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Grundo Zaps and No Apps?

Welcome to Grundo Zaps | No Apps! Where I, Gabby, take in "stuck" Grundos and zap them, then adopt them out (or gift them) to nice Neopians. I don't ask for lengthy applications, just fill out a form and you'll get a quick response. You'll either be chosen as the pet's owner or you'll be turned down, no waiting for deadlines!

Why Grundos? Besides there being over 1000 stuck in the pound, they're a very unpopular species, and because they are "restricted" (can only be created on the space station) they have an allure to newer members, who often create them with less-than-amazing names. Once the new members realize that Grundos aren't as high in status as Draiks or Krawks, they're likely to just abandon them. Without help, these poor pets would never have stood a chance!

The Pets

They may not all look like Grundos now, but they are at heart.

The No-App App

Below is the mail I require you to fill out. Please note, if you're breaking any Neopets rule you will be informed of your error(s) and most likely rejected. Please do not apply if you intend to trade the pet.

Mail Gabby!

Former Pets

The ones who came before...

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