Our Mission: What We Do in Private Detective

At Private Detective, we know you want your site to be high-quality, and since review sites mostly look at your content quality and quantity, why not sign up on our list to improve your site a little bit more? PD specializes in looking for broken images and closed site links in your site!

Why and how would this improve my site? you might ask. Well, think about this: you get visitors everyday right? Odds are they will go site surfing through your site and will end up who-knows-where with all those other sites. With us filtering out your closed site links and broken images, you will get an accurate sense of how many affies, listers, and such you have within your site and your visitors' site surfing experience will be smoother.

PD has been opened to public as an official site since March 22nd, 2010. We use to be a part of a directory called Starred* before it closed. Idea of inspection credits to Cass of Soroptimist Directory.

Notice & Reminder

As of September 17, 2011, please note we are operating on 'seasonal' times. By 'seasonal,' we mean by school terms. Availability of open request spots will vary due to flow of schoolwork.

Last Updated August 17, 2012
Starting on the 24th, I will no longer take directory requests.
School resumes on the 27th, so I need time to prepare and adjust.

Rules, Regulations, & Requests

Submitted site(s) must be your own.
We inspect anything, from art sites to directories.
Please note: Service to directories will be reported at a much slower pace.
We will neomail you regarding: waiting list and finished report.
All reports are confidential to ensure privacy.
Maximum re-applications for inspections is 2 times per month.

Neomail us your site name(s) and link(s) to be on the waiting list.
Please send your neomail to thisisrainbowsun with the subject Link Sweep.

* Accepting directory link-sweep requests now! *
1. Pop! Directory
2. ----
3. ----

If we have no spots available, please visit Third Impression, Shenyi, and Mirror Mirror. They also provide link sweep services.

Previous Cases Filed in Cabinet

Newest at bottom. Listed are those already inspected.
An exclamation point (!) means site is/was a directory.

1. Hello Fascination
2. Anchors Away
3. I am Famous
4. The Beach House
5. A Thousand Cranes
6. Soroptimist Directory !
7. Little Black Book !
8. Converse All Starz !
9. Enterprise Guilds !
10. New Acadia !
11. The Croaker !
12. Katie's Fonts
13. Lost Links !
14. Funhouse
15. Wonderwall
16. Mint Condition
17. The Lodge
18. Rhapsody
19. Angel's Directory !
20. Le Critique
21. Typeface
22. Cafe de Lis
23. Save the Magic
24. Autumn Breezes
25. Happily Ever After
26. Time Guild Directory !
27. Dark Light
28. Star Neopets Directory !
29. Planetarium
30. The Secret Garden !
31. Click'er Away
32. Sample Reviews
33. Rosette !
34. ----
35. ----

Responses and Screenshots

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your site is so helpful - I have the feeling that it will be used quite a bit by everyone! Thanks!! ~Anna

I really like the concept of your page. It seems like it would be greatly useful to people who have a large database of links, or for those who don't have the time to check their links. I'm definately going to keep your page in mind for future uses. ~Christy

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