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Welcome, guest, to my list of pet trading scammers.

7/2/09 Update: Beware of getting CGed. It can happen on user lookups, user shops, and possibly pet lookups. If you get logged out randomly, immediately log back in and change your p/w and your PIN. Be careful.

I'm back, but my page is going to be on hold until all this CGing business dies down.

Last Update on Scammer Lists:
January 12th, 2009 at 1:54pmNST.

I'm trying to update as often as I can. Life has kept me busy lately, so it's harder to update this page. But I still will update it.

Page started in the beginning of July in 2008.

Most recently added people will be at the top of both of the lists.

People, this is PET TRADE SCAMMING, not item trade scamming or anything else. I list PET TRADING SCAMMERS and pet trading scammers ONLY. From now on I'm going to ignore mails from people that talk about scammers who aren't pet trade scammers. I get too many of them to respond to them all.

I have three scammer lists:
-Definite scammers (I have screenie proof and/or spoke with the victims and/or I saw screenies or actual boards made by scammers) Examples of evidence: Screenies, actual boards still up, etc.
-Possible scammers (victims spoke with me via neomail and showed me something/posted semi-good proof of person scamming on boards) Examples: A very good explanation, some sort of screenie for me to see, maybe for people who have some screenies but not enough for me to think they're a definite scammer.
-Previous offenders (scammers who have scammed in the past but want to do legitimate trading now and/or returned the pet they scammed)

What I think you should do:
I think you should avoid trading with them.
What I think you should not do:
I am absolutely not telling you to report these people on the list. The only time you should report anyone for scamming is if they scam YOU and you have proof.
What you still can do:
You can still trade with them; go right ahead. I'm just giving a warning. ^_^ And good luck to you. All of these people might have done/be willing to do legitimate trades. But they either definitely scammed or most likely have scammed someone out of a pet at least once.

Tips For Safe Trading:

  • Use the exchange transfer option if possible!
  • Always, always, ALWAYS have someone mail you from the account with the pet you're receiving. This is a must. If you do anything on this list, do this.
  • Read your pet a book or two before trading. If you know what books are on its read list then you obviously owned the pet before. Maybe even screenie the page that lists all the books the pet read.
  • Screenie any trading mails/agreements on boards, screenie the pet on your account before you trade it, screenie the pet on the other person's account after you trade it, and maybe even screenie their userlookup too. Anything and everything helps.
  • Make a public trading board so people can see the two of you trade. If it is a scam there will be many witnesses so it can't be denied later.
  • Use the transfer system and not the pound! I know it's annoying to hear (I've used the pound to trade pets) but it really is the safest way. If you want a guarantee, use the transfer system.
  • Don't accept items for pets and don't accept more than one pet for your pet! Trading pets for items is not allowed. Trading more than one pet for a single pet isn't allowed. It has to be a one-for-one pet swap.
  • Check this list before trading. Who knows, the person you're trading with may be on this list.
    Good luck trading!

    Also, I made this list. :/ I really don't want people taking my list and putting it on their pages. I did get info from other people for the list, but I got the info by asking each scammed person. And I think having it on my page is sufficient. ^_^
    But you absolutely CAN link to my page! Feel free to do so.

    If your name is on this list, well, I'm... not sorry. Trust me, you earned your place on this list if your name is there. You've been accused of scamming with good proof and I am going to warn people to be wary of trading with you. I'm not telling them to report you; I'm telling them to be cautious. If you're willing to do legitimate trades now then good for you. :D This list is here just in case you're not willing to do legitimate trades.

    The editorial of issue #218 of the Neopian Times says that this is allowed:
    On the boards, when someone makes a board containing someone elses username in the title, is that harrasment? What if they aren't saying anything bad about the person? Or what if they are saying nice things about the person or whatever? I think it's annoying when on the boards, if someone has another username in the title, people start posting "reported for harrasment". ~ crazy_cat86
    We're in the same boat as you! We find it quite annoying as well, especially since most of the harassment reports are simply the result of petty arguments and do nothing but prevent the Monitors from responding more quickly to real complaints. Simply posting someone's username is definitely not harassment.
    To help those who are confused, here are some examples of what is and isn't harassment:
    - NOT HARASSMENT: Someone posts a warning that a particular user may be a scammer and to be wary.
    - HARASSMENT: Someone posts that a particular user is a scammer and that everyone should report him and send him nasty Neomails until he is frozen.

    Also this has been up since the beginning of July of 2008. The Neo Team has not deleted the page or punished me for it ever. I have not had any problems.

    All I am doing with this page is posting a warning that particular users may be scammers and you should be wary. I absolutely do NOT want you to report any of these people. Just be careful. If I find out that people are using this list to harass/report scammers I will not hesitate to remove it entirely. That is ABSOLUTELY NOT what this list is intended for.

    Also I'm trying to expand the list. If you know of a possible scammer, feel free to mail me. Show me proof that the person is a scammer (screenies are best) and I'll add them to my list ASAP. (For help on how to make screenies, go to ScreenieHelp's petpage.)

    UPDATE: Okay, I have to say this:
    I NEED more than just "(username here) is a scammer. They scammed me out of my (insert pet here).
    I need screenies or something of the sort.
    Something to show you owned the pet/they currently own the pet/you agreeing to trade over mail. Just "(username here) is a scammer! They scammed me out of my (insert pet here) and this is how it happened..." ISN'T enough. I get tons of mails like that and it's getting really tiresome to have to work the information out of you.

    My reasoning for this is because I could have random people mail me and say "___ is a scammer, they scammed me out of _______!" and have it not be true. Since it's over neomail it's private and the person you're accusing won't know it's you, so if it's a false accusation just to spite someone then I get in trouble for having a person who isn't a scammer on here. I really need something to see to add someone. The more the better. I'm sorry.

    Update: PLEASE, if you're sending me a link to a board as proof, also screenie the board! I get online once every few days and miss most board links people send me (the boards get deleted after a couple hours) so I need you to screenie them as well.

    Click to neomail me with names of possible/definite scammers!

    Here is my list:

    Definite scammers have been seen in very good (describing the whole situation) screenies/links to boards with definite proof and/or I've seen this stuff with my own eyes.
    Definite Scammers:
    • barclay203: pretended to own the baby draik Neomo_44644 but does not.
    • envy8731: Pretended to own Belmcar the draik, but does not own Belmcar.
    • smomonster123: Pretended to own a Pirate Chomby, but here's the twist. The pirate chomby doesn't even exist. They kept giving different names, all of which were for other pets (blue shoyru for example). Finally they gave a name that nothing existed for (no pet had that name) and insisted that was the name. Then when asked if they can log onto the account with the chomby, they said no.
    • 1_xweetox/Uglylamp: Offered their Baby Draik on an Asparagus Chia; received the Asparagus Chia and never sent over the Baby Draik. This person DOES own the account with the Baby Draik, so don't let that convince you. They received their half and never sent the other half of the trade, which was the baby draik.
    • kissesinhugs: Impersonated the user pwnage and claimed to be trading pwnage's UC Grey Yurble. kissesinhugs is not the user pwnage and does not own a UC Grey Yurble. Don't be fooled. Successfully scammed someone already. Screenies can be seen here.
    • nuggler556: Claimed to own/be trading a royalgirl draik that didn't belong to them.
    • firsttofinish: Attempted to scam a user out of a Darigan Eyrie. Thankfully didn't successfully scam the person (firsttofinish said they were trading the Darigan Eyrie, which was on another account. The person who was almost scammed mailed the account with the Darigan Eyrie and the person with the eyrie said firsttofinish wasn't them).
    • metallica_1337: Scammed a user out of a baby jetsam. Received the jetsam but never completed his half of the trade.
    • mgnphn: Is pretending to own a royalboy draik named Sir but does not own Sir.
    • jonasgrl91: Scammed a user out of a baby Peophin. The two agreed to trade, baby peo for baby kacheek. The person who was scammed sent over their peophin to jonasgrl91. Then when jonasgrl91 tried to send the kacheek, she said the username didn't exist, but it did. Then she refused to return the peophin and actually wanted ANOTHER pet in exchange for the peophin (she took the peophin, then wanted the girl to give her ANOTHER pet to get the peophin back). Then she set her mail to neofriend only.
    • tryin2survive37: Is impersonating the user trying2survive. They absolutely are not the same person. Do not trade with tryin2survive37 if they offer you pets from the account trying2survive.
    • Tulux/Rolok/Megagameboy/Rolok/Rolok10/Pikachaaaa: (Yes, he has six accounts.) Did a PUBLIC trade (Scammed on a public trade board. Stupid.) with a person. Person sent their maraquan grundo to the account Pikachaaaa. Tulux/Pikachaaaa accepted the grundo and never sent over the faerie poogle, which was his half of the trade. WATCH OUT FOR THIS USER.
    • hunnybear2255: Pretended to own a UC Maraquan Draik (which doesn't exist) and agreed to trade it for someone's Shadow Kougra (that just screams scam, does it not?). When someone posted that UC Maraquan draiks don't exist she said she was playing on her 'cousin's account, that her 'cousin' didn't really have a draik, and that her 'cousin' is "going to be sooooooooo mad". I doubt it's her 'cousin's account and I think she just tried to pull a scam. Even if it (against the odds) WAS her cousin, the fact that the cousin was able to do this means this girl's account isn't safe and this 'cousin' may do this again, but may go through with the scam. Be careful.
    • jjdgrs3: Offering a maraquan eyrie, Ejera, that does not belong to him.
    • ilovehaden12: Claims to own four UC plushie pets, Senahria, Abalazia, thepudgy1, and fancheska, but was proven to NOT be the owner of thepudgy1 so he's probably not the owner of the other three UC plushies. Be careful.
    • dancegurl949: Claimed to own and be trading an UC Plushie Zafara, Elonoia, but does not. When asked to mail from the account with Elonoia on it she said her friend posted on her account on the boards while dancegurl949 was in the bathroom and it was all her 'friend's fault'. I'm not buying it. First of, that's the oldest trick in the book: Blame the friend. Second, what kind of friend does that?! Who would go onto someone's account and make them look like a scammer?! Third, even if it somehow was her 'friend,' the fact that her friend was able to do that on her account means dancegurl949 isn't careful enough with her account and this may happen again.
    • shadow_wario: Pretending to own the krawk Scimitar but does not.
    • chunky3817218: Impersonating 4getfull8 and pretending to own the draik Kielaye but does not own this draik.
    • muni009: Is pretending to own the draik Draikolord but does not.
    • 0o_baby_lupes_rock_0: Is impersonating the user 0o_baby_lupes_rock_o and is not that person.
    • rubblyrubs: Scammed someone out of a maraquan uni. Never completed the trade.
    • dungaree: Claims to own the pets Sora, Al, Moon, Absol, and Bulging, but refuses to mail you from the accounts with the pets on them AND those pets have "I am never UFT" signs on their lookups. Also the user scottneal (account with Sora, Al, and Moon) specifically said that dungaree is not him.
    • simpson_30: Claimed to own the krawk Pandaemonium_ but does not.
    • Kiwikux/Fabiolalugo: Agreed to trade his coconut jubjub for a grey grundo; accepted the grey grundo via user-to-user transfer and never sent over his coconut jubjub.
    • fireboydizz: Claimed to own the UC Coco Jubjub, Minorz, but does not. Scammed someone out of their UC Darigan Eyrie. Then scammed someone out of their UC Mutant Skeith.
      UPDATE! POSSIBLE SIDE ACCOUNT OF FIREBOYDIZZ! On 9-4-08 the user elmousaoui posted a board that said "Omg I just found 2 UC's in the pound!!!" "I just found my eyrie and skeith with 7 minutes between! OMg@ I am happy " The user elmousaoui now owns both of fireboydizz's old UC pets. elmousaoui claims to have just found them in the pound.
      This is more than likely fireboydizz's side account:
      -A) He could've done this to try to clear his name. I've seen scammers make "look what I found in the pound!" boards before.
      -B) Both accounts had the same shopkeeper image and similar shop layouts. Once it was mentioned on his board, he deleted his shop description and changed the shopkeeper.
      -C) Last I saw, the eyrie was mid-transfer this month. It was sent but wasn't accepted by anyone yet. The eyrie may have been sent to elmousaoui.
      -D) You can't pound two pets in the same day. An UC pet would have been adopted by a pound surfer nearly instantly the moment it was pounded. It's not possible that one of the pets sat in the pound for a day, unadopted.
      -E) Once people started discussing that elmousaoui might be fireboydizz's side account, elmousaoui left the board.
      -F) TNT can check IP addresses, so they know for sure. :)
    • Tonarooni/Troylikesbaseball14/yelah98: Tonycabanas is back and these are his new accounts. Scammed someone out of a Ghost Cybunny. Person sent (via Neo's transfer system) their Ghost Cybunny to him. After they sent over their Cybunny he never sent his UC Mallow Grundo (the pet he offered in exchange) over.
      WARNING! HE MAY HAVE ANOTHER ACCOUNT! I was recently mailed and told that the user neokid__80 was offering that same UC Mallow Grundo on the account troylikesbaseball14. When someone pointed out that troylikesbaseball14 is a scammer, he first said he was no longer interested. Then neokid__80 claimed Tony stole his account and the account Tonarooni scammed him out of a pet.
    • my_name_is__kat: Claims she owns the mallow grundo named 7799977 and that grundo is up for trade/up for adoption. my_name_is__kat does NOT own the mallow grundo, 7799977.
    • sandyshore_: Claims to own pets such as a Purple Krawk, Maraquan Draik, and Plushie Poogle, and others which are not hers. The owners of those pets were mailed and the pets are not up for trade nor do they belong to sandyshore_. Do not trade her for these pets. They are not hers.
    • angel_t9637: Claimed to own the user Rib's krawk, Eskeil. Claimed she was receiving Eskeil in August and was taking offers already on the krawk. Eskeil's owner, Rib, is not trading/giving Eskeil to this girl and has never spoken to her until she heard that angel_t9637 was taking offers on Eskeil. So to get to the point: angel_t9637 does not own Eskeil and never will.
      A SECOND SCAMMING ATTEMPT: angel_t9637 claimed to be trading a custom red krawk (with a MP) and refused to put the MP in trades, shop, or gallery right off the bat (in her first post). Then later she said "BTW its a red morphing potion and ya im looking for avvie pets and ITS NOT A scam." This isn't 100% definite (only she and TNT know if she really has the MP in her inventory or not) but it looks very, very suspicious. Be cautious.
    • neosplatkougra: Did a pound-transfer trade witha person, their xweetok for the person's cybunny. neosplatkougra adopted the cybunny and then blocked the person who was supposed to receive the xweetok.
    • itsleodude: scammed a bunch of people out of their pets; I don't know exact details. But he's well known as being a scammer; Ask anyone on the boards.
    • nakato/sarcia: scammed someone out of a disco krawk ( at bottom of page)
    • nebulie: stole a person's baby aisha (didn't complete trade)
    • iwuvhitsugaya: offered a painted hissi for trade; didn't give out name; sent out its name to a person via neomail; person asked the hissi's owner if iwuvhitsugaya was their side account and it wasn't.
    • tunder_devil : tried to trade a pirate krawk but refused to mail you from the account with the krawk; lied about owning pirate lupe and UC faerie xwee (he won't mail you from the accounts they're on). He also said (about his pirate lupe) that "He was zapped" and you can't get pirate pets from the lab; He also admitted to scamming.
    • dragonselo: offered an MSPP, UC royalboy AND royalgirl draik, + a UC tyrannian draik, none of which belonged to him
    • tonycabanas/tonycabanas0: scammed for two babies (one of which was a cybunny)
    • ninde_helyanwe: is impersonating the user reikatu. This person is NOT reikatu. Do not trade with her. She scammed a person out of their grey cybunny.
    • neodad5000 : offered lalablah12 who doesn't belong to them
    • elizabeth_101_: offered a red draik that didn't belong to her
    • moonysnow : received her half of the trade and didn't pound her pet; blocked the person she scammed
    • kittyisawe : has claimed to own pets owned by Anjie but does not own any of them. Has recently tried to pretend they owned Taja, Anjie's krawk.
    • contagious_love : claims to own the krawk Vuya but doesn't own the krawk.
    • thebattledomefighter : claimed to be the user juhscariot but isn't. Don't let her offer any of the user juhscariot's pets on your pets. They absolutely aren't hers.
    • k4thh, _mapoo_, autolyse: scammed someone out of a custom royal flotsam; she accepted the other person's flotsam but never sent her pet over.
      7/24/08 Update: Flotsam has been returned! I guess she's turning over a new leaf? Way to go!
      8/1/08 Update: Successfully did a public trade: their plushie gnorbu for someone's pirate gelert. Other person sent their pet to k4thh first and the trade was successful both ways. :)
      8/2/08 Update: Is accused of scamming someone out of their Faerie Draik.


    Possible scammers don't always have screenies but have people neomailed me/posted on the boards and gave good proof but not 100% definite proof. To make someone a possible scammer, I need to see something of the sort. Boards are the best. Scammer alert boards make me more likely to add someone because you're putting yourself out there in front of the whole community calling someone a scammer instead of just mailing me privately and saying someone is a scammer.
    Possible Scammers:
    • tiffanydomer8: Was doing a custom pet trade with someone; refused to paint the custom pet until she received her half of the trade; when asked to put the paint brush in her gallery and trades she said she put it there, but supposedly it wasn't there (they didn't put anything in their shop). Supposedly doesn't have the paint brush at all (a royal one), so be careful. If she offers this to you, be sure to see the paint brush first.
    • lostilicious: Is pretending to own the UC Plushie Scorchio, MicroPeluchito. MicroPeluchito's owner listed her accounts on her lookup and lostilicious isn't one of them. I'm waiting for confirmation from MicroPeluchito's owner to definitely confirm this. (The account genders don't match, for one thing.)
    • baby_got_black007: Claimed to own the baby kau, Oitex, but most likely does not. Said Oitex was on her main account but the two accounts have different countries and person's names. Also the "main" account hasn't been logged onto in over 100 days. And when the person she tried to scam asked baby_got_black007 to transfer first, she stopped replying to her mails.
    • hackgirlhack: Claims to own/be trading the mallow grundo Schattengesang but never replied to a mail that asked her to mail from the account with Schattengesang on it.
    • wolf_julia: Pretended to own Trade the Darigan Lupe but does not. Trade's owner, Zeki, has been notified and is aware. wolf_julia is not a side account of Zeki's and wolf_julia does not own Trade.
    • raqik: scammed a person out of grey grarrl; never sent his half over
    • nhkhan321123: offered a coco jubjub for a baby nimmo. never gave jubjub's name and asked for nimmo's pounding time. gave name of pet (coconuts420) and refused to mail from that account. then declined to trade. also scammed someone out of a pink jubjub for the coco jubjub.
    • Crystaledgessk8r: supposedly scammed someone out of a sketch kacheek and offered a poogle
    • fallingandbreaking: supposedly scammed someone out of their hissi
    • pooglelver101: claimed to own someone else's baby xwee and MSP poogle; scammed someone out of a faerie jubjub (adopted on a supposed side account, simplepopdiva)
    • reqinsince : scammed someone out of a kougra
    • Mavolence: scammed someone out of faerie jubjub (received their half and blocked person after); scammed someone out of another pet.
    • Teev : scammed someone out of island ruki (received their half and blocked person after)
    • xaroza : offered pets off their "main" account wich was last spotted over 180 days ago; tried to trade draik Nordicy which was not hers (stopped responding to mails when asked to log onto draik's account)
    • leoboy567 : offered to trade a pirate krawk that wasn't his
    • xx_royaldraik_xx : supposedly claimed to "lose" a pet in the pound but adopted it on his side account (that side account had his screenies which he linked to from his main)
    • blackwallstreet123: agreed to trade cybunny for chomby; adopted chomby and never sent cybunny over
    • xpenguinluvx3: offered someone's desert draik for trade; draik didn't belong to her (its petpage said draik would NEVER be UFT) & backed out of trade when asked to mail from draik's account
    • iheartme55: scammed someone out of a UC faerie xwee; offered HizashiGetsuei, the Blue Draik; accepted xwee and blocked person
    • neopian_03/neopian_13/roya1 : agrees to trade; accepts your pet and doesn't respond to your mails
    • choche86: claims to own the krawk Nibigwa; can't mail from account (it's under 13yrs); wouldn't log onto account with krawk when asked; probably not his krawk


    Previous offenders are people who have scammed in the past but either returned they pet they stole (if they successfully scammed someone) or have spoken to me via neomail and are sorry (this is if they didn't successfully get the pet but attempted to scam someone) and want to be legitimate traders now. I want to still keep them on my page as a precaution, BUT after time if these people seem to be getting along nicely without any further problems I may remove them. ^_^ I'm glad to see people want to turn over a new leaf.
    Previous Offenders:
      Removed these people. :) They're fine now, I think.

    And again,
    Sorry for the huge, obnoxious, and kind of funny large red font but I'm trying to stress this as much as possible.
    Just be wary if you see them trading pets. Who knows, they may have done some legitimate, successful trades! Just be cautious.
    If I find out that my list is being used to report and harass people I'll take it off this petpage and go back to just mailing it out to people who ask for it.

    That's all. ^_^ Good luck trading.

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