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Here at Sigdecorations our goal is to have something for everybody. What's that, you ask? Well, we literally want to have fonts that anybody and everybody who goes to the boards can use. To do this, we ensure that ALL of our fonts are neoboard pen free, and for all default or clickable avatars. Why? I know for a fact that I'm sick of having all the good fonts being for avatars that I didn't have (ex, game avatars for games I fail at, expensive avatars that you wait months to be lent, and so on.)so I thought it would be a good idea to start up a fonts page full of fonts that EVRYBODY can use. Please enjoy looking through our selection of fonts, and have a good stay.
~ pomfrey, _babyxdoll, and liphted ★

the fonts

Rules for usage go as follows:
1) Don't claim as your own
2) Don't enter in contests/ "rate my font" boards
3) Don't redistribute these fonts in any form.
4) Even if you change the colors, shape, form, text or ANYTHING else, the base code is still OURS (pomfrey, _babyxdoll, and liphted). In this case, rule one still stands!
Anybody seen breaking these rules will be reported without further notice.

*PLEASE NOTE: For any fonts that require you to have a clickable avatar, there will be a link next to them to get the avatar if you don't already have it.

LAST, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST: The neoHTML box is the first text area, with the signature box being the text area next to that.

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Layout coding from Ninke's Premades (images/editing by pomfrey~ yours truly)

None yet! Make us happy by sending us what you really think of our fonts (yep, that includes mail telling us that they're 3/10.. We'd love any constructive criticism.) *Neomail ratings/fanmail will be shown here too*