6.13.2015 - Alrighty, I'll be getting to adding some more icons and banners now :) Also, layout requests are now open, since I've had some inspiration for that recently :D
1 request pending (waiting for response)

EDIT: +2 icons and +3 banners
SECOND EDIT: Layout requests are closed! Thank you for sending in your forms!

welcome to insight

Welcome to Insight, a graphics site by Kaylee. We reopened on May 15, 2015 after going through a revamp. Here, we offer premade icons and banners, as well as layout requests! Of course, you can send a form in for icons and banners too! Insight also offers a nice collection of resources to make your site sparkle (see the extras page). While still coming back after a complete revamp and a hiatus, I hope to continue offering my services with quality graphics as long as I can. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to neomail me!

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  • Don't forget to credit Insight! (/~sraminine)
  • You may edit the graphics, however, the credit must stay and do not redistribute.

  • requesting rules

  • Credit is mandatory. You may edit as you wish, even to the point of being unrecognizable, as long as there is credit.

  • I can take anywhere from less than a day to a week on a request. Do not send multiple neomails about your request unless it is something you want changed, or another valid reason. Just wanting to know when it is done is not a valid reason. I will get to it.

  • You may request multiple icons and/or banners at a time. However, if you are requesting a layout, you must wait until after the request has been completed before you can request anything else.

  • I will neomail you after I've accepted your request and when I am finished with it. You can tell if your request has been accepted by checking the waiting list. Please note I reserve the right to refuse a request.

  • If the finished graphic is not up to your expectations, or if I made an error, I will be more than happy to make minor changes. Unless it was a mistake on my part, I will not make any major alterations (eg: image)

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    Waiting List:
  • Leanne - Layout (Waiting for response)
  • Jazzeh - Layout
  • Silver - Layout
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    cousin site

    Abstract is stunning graphic request site run by the wonderful Yosemite! Yose delivers quality goods in a quality time frame, with absolutely beautiful results. I can safely assure you that you can't go wrong requesting from Abstract!


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  • All buttons link back to their makers; if unlinked, then is made for personal use
  • Textures from Details
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