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Vote for Android at Classical please, everyone! (:

I am very happy to announce that our winner for the APP competition this month is:

Welcome guest. Here at Android Directory we provide the fastest android phone service and thousands of wonderful apps! Just Kidding! We don't provide those crazy things, but we do provide links to helpful sites all over neopia! One click and you'll be on your way to 100's of different links. Android Directory is run and created by me, Alia.
Quote: Enjoy today, it'll be gone tomorrow - Android Directory. We celebrate life here at Android! If it weren't for us, there would be nothing!

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Get listed

In order to get your site listed here, please neomail me, with the subject title AD LISTING ,at either alia97 or joealia with the following form…

Name of Site:
Site URL:
Site Category:

The Android Market

If you would like to post a comment (daily site news), on the Android Market just neomail me your site URl and what news you want posted. Then send in to me with the title: Comments
Comments (Daily site news)
June 29th

Shenyi has a new layout and is celebrating with an event! The first three people to request will have all of their sites reviewed.
June 28th-

NEW LAYOUT!! And The magazine is up in a couple days with new issue and 15 pages of fun! Check it out and subscribe
Newly Added
June 30th-

June 29th-
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
June 28th-
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
June 20th

June 18th
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June 15th-

June 14th-
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June 12th-
join the Aisha Frenzy todayImage and video hosting by TinyPic
June 5th-

June 4th-

Last updated 5/28/11
272 SITES LISTED AS OF 5/29/11
Goals:3,500 visitors and 275 sites listed by the end of June!
June 30th- +3 sites
June 29th-
- +8 sites
- Got another new amazing affliate! The wonderful button making site, BOX!
June 28th-
- +8 sites
Going to work on getting the new SOTW and picking some new APP competitors. I'll announce the winner today (:
Android got an amazing new affliate, Kaleidoscopic! Yay! So glad to have a new amazing site joining android! Only 10 more spots left (:
Yay! First comment listed by Neostars Magazine! Hope there's more coming in those kinda directions (:

IMPORTANT UPDATE for June 26th!!!

- Got a spectacular new layout from Divine Vision Jeez about time much lol?
- +7 sites =D -13 sites D:
- Though its sad we lost 13 sites, atleast i completed the link sweeps and there's no more dead links =D
- Going to try to post the APP results today or tomorrow, so stay tuned!
June 20th-
+3 sites listed
-Getting a new layout soon I think x) Woot lol x)
-Got an adorable new divider from ccyung over at
Simply Amazing!! Thanks girly ^o^ It'll be up hopefully when we get the new layout!
Got a new banner from Caro's Banners for out Extra's Page! Be sure to check that out!
June 18th-
+8 sites listed
June 15h-
+9 sites listed!~
June 14th-
+7 sites listed
Please vote for android at SOTM at Classical!!!! Please,Please,Please!
June 12th-

NEW EXTRA'S Page for Android! Please give me your suggestions about it!
+7 sites listed
Go submit your votes for the APP competition!
June 5th-
GO CHECK OUT THE Android Perfect Pick or the APP competition everyone!
+3 listers
+1 link back button, from Whirligig
+1 Affliate, Caro's Banners!
June 4th-
NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much to Useful, I love the layout ^o^
The Android APP
+6 sites, -1 site
Courier has closed down sadly ): We'll miss them, but atleast we welcome in 6 new listers! (:
June 1st-
Well it's finally the newest of june and as you can see the updates and sites listed box is pretty much all clear! I requested a new layout from a new layout site called Useful! I can't wait to see it and I think the site has great potential. I'm going to start the newest competition series to android as soon as we get our new layout! (: I hope you vote for me in SOTM at genecerizing! Thanks everyone!

Updates cleared every month!

Adoptables and Pixels

Adoptions and Trades

Art and Writing










Link Review


Untaken Names


The Android Perfect Pick Competition


Results will be posted in updates, by neomail to competitors, and on the APP portfolio by June 28th at the latest. Thanks for everyone who voted! ^o^

You're zapping your way around Android when you come across a weirdly named page in the Extra's section. You decide to click on the page and you are suddenly WOOSHED into the perfect world of the Android APP section.

Welcome to Android's Perfect Pick! Here, i'll select 9 quality sites, and you, the android viewers will pick which site YOU think is the best of the best. The choices will be random, and you'll never know whether your site will be up here! Once a site with the most votes is picked, it'll be placed in the APP section and given a shiny button to show off! So now that you know the story:
-Check back daily to see the progress! (:

This Month's Perfect Picks:


-Vote for only ONE site please!
-Vote only for a site posted above!
-You may only vote once.
-You may not vote for your own site.
-If your site is posted up there, you may advertise for it in anyway you like.
-When I say Android, you say APP

~Send it in! (: Voting is: open/closed


Anonymous; Love, Alice- Love, Alice is a marvelous writing site by Hannah! The letters are all well written and reading them is a joy.
water_ocean_4; Caro's Banners- I really like the different choices of banners and high quality of the site. Caro's Banners offers excellent banners and it's a site that I would definitely request from.

Android Directory's Site of the Week!

This is Android Directory's Site of the week page. Each week, one or a couple of lovely sites will be listed to either watch out for, or to visit to show of their excellence. Not only will they be given a space in Android's SOTW, but they'll also get a miny reward button when they're put up!

The Sites:

May 30th, 2011. 4th week of June

The amazing Soroptimist Directory is this weeks Site of the Week, and I'm surprised that I haven't already picked her yet. Soroptimist was my number 1 inspiration to start Android Directory! Cass, the owner of Soroptimist, has dedication to her site like no other, she's always updating and as you can see, her work has paid off! Soroptimist is and has been the #1 link directory in neopia, now and for these past couple years! I hope one day, that I'll be able to make this directory as amazing as hers! (A little shoutout to Cass, wanna be affliates (;?) Cass, you and your amazing directory definetly deserve more than this little award, but please do take the shiny button provided under this message and have an amazing day!

May 20th, 2011. 3rd week of June

It's finally getting towards summer vacation, and summer it self has already started; so what better way to bring in the summer features with Out of Focus! Out of Focus is owned by the one and only, lovely, Brieta! She's one of the few request makers that make quality EVERYTHING! From amazing layouts, to spectacular banners, Out of Focus always presents its best product. If you haven't already visited this outstanding site, you better go now, because you'll be in for one lovely surprise! Brieta, please, please, please feel free to take a shiny button to add into your list of wonderful accomplishments, because you definetly deserve it!

May 12th, 2011. 2nd week of June

This weeks pick for SOTW shouldn't even be a surprise, because everyone knows this lovely site oh so well, Caro's Banners! Caro's banners is run by Caro, or Caroline, herself, and makes the most AMAZING, QUALITY banners in all of neopia! Caro herself is a very sweet person, and is easy to talk too! I have no doubt that this weeks SOTW is an absolutely great one! Caro, please feel free to take a shiny button to add into your list of wonderful accomplishments, because you definetly deserve it!
Visit the Android SOTW porfolio: here


Link Back


9/18 affliates
Accepting ONLY high quality and active sites of any kind (:

Other Info

Site started: 2/24/11
My other site:


Android pixel by: Pastry Pixels
Button place holder and BVI sign(s) from: Foomanshu
Layout by Divine Vision (Tweaked and Edited by me of course (; )
Divider by: Simply Amazing
And thanks to you, guest, for coming! (:

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