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The Guild Guide

Hello to all! This guide is a walkthrough guide of how to build a guild. There are some lovely links in the sidebar for your convinience if you feel the need to shortcut somewhere. Please read the whole guide first and then refer to specific parts. It is best to read the whole guide before you build a guild. This way you will have an idea of where you are going.

This guide adapted from a whole bunch of guides that I read and also from my own experiences. I hope this guide will apeal to people new to guilds and veterans as well. You can neomail me at any time with advice, a guide I should read, or comments. I would love to know whether or not this helped!

-Your Lovely Pirate Captain


What is a guild?
The Neopets Response:
A guild is a special interest club where you can meet people that enjoy the same things. The main purpose is to have a special message board just for those guild members, separate from the rest of the neoboards. For more information about what people do in their guilds, go have a look at some... maybe you'll see one you like! :)"
What this means:
A guild is a place to have fun and chat!

How do I join a guild?
The Neopets Response:
Go to the guild you want to join. On the left hand side there should be a link that says "Join Guild" in the Options area of the menu, click it. If the guild is private, you must be invited before you can join.

Be sure that you are not a member of a guild already, you will not be able to join a different guild and the "Join Guild" link will not be visible until you leave the one you're in.
What this means:
You find a guild that you like, and click on the "Join Guild" link in the guild's sidebar. In many guilds, you have to click on the "Join" link that they give you, and then find the "Join Guild" link on the page that the other link linked you to.

Joining is more than just clicking a button. In many guilds, joining is a commitment to have fun and be active. Nobody wants you to join just to say that you joined a guild. After clicking that lovely "Join Guild" button, it is your job to chat, participate in activities, events, and have fun. If you don't want to do this stuff, why would you join in the first place?

How do I create a guild of my own?
The Neopets Response:
Click the link at the top of the guild page that says "Create a New". This will take you to a page where you will need to fill out a form. Please remember to read our Terms and Conditions before creating your guild. The guild areas are monitored 24 hours a day, so any unsuitable guilds will be removed and offending accounts frozen/warned depending on the offense."
What this means:
This is what the whole page has been getting at. DON'T create a guild until you have read the guide on creating one. If you go into this blind, you will be sad, hurt, and very confused.

Guilds require time. A lot of time. A seriously REALLY BIG amount of time. Seriously. They also require you to be dedicated and trusting. If you can't do this, then stay at the join a guild stage. Guild leading isn't for everyone you know.

Guilds also require funds. You can get a donation shop, but you will also probably end up spending a lot of your own neopoints as well. Guild funds aren't near a big a thing to worry about. Just get used to the idea of less for you and more for everyone else.


Sooo... I want to create a guild. What do I do first?

First you make sure that this is what you want to do. After all, you could always just join a guild.

Now you decide what you want your guild's theme to be. What are you interested in? What would other people who you want to hang out with be interested in?
Some thoughts for the brain:

  • Neopets! (could have seen that one coming... Also abbreviated as NR)
  • Avatars
  • Adoption Agency
  • Twilight
  • Harry Potter
  • Warriors
  • Fantasy (in general)
  • Nature
  • Scribble (drawing on paint, more on this later)
  • Art-y stuff
  • Celebrity
  • Anime
  • Graphics and Coding
  • Themeless (more on this later too)
  • Multi (shifting themes, more on this later as well)
Some of these themes are more complex than they seem. Here is some more information:
Scribble Guilds- A scribble guild is one where the layout and graphics are all hand drawn on paint or some other drawing program. They look simplistic. They are usually run like a NR guild.
Multi Guilds- They change their theme as voted on by the members. These guilds are usually run like a NR guild as well.
Themeless- A themeless guild, well, lacks a theme. Their layouts aren't dictated by anything, just whatever the graphics person decided to do. They are run like an NR guild.
Notice how all these guilds are run like an NR guild, but the graphics are what dictate the "Theme"? Yup. I thought so. So, how is an NR guild run? (NR means Neopets Related)

First you should know about guild types. There are 3 basic guild types:

  • Stuff Guilds
  • Chat Guilds
  • Roleplay Guilds

Stuff Guilds are guilds that are about stuff. They have things like 1np auctions, Foodraisers, Giveaways, and other things that involve stuff. Other things that count as stuff (besides neopets items) are graphics and written works as well. These guilds use graphics for making stuff spiffy and may have competitions to do with graphics. They may also have a newspaper or a caption contests. All in all, these guilds involve the using and sharing stuff.

Chat Guilds are guilds that involve talking. They make a big use of the message boards and spend most of their time talking about things. They don't put near as much of a focus on activities or competitions as Stuff Guilds do. Instead they focus on events and getting on their guild's message boards at the same time.

Roleplay Guilds are guilds that involve roleplaying. They are different from Chat guilds in that instead of talking about things, they roleplay on their guild's chat boards. To learn more about Roleplay, you can visit This guide. I am not going to go into it here.

NR guilds are usually stuff guilds. Most guilds, in fact, are stuff guilds. Stuff is good. :)

So, how do I create a guild again?

Now that you have your theme chosen, its time to make some friends. DO NOT EVER MAKE A GUILD ALONE. That is the golden rule of guild making. It is equivalent to rules like, "carry an umbrella on a rainy day" and "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." It is something that you just don't disobey.

But what are those other people going to do?

They are going to be your staff, also known as your Council. Your Guild Council consists of 5 positions that you can appoint people to. Their names are displayed on the guild's sidebar. You are automatically on council, leaving you 4 positions for appointing people to.

You don't want to fill up your council right away though.

Instead you want to find a few people to do some basic jobs. You need people who can make graphics for your guild and people who can help keep members entertained. You can find more people for your council after you get people to join your guild. For now, stick to 2 people.

One of these people will be your co-owner. This person will share the leadership role with you. You give them all the powers (more on this later) and they in turn help you run things. The other person can be graphics or members help.

Now, to find some friends to make a guild with, you go to the guild chat boards. Click on "Boards" and scroll down to guilds. This is what you should see:

Not a pretty sight, eh? Lets get down to business.

First, you want to think about what kind of people you want to befriend. These people will be helping you make a guild. Your topic's title should attract these kind of people. If you want people who would be attracted to a title with lots of pizzazz in it, then add as much as you want. If you want people who are serious and thoughtful, then make the title of your board serious and thoughtful.

Whatever you do, attract the kind of people you want.

Now, you need to inform them of your decision on theme. It is best to put the theme in the topic's title, but remind people of the theme in the body as well. Tell them a bit about yourself and give them an application to fill out so that they can tell you about themselves. You don't need an application, but it makes things go more smoothly with one, usually.

The Standard Application:
Name: (what you want to be called)
HTML/CSS: (usually people ask for it, but you don't have to.)
Examples: (goes right along with the HTML/CSS)
Activeness: (percentile! You want people who will be on, right?)
Other: (area for other skillz)

WAIT?! Nobody said anything about HTML, and what is CSS???

Calm. HTML and CSS are web languages. That's how web pages become pretty, along with graphics. Both of these are important for guilds. If you can't do it, then look for someone who can. Many people who want to join guilds want to join guilds with a custom layout. Many of these people aren't worth having in your guild if they are only there for pretty graphics though. If nobody can do HTML or CSS then you can still have a guild. You will just have to settle for premade guild layouts, or find someone willing to make you a decent custom layout.

After you post your application, fill it in with your next post. Here is an example:
Name: Pirate
Examples: /~spitfyreoflight (this is a petpage. You add the /~[insert pet name here] to In the end, it would look like: Most people just abbreviate.)
Activeness: 90% I am on neopets for over an hour a day... I have no life.
Other: I have led guilds before, and have been on neopets since year 3. I enjoy sock collecting and making graphics. I also have a guide on guilds. My favorite thing is my pet hermit crab named Pirate. I also write comics in my spare time. Perhaps one day I will get them online_

You don't need to write that much in other, I am just elaborating so that you can have some ideas.

Get around 2 people to help you. You don't really want more than that, and you certainly don't want less. You only have 5 council positions, and you don't want them all filled up right away. You can get more people than 2 if some of them don't want to be on council. If everyone has to have a council position, then keep it to 2 other people. This will make a group of 3! (Yay! Happy family!)

After you get some people who are willing to help, NOW you go in and do as neopets tells you to do. Go to guild headquarters, click the "Create New" and get started.

Advice: Create a guild in the neighborhood with the least number of people. This way you have more of a chance of being randomly stumbled upon. Your color scheme and name don't matter much at this stage. You can change it all once you have it created. DON'T make your guild private. It will make it hard for your people to join.

Now send out some neomails to your people and have them join the guild you just created.

So... I created this guild, just like you told me to. What now?

NOW is where you start working. HARD. The first thing is to get a layout. Make one, or find a premade one. Your layout must go along with your theme, premade or custom. You can find a good premade layout from one of the sites I have listed. If you know HTML or CSS and have a lovely graphics program, go on ahead and make a guild layout. You need to agree on your layout with your people. Get on your new guild's message board and talk about it.

After you have your layout worked out, you need to satisfy your people. They are going to be wanting some power. So, give them some power. The following powers can be given out: (with caution. The ones with the star (*) you need to be REALLY careful about)

***Layout Control- Alterations with the layout of the guild, the hierarchy of the guild, the logo, and Keywords
Board Monitor- can delete messages on the message board. Very handy.
Invite Privilege- can invite people to the guild (only if that is restricted, otherwise, anyone can)
*Member Admin-can change stuff about members, like what you are doing now.
Calendar Monitor- can delete stuff from the calendar. Very Handy.
Mail Privilege- can send out guild mail (only one per day can be sent)
*Council Admin- can view people's applications for council. If member admin is given, this one should be too.
Poll Admin- can create a new poll
****Log Admin- Lets you view the guild log and delete stuff from it. BE VERY CAREFUL. People can mess up your guild easily if they can also delete that they messed it up.

The following powers you should give to all your council people:
Calendar Monitor
Mail Privilege
Invite Privilege
Member Admin
Council Admin

The other powers go to people with certain jobs. A list of possible positions (and powers to go with them):
  • Co-Owner- All of the powers (including the Log Admin)
  • Graphics Designer- Layout Control
  • Activities Help- Board Monitor, possibly Layout Control
  • Members Specialist- Board Monitor, Layout Control for the Hierarchy
  • Event Planner- Board Monitor, possibly Layout Control
These are just ideas, by the way. You can deviate as much as you want when it comes to powers and council positions. Just remember that if you don't trust someone with a power, do you really trust him or her with the position? If both answers are no, then you picked the wrong person for council.

After you get all that worked out with your people, you need to work on a webbie. This is one of the most important parts of the guild. This is what prospective guild members will look at to find out whether or not they want to join, what your current guild members look at for the latest news, and will contain links to any activity pages or other pages your guild has.

After you build your webbie, you can start looking for members. There are a few ways to go about this.

The first way is to invite your neofriends to come and join your guild. Only invite those who you think would like your guild. If you don't think they would like your guild, don't invite them. Send them a personalized message with a link to your guild and your webbie.

The other way is to get people to join your guild that you don't know. You can do this in quite a few different ways. The most common way, and probably the best way, is advertising your guild on the guild chat boards.

How do I advertise on the guild chat boards?

Advertising is a skill that you can develop. You have to advertise the right way to get the right people. To get people in your guild, you have to try a few different ways. Some ways work better for certain people.

One of the most common ways is the Premade Add. The premade add is an add that you post in guildless boards. A guildless board is a board on the chat boards that a person who doesn't have a guild creates in order to find one they like. Make sure to read what the guildless person posts. You don't want to post if they don't like your theme.

I will write a guide on writing Premade adds at another time.

Another thing you can do is to write a custom add for the guildless board. Some people really like getting a custom add, and it connects more with your recruitee (the person you are trying to get to join your guild). Others like premade adds better because that spells out everything that is in the guild.

I will hopefully write a series of guides on advertising in the future. You can read them if you want.

This Ends the Walkthrough on Creating a Guild.
Now you can continue on to Developing and Maintaining if you wish.

Developing and Maintaining a Guild

I created my guild, and I have a few members, now what?
The Neopets Response: -There is no neopets response-


This is the most common problem with guilds. After a person creates their guild, they have no idea what to do. Most guilds just fall apart and collapse.


The thing you have to do next is ENTERTAIN YOUR MEMBERS. You need to make them happy. You need to provide for them, nourish them, and care for them.

There are different ways to go about doing this. Many of these pertain to certain themes only, or only a certain guild type. Since there are so many different things, I am not going to even try to cover them all. Instead, I am just going to cover a few basic things you can do to attract members and keep them. Some of this you may recognize from my old guide. That is good. Some of the other things have come from the many guides that I have been looking through for inspiration. I will try to give credit where necessary, but if I messed up your credit, then let me know!

I will include a recommended number of members for each "add on." You don't have to go by this, but things usually end up working out better if you do.

# of Members needed:4/5+

Activities made by guild members for guild members involve a lot of people and give people reasons to be active. Use TNT's activities as a guide. (mystery pic, Random contest, Better than you, 1 np auctions, guild-only trades, user lookup of the month, MOTM-member of the month, etc.) Try to have some that do not require spending neopoints. Get people to be creative!

Remember that anything promising neopoints, pets, or items as prizes is against neopets rules. Instead, give "trophies" (graphics) as prizes or mention winners on the guild homepage and/or webbie for all to see. NEWBIE PACKS are also NOT ALLOWED!!!!!!

# of Members recommended: 4/5

While your guild is small, it is sometimes nice for there to be something that mentions everyone's names. This way everyone gets his or her 15 minutes of fame. A yearbook is something that has everyone's names (internet ones, no need to put up real life ones), and interests. This lets new members know things about the current members and encourages people to be more active.

Guild Graphics (and neoHTML)
# of Members needed: 6

Guild graphics are a wonderful thing to have! These would be things that you can put up in your shop or your user lookup that link to your guild. It gives you an easy way to get back to the guild, as well as advertises to people who stumble over your stuff. The problem is that it doesn't really encourage activity and one person usually ends up doing it all. Check with your members and see if they want the guild graphics. If there is someone who wants to do them, though, encourage it even if you don't have 6 members. Any activity is good!

Adoption Agencies
# of members recommended:10+

An adoption agency is where pets are adopted from the pound by agents and then made desirable so that people inside and outside the guild will be more likely to want them. To make a pet more disireable, you should raise its stats and level and paint it. A more common way is to Zap it with the lab ray. To get the lab ray, you must collect all 9 of the lab map pieces which is very costly. (I only have 3!) The lab ray will randomly change your pet. You can also adopt out non-labbed pets, but these usually are harder to adopt out.

These are just a few ideas. Sometime I may put together a list of things for all the guild types. These are mostly things that would go in Stuff or Chat guilds. Roleplay guilds usually require other "add ons." Sometime I will write a guide on that...

Another way to entertain your members is to host events.

What is an event?

An event is a time when everyone gets on neopets at the same time and tries to accomplish a goal. These events range from celebrating a holiday on your guild's message boards to donating food to the money tree. Some ideas:

  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Mass Donations to the Money Tree or Second Hand Shoppe
  • Battledome Challenges
  • Game Challenges
  • Guild Plots (look at Neopet's Plots for inspiration)
This ends the Maintaining Section. Please have fun in your guild and let me know if this helped!


I went to a lot of guides for inspiration for this guide. Some of the guides I looked at are:

Darkjaganshi's Guild Guide

The Neopian Times-Making Guilds Fun!!

All of these have good information. You most certainly can visit any of them. All of them have good information and go more in depth in some topics than I do. There also are some good articles in the Neopian Times on Guilds. There are too many to list, otherwise I would. I hope to write a series of mini-guides on different aspects of guilds as well. If you have a guide on guilds, or a guide that would be useful to people who come here, let me know!

The End...? Back to the top

Since you read all this, you are ready to give guild building a try! Neomail me, martelofdarkness, with questions. Maybe I could do an FAQ sometime. :D My name is pirate, and I coded all this (even if it isn't all that great...). If you have guides relating to any of these topics, let me know. PLEASE!!!

Link to me:

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