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Welcome to The Faerie Compass, the sole source of a faerie's navigational expertise. Find quick links to sites and guides which provide various information from Neopian knowledge to real life facts. This site was recreated on the 6th of January, 2011. It is from me, Adzs, to wish you a tranquil experience in browsing through this directory's many pages.

How this works

To get listed, just neomail me (xsnowstar101x) your site's link. Descriptions are needed only for graphics, coding guides, premades, review sites, adoptions, competitions, dailies, and tutorials. Linking back is appreciated, not mandatory. Sites and categories are alphabetized. Dead link reports, gifts, ranking suggestions, questions & comments are very much welcome.

Site Count: 150 | NT Count: 147 | Affiliates: 17/18
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August 28, Sunday

Ahhh, I'm so sorry for not updating yesterday. Something came up and it was to be a priority. I've answered all neomails and done basic updates so be sure to check out the Voice Box for newly posted news! ^^ Have a great day everyone! =) Oh, and be sure to check out this week's Site of the Week!
Button Request rankings has been edited, Sensation was removed due to inactivity.

August 26, Friday

Aww, Cass has closed Sitely Service. Well we all understand the loads of work school can bring us (plus managing 3 other sites at the same time!) (: Which brings me to think that I have about 10 days left of my vacation! xD
Happy Affie Appreciation day to all affiliates of the site community (which means every site in the site community)! :D The Voice Box has been updated!
I received a very heart-warming neomail from Renae and I just wanted to say thank you. I also found out about the little blurb that Jess from Barcode Directory wrote in her Sitely & Extras. Everything you said really meant a lot, thank you. ^____^
It may be a day late but I just wanted to say Happy 2 year anniversary to Rebecca at the amazing Buttoness!
The Lunch Box has a magnificent new layout!
Thank you to Krazy over at Enchanted for the shoutouts for The Marchen at the exclamation box and TFC in the updates! Thanks Krazy!

August 25, Thursday

Tis' TFC's technical anniversary? :o Thank you Cass for the shoutout and to Pip and Michelle for the neomails!
I'll be updating TFC later on in the day since I'll be going to school to get my schedule sorted out. That went by faster than I expected. :) The Voice Box has been updated for current news though!
Button Request, Competition, and Review Site rankings has been edited.

August 24, Wednesday

Happy happy happy third year anniversary to Cass and Soroptimist Directory! *dances special third year anniversary dance* C: To this year and more years to come! Thank you to YOU for everything!
I'll be updating TFC throughout the day while starting on the reviews over at The Marchen. Be sure to check out the current posted news over at the Voice Box!
A shoutout to Zel from Add A Name Petpages, Lottie from Let Go, and Nik from Omega! I wish all of you the best in what may come next. ^___^

August 23, Tuesday

A shoutout and congratulations to Monky, Cass, and Rika for the special honors over at the Golden Sandwich Awards! All I can say is that I couldn't agree more with what Turnip has already said. ^____^
I've completely gone through the Adoptables and Competition categories, removed the dead links and overly inactive sites, and marked the filter affected sites with still available content. All thanks to the help of Sitely Service, thank you Cass! I highly recommend requesting from her (and reviews are open!)
I've decided to recount TFC's site count little by little once I've finished going through a particular category. So the current site count number includes only Adoptables and Competition sites for now.
The Voice Box has been updated with newly posted news!

Remember, these sites are listed here to help you. They are not here to be copied off of. Go to this page to read more about copyright law. The Copyright Law is no different in Neopets; always remember to respect people's rights. All thieves will be reported.


Adoptions and Trades

Avatar pet & Item lending

Ace's Avatar Pet Lending Agency
Alex's Lending Agency
Caitlin's Lending
Cib's Avatar Lending
Deanna's Lending Agency
Diana's Pet Lending
Jinny's Avatar Lending
Kasey's Avatar Lending
Kat's Lending
Paris's Lending Agency
Phoenix's Avatar Lending
Roo's Avatar Lending
Shebear's Avatar Lending
Vanna's Avatar Lending
Vicki's Lending Agency


Araidell's Adoption Agency Directory
Cieque's Directory of Adoption Agencies
Foster Advertising Coalition
Tiquerro's Adoption Agency Directory
UC Trading Database

Dream Pets

Bazzle's Grant A Dream
Home at Last Dream Centre
Red Road Dream Pets
Rêveurs de Paix
Spring Valley Dreamie Doritos
Wish Upon a Star
Zapping Your Dream Pets

extra pb clothing

Extra Paintbrush Clothing: This section was placed here because in order to receive paintbrush clothing, you would have to transfer the pet itself. Paintbrush clothing cannot be taken out of an owners closet.

Extra Paintbrush Clothing
Paintbrush Clothing Exchange
PB Clothes
Spare Clothing
Spare Lab Clothes
Spare Paintbrush Clothing
Spare PB Clothing Page
Spring Valley Calico Clothing The Lab and Release Clothing Depot
The Mindi-Tries-To-Be-Nice-To-Her-Fellow-Neopians Gifting Page



Char's Complete Guide to Fostering

UC Trading:

UC Trading Database
UC Trading Guide

Neomail Application Guides:

ladie_media's Guide To Neomail Applications
Morwenna's guide to making UFQA/neomail applications
Neomail for Your Dream

Pet Page Application Guides:

Abel's Application Guide
Adopt a Dream; a Petpage Application Guide
Cib's Pet Application Guide
Just Another Application Guide
Jinjer's Guide to Applications
Make or Break
Petpage App Guide
Rawrimmakitty's Guide to Making an Application
So You Wanna Apply for a Pet?
The Application Process
The Apptionary
Tutorial de Historias Portugese

The Pets UFA


A New Chapter Adoption Agency
A Pet Isn't just for Christmas
Adopt Today
Aquira Adoptions
Autumn Plains
Are You Ready To Adopt?
Arkurion's Adoptions
Ashleyyy's Adoptions
Beautiful Day Adoption Agency
Beautiful Imperfection
Bittersweet Trading Agency
Boilingpoint's Adoption Agency
Bubble Tea Agency
Carolyn's Adoptions
Cloudy Sky Pets Adoption/Trade Agency
Doughnut Adoptions
Dream Tempest Adoption Agency
Dream Weavers
Drinia's Pets UFA
Fair Adoptions
First Step
For All Portugese
Fruits of Brightvale
GAP Adoptions
Getting a New Pet: Are You Really Ready?
Good Omen Adoptions
Heartful Adoptions
Home at Last
Janine's Agency
Jenn's Fosters
Kat's Adoption Agency
Lab Ray Zaps
Leia's Adoption Agency
Lexi's Adoption Agency
Lost and Adopted
Lotus Adoptions
Magical Menagerie Adoption Agency
Malevolent Fosters
Melonberrytea Adoption Agency
Misty's Adoption Agency
Mixxed Nuts
Mystic Magic UFTs/UFAs
Neo* Dazzle Adoptions
Neopets in Need - Neopian Trading Center
Neopound Adoption Agency
Nolee's Adoptions
Northern Lights Adoptions
On the Horizon
Ookami's Fosterlings
Petpets for Pound Pets
Pets UFA and UFT
Ploxi's Project: Adoption
Project Pound
Purple Halo Adoption Agency
Relief & Renewal Adoptions
Remember When
River's Rescues
Shera's Adoption Agency
SOS Adoption Agency
Star's Adoptions
SV Adoption Centre
The Adoption Agency Center
The Badly Named Project
The Draik Project
The Pet Pen
The Search for Home
The Witch's Brew
Triple G Adoptions
Velvet Spacetime & Diamond Meadows
Velvety Adoptions
Xoria's Orphanage
Zap Adoptions
Zap and Pound
Zapper's Fosters
Zara's Adoption Agency

art and writing

Art and Writing

Phoenix Feathers
A personal portfolio that features art, graphics, poetry, and also includes requests.

The Portfolio
Includes art, photos, graphics, writing, and also includes requests and other extras.


Abigail's Art
Abigail: A place where you can ask for an art trade or request and to simply look at the art that I, Abigail, have made. There are also some pixels of neopets as well.

Aqua-fountain's Art Page
MableZaphire: So basically, I display her Neopian pictures, the ones that she bothers to upload, on my page. Which we started on the 7th of August 2008.

Haylee: I decided to open an art requests site that was quick and easy becuase sometimes, owners redo their pets descriptions, and they want a special piece of art for it. I thought, well, I'll draw it for 'em!

Arty Angels
Art gallery and request site.

Artwork by Annette
An art request and showcase site.

Welcome - to the art of the neopian known as Lunae! Here, I have my gallery, of both neo-related art and non-neo. I also take requests.

Asy's Art Requests
Offers art requests, and assorted drawn resources.

Audra's Art Requests
Audra: What is an art request page you may ask? It's fairly self explanatory, you request art from me!

Bella's Art
Art gallery and request site.

Damiarrg's Studio
Meg: Here you will find information, artwork and stories about Damiarrg along with my collection of artworks and my general place to dump art.

Elephantzze's Art
Elephantzze's Art has been providing traditional and digital art ever since September 13, 2010.

Flipplicious Art
Eternity: Flipplicious Art, or Flipple Art, is dedicated to bringing Eternity's amateur art to you! You request and I draw..

Fluttering Freely
Offers art and banner requests and also features an art portfolio.

An art request and trade site.

Grooviesmoothie's Art
Bridget: This is my art page with all my Neopets-related art. Although there's not much, new art will be added over time.

Just Some Art
An art showcase page with little descriptions each.

Kayla's Portfolio
A portfolio on neopets is generally what neopians use to display their graphics, art, or stuff like that. This is what you'll see on this page. Also includes requests.

Locked Art
Cam: Locked Art was opened in July 2010. In this site you can find my art dumps (including some of my AG entries), custom shields, and art trades that I did with other great artists!

Lumnatti's Artwork
Art gallery including NT comic submissions and trades.

Manga Coloring for Beginners
An in-depth guide on how to color manga panels. Teaches aspiring colorists the fundamentals, how to add shadows, highlights, achieve more natural-looking skin, and more.

Meghaanlee's Art Page
Meghan: I'm not super talented or the best "artist" on here by far but I really love to create art, it's like therapy for me in a way.

Miraii's Art Page
Mirai: I am an active doodler and an even more active colorist. My current fad right now is a twisted, jumbled up mix between Industrial original art and Transformers fan art.

Oracle's Doodles
An art gallery that includes trades and requests.

Rae's Art *
Rae: Welcome to my art page, where I display various drawings I've completed, and often take requests.

Raggtag Creations
An easy to use art portfolio with free to use and restricted (for viewing only) images.

Rali's Art
Includes an art gallery, korbat, grarrly, and chibi, adoptables, and may offer requests.

Simply Blue
Diselated: Simply Blue is Monet's art gallery. She draws in blue pen. Not because she is cocky and thinks she won't make any mistakes, but because she thinks the style is cool.

Sketch Book
An art request that offers icon and real life skecth book extras.

The Art Boat
Lily: A portfolio that offers high-quality art for your viewing.

The Art Gallery
A vast gallery containing collections of submitted photography, drawings, and writings.

The Unknown
A layout and graphics site which includes art or layout requests.

A custom art request site where you can request neopets art, adoption art, and non Neo' art.

Warp Hole
Offers anthro & Neo' related digital and traditional art.

Wizzy's Art
A gallery of Neo' related digital media, mixed media, and sketches.


Apparitions *
Sarah: I created this site to post my books and have you, the people of the internet, to tell me if you like them or not.

Chasing Dragons
A poetry site which allows you to view the work of writers who choose to showcase their masterpieces. -under construction-

Chasing Violet
A site that showcases various poems in assorted topics.

A story site by Maridil.

How To Write For the Web
An in-depth guide about how to write for the web, and what keeps people reading on.

I Had a Dream
I had a Dream is a writing site that features, poetry, an ongoing Storybook, and a diary.

Star: Welcome to Inked. On this page you will find a collection of random stories and drabbles that I have written for other neopians. If you're after some sort of fan writing, please read on.

Itsy Bitsy Nooblet Poems
A site offering various short poems that may be neopian themed.

Lilac Fire
A site offering various poetry for reading and a bulletin board for others to post their works.

Lorelle is poetry site by Lily. Why don't you even submit one of your poems here?

Love, Alice
A site that offers you various poems, stories, and more for your viewing.

Neostars Magazine
NM Team: We strive to make your neoday happy and better with helpful articles, monthly news, interviews, short stories, comics, crosswords and so much more!

A creative arts site that lets you display your wonderful work to the public and to express your creativity. Also includes writing/drawing contests.

Bladez: Novyiden is an interactive story. I will write out part of the story and then end with three or more paths the story can go down. To decide which one is taken people can neomail me with the choice they want to be written.

Page Stories
Offers backstory requests for any Neopian pages.

Pennwick: A Place for Writers
An interactive writing site for all Neopians to enjoy.

Phoenix Feathers
This site features a gallery of my artwork, graphics poetry and crafts but you can also request custom art or graphics.

Publishing Inc.
PL: Anyways right now you may be asking "What is PI/Publishing inc.?" A neopian writers publisher. Yes! That's right. I publish stories from authors from all around neopia.

Sun Raiz
Sun Raiz is a writing site that lets you be featured as well!

The Writing Garden *
An writing site where you can share your various fantasies and dreams, and most of all to enter the realm of the faeries.

TW Team: TypeWriter is an on Neo' webzine for all of the site users and owners on neo. We feature all sorts of site-related writings, from interviews, to featured sites, to advice, to helpful articles.

button requests

Button Making

Create Impressions
An in-depth, easy to understand, GIMP banner and button tutorial by Cass.

Impulse's Button Tutorial
An tutorial on making animated buttons using GIMP.

Lucy's Button Tutorial *
Provides a step by step button tutorial on GIMP.

The Button Tutorial
Button tutorials for Paint and GIMP, Animation and coding buttons.

The Button Request Sites

A La Mode
Offers custom buttons, icons, status signs, and other resources.

A button request site by Ley.

Offers custom buttons.

Angels in Flight *
Offers custom buttons.

A button site by Chelsea. Fresh off of hiatus, renamed, and much improved.

Custom buttons by Joaquin.

Aurora hiatus
Offers custom buttons and includes some extras.

Baroque Buttons hiatus
A button request site by Coop, currently on hiatus.

Belly Buttons
A button request site by Kelly aiming to provide you with the buttons you need for your site.

A button request site by Jessica.

Offers buttons requests in their red and white circus tents amongst a world of ordinary.

Bubbles *
A button request site by Hannah.

Custom buttons by Brooke.

Button Up *
Offers custom buttons.

A girl who loves making buttons. Aims to make adorable, high quality buttons.

Buttonier hiatus
Simple but beautiful buttons by Allisa.

Buttons Galore
This site and I are dedicated to bringing you buttons for beautiful linking back!

Candy Clouds *
A button request site by Hailey.

Circus *
A button request site by Bailey.

Click Buttons *
A button request site by Ally.

Desired Ending hiatus
Welcome to Desired Ending, a site that offers vintage high quality icons and button requests.

None of us could live without desires. We desire something without even noticing we are doing it, including the basic desire to live. We all want to be noticed and get what we want, right? Desires are truly limitless.

Do Not Press hiatus
While walking down a very mechanical looking hallway, you notice a red, round button with a sign above it that says, DO NOT PRESS...

Electric Feel
Custom buttons by Wynne.

Elegance *
Custom buttons by Ali.

A button request site by Debz, currently on hiatus.

Aims to provide others with buttons and resources.

Erruptive *
A button request site by Nevarlyn.

A button request site by Katie, currently on hiatus.

Galaxy Graphix
Custom buttons and banners by Gerry.

Horror Show
So step away from it and marvel at these gloriously crafted icons and buttons. Order one! I dare you and I guarantee you will be amazed. Well, go on, run wild and enjoy the show!

Hungry U/C
Offers custom buttons.

Aims to provide you with the best buttons as possible while continuing to grow and improve along with the site.

Incipit hiatus
Custom buttons by Jessie, currently on revamp.

Indenial Buttons hiatus
A button request site by Alex.

Joon hiatus
Button request site.

Kimono hiatus
Button request site by Kurumi.

Custom buttons by Vicki.

Life Blossom *
Button requests by Summer.

Offers button and banner requests, icons, button resources, color palettes, and button request site tips.

Melzy's Buttons *
Button request site where you can request quality buttons from Melzy.

Meow Buttons revamp
Here I will make custom buttons for anyone who feels like dropping me a request.

Missing Link
A button request site by Deanna.

Mix and Match Buttons *
Button requests by Katie.

Custom buttons by Frueer. Portugese

One Moment *
A remake of Desire, high quality buttons by Lilia.

Offers custom buttons by Fig.

Carousel *
Strives to bring a fresh new look of buttons to site owners of Neopia.

Pinkaholic hiatus
Custom buttons by Amanda. Portugese

Royal Java Cafe
A button site by Taylor.

Offers buttons, premade lookups, and petpage requests..

Offers buttons requests.

A button request site by Nicole.

Serina's Buttons *
Custom buttons by Serina.

A button request site by Rachael.

Something Shiny and New
A button site by Fangs.

Sparkle Motion *
Custom buttons by Kaitlyn.

The Starcatcher
Cute and simple buttons handcrafted by Jess.

Sweet Charm
A button request site offerings various borders and animation effects.

Custom buttons by Plum.

Specializing in fast and beautiful custom buttons.

The Button Workshop
Button request site where you can request buttons from Michael.

The Florist hiatus
The newly re-opened button request site by Sophia.

The Joker
A button site request, where the Joker offer high quality buttons for your site. With a little surprise.

The Studio
An art themed button and banner request site by Madeline.

To Write Love
Custom buttons and banners by Leanne.

Trapped Fairytales
Offers high quality buttons to suit your satisfaction.

At Utopia you can find everything to meet your button needs-- quick and high-quality button requests and more.

Viridiscent *
Custom buttons and banners by Jes.

Custom buttons by Vika.

Custom buttons and banners by Caylee.

competition/ranking sites

general competitions

A SoTM site by Cindy with rankings and other fun extras!

Down the Rabbit Hole
Features SOTM, BOTM, NP/NC outfits of the month and more.

Every Full Moon *
An SOTM site. (Under revamp)

We have SOTM, Rankings, and more!

A competition site run by Borealis offering SOTM, BOTM, POTM, IOTM, BAOTM.

Golden Neopia *
A site that pioneered the modern SOTM with innovative ideas and fair competition.

Hollywood Stars *
Hollywood Stars was established to provide Neopia with fun competitions, beautiful resources and graphics, and a flashy ranking section.

Finesse U/C
SOTM, GOTM (graphic), and extras.

Kaleidoscopic hiatus
A competition site with a twist!

Mignon Ink hiatus
A site with many possibilities. Offers SOTM and BOTM competition, rankings (Top Star), and tons of fun extras.

Offers events such as Buttons with a purpose, story teller, and Site of the month.

Royalty hiatus
Offers SOTM and extras. Portugese

A pet customization site run by Fel.

Speculation *
A SOTM, BOTM, and monthly competitions held by Chewy. Includes other extras.

The Bookshelf
Aims to provide Neopia with a collection of the best links for all needs. Includes site of the week, rankings, graphic rankings, open requests, and sites of the year.

Uniocto *
Imagine, being underwater, while competing and fighting bad underwater maraquans. A contest site run by the talented, crazy, Joaquin.

Vogue *
A monthly fashion show for your fashionable pets. Aims to give you a chance to express your creativity through fashion, show off your pet's unique style and compete in a friendly competition.

Wish Away *
Offers SOTM and BOTM.

Features an SOTM, B (Banner & Button) OTM, Art of the Month and other extras.

Wondrous *
Giant provides Site of the Month and Button of the Month competitions, plus monthly polls and extras.


Css {For:You;}

general html and css guides

Talks about the basics of HTML and CSS. An in-depth guide bent more on explaining what and how it works rather than just posting the code.

Amy's CSS Basics
Explains the longhand and shorthand version of codes, including the basics of CSS. Very organized and easy to read guide.

Basic HTML Help
Provides basic HTML codes.

Coding Help by Kitty *
Focuses more on userlookup codes. Very in-depth with screenies and easy to understand explanations.

CSS For You
Provides basic as well as advanced codes used for petpages, lookups, neoboard fonts, and more. There are plenty to learn on this guide.

CSS | Guide
Teaches CSS from the basics up to advanced codes.

CSS Guide
Focuses more on userlookup codes. Very in-depth with screenies and easy to understand explanations.

Darkest Faerie Lair
Provides various coding bits on guild layouts, pet lookups, shop layouts, userlookups, and the headers/sidebars/ and footers of the said pages.

Decoded is a practical and easy to understand guide to coding. There is help for almost every aspect of HTML and CSS.

Genesis CSS
Provides more advanced coding tutorials like the hover view div, drop down navigation, saving characters, and using the z-index.

HTML and CSS Guides and Tutorials
Provides guides for both HTML and CSS. Very organized and filled with screenies so it's easier to understand.

HTML and CSS Help
Provides basic HTML and CSS codes.

Kaxian's HTML for Beginners
Explains the relation of HTML and Neopet, how browser resolutions work, and being firefox friendly. Also provides the basic codings and a few other tricks.

Neopets Code Reference
Provides a basic code guide as well as the more advance positioning like the float property, z-index, pseudo class elements, units, list style types, and more.

New Beginning HTML/CSS Tutorials
Image map and multi page layout tutorial.

Perfectly Punctual
Provides the basics of HTML. Also includes MS Paint graphics tutorial.

Pciture It
Guide regarding images and their properties.

Table Guide
In-depth guide ragrding tables.

Tables Templates
Provides table codes, scroll down.

The Beginners Guide to HTML and CSS
Very easy to navigate through the different parts of the guide. Other areas are under construction, but generally it the guide is professionally written.

The Resourceful CSS Guide
Provides codes for lookups, guilds, pet lookups, shops or galleries and petpages. This page also provides the basic link, font, image, div, and table codes.

Wizzney's Help Page
Provides basic neopets layout codes and tutorials.

hex color codes/chart


The Invisible Village
The Invisible Village is a color palette site, filled with many ideas and colors by both Chip and Lemon, so you can scroll through all the colors by Chip, then switch and look at Lemon's color ideas.

Hex Charts:

Bubble's Colour Chart
Simple and easy to use color chart.

Doodlebop's Colour Guide *
Organized color chart which also indicates in bold the colors you can use the name in a code. If it's not bolded, then it means you can only use it's hex color code.

Fishslipper's Color Codes
Many colors. Specifies the color name and once you hover over that color, it enlarges for easier viewing.

Hex Codes for all Avatars
Very convenient hex color charts relating to avatar schemes.

Neocolours *
Provides various color charts and web safe color charts as well.

Other coding tutorials

Adding Avatars to Userlookups:

Avatar Box Guide *
Adding avatars to lookups using various browsers.

How to put Avatars in your Userlookup
Adding avatars using firefox.


Blog Coding Tutorial
Focuses on the coding aspects of a blog rather than the image.

How to Make a Blog
Blog making guide using MS Paint, also offers premade blogs.

MS Paint Blog Guide
A very simple and easy to understand blog making guide using MS Paint.

Coding Fixes:

Coding Problems and Solutions
Offers coding help on the most recent coding filter changes.

Filter Solutions
Provides solutions to the position filter.

Filter Tips
Some tips on how to pass the new coding filters.

Glitches Fixes
Much information as possible about current glitches and fixes on Neopets.

Page anchors:

Page Anchors
Guide specializing in page anchors.

Zel's Anchoring Guide
Guide specializing in page anchors.

Pet Image:

Want Your Neopet's Lookup Picture to be Bigger?
Here you will learn how to make the picture of your neopet that people can see on its lookup bigger.

Userinfo Icons:

How to Replace your Userinfo Icons
A tutorial for changing the default Neopets pictures for trades, auctions, wishlist, neomail and neofriend in your userinfo box.


general day to day neopoint guides

A Poogle's Guide to 50k a Day
Besides dailies, provides a brief explanation on jobs, restocking and about multiplayer games.

Daily Neopet Clicks
Provides an updated guide on the happenings of Neopia. Has a portable dailies feature code that you can post on your pages for quick daily links as well as hex color chart.

Daily Quick Links for the Busy Neopian
Easily loads. Besides dailies, hidden neopints, and quests, provides a tutorial on making neopets faster.

Min's Neolinks
Provides dailies, quest guides, pet adoptions, adblocking tutorials, shop advertisments and more. (Not being updated.)

Jubbyjubjack's Guide to Neopia
Constantly updated with daily crossword puzzle answers and the daily puzzle answers. Quick links to free dailies, chance dailies, and the rays. Also provides a 50k a day guide.

Kissmoto's 100k a Day
Provides quick and easy links to neopian dailies, wheels, quests, and what to check. Has a 100k a day guide.

Olidia's Daily Neopets Guide
A complete clickable guide to Neopia. Dailies, Games, Competitions, & More!

Pheo's Guide to Quick Easy NP
A dailies guide that provides more than just daily links but also neoadvice and hints, game ratios, and helpful FAQ about neopoints/games.

Rosebud's Daily Links
Dailies, quick games, and hidden links in Neopia.

Rowlier's Dailies Page
Quick and easy links to different dailies, contests, places, wheels, games, and more.

Starcrossed *
A dailies guide that includes clickable avatar links, neopian shops quick links, packrat list, concert calendar, neopian competitions, cheap books, quest infos and more.

Syd's Daily's Page
Provides quick and easy links to neopian dailies.

Top Regular Neopets Game Picks
Easily loads. Gives you a quick and easy guide for easy 1k games and more.

Your Neopet Dailies
Besides dailies includes turmy times, snowy times, shrine times, cheeseroller, monotony, deadly dice tips, quest prizes, and 82k a day guide.

neopoint guides

Guide to Millions of Neopoints
Provides various advices on making neopoints the easy way. Talks about the basics of the stock market, retired items, and your shop and trades.

How to make Oodles of Neopoints
An in-depth money making guide focusing more on merching rather than games or restocking.

JenesisX's Guide
Takes you through the process starting from the basics up to the advances of neopian life. Includes how to earn respect as a neopian.

Lobster's Guide to Making Neopoints
Teaches you how to make neopoints, how to save, how to stop yourself from the urge to spend, and explains the main methods of neopint making. Highlight the space between paragraphs for a hidden sentence.

Making Neopets Work For You - A Guide To Budgeting
I don't have any secret instant money-making tips, but I do know how you can have enough money in the bank to achieve your goal, whatever it may be, and not have to be stingy with other aspects of the site!

Maximizing Your Neopoint Earning Potential
I've got a foolproof way to maximize your time playing flash games, while also having fun in the process.

The Value of Saving a Neopoint or Two
Anyway, like the title says in this article we will be looking at how to save Neopoints so that YOU aren't begging for items at the Money Tree.

Three Strategies For Saving Your Neopoints
We could all use more neopoints.

Time is Neopoints
The title makes this seem like this is a guide to make Neopoints - but in truth, it is very different.

Wanna be a Neomillionaire?
Very in-depth and professionally written guide on the do's and dont's, how's and how not to's, what's, where's and more on making neopoints.

specific daily guides

Advent Calendar:

A New Year's Look to an Eventful Advent Calendar by
A Guide to Neopia's Top 10 Advent Calendar Picks, and Best in Category Awards.

Advent Calendar
Explains the basics of Advent Calendar and the most recent december prizes.

Advent Calendar Characters
What does how you use your advent prizes say about you?

Advent Calendar List
Past advent calendar prizes.

Fizzy's Advent Archive
An advent calendar prize archives from year 2001 to 2008.

Past Advent Calendars
Past advent calendar prizes.

The Top Ten Y11 Advent Calendar Items
Let's count down the Top 10 Advent Calendar items from Y11!

Apple Bobbing:

Apple Bobbing Guide
A guide for the recently included Apply Bobbing daily. Includes prizes, and how to obtain the avatar.

Coltzan's Shrine:

Coltzan's Shrine Stats Project
Serves as a reference for Coltzan's Shrine results and prices. You can help by sending in your result to the author.

Lunar Temple:

Lunar Calendar Guide
A quick guide to the new Lunar Calender daily.

Lunar Temple
The top portion of the guide is basically a walkthrough of what you see when going to the Temple. The rest of the guide is various different ways to work out your answer.

Lunar Temple Guide
Here, you'll learn how to correctly guess the position of the moon.

Lunar Temple Guide
Basic lunar temple guide.

Nilakantha's Guide to the Lunar Temple
A guide for the Lunar Temple. Very well written and easy to understand.

Meridell Rubbish Dump:

Meridell Dump FAQ
Answers your questions on what you need to know about the Meri Acres Farm Rubbish Dump.

Money Tree:

13 Ways To Get A Donation From The Money Tree
There are many ways to better your chance of getting items or Neopoints from the Money Tree. Some are harder then others, and some involve certain things.

All About the Money Tree
A guide dedicated providing you what you need to know about the money tree.

Secrets of The Money Tree
Basically, the Money Tree is just that, free money. It's an absolutely guaranteed 100% profit.


Snowager Stats Project
A series of snowager tests and compilation of results when visiting the snowager.

The Snowager's Cave
Basic snowager guide with different timezone wake up times, snowager items, and avatars & prizes.


Dhaybreak's DMBGPOP Guide
Dedicated to Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. Includes the prizes you get from the little blue.

It was rumoured that the plushie was supposed to be a part of Faerieland plot that TNT never made. Now TNT has turned this cute plushie into a daily activity.

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity
Immediately after I left Faerieland, I embarked on a frustratingly long and torturous search all over Neopia for the little blue plushie's story. Here is exactly what I found…

The Origin of The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie
One day, Celeste asked her owner for a plushie that no one else had yet. "One that needs to be invented before I can have it!" she demanded.


Tiki Tack Tombola Tally
Data on 300 spins of the Tombola wheel.


Picovamde Turmy Times
A guide dedicated to when you can be able to wake up the king of all petpets.

Unerwater Fishing:

50 Ways to Seem Like a Better Fisherman than You Really Are
10. Claim to have trapped millions of fish in one of the secret compartments of a Zen desk.

Fishing Made Easy
A complete guide on the under water fishing game. Includes what prizes you get on what level and a FAQ.

Underwater Fishing
This fished-out stuff isn't junk!

Underwater Fishing Item Rarity & Value
This page is an supplement to the Underwater Fishing guide. It is a guide to how rare items are in the Underwater Fishing Game.

Underwater Fishing: The Easy 5-Step Guide!
In the depths of Maraqua, an exciting new sport has come afloat! Underwater fishing, an instant classic!

The Art of Fishing
But really, fishing isn't just a word, or something to do in your spare time. It's not even a sport, really. It's an art, and this article will make you realize that.


The Wheel of Extravagance
It is a new daily wheel (added on May 13th, 2011), located in Qasala that has the potential to give out extravagant items, mid-range items, or even nothing at all for a hefty price of 100,000 NPs a go.

The Wheels
A guide to all the wheels of neopia along with prices, avatars, time, prizes and frequencies.



anime graphics

Anime Awesome
Provides glitter text, icons, and fake non eno related avatars.

Chains Unbound
Provides guild layouts, lookups, petpages and graphics.

Chocolate Box
Offers anime icons, userlookups, and various resources.

Colors of Anime
Provides icons, userlookups, and requests.

Dark Light
Offers high quality graphics ranging from real celebrities, anime, and neopets all the same.

Provides requests, graphics, layouts and resources.

Very high quality graphics ranging from lookups, petpages and icons of various anime titles.

Hidden Stairways
Provides assorted anime icons.

Imitation Black
Provides petpages, icons and requests.

Kawaii World
Offers layouts, icons, signs, wallpapers, banners, CSS, adoptables, GIFs, and more. Portugese

Perfect Insanity
An anime graphic site designed to give people the satisfaction of Icons, Banners, and Lookups.

Offers banners, icons, signs, backgrounds, pixels, and pngs.

Tanoshii is an anime site for all the anime fans around Neopia .

A mostly anime graphics site which provides icons, banners, placeholders, signs, mood indicators and more.

neopets graphics

Altador Cup Graphics:

2001 Cup Banners
Support team pixels, banners, buttons, blinkies and glitters!

AC Graphics
AC Graphics! Show your support for your favorite Altador Cup Team!

AC Banners Page
Icons and small team banners!

Altador Cup Adoptables
Adoptable team shields, land corner banners, and various team banners!

Altador Cup Banners
Support team banners and icons!

Altador Cup Emporium
Adoptable team shirts, banners, icons, blinkies and buttons!

Altador Cup Pixels
Adoptable team shirts, and various support pixels!

Altador Cup Support Pixels
AC team pixels, banners, and snowglobes!

Altador Cup Support Pixels
AC team pixels, banners, and snowglobes!

Altador Support Banners
AC team blinkies!

Antzie's AC Banners
Premade banners for all AC teams!

DC Support Buttons
This site is under revamp due to the new TNT filters. DCSB will be back in time for this year's Altador Cup, starting May 25th!

IMTIME260's Banner Site
Various team adoptables, banners, sketches and pixels.

Team buttons and fonts.

Not UFT/UFA Banners:

Buttons by Kandee

Buttons for Your Pets

Fai's Buttons

I Will Never be UFT/UFA Banners

Not4trade Animated Graphics

Stormy's I am Not UFT Banners

The Milk Jug

General graphics:

Advice Neopets
Advice Animals are pictures that represent a funny or frustrating situation we've all experienced in real life, accompanied by a silly-looking animal. This version is especially for Neopets.

Awesome's Pixels
Offers requests for banners, pixels, and images.

Ayre Banners
Offers high quality NR banner requests.

Blackberry Sugar
Offers icons, fonts, petpages. And also includes custom requests.

Offers icons, button bases, and blank banners.

Caro's Banners
Offers high quality neopets related banners, name banners, and more.

Dark Light
Offers high quality graphics ranging from real celebrities, anime, and neopets all the same.

Offers custom and premade banners.

Graphic site that offers various premade icons, banners, gift banners, and resources in a delicious food theme. Also includes customs.

Dreams of Neopia
Offers various premade banners Neo' and non Neo' themed. Also includes requests.

Offers various graphics including glitters, signs, icons, cursors, backgrounds, scribbles, pixels, and more. Also includes requests.

A high quality graphics and resource site designed to provide people with wonderful images.

Offers custom fake avatars.

Offers premade and custom request banners.

Offers a wide range of graphics including tutorials, resources, layouts, browser signs, placeholders, and many more. Most graphics/layouts are neopets related.

A premade banner site that offers picture or text banners of: welcome, hiatus, closed, U/C & revamp, not UFT/UFA, and blank.

Offers name banner, neopets related banners, art and more.

Innocent Banners
A custom banner request site which can offer Neo' or Non Neo' related (can also be animated) banners.

Magic of Disney
Offers disney related userlookups, animated icons, pet lookups, shields, banners and more.

Merely Michelle
Provides sign banners, UFT/UFA buttons, banner bases, open & closed signs, back to top signs and also includes requests.

Neothemes *
Here you can get new site themes for Neopets.

Out of Focus
Offers high quality no-themed premade and custom banner request, owned by Brieta.

Premade XS Ideas
Offers premade neopets gallery layouts, custom shields, and layouts.

Offers high quality neopets lookups, custom shields, pixel resources, button bases, gradients, and more.

Shields by KC
Provides you with high quality userlookup shields.

Simple and Clean
Offers premade icons and banners, and also includes icon and banner requests.

Offers assorted neopets banners, icons, fake avatars, UFA/UFT, pixel resources, icon borders, text signs, gradients, backgrounds, and more.

Sugar Creations
Offers backgrounds, blogs, and signs/banners.

The Freebies Page
Offers a wide range of Neo' related backgrounds and userlookups.

The Lunch Box
Offers assorted neopets graphics including altador cup, fake avatars, not uft/ufa banners, pixel resources, colour palettes, and more.

The Paper Lantern
A new and unique banner request site.

The Workshop
Offers neopets themed of various graphics, resources and more.

Unusual Magic
Offers icon, button, and banner requests.

Offers premade layouts, requests, and a unique 30 day challenge.

Offers icon, art, banner, and font requests.

Wishing Star
A banner request site that aims to provide Neopia with high-quality banners for any page and situation..

Offers a variety of high-quality resources, graphics, and layout requests. Also has a layout tutorial!

The Non Neopets Graphics

(Could include some Neopets graphics, but majority is non neo.)

49 Days
Offers assorted icons, status banners, backgrounds, and includes custom requests.

Bedroom Mirror
Graphic request site where you can request lookups, guild layouts, shop layouts, page layouts, blends, icons, and backgrounds.

Before Dawn
Offers icons, resources, and layout requests.

Offers high quality custom graphic requests.

Dark Light
Offers high quality graphics ranging from real celebrities, anime, and neopets all the same.

Desired Ending
Desired Ending is your average icon site that includes high quality button requests to top it off. Find your desired ending here!

Offers banners, icons, and requests.

Indie Love
Offers non neopets icons, blends, layouts, resources, stocks, textures, and more.

Rawr Dreams
Offers music related icons.

Serendipity *
Offersvarious graphics from Neo' themed to non Neo' themed.

Take Two
A graphics site offering blinkies, backgrounds, glitters, pixels, and also requests.

Monster Mix
Offers banners, buttons, icons, wallpapers, photo manipulations, resources and more.

One of A Kind
Offers banners, backgrounds, icons and resources.

Promesse *
Offers high quality icons, blends, textures, resources, and more. None neopets graphics site, more on real people.

Icon/banner request site that offers a clean, text-free alternative to the typical Neopian icon.

Stratosphere *
Offers assorted graphics including userlookups, pet lookups, glitter images, backgrounds, icons, gradients, pngs, colour palettes brushes, splat bases and more.

The Story of My Life
Offers high quality non neopets graphics including blank cards, quotes, petpage layouts, blends, icons, signs, buttons, and textures.

A full icon offering site by Maya.

graphic resources

other graphics

Explanation: This category will contain all other non standard graphics. Standard graphics includes icons, banners, etc. and sites that offers resources along with icons, banners, etc. Sites that offer only one kind like glitters, blogs, and shields will be placed here.


Chubbeh Blogs
Lisa's Blog Spot


Fifi's Cursors


Elyyan's Custom Glitters
Pitty's Glitters
Sparkly's Glitters
Zebra Glitter Text


Fatal Faerie Kisses
Random Tiled Backgrounds
Shop Backgrounds
Shosho Backgrounds
Sparkly's Backgrounds
Teacake Backgrounds


Adam's Shiny Shields
Scifi Graphics
Shield Factory
Shields by Kasey
Simple Shields
Simply Amazing
Tippy's Custom Shields

Phrase Banners:


Brushes, Stamps, Image Resources

Offers backgrounds, banner bases, premade banners and also requests.

Karmaz Stampz
Offers 2 full sheets of brushes/stamps.

Offers various resources like: bullets, back to top buttons, stat signs, counter bases, dividers, new/rules/credit signs, icons, UFT/UFA signs, hiatus/closed/moved sites, best viewed in, textures and more.

Mary's Stamps
Offers 28 full sheets of brushes/stamps.

Nienke's Resources
Offers various textures, stock images, and brushes.

Offers various uncolored patterns which may be used for backgrounds/etc.

Offers various neopets image resources.

Offers various pngs of real life people.

Sammeh's Resources
Offers 26 full sheets of brushes/stamps.

Zel's Page of Shopkeepers
Contains 450x150 shopkeeper images.

Offers various resources like brushes, icon presets, layout bases, psds, and glitters.

Offers 13 full sheets of brushes/stamps.

Stamps for You
Offers 18 full sheets of brushes/stamps.

Stamps Page
Offers 14 full sheets of brushes/stamps.

The Graphic Treasure
Offers various resources like: back to top pixels, counter bases, new signs, bullets, envelopes, open/closed signs and more.

The Stamps Co
Offers 31 full sheets of brushes/stamps.

Web Ingredients
Offers coding templates and backgrounds.

Zomg Shtamps
Offers a sheet of brushes/stamps.

link directories

Link Directories

A Small List
Angel's Directory
Apple Tree
Artemis' Links Guide
A Guide to Guides
Barcode Directory
Beneath the Waves
Bia's Links
Bubbles Portugese
Burning Directory
Brave Directory
Caramel Directory
Chaibunneh's Petpage Directory
Chandra's Collection of Interesting Guides
Christie's Directory
Cloud 14
Cloudy Skies Directory
Cookie Website Directory
Delicious Pie
Dot Helpfuls
Dragon's Lair
Dragonflies and Dust
Echo's Directory
Ellemdee's Helpful Links
Ellie's Directory
Elle's Help Guide
Everything You Need to Know
Firestorm Mall
Fullmoon Directory
Gab's Links
Girtiful Directory
Guides Galore
Guides of Neopia
Gumdrop Listings
High Class
Hitakae's Petpage Directory
Hunters of the Links Directory
Hweimei's Haunts
Katie's Help Page
Kawaii Directory
Legend of the Seeker
Lemon Vs. Lime
Lennesa's Directory
Lily's Guide Directory
Lilybell26's Helpful Links
Lilypad Directory
Links BrilhantesPortugese
Little Black Book
Little Black Dress
Loqique Resources
Lorna's Petpage Directory
Lost Links
Lovely Links Page
Luminous Spring
Lustus Directory
Magic Stew
Mahip's Helpful Links
MCR Directories
Miss Leah's Lovely Links
Neo' Database
My Little Corner (Guide Directory)
Neo.Anxious Guides
Nightly Scene
Oh! DirectoryPortugese
Oh So Sweet DirectoryOkie's Help Page
One Love Directory
One Million Buttons
Orbis Directory
Paginas Uteis Portugese
Grape Splash
Page to Links
Peace's Hot Spots
Pet Guides
Petpages of Neopia
Places to Be
PPS and Cia
Ryn's Directions
Petpages of Neopia
Reddyeddy's Directory
Sandstar's Directory
Skyblue Directory
Smiley Central
Soroptimist Directory
So You Need a Guide
Stiletto Directory
The Cafe
The Candy Directory
The Directory
The End
The Guide
The Guide Master List
The Hive
The Lightning Directory
The Midnight Directory
The Mystic Cafe
The Neopian Coloured Pages
The Notebook
The Petpage Directory
The Petpage Puddle
The Secret Garden Directory
Union Square
UTS Directory
What Link?
Where in Neopia....?
Wicked Directory
Within Reach
Xania's Directory
Xantharia's Help Page
Zebbarl's Links
Zioned Directory

Gallery Directories

Desirable Gallery Directory
DFTBA Gallery Directory
Freakin' Sweet Gallery Directory
Galleries Galore
Gallery Spotlight Winners
Kamo's Gallery Directory
Rinoa's Gallery Directory
Neopian Gallery Index
The Gallery Directory of Neopia

Guild Directories

Agon Guild Directory
Beanie's Guild Directory
Deep Space Guilds
Em's Suggestions
Emma's Guild Directory
Enterprise Guilds
Fiore's Guild Directory
Kelkia's Guild Directory
Melodie's Directory
Memento Guild Directory
Ohhai Guild Directory
Paper Lantern
River Mist
Rubber Ducky
Serenity Guild Directory
Spice Guild Directory
The Nite Time Guild Directory

Wishcracker Guild Directory
Whizzy Guild Directory

Other Directories

Altador Cup:

Altador Cup Directory
Altador Cup Directory
EllyJ's Altador Cup Directory
The Original AC Directory

For Fun:

The Fun Places Directory
The Procrastinatorium


Beautiful Nightmare

Pet Biographies:

Petpage Directory


Premade Lookup Central
Shining Beacon Premades Directory
Ultimate Lookup Finder

Games Room:

Game Central
List of Guides
Little Black Box
The Brown Pages
The Games Room

NC Mall:

Guide to NC and Customization Guides
NC Mall Petpage Directory
NC Value Help Directory
The NC Mall Pages


Forks Phonebook
Moonless Directory

Shop Directories

A Kiko Day
Fanciful Eye Candy
Grab Bag
Oolong Shop Directory
Sasha's Shop Directory
Riley's Shop Directory
Summer Breeze
Super Shop Wizzard Approved Shops
Super Sweet Shop Directory
Suriden Shop Diectory
Tae Tae's Shop Directory
The Desert Bar
TML Plaza


Altador Cup Team Pages

Faeries Always Exceed
Faerie's Always Exceed. We're a page dedicated to team Faerieland in, one of the best Neopia events ever, the Altador Cup.

Dedicated to support Faerieland in the Altador Cup!

Because Kiko Lake OWNS!

Krawk Island Living Legends!

ROOT stands for Rootlovers Own Other Teams, and our page hosts everything Moltaran! Come support your favorite Altador Cup team here!

Supporters of LD in Domination
SoLiD, aka Supporters of Lost Desert in Domination, is a chat group started during the first Altador Cup.

The Terrors of Terror Mountain
Are you a Terror Mountain supporter or perhaps merely a weary traveler? You have, in your exciting adventure through Neopia, stumbled into The Terrors of Terror Mountain but have no fear!

Teams of Glorious Altadorians!

V i P Z is an abbreviation of Virtupets, but not quite as short as "VP." It's also a play on "VIPs" which stands for "very important persons/players.

We Are Maraqua
Welcome to our home base. If you're here, it's quite clear, but we'll say it again:Who are we? Well...We Are Maraqua! We Are Maraqua!


Campaign against Abandoning
Origami Paintbrush Campaign
Peace to the AC
Pets are Priceless
Project Clearlight
Renaissance Fairytale
Royal Rubber Duck Army
Save our Sides
Save the Earth
Save the Grundos
The Debate Etiquette Movement
Yooyuball Petition
Tyranny Not Tolerated: Boycotters Against the New Yooyuball!
Who Are We?


A Day in the Life: A Pet Personality Quiz
A Holiday Quiz: Revealing Your Christmas Personality
Are you an Involved Neopian?
Do You Have Afficioneopeto?
For the Love of Sloth Loyalty Quiz
How Much Do You Know About Neopets?
Meepit vs. Feepit: Which One Are You?
Quiz: What Kind of Avatar Collector Are You?
What Clan Cat Are You?
What HC Stereotype are you?
What Kind of Coffee Are You?
What Kind Of Neopet Owner Are You?
What Kind of Neopian Times Reader are You?
What Kind of Weewoo Are You?
What Meerca Chase Negg Are You?
What Pet Are You? The Ultimate Personality Quiz
What Type of Fangirl Are You?
Which Chat Board Do You Belong On?
Which Yooyu Are You?
Who Are You More Like: Isca or Caylis?


Screenie Directories:

Aqua's Funnies
Find a Laugh
Grape's Screenie Directory
The Picky Neopian Screenie Directory
The Screen Savers

Screenie Tutorials:

Oakko's Screenie Tutorial
Screenie Guide
Screenie Help
Screenshots Tutorial

The Screenies:

Aelunar's Screenies
Alley Ways to Freedom
Animefreak869's Screenies
Ao's Screenies
Bookkeeper's Screenies
Brittni's Screenies
Caedyl's Screenies
Candi's Screenies
Cheesy Screenies
Chibi's Pwnful Screenies
Chiekii's Screenies
Cirror's Screenies
Clawz's Screenies
Clover's Screenies
Dia's Screenies
Dragon's Screenies
Elizabeth's Screenies
FailNeo' Screenies
Finacy's Screenies
Glory_May_Cat_'s Screenies
Imthai's Screenies
Insert Title Here
Jazzeh's Screenies
Kaddell's Screenies
Kendra's Screenies
Kerrin's Screenies
Layla's Screenie Page
Laylu's Screenies
Lime's Screenies
Livy's Screenies
Mae's Screenies
Mander's Ganders
Meepit and Feepits
Melcome's Screenies
Miscellaneous Screenie Page
Nala's Screenies
Natasha's Screenies
Obernard's Screenies
Omii's Screenies
Pretsel's Screenies
Runaway Screenies
Sabrieyl's Screenies
Sancury's Screenies *
Screenies 1
Screenies 2
Screenies 3
Sheepy Screenies
Snap! Screenies
Sylvanra's Screenies
Spoon's Screenies
The Nub Collection
TSTJ Screenies
Waterfall Screenies
Watermelon's Halfway Screenies
Wicked Screenies
Yasssmin's Screenies
Yoshi's Screenies


Altador Cup Predictions:

Hol's AC Predictions
Max's Altador Cup Predictions
Mim's Predictions
Neon's AC Predictions

Oldest Neopian Accounts:

The Eldest Neopians
The Legendary Gamers of Neopia

News Sharing Sites:

Blank Canvas Magazine
Neostars Magazine
The Catalogue


The Faeries Ruin Parody
The Pie's Ruin
The Plot's Ruined

Interactive Sites:

Connect 4
Kokoro *
Standard Neopet Height and Weight
The Triv' Quiz


105 Ways to get kicked out of Walmart
Funniest HC Topics of the Day
Got Knowledge
HC - crets
Hysterical Nonsense
Mass Collection
NC Drama
Neopian's School of Desgin
Phantom Orange Shirt Guy fan page
Simply Random
The Angry Meerca
The Chokato
The Map
The Three Petskateers *
The Toast
Words Unspoken
Words of the Wise

Other Uncategorized Sites:

Background Blends
Fortune Cookie
Lacey's Keychain
Spacegurl9's Fake Items
The AC Wall

Real Life/Outside Neopets:

Cookie Compendium
Fairy Tales *
Flower Fields *
How to Knit a Kiko Plushie *
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Realm
Seoul Train
The Phantom of the Opera *
The Twilight Saga

pet/petpet/petpetpet directories


guild layouts

Active Imagination
Active Imagination is a Guild layout and Pet Page layout request site.

Draft: A Guild Layout Page *
Offers premade guild layouts.

Distressed Premades
Offers premade non Neo' related full page guild layouts and also requests.

Julie's Guild Layouts
14 premade guild layouts.

Kenzie's Designs *
Guild layout request site which also offers brush resources.


Avalonsriche's Pet Lookups
Offers Neo' related and Non-Neo' related pet lookups.

Premade pet lookups and how to draw in Photoshop guide.

Hirondelline's Layouts
Offers premade pet lookups and customs.

Lilkramit's Pet Lookups
Offers simple premade pet lookups and includes requests.

Petpage layouts

Offers HQ petpage requests and resources.

Cemetery *
Offers petpage layout requests and graphics. Portugese

Offers Petpage Layout Reqeusts, Banner Requests, Resource Banners, and Premade Petpage Layouts.

Cute Edit *
Offers petpage layout requests.

Offers plenty of petpage layouts that comes in various styles, colors, and image themes.

Fiankah's Premades
Offers various Neo' themed userlookups.

Flower Garden *
Offers petpage layout requests in various styles.

Offers petpage layout requests and resources such as textures.

Idiosyncratic *
Offers premade petpages in various styles and assorted resources. Also includes requests.

Made With Love
A petpage request site focused on bring high quality petpages back to neopia.

Offers premade and custom petpages.

Petpage CSS by Kitty *
Various petpage styles with a total of 94 codes available.

Pick A Petpage *
Gib: This is a directory, in which you don't know what petpage you're going to click into. Just pick one and see what happens!

Purple Breeze
A premade and custom petpage site. Also includes pixel requests.

Purple Cloud Petpages *
Offers petpage layout requests.

The Escapade
Offers CSS and graphic layouts for petpages.

Twenty Ten *
Offers petpage layouts.

Twice and Gone Again *
Offers premade petpage CSS.

Whiteh's Premades *
Offers petpage css.

A petpage request site which can offer either a CSS or graphic based layout.


Amira's Premades
Offers assorted Neopian figures made into userlookups, including Altador cup lookups.

Angela's CSS
Provides userlookup codes.

Autumn Breezes
Dedicated for providing you with the perfect lookup to match your current avatar with over 160 lookups to choose from.

Cib's Fan Lookups
Offers real life themed lookups.

Cib's Premades
Offers simple but of good quality userlookups. Includes customs.

Classic Layouts
If you're missing the old neopets layout, then this is the place to go. Offers userlookups like the old neopets layout.

Drifting Designs
Offers various and high quality neopets related uselookups.

Eastcoastbabe's Premade Userlookups
Offers various themed userlookups including an iPet series, Altador cup, holidays, games and plots and more.

Offers a variety of 'modern' and/or minimalistic premade userlookups.

Fortified *
Provides userlookup premades and also takes requests.

IM Layouts *
Offers unique instant messaging chat window style userlookups.

KTLS Creations
Provides custom and premade lookups.

Lana's CSS
Offers graphical Neo' and non Neo' themed userlookups.

Offering high quality, stand out userlookups and more!

Rainy Designs *
Offers few Neo' related userlookups but of high quality.

Riot! Userlookups *
Offers userlookups.

Taco's Custom Lookups
Offers custom lookup requests.

Under the Sea *
Offers premade lookups.

Userlookups by Medonia
Offers various original userlookup base codes, also comes in different colors.

Xepha's Lookups
Offers Neopets themed userlookups ranging from holidays and events, neopian chacaters, pet/petpet themed, and more.

Zebra Stripe Layouts
Offers premade non Neopets themed userlookups.

mixed premades - mix of lookups, petpages, guilds, shops, other graphics

A Promise
Provides petpage layouts and requests layouts, buttons, graphics, and pixels.

Offers high quality and various styles of CSS lookups and petpages.

Amber's CSS *
Provides lookup and petpage templates.

Apple Flower Petpages
Offers petpage, userlookup, and graphic requests.

Art of Infinisha
Offers high quality neopets and non neopets layouts.

Avalonsriches Premades
Offers assorted Neo' themed and non Neo' themed for various layouts.

Bee's Layouts and Graphics *
Offers lookups, customs, and graphics.

Break Down CSS *
Offers basic CSS layouts.

Brilliant Secrets
Offers premade and custom petpage layouts, button requests, and button resources.

Offers basic CSS and graphical layouts.

Can's Premade Templates
Offers premade templates for lookups, petpages, pet lookups, guild layouts, and shops.

Portugese Offers premade layouts and requests, icons, precoded codes, and more.

Formerly known as Premades by Bess, offers various layout styles both basic css and graphical.

CSS Premades by Koko *
Offers various css style lookups, petpages, gallery/shop, and petlookups.

Dark Wings
Mostly offers anime related graphical userlookups and petpages, but also offers simple themes as well.

Deux CSS *
Offers simple but assorted and of good quality userlookups and petpages.

Eight Is Even
Eight Is Even (8i7) offers a variety of premade layouts and graphics of all different styles and sorts.

Emma's Premade CSS *
Offer various high quality userlookups, pet lookups, and petpages.

Everlight Premades *
Offers few but high quality lookups, petpages, and more.

Offers petpages, lookups, tutorials, and brush resources!

Offers various graphical and CSS layouts like petpages, templates, userlookups, pet lookups, and more.

Flower Garden
A place where you can request different types of layouts and petpage fixes.

FYN Designs
Offers custom and premade petpages, guild, and graphic requests.

Hourglass CSS *
Offers assorted high quality css and icons.

A css and graphics site that offers unique premades including userlookups, petpages, guild layouts, and banners along with a few extras, such as font.

Imprinted Premades
Offers simple yet conventional and elegant layouts.

Izzy's Graphics
Provides various and assorted Neopets themed graphical layouts.

Jen's Layouts
Offers petpage and guild layout requests.

Offers CSS and/or graphic based petpages, userlookups and pet lookups.

Joealia's Premades
Offers backgrounds and custom requests.

Kiwi's Premades
Provides buttons, guild premades, and accepts guild layout requests.

Layout Destiny
Provides premade guild layouts, button base resources, and custom requests.

Lexi's Graphics
Offers userlookups and guild layouts.

Loi's Lookups *
Offers userlookups.

Offers userlookups.

Lucie Mars
Offers premade petpages, guild layouts, petlookups, banners, icons, and grunge resources.

Mckenna's CSS
Here you will have a variety of premade pet pages and userlookups for you to use.

Mellie's CSS
Here you can find petpage, petlookup, userlookup, and gallery CSS layouts for you to use.

Offers various pet lookups and userlookups.

Moon Neopets
Offers faerie adoptables, Neo' and None-Neo' related userlookups, shop and gallery layouts, and mood indicators.

Morgan's CSS
Offers premade userlookups, petpage layouts, and custom requests.

Never Say Never *
Never Say Never is a site that makes tons of layouts and other fun things we take requests, too!

Nienke's Premades
Ofers high quality altador cup layouts, petpage layout, guild layouts, and more.

Orgrimmar's CSS
Offers userlookup, petlookup, and multipurpose page templates.

Plastic Shadow
Offers premade userlookups (including AC related), and petpages.

Qaz's Lookups *
Offers userlookups.

Race Trak
Offers high quality userlookups and petpage layouts. Very easy to navigate.

Sam's Premade CSS *
Dedicated entirely to CSS with no graphics included. Easy to choose with previews and color schemes indicated.

Save the Magic
Offers button requests, banners, fonts and layouts (petpages, lookups, & requests).

Simone's CSS
Provides assorted userlookup, petlookups, and petpage styles and also multi use layouts.

Sorellanza CSS Premades
Offers premade userlookups, petpage, and pet lookups.

Sugary Premades
Offers mostly sweet themed lookup, petpage, pet lookups, gallery, and shop layouts. But has other graphic themes as well.

Steaked *
Offers premade CSS petpage layouts.

Offers few but very high quality anime/manga layouts.

That Kills Me
Provides various and assorted petpage templates.

That One Page CSS
Offers various petpage layouts, css based userlookups, and altador cup lookups.

Toxique Layouts *
Offers premade petpage layouts and userlookups.

Offers various layout like userlookups/pet lookups/gallery/shop that comes in basic css, graphical, and bases.

Offers various layouts, skeletons aka layout templates, and customs.

Warehouse 37 *
Offers petpage layouts.

Watashino Premades *
Provides pet lookups and userlookups.

review sites


Applications + Site Reviews:

A site providing basic reviews for other sites and pet applications.


Critiques by Olly
A special A review site that focuses on the perfection of petpage applications and existing character-focused petpages rather than sites. It's purpose is to help Neopians improve on their character related petpages.

Puck's Application Review *
A special review site dedicated to review applications for adoptions.

Ask and Answering Sites:

Confused *
Answers your site related questions.

The Gift Site consulting
TGSC works with clients on how to improve their sites - as much or as little as they need!

Coding Help & Request Sites:

Through this site I offer coding assistance, create graphics, and offer advice on improving one's site.

Other Reviews:

Animefreak869's Screenie Awards
There are many screenie petpages out there, and all of them deserve some recognition! That's how I felt, by handing out awards to screenie pages that make me laugh and show true effort!

Proofreading Sites:

Final Touch *
Fine Tuning
Private Detective

The Review Sites

365* revamping
An up and coming review site for those interested in improving or changing various aspects of their site, portfolio and/or guild.

Offers 2 kinds of reviews. Around the Carousel (the standard review) and Carnival Day (will list pros, cons, suggestion, and score.)

Offers 6 kinds of reviews. The Thruster (standard), The Long Board (very in-depth), The Malibu (simple & no score), The Fish (only what needs to be improved), The Bodyboard (visual), and The Fun Board (interview).

Offers 5 kinds of reviews. Singles (only one person will review), Normal, Quick (pros and cons of site and some suggestions), Private (using the rubric of your choice), and Checklist (fast reviewing).

Ask Grace
Ask a question and Grace will answer through helpful and thorough review without points.

Auditor's Weekly
Offers reviews in the standard grading scale and proofreading.

Bit & Bridle
Offers reviews in standard form.

Blueberry Reviews *
Offers reviews in standard form.

Carnival Revisione revamping
A double review site by Lo and Riah.

Chocolate Strawberry Reviews *
Offers 3 kinds of reviews and included bonuses. Original Chocolate Strawberry (standard), Creamy White Chocolate (detailed), Organic Dark Chocolate (short).

Colour Block
Offers reviews in standard form.

Different Chances
Offers 4 kinds of reviews. Simplicity, Complex, Guild Inspector, and Letter.

A site run by Brian that offers thorough and constructive criticism within reviews and critiques found nowhere else.

Offers 3 kinds of reviews. The first highlights the good points briefly, second is quick review, third is the standard.

Elevate *
Offers 4 kinds of reviews. Tangy Berry (standard), Frosty Blue (focuses on what you need to improve), Purple Jupple (based on what you want to get reviewed), and Watermelon & Mint Blitz (focuses on main aspects of your site).

Esteem *
Offers 3 kinds of reviews. Basic (for newer sites), Standard (for well established sites), and Appraisal (short condensed review).

A large variety of in-depth site reviews, and reviews are open to guild webbies and pet applications as well! Your site will never be out of tune!

Fire and Ice *
Offers in-depth reviews (2 different criteria), with a fun Guess Who? activity!

The Florist is a new review site offering four types of reviews (Tulips, Sunflowers, Daisies, and Roses) with different criteria to fully assess each aspect of your site!

Fluffy Portugese
Offers 3 kinds of reviews. The first method evaluates only the "appearance" page, the second method evaluates the content. Finally, Method 3 evaluates the whole page.

Freedom Writers
Speaking the truth for those who may/can not.

Frequent Flyer
Offers 3 rubrics specifically for request sites (All Inclusive, Service Only, and New Service Site), and 9 that any type of site can request (In Depth, Pro/Con, Visual Inspection, Q & A, Content Only, New Site, Link Sweep, Textbox Check, and Build Your Own Rubric).

Green Jasper
Offers the standard and short review.

A spotting site which randomly chooses a site to review.

Il Critico *
Offers 6 reviews. Simple, visual, general, good and bads, checklist, and Emmy's special.

Imagine *
Offers reviews in standard form.

Inception *
Offers an in-depth standard review.

Offers reviews in the standard rubric.

Kraken of the Sea
The Kraken of the Sea is a cruised themed review site for guilds, guides, graphic sites, and layout sites. With multiple reviewers at a time, we try to review as fast as possible.

Lasting Impressions
Offers 3 kinds of reviews. Butter Cookie (standard), Peach Crumble (custom review), and Doughnut Fruit Delights (criteria will be picked by reviewer).

Lily Pad's Rave Reviews
A rating site that reviews anything from guilds to petpages!

Offers two types of reviews: Shining (grading scale) and Luster (pros/cons).

Offers 3 kinds of reviews. Thermal Seaweed Wrap (no score), True Transformation Facial (layout based), and Harmony Spa Package (standard).

Miso's Soup
Offers 3 "Soup" types (Small, Medium, Large). Grades are based off of 6 Soup Types: Egg Drop, Sour Soup, Goulash, Minestrone, Miso Soup and Homemade Chicken Soup.

One Winged Reviews
Offers 4 kinds of reviews. Rainbow Feather (standard), Spotted Feather (basic), Gold Feather (content only), Lutari Feather (rates layout and buttons only).

Radiance *
Offers 4 kinds of reviews. Petpage Classic (for most kinds of sites, standard), Dream Killer (applications), Graphic Shredder (graphics/layouts), and Sunshine-y (brief for almost all site kinds).

Rainbow Wishes
Hannah: I provide high quality reviews for anything other than off-sites.

A review site attempting to make a difference.

Retouch *
A review site by Carol. Portugese

Siren's Song Reviews
Offers reviews on the standard grading scale.

Sparkling Reviews
A review site by Snowflower that offers reviews and re-reviews.

Strike of Midnight
Offers 4 kinds of reviews. The Bookstore (letter form), The Raven (standard), The Book (very in-depth), and Strike of Midnight (custom).

Sugar Sweet
Offers 3 types reviews. Gum Drop Review (standard), Lollipop Review (pros and cons), and Cupcake Review (will focus on only one part of a site).

Sweet Pea Reviews
Provides an in-depth review for any site in neopia!

The Bakery
Offers 6 kinds of reviews. Raisin Muffin (layout, content, & organization), Blueberry Pie (first impression, layout, content, organization, creativity, last impression), Red Velvet Torte (layout, organization, creativity), Sugar Cookie (first impression, content, organization, last impression), Guild Special Cupcakes, and custom cakes.

The Marchen
Offers 3 kinds of reviews. Little Lara's Dream (basic review), The Queen of Spades (Pro/Con), and The Blacksmith's Tale (In-depth).

The Movie Theater
Offers 3 kinds of reviews. Adventure (standard), Classic (brief & letter style), and Comedy and Tragedy (pro & cons).

Offers 3 kinds of reviews. Long review (standard), Short (pros, cons and suggestions), and Focused review (specify a part of your site). Includes custom forms.

Offers 3 kinds of reviews. Standard, brief, and content focused.

Wonder Pop
Offers 5 kinds of reviews. Lemon Pop (Quick positives), Squirt Pop (Quick negatives), Strawberry (Regular), Wonder Pop (themed), and Secret Pop (letter).


graphic making tutorials

Graphic tutorials: Includes banners and different kinds of graphics.

Aurora Tutorials
Offers plenty of diffrent graphic tutorials including text tricks, gradients, reflections, borders, blending, and an easy to follow graphic layout tutorial.

Avalon's Pattern Tutorial
An easy step by step scanline pattern tutorial using Photoshop.

Banner Buddies
An extensive banner design guide with a fun, interactive extra!

Create Impressions
Provides various tutorials including making buttons in paint, GIMP animations, banner tutorials, and effects.

Darkest Faeie Lair Top Banner Tutorials
Offers how to make top banners in GIMP, Photoshop, and Paint Shop Pro.

Debby's Guide to Backgrounds
A step by step guide on making tiled backgrounds in MS Paint.

House of Design
A tutorial on blending in Photoshop.

MS Paint Blog Guide
A coding and graphics tutorial on making easy blogs using MS Paint.

Photoshop Tutorial
Offers colorize in Photoshop.

Roxxie's Blend Tutorial and Roxxie's Layout Tutorial
Takes you through blending images in Photoshop and making your own layout base.

The Colour Yellow
A banner making tutorial for GIMP.

Tips for Better Icons
In-depth guide to making icons using Photoshop.

Button tutorials:

Create Impressions
Provides various tutorials including making buttons in paint, GIMP animations, banner tutorials, and effects.

Impulse's Button Tutorial
An tutorial on making animated buttons using GIMP.

Lucy's Button Tutorial
Provides a step by step button tutorial on GIMP.

Simple Buttons
Provides image and basic button tutorials in GIMP and paint. As well as animating tricks.

The Button Tutorial
Button tutorials for Paint and GIMP, Animation and coding buttons.

layout tutorials

Guild Layouts:

Full Page Guild Layout Tutorial *
An in-depth guide on making guild layouts.

Full Page Guild Layout Tutorial
An in-depth guide on making guild layouts.

Guild Coding
Teaches how to create a full page guild layout.

How To Make Guild Layouts Using Microsoft Word
This tutorial will teach you how to make your own guild layout using MS word.

Petpage Layouts:

Amber's Layout Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you how to make a splat base layout in Paint Shop Pro.

Davin's Petpage Tutorial
A guide on how to make simple petpage layouts.

Div Layout Tutorial *
A very well written guide that teaches you how to code, manage the banner, and the background for div layouts.

How to code a blog-style layout with in-page anchors
A specific and easy to follow tutorial on how to make 'Page within a page'.

Joe's Layout Tutorial
A step by step layout base tutorial.

Nez's Layout Tutorial
An easy loading page teaching you how to make another layout base.

Panda's Layout Tutorial
A simple tutorial on making your own layout base in Photoshop.

Simone's Splat Layout Tutorial
A simple guide to making splat bases in Photoshop.

Winkerperson's Layout Tutorial
Another step by step splat layout base tutorial, but a different style.

Petlookup Layouts:

Roni's Pet Lookup Tutorial
A very useful guide on making your own pet lookups.

Shop/Gallery Layouts:

Insignificant HTML/CSS Help
Simple and advanced shop/gallery layout coding.

Step by step gallery layout guide.

Uber's Shop Layout Tutorial
Simple shop layout layout tutorial.

Viv's Shop and Gallery Layout tutorial
Step by step shop and gallery layout tutorial.

Userlookup Layouts:

Darkest Faerie Lair
Provides basic lookup and shield tutorial.

Scumie's Userlookup Tutorial
An easy to understand, basic lookup tutorial.

Provides lookup and petpage codes.

Uber's Lookup Tutorials
Provides you with various lookup style tutorials.

userlookup Tutorial
Provides lookup section codes.

program tutorials

Photoshop tutorials:

Destiny's Photoshop Pen Tutorial
This used to be a tutorial on how to use the shape tool to outline your art sketches. Now I have found that the pen tool is a better and more efficient tool.

Various Photoshop tutorials. Portugese

Imagination Becomes Reality
Icon tutorial page using Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorials
Teaches you somdiare basic tricks you can do on graphics in Photoshop like blending, using gradients, glow overlay, pixel sketching and scanlines.

GIMP tutorials:

4 Corners - A GIMP Tutorial
Discusses the basics of GIMP, how to make clear lines and drop shadows.

Amy's GIMP tutorials
Teaches GIMP basics, how to make a blog and glitters.

GIMP Sensation
Offers 25 different tutorials that you can learn in the program GIMP. Very organized and well arranged. GIMP is a free program you can download from the internet.

Tibby's Graphic Tutorials
A very well laid out guide that teaches the basics of GIMP and what you need to know.

MS Paint tutorials:

How to Color your pencil drawings on MS Paint *
Teaches you how to colorize scanned drawings using paint.

Jacqueline's Guide to Microsoft Paint
Teaches the basics of Microsoft Paint and multiple tricks along the way.

Microsoft Paint Guide
A very in-depth guide about MS Paint. Includes the basics, shading, drawing, editing, animator, smooth lines, extras and more.

Vewoxi's Tutorial Guide
An easy to follow MS Paint guide that teaches you the basics as well as a step by step tutorial on drawing.

Yuiliya's MS Paint Tutorial
Teaches the basics of Microsoft Paint and in-depth colorization.

Site Making/Petpage Making/Guide Making Tutorials

A Guide to Guide Making
A Guide to Writing: Guides and other Articles
A Guidingly Guiding Guide to Writing Guidable Guides
Apartment Nine
Graphics Site: A complete Guide
Happy Land
How to Make a Great Petpage Game Guide
How To Make A Guide Help & BEST GUIDE Directory
How to offer great service
Need an Idea?
Spamoni: A Site and Graphics Guide
Success: Tips on How to Run a Successful Site
The Perfect Petpage Guide in Six Steps

untaken names

Naming Guides

Imposing Names
Pet names are permanent, this is one of the main reasons you want to strongly consider your choices when naming a pet.

Operation: N.A.M.E.
Here you will find tips for naming your new pets, as well as some available names that I have come up with. So, what exactly is Operation: N.A.M.E.? Well... it stands for Names Are Meaningful and Elegant.

the names

Avri's Pet Names
A Gift For Life
Beauty's Ensign
Can't Think of Any Naiemse?
Cherri Top
Classic Roots
CuddleyCubbie's Untaken Name Guide
Custom Pet Names
DevenHart's Untaken Names
Dream Dust
Fluttering Dreams
Lavender *
Name Craze
Name the Stars
Name them Well
Names from the Earth
Names Unlimited
Naming Neopia *
Naming Your Pet
Never Names *
Ninja Names
Olucie's short names
Pinaele's Pet Names
Sitely Boggled
The Name Domain
The Name Find Guide
The Rice Bowl

voice box.

Want to send in your news or event? Neomail me with your site's link and words of advertisement!

Site of the Week

August 22, Sunday

A Hushed Whisper: Ahh, I love Box. Seriously, I've always liked that theme with balloons, and scary carnivals, and red striped tents, and with those barkers and the moon.
A Raspy Voice: I know, right? Those things always seemed mystical to me and so I liked it.
A Hushed Whisper: Like the deserted fairground at Haunted Woods!
A Raspy Voice: Quite, but Box is far from deserted. Who'd want to stay away from Winslow's buttons anyway?
A Hushed Whisper: Right you are. Simple but brilliant buttons.
A Raspy Voice: Plus there's a really cool theme!
A Hushed Whisper: I know! With the scary carnivals, and red striped tents, and with those barkers and the moon...
A Raspy Voice: Umm, didn't we just have this conversation?

Ongoing Events

If you were thinking of becoming a Banner Buddy, now is the time to do so! With only 8 spots left, and a smaller choice of jobs, your opportunity won't last for very long!

August 28, Sunday

Come check out Merely Michelle's new layout!

Check out the newest additions at TKM!

Some long-awaited new names, and a completed FF Challenge! Name the Stars is back ;)
+18 names; 12 usernames, 6 site names!

Three more days until voting ends!

Wisteria has a new layout! And don't forget to vote at the SOTM!

August 26, Friday

Distressed Premades now accepts requests!

Happy (belated) affiliates day to all my wonderful affies! You are all very important to me - especially my sister site! You're so supportive, thank you! By the way, directory owners... q, r, s, t, u, v... should Esteem be after Euphonious?

It's layout v9. On The Edge Of A Mirror at TLB! Check out the new featured site & graphics, the updated rankings, and the 45 new banner and button bases!

Want to be advertised at the front page of EHG? Hurry up because there's still one more spot available!

Storyline is now The Star Catcher with a brand new layout!

August 25, Thursday

Hey voters! There's only three days left to vote for your favorite SOTM entrant! So please vote before it's too late :3

Come check out Appellation's new layout! New real word names were added recently as well!

Voting will be closing in five days so VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

August 24, Wednesday

Today is Shenyi's grand reopening! More extras and reviews will be posted throughout this week and reviews will be opening on Sunday.

Psychochromia has a brand new simple yet elegant new layout!

Simple name banner requests are open at Caro's Banners!

August 23, Tuesday

There is only one week left to vote for your favorite sit at Planetarium! Hurry and vote before it is to late!

That Kills Me has a new layout + color palettes!

If you want a newer button, you could always use our Sensation one! Also, check out my Music Sheets section for some helpful sites - who knows, you might be there!

With the Golden Sandwich Awards over and done with, requests are now open! Be sure to browse through all of the available rubrics, read the rules carefully, and send in your request! I'm also still looking for affiliates. You don't have to be a review site either.

Requests are currently open with 1 slot available!

Genercizing has a new layout! SOTM entering is also currently open!

Check out the new envelope and divider resources at Nienke's Resources!

Old news have been cleared since the second of June.


affiliates - closed

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sister site

My sister site, the Soroptimist Directory, is no doubt the best. It's been up and running since the 24th of August, 2008. Extensive, impeccable, and beyond ordinary sites, it will continue to amaze me for a long time like it had already with thousands of other Neopians. Cass and her directory, needless to say, are amazing.


The Teahouse - 88.5/100 (Green Tea), 15th June 2011
Effects - No Score; (Improvement Review). August 16th, 2011

link back.


Coding, graphics, and recommended pixel were made by xsnowstar101x aka Adzs.
Cass at the Soroptimist Directory for being so encouraging and supportive, for all the suggestions that helped me improve TFC, and for being an amazing friend. :) And also her brilliant ideas: recommendations, top searches, sitely news, and much more.
A shoutout of thanks and evil hugs and kisses goes to the master plan minions, our family of mischief, where my fellow minions reside, and plot to their hearts desire of Neopian Domination.
Thanks goes to Hannah at Love, Alice and Pip at Trapped Fairytales for their frequent help around TFC and being a great person to talk to. Thanks Hannah and Pip!
Tina and Nienke for helping me out with TFC's coding issues. I'm really really grateful for all your help and I appreciate every bit of it. =)
My very inspiration for starting The Faerie Compass was a directory site named The Water Library (now closed) by imaginangel.
The counter is from boingdragon.
Nienkju's Resouces for textures and PNGs.
Swimchick, Hybrid-Genesis, Ego-box for textures and other resources.
49 Days for the backgrounds used in different layouts.
Sticky's Goodies for the neopian times article bullet respectively.
Live.Laugh.Love and Melody for button placeholders.
You, my fellow neopians and site makers for visiting, for all your help, suggestions and ideas. :) I am forever grateful.

Last but not the least, Neopets! For all the images, page hosting, and for letting me experience the wonders of the Neopian site community!

The first TFC was opened (based on Cass's Soroptimist counter date) August 25, 2008. Re Opened: Jan 6, 2011

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