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Oh dear. This is a mess isn't it?
Well feel free to browse my page nonetheless.
But here's a list of things to do in the near future for personal reference:
  • Quad Reference - done!
  • Petpet picture/section improvement
  • Reference sheet of accessories
  • Story chapters

    I have not yet started on writing the actual chapters of the story.
    So for now, I thought you would like a summary of Letta's history and her story, to introduce you to the Letta that I see in my mind.

    Letta was born in a small fishing village on the coast of Shenkuu. Her father was a fisherman, while her mother took care of their small house and Letta.
    When Letta was four years old, -insert tragedy to village that I didn't think of yet but is probably a tsunami- that completely devastated the village.
    Letta's family, unable to support themselves any longer with the cost of the rebuilding effort, decided they had to send their daughter away, in the hope that she would have a better life elsewhere. Having heard tales of a prestigious academy in the mountains that took children of a young age, Letta's parent's said their final goodbye's and sent her to her new life.
    Ever since then, Letta has not seen her parents. All she has left of them are vague memories.
    From the moment Letta arrived at the academy, a strict learning regimen was started. First and foremost the students of the Academy are taught obedience and discipline. Following the order of the academy is of most importance.
    For the next years the students are taught a wide variety of subjects. The basic school curriculum of maths, sciences, history and the arts are taught to the younger years. As they get more advanced in age their lessons get more detailed. By age 18, a student's education is considered almost complete. By this time they know a large variety of languages, have a complete grasp of all basic subjects, incredibly detailed knowledge of history along with stranger knowledge such as survival abilities, fighting arts, and the use of a variety of weapons.
    But once a student reaches the age of 18, they are told a secret: the true purpose of the Academy.

    In a hidden cave on the Academy grounds, there is a series of underwater tunnels deep under a lake. In one of these tunnels there is a small "rip" in time.
    The founder of the Academy had found this rip in time many years ago. Through some dangerous experimentation he realized that if one were to pass through the rip, they could travel through time. Backwards or forwards, both were possible. Not only did he discover the possibility of time travel, but he found a way to control it.
    The "rip" itself is, to an extent, sentient. It has a will of its own and senses the desires of those that pass through it. Only those with a strong will and determination can influence the rip and decide their destination.

    The founder then decided to create a school, whose students would be trained to use this time portal, to go back in history and fix certain unfortunate events. His ultimate goal was to eliminate human suffering and change the course of history for the better. He realized that playing with time is a dangerous thing, but ultimately believed with proper training, these actions would be for the best.

    It was decided that students would be taught from an early age all the abilities and knowledge they would need. When they reach the age of 18, they are told about the time travel. They spend the next year learning all about the rip in time and how to travel back an forth. On their 19th birthdays, they are given a final test to prove their worth. Not all survive, but those who do become time travelers for the Academy.

    Letta's current age is 21. That means she has been traveling through time on various missions for two years now.

    During her missions, she began to notice something strange going on at the Academy. Her missions were at times seemingly insignificant or did not seem to change events for the better in history.
    In addition to this, a string of strange visitors had been visiting the Academy.

    Not long after Letta becomes suspicious she witnesses the headmaster of the academy taking a bribe from a man living in a nearby village. She discovers that for several years, the current headmaster had been taking bribes from people to change events in their personal history for their own benefit.

    This kind of greed and corruption at an academy established on feelings of goodwill shocks Letta, and she begins planning a way to bring the headmaster to justice and restore the Academy to its former honor.
    Though no one else actually believes her lul.

    So far, this is all I have planned. I would write her early years first and how she came to be at the academy. Later chapters would feature Letta's childhood at the academy and growing up there. Finally would come chapters of Letta's struggle against the headmaster.

    Name: Letta [Pronounced: Leh- Tah]
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4' 11"
    Age: 21
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Black
    Education: The Academy's intensive curriculum. This includes detailed history lessons, various survival basics, customs of different regions, languages, and basic maths and sciences.
    Languages Learned: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese (most major dialects), Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Latin, Greek.
    Personality: Stubborn, self reliant, and just a little too loud. While the Academy teaches blind and passive obedience to their students, Letta's stubborn nature gives her some trouble with this sometimes. She tries to be as professional as possible, but occasionally forgets herself to voice her strong opinions about certain subjects.
    General Appearance: She wears her hair in a short bob with even eyebrow length bangs. When at the academy she generally wears a modified purple cheongsam with gold accents, with matching pants. During her time off at the academy, she lazes around in a kind of simple baggy white t-shirt and a pair of lime green shorts. These allow for easy movement during extra training in her room, as well as comfort. When on one of her trips, she wears clothing suitable to the period and area she is in.
    Quad Appearance: After passing their final test at the academy and being allowed to time travel, the students also learn an additional spell: one which allows their bodies to twist into an animal-like form. This form is usually small and nimble, two feature that are advantageous in missions where stealth is necessary and they would rather not be spotted and recognized.
    Letta's quad form is an unusually small usul. Her fur is a dark purple, with a odd shade of cream for her chest fur and bow. Her signature hair transfers over to her quad form, so that is the same as usual.
    Her bow isn't an ordinary bow though. Attached to it is a special clock that allows her to keep track of when she is on her travels, so she is never caught unaware of her environment. On the main clock face there is a hand for the month, a hand for the date, and a space with four numerals that scroll through numbers to show what year she is in.
    On the main clock face there is a small circle with the normal hands of a clock so she may tell the time of day as well. This is actually the clock used in the headers.

  • Quiet Mornings
  • Tea
  • New Lands
  • Danger lol
  • Riddles
  • People
  • Being Bothered
  • Rudeness
  • Mistakes
  • Underwater Caves
  • Human

    And this is the pattern I use on her cheongsamish top, and then accent parts of it in gold as well. C;
    Drag and drop for full size.


    Letta's petpet is not an actual pet. Nor is it even a living being.
    It is the time portal Letta travels through.
    Or rather, it is a tendril of the consciousness of the portal solidified into a comprehensive form.
    These little spiderlike things are occasionally seen running through the academy, stirring up mischief. Often, they even follow the students of the Academy on their travels through time, to keep an eye on things or just to mess with them. Just like the actual portal has a will of its own on where it wants to send the students traveling through it, so do these spiderlike creatures, only their will and desires are far more devious.
    This particular starry patterned one seems to have taken a special liking to Letta. Unfortunately each time she sees it, it is a sure sign something is about to go spectacularly wrong.
    Remember Maraqua?

    (Family as in my other pets that Letta could potentially meet on her travels.)

    This pretty girl is named Bea. Though she may look harmless and, to be honest, not all that smart, she's just the opposite. Born as an ordinary daughter of a boring diplomat, an incident in her childhood left her with a life debt to a cowardly storm god. As a result she spends her time divided between two lives. Half the time she is polite and well mannered, everything expected of her in society, dressed in fantastic gowns. The other half she spends running off to all corners of the world carrying out tasks assigned to her by Ame, the storm deity she owes her life to. She often complains about how irritating her double life is, but in all honesty she doesn't mind. She enjoys everything, from the mud on her dresses to the ridiculous antics of Ame.

    Taylor lives deep in a forest. Having run away from home when fairly young, he came upon a shrine in this forest. The owner of the shrine, a kindly old man Taylor calls Sir, gladly took him in. Since then Tay has been living at the shrine. He's spent his life since then learning healing and magical arts. Though his days are fairly peaceful, spent gardening or healing weary travelers seeking refuge at the shrine, his mind is still troubled. His almost obsessive studying is a result of his desire for revenge on the witch that had cursed him in his childhood. He now spends his free time searching for hints of her whereabouts.

    Nestrix is relatively simple and easy going. Always a bundle of joy and enthusiasm, he is just pleasant to be around. He'll be the first to cheer you up from a bad mood. Though his constant jumping around endless energy do occasionally come off as irritating and get on people's nerves, he honestly doesn't mean to be annoying. His past is something he never talks about, and no one really knows why or anything about it. While he is a friend to all and loves being around people, the only person he truly trusts is the cold young man he mooches off of. Nestrix currently lives with some guy that I don't have a pet for the character xD , and has been living with him from a very early age.

    Drag and drop to see full sizes please.

    By James

    Here's some more arts of Letta.

    By Others

    Here is some awesome art people did of Letta. C: Hover over picture for credit. Drag and drop for full size.
    Thank you all, it's all lovely!

    Thank you so much mistyqee! It's amazing.By yamap21.By mistyqee.By saphiie.By fleana.By omgzdet.By airismile.

    BC Wins

    This is where I meant to brag record my experiences in the Beauty Contest. Of course, I got lazy! So here are records of my earlier triumphs.

    Each row will contain the trophy won, a screenshot of that week's species results, and a thumbnail of the picture entered (that you can drag and drop for full view).

    Total times entered: 7
    Total times placed: 7
    Total times sick of advertising: probably 3


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    So far, I've only gotten to the basic set of colors. But no worries, the rest are soon to come!
    Custom adoptables are closed until I can get more colors done.
    But if you'd like to suggest a color for me to do next, feel free to drop me a mail. C:

    Please notice customs are closed for now, unless I'm offering them on a board or something.

    If a design does not belong to you, please don't take it.

    Ah, you've come to the end.
    Why don't you take something to remember me by?


    If you happen to be a usul with a petpage, you should go ahead and drop me a mail! I'd love to have your page here.

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