a short shut eye moment. In a few short hours he had to deliver the goods.

Jack poked the tied up ogrin with the blunt end of a heavy walking stick. You'll talk yellow dog. I always find out what I want, one way or another. Flashing a smile that could freeze boiling water, he glanced at his trembling victim. The ogrin would be no good to him dead, and he knew it wouldn't take long before fear made him spill the beans. You know my favourite thing to do Ferris? That is your name isn't it? At least, it was written on the inside of your jacket. Unless you stole the jacket. It isn't nice to steal Ferris, you know the Community loaths thieves. The ogrin didn't reply but Jack heard him mumble something about the Community stealing away from the population under his breath. My favourite thing Ferris, is pain. Lots of pain. Pain and I, we are good friends you see. We just have this long history... He took a step toward the ogrin who let out a frightful scream, a scream in the form of a word: "Quartet". Vuh froze in his tracks for an instant, turned on his heel and left the room without another word.

The name Quartet wasn't new to Jack. He'd actually been the one to come up with it. It was a long story, and he didn't wish to think of it. But if Quartet was who he thought he was then he was in for a load of complications. Jack was a professional; he had no ties and lived for the thrill of the hunt. He was proud to have no one that could get in the way and this new situation was crossing this line. Jack knew Sullivan Quartet, and he didn't like what he was assigned to do.

If it was indeed Sullivan, he'd have to act fast. Last he'd heard of his long-lost childhood friend he'd been rapidly advancing though Community ranks. But that was years ago, the last time he'd actually seen Sullivan was when "little Sully" had joined The Voice and the boys had went their separate ways after a heated argument. Jack had never liked The Voice for specific reasons. Sullivan would never be a match for him though, but he would most likely be more difficult than most. That and Jack wasn't sure he had the heart to get rid of his old friend in such a way. He shook the thoughts from his mind; he'd have to take it one step at a time.

They'd been close as brothers once and Jack still remembered every nook Sullivan had ever called his own. He knew Sully would be taking the package into the Never Never, a black forest so dark and filled with fog that the Community limited the excursions within its perimeter even though it was rumored the Revolutionaries had a hideout there. It wasn't called the Never Never for nothing; it was the only known place that the Community feared. At the edge of the city where the looming forest began, he selected a large tree and approached closely. Sullivan would detect his movement any minute. Sure enough, a flash of red escaped from beneath the roots of the tree and started running. Jack didn't waste any time. Any doubt that it wasn't his old Sully vanished from his mind. He'd always been faster and time hadn't changed things. Taking a leap, he tackled Su to the ground. Hey Sully, remember me?

Suhq moaned, How could I forget... get off me you oaf. VJack got up and helped Su get to his feet. There was an awkward moment before Jack replied: I heard about Hector... I'm sorry. He was always the best one of us you know. Sullivan nodded and showed a painful smile: Yeah, I guess he was. The silence continued before Jack broke it once again asking quietly: We both know why I'm here Sully. You'd better hand it over. Su feigned ignorance, but Jack shook his head, Don't play stupid with me bro, the ogrin said you had it, and he sure as hype wasn't lying, way he screamed out your name like that. Suhq frowned, so Ferris had been caught, and if he was talking it couldn't be good. The tension between Sully and Jack was only growing as neither was willing to make the first move. Neither was looking forward for what was going to happen. I have to deliver this Jack, I have no choice, it could mean such a difference to the Revolution, to the people... to everyone. I used to be like you, blindly siding with those who could give me what I needed, but now I'm fighting for a cause. You don't have anything personal in this conflict anyways. What's this package to you? Truth was, the package wasn't just another paycheck to him. He had his professional pride and spotless reputation. He was one of the best hired trackers and hunters in the entire community circle. His record was impeccable, "failing" just wasn't in his vocabulary. It was a completely foreign principle to him. Struggling with an inner and personal conflict, something he hadn't done in years, he pushed his pride aside and nodded at Suhq; You got yourself ten minutes Sully, for Hector. Ten minutes wasn't more than Su needed, he slapped Jack on the back and ran straight into the Never Never.

A few hours later he finally arrived at the designated trade area. Waiting for him were the highest members of the Revolution. He'd never met them before, but recognized them immediately by the description Vargul had given him in a coded note. Approaching slowly, he asked them for the code word. Once satisfied, he removed the Maapallo from his sweater and held it out. Eyes shining with excitement, the one Suhq assumed to be the mage, reached out and took it from him. The Maapallo hummed loudly as soon as touched by the mage. It sounded almost happy to be whole again. The mage smiled; We've got them now!

End Mission 4


Run Like You're On Fire ★

Whatever the globe had contained, it hadn't been put to use fast enough. The Community was furious, and they had stuck back hard. Now the members of the Revolution were scattered and suffering a considerable loss.

To be continued...


Adoptables ★

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Through the Ages ★

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.x Win 25 BC Trophies [20/25]
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.x Intelligence to 1500 [ ]
.x Yellow Dandan Petpet [x]
.x Morph into a desert lutari [ ]

Trophy Case ★

Current BC status: Active!


Thick as Theives - Cavo ★

We are the left behind
Lost on the roads you follow
We are the compromise
We've opened up our eyes
Fight the hand that feeds you lies
This time we make it right
Don't need a reason tonight
So sick of waiting for something
To change my life

Hey, Hey
The soul lives for the feeding
Hey, Hey
Thick as thieves we are feeling

We'll never fall in line
And walk the roads you followed
We are the ones who rise
Just open up your eyes
Fight the hand that feeds you lies
This time we take it back
Don't need a reason tonight
So sick of waiting for something
To change my life

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