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Adoptables are up! Check 'em outs!!!

Whoo hoo! Most of the petpage is finished. All that's left is the story, adoptables, and.. I'm not sure. :P I hope who ever comes by likes what I've done with the place. It took a long time to make!!

Umm.. Well I finally finished fussing with the coding and I finally finished the family page as well as the profile page! Yay for me!!!

This page has been revamped like.. 4 times! Craziness, right? I KNOW. I'm so indecisive and I don't know what layout looks best. I'm finally satisfied though. No need to worry about seeing this page shapeshift again. Sorry to those who were confused about where the adoptable page went. XD

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Why, hello there!

Welcome to my petpage! My name is Staevo and hopefully you came to learn about me. No? Then GET OUT.. Bwaha! Just kidding. How ever, if you would like to explore the page, I would not mind at all. After all, I am a pretty interesting guy.

Most of you probably know me as a baby Lupe. How ever, don't forget I can grow up too!!

Anyways, click the links to your left if you would like to learn about me. :)

*dances around in the background as you attempt to click the links*

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Staevo [Look Up]

Full Name: Staevo Armsworth
Pronounciation: Stay-Voh Ahrms-wurth
Nicknames: Tae (most common), Vo
Species: Lupe
Gender: Male
Age: 17 in lupe years
Birthday: December 20th, 2006
Birth Place: Unknown
Kin: Unknown
Personality: Courageous, curious, loud, blunt
Accent Tinge of British
Specialty: Swords mastery

Contest Status: OFF
Battle Status: OFF
Role Play Status: ON

Likes and Dislikes

- Combs.
- Thieves.
- Girly Girls.
- Pokes.
- Slorgs.
- Loud Machines.
- Flakes.
- Confusing Neopians.

- Swords!
- Blacksmithing!
- Socks!
- Squeaky Balls!
- Ice Cream!
- Kacheek Seek!
- Rock Music!
- Neomail!


Love the Faerie Gallion

This is my awesome gallion, Love. I got her as a birthday present from Penny. Ever since then, we have been best friends. When I need advice, Love is always there for me.

Close Friends

Erk.. It's kind of embarrassing to say, but I have no [close] friends. *turns red* Most of the people I meet are from far away and we hardly talk until we cross paths! Would you like to be my [close] friend? :) Send me a neomail and let's roleplay!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!.... Why am I the only one excited here?

The Shinies

[Pet Spotlight #1013] [Neopian Times Issue 557]

ᵒ ᵒ ᵒ

Perhaps you're all wondering how I came to be? Well, that's an easy tale. I'm not much of a story teller, so I'll just try to give you the basics:

When I was little, I was found in front of a great blacksmith's door. His name was Samuel Armsworth and he was a lanky fellow with a thick blonde aftershave. His hair was always a mess and he always had on an unclean shirt. He was a quiet man and mumbled when he talked. How ever, I would like to tell you that you should not underestimate his abilities because of his looks. I have personally witnessed his blacksmithing skills and it's completely breath taking.

Samuel did not know how to take it when I showed up at his door. It wasn't his responsibility to take care of me; I just was at his door... And I still don't know why. Luckily, after some thought, he took me in due to sympathy.

He did not have many friends and lived alone on a grassy hillside. The only people that came by were the King's messengers. As I said, Samuel was an amazing blacksmith. The King always requested his skills to create the most amazing swords and axes.

Once a month, a girl with cyan hair came by to tidy the household. Her name was Neffy (Penny) and it was a side job she got in order to get a couple of neopoints to donate to the Soup Kitchen. When her presence entered our home, Samuel was able to speak out loud and clear. It was like as if she cleansed a dark cloud.

Through the time I lived with Samuel, I began to become interested in blacksmithing... Swords in specific. They had this magnificence which caught my eye. I begged and pleaded Samuel to teach me how to make things and he finally did. As my interest grew, Samuel and I became closer than ever... It wasn't long before I became a great sword maker like Samuel himself!

After a few years passed, Samuel opened up to me and told me he use to be a soldier for the King. He began to teach me the honor of defending the king and convinced me to learn how to fight. So this was day and night: Blacksmithing in the day and sword training at night. Samuel and I were an unstoppable team.

When my 14th birthday came, Samuel had this dark look on his face. He told me that living with him was not good for me and said he didn't want me to grow up to be like him: alone. He told me that I have not seen the real world and I had so much to learn. By night, he casted me off and told me to head to a town called Shenkuu.

While traveling to Shenkuu in a hay wagon, I thought about what he said. He was right about me. I didn't know much.

When I first reached Shenkuu, I bumped into Neffy. She told she lived in Shenkuu and if I needed a place to stay, I should join her household. And honestly, that's what I did.

You're probably wondering what happened to Samuel right? Well, he's still the same guy. And once a month, Neffy and I traveled up to the grassy hillside to tidy his home. It's like as if we're cleansing a dark cloud.

ᵒ ᵒ ᵒ

Currently the family lives under a large willow tree that sits by a beautiful lake. Yes, yes, I know it is weird. How ever, it's the only way we could keep safe from the bandits and thieves that grudge over Penny and Fweepith. Anyways, here's the cozy bunch:

NefariousBeast (Pent(e)) [Look Up]

That's Neffy. She is our care taker and owns the willow tree. To the public, she is known as NefariousBeast and is notorious for her thieving acts... This is because she thieves thieves. Yeah, it confuses me too. But here's it in simple words: She takes from others who thieve and and swipe from others (swiper no swiping!). Once she is successful, she gives it back to the community. She's not a bad person once you meet her. In fact, she's quite generous and feels timid when she is complemented or thanked.

Fweepith [Look Up]

You're probably wondering why Fweepith doesn't have a picture... That's because he is going through the laboratory ray to try to get stronger. That doesn't mean he isn't real though. Fweepith is a quiet, but yet talented young man. Before he lived with Neffy, he was an illusionist that entertained in large stadiums. Unfortunately, he retired from it all. Now he has sworn to protect Neffy from harm and follows her in the shadows.

More Family?

Yeah, I know. Sadly, we have a very small family. Neffy is hoping to add more to the family but rather adopt than create a new Neopet. Sooo.. We're on the forever search for the perfect neopet!

Know a Neopet that needs a good home? Neomail us!

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(Note: This is Neffy on Staevo's page!)

Hi there all! My name is Neffy and I am the caregiver of Staevo (Tae) and Fweepith (Phillip). A couple of you have asked very similar questions and I wanted to create a little area where I can give you answers! So here it is!:

Question 1: Will you do an art trade/request for me? (This includes adoptables)
Awww! That's super flattering of you to ask! *duck face* The status of whether I could do any of those is on my USER LOOKUP. How ever, if you're lucky enough to catch me, I will probably be ninja-ing request/trade boards on the Pound Chat and Art Board.

Question 2: Can my neopet be friends with Staevo/Fweepith?
SUPERLY DUPERLY YES!...If you roleplay. It would be hard to see how a friendship forms without it!

Question 3: What program do you use to draw?
Currently, I use GIMP to draw. It's a free program that has the basic tools of any hardcare artsy software. I also use a 12 year old Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Question 4: Do you use a tablet? If so, what kind?
No tablet I'm a mouse drawer and proud of it. On rare occassion I use paper.

Question 5: Do you have any tips for winning any of the Neopet contests available?

Sorry, not really. *frowny face* The best I can give you is be yourself and do the best you can. If you work hard, the judges will see it too. (That's all I go by!)

Question 6: Can you make me a custom [fill in the blank] with coding?
I'm sorry, but I can't. I'm not very good at it myself and it takes me a long time to figure out how to code. How ever, Neopets has Fan Sites that has cool premades!

ᵒ ᵒ ᵒ

Though it is sad to see you, it was nice to meet you! I hope we could be great friends!

Link Back

Care to link back to me? You have a choice of these three AWESOME animations:

Other Petpages

Here are some places I approve of. Don't be shy and go meet other great pets:

Come, and see the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest Trantelain is insane.
Just fade away..
:D Dig dig dig dig!

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Of course a guy like me couldn't go without le arts. You can probably seen how much I have grown since I was young through all these pictures.


Every now and again, someone draws a picture of me. Neffy keeps embarrassing me by asking people to!





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Welcome to my toy box! I hope you like sharing toys because I sure do! The current ones I have are these pudgey lupe plushies. Sadly, we were running low on buttons (with THIS economy), so each one only has one eye. If you would like a custom, neomail NefariousBeast!

Toy/Adoptable trade: OPEN
Toy/Adoptable requests: CLOSED

Pudgey Lupe Plushies







Custom-made Toys

Rules about customs:
1. Do not edit the image. If you're unhappy, I'll be glad to fix it up... Except the eye.
2. Please do not utilize the image for contests or claim it as your own.
3. Do not remove the link unless you ask for permission or I never gave you a link!
4. Do not use a custom if it is not yours.
5. Enjoy them!

Custom Lupes




Custom Xweetoks and Aishas

These are old cuddly plushies. I don't know if I plan to do more of these. How ever, you can try to convince me!






Zailai's App


Toys from Others


ᵒ ᵒ ᵒ

Time to time, I do continue blacksmithing and I do make wonderful swords. Here are my favorites and why:

Dazzling Ivory Sword

Personally, I like this sword because it is aesthetically beautiful... Like myself (haha, just kidding... Maybe not). Not only is ivory hard to find, but it is very hard to shape. As soon as I perfected the skill in making this sword, I became hypnotized by it's glimmer and unique texture. Look at how it shines and teases you with its dancing wings!

Dark Valentine Sword

Not many people are able to perfect the creation of this sword... The reason why I like this sword is because it's a sword that teaches the lesson of patience. It takes about 10 years of wait and forging.

Rustic Wooden Sword

This was the first ever sword I have created and trained with! Of course it would end up on this list. *snorts*

Sword of White Lies

You're probably wondering why I have this sword on the list. No, I am not a Krawk Island fan. In fact, this sword is here because of it's easy weilding abilities. This weapon is not only long, but also light weight. It is perfect for a Neopian or Neopet with less upper body strength... That doesn't mean I don't have any, by the way.

Warrior Lupe Maiden Sword

The GREATEST lupe sword any lupe could ever hold. "Maiden" in its name does not mean -only female lupes-!. In fact, I myself have weild it once and the power within the sword rushed through my body... I felt so strong.

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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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