My name is Soroptimist and I am a Nimmo. This is my very own webpage that my owner jogglystrantensoreur helped me create. I am 93457 hours old and my hobbies include swimming, playing Gormball and chatting to people. (Ok so chatting isn't really a hobby but jogglystrantensoreur says I do it so often that it ought to be).

So I guess this is where I tell you a little more about me. Well this is my normal day in Neopia.

9am - jogglystrantensoreur wakes me up and makes me get ready to go out.
9.30am - Mmmm a delicious bowl of Wheat Flakes for breakfast.
10am - We head into Neopia Central for a spot of shopping
12 noon - By this time we are both getting a bit tired so we stop for lunch at Pizzaroo or Hubert's Hot Dog stall. My favourite is the Cookie Hot Dog but jogglystrantensoreur says its bad for my teeth so I'm rarely allowed it :(
1pm - Time for some fun. Now we either go to play games, meet friends or go somewhere interesting like Mystery Island.
6pm - Time for dinner
8pm - Now we start to head back to our Neohome where we if I'm good jogglystrantensoreur will read me a bedtime story.
9pm - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ooh lookie its me @_@

Many people do not know very much about Nimmos in general and I hope my little page may help resolve this.

Nimmo Myth 1
All Nimmos love to read and are rather boring to as a result.
It is true that the main Neopian book shop is run by a Nimmo, but that doesn't mean ALL Nimmos love to read. Personally I enjoy the odd book now and again but you wouldn't catch me reading 'Advanced Algebra' for fun. As for being boring, my friends don't seem to think I'm boring :)

Nimmo Myth 2
All Nimmos are fantastic at fighting

Haha, I wish. Sadly I don't spend nearly enough time at the Swashbuckling Academy or Training School so I'm not exactly an expert in the battledome.

Nimmo Myth 3
Every Nimmo desperately wants to be just like Ryshu
Ok, so I have been told the stories of Young Ryshu
and his Grand Quest millions of times by my owner and I do think Ryshu is great. I wouldn't go so far as to say I want to be just like him though. I'm perfectly happy being me!