What is Aboogala?

Aboogala was created to provide a place where users can discuss their love (or obsession) for customization while creating strong bonds and friendships with other members. Of course, there is more to life than customization so all neo-approved topics are fair game ;)

Aboogala is open to users who enjoy customization. Cute, spooky or anywhere in-between. Neocash, neopoint, and novice-expert customizers are encouraged to join!


Can I join on a side account? Of course! I'm new to customization, is that okay? Yes! I only customize with neopoint items, can I still join? Yes, we are not a NC-only guild.

Member Count: ~85

Founded: 01/21/2013

Why Aboogala?

Aboogala has no activity rules or really any rules in general. Feel free to double post, triple post - you name it. We understand our members have lives, busy schedules, school, etc. Aboogala welcomes sporadic 'off and on' hiatus members with open arms. We offer multiple monthly customization competitions for those who want to share their work/strut their stuff.

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Help! How do I join!? Simple! Simply mail a member of the council for an invite. Aboogala is an open guild - anyone may join at any time by clicking join guild here.

Aboogala Activities

All Aboogala activities permit the usage of Dress to Impress (DTI), Jellyneo's Wardrobe, as well as your own pets and items. Placing first will gain your house three points. Placing second will gain your house two points. Placing third will gain your house one point.

Customization Showdown

During the Customization Showdown, members dress up a single pet to match the pre-selected theme.

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Tailor Made

During this event, a neopoint item is chosen. Entrants must find a way to incorporate this item into their customization.

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Designer Dyeworks

During this event, a dyeworks item is chosen. Entrants must find a way to incorporate this item (in the color of their choice) into their customization.

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Random Item Challenge

During this event, a neocash item is chosen. Entrants must find a way to incorporate this item into their customization.

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Transformation Face-Off

During this event, a pet species and color is selected. Entrants must find a way to customize said species & color.

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Monthly Mayhem

After activities reset, guild members vote on their favorite customization. The top dog is give a NP prize - weeeee (thanks TNT!)

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When the deadline of each activity passes, a board will be made on the Customization or Neocash chat. Users of neopia will vote for the customizations they enjoy the best & crown the top three.

Guild Lookbook

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Member Profiles

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Ranks Housings

Aboogala offers four rank housings (minus council positions). Each member of Aboogala can choose which house they would like to fall under. Placing in activities will gain your house points. Will your house conquer?


Dark and mischievous


Bright and knowledgeable


Peaceful and calm


Brave and adventurous





Guild Leader
Member of Thieves

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Member of Tranquil

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RIC & Profiles Leader
Member of Luminous

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DD Leader
Member of Luminous

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Tailor Made Leader
Member of Valiant

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Pet Goals Leader
Member of Valiant

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These are a guideline, you may add your own spin. The following should always be mentioned: Small blurb about Aboogala, webbie link, Aboogala's relaxed activity rules, main activities with links, ability to post or mail for an invite.

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