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Splatter is a somewhat enigmatic character. She doesn't have a backstory – at least, not a known one. She's not on a quest, she's not lost, and she isn't running from some dark shadow of her past.

Splatter simply is. She personifies creativity, and it's up for speculation just how literal that personification is. Is she just a cheerful, creative child, or is she truly a manifestation of imagination itself? Only she knows, and she's not talking.

Design-wise, if I'm being honest, Splatter is probably a sign that some part of me never actually got over that childhood Lisa Frank stage. When I want to draw bright colors and inexplicable rainbows, Splatter is the pet I draw. Like most of my pets, her design has gone through a few changes. Her original design was more quad (walked on four legs), and the rainbows were even more overpowering, if you'll believe it. I'll spare your eyes and refrain from showing you.

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