Once upon a time in the depths of the Neopian ocean an island was found called Mystery Island. At one time you needed totems to able to enter the island.

I'm glad to say that's not the case anymore, please come in and enjoy my guide of Mystery Island.

What can you do?

There is lots to do on Mystery Island!, below find a list of place you can visit.

Further into the jungles of Mystery Island, the lost city of Geraptiku was found:

The Wonderful Colour of Island

As you may have seen, the colour of island was introduced a long time ago....

Current Price: Est 6 Million
Last Updated: 6th May 2011

Island Petpets

Current Price: Est 275k
I know a lot of people like to match so here's some examples of Mystery Island petpets to go with your tropical pet, the full list can be found here

List your Island Pet

Do you want your Island pet listed at Tiki Tack Totem, you do? Brilliant fill in the form below and neomail techno_chic25.


Tiki Tack Tombola is a game we all love, even if the prizes given aren't the best. There are two types of prizes; booby and winners prizes.

Booby Prizes include:

These prizes are pretty worthless and can be found on the shop wiz from 1np.

Winners Prizes include:

Please note that these prizes are random even if you win you may not get a valuable item.

Tombola Log

Here is where I keep a log of what I win at the Tombola, feel free to take a peak.
25th April: Booby Prize

26th April: Booby Prize

Oh and 87np as well.
27th April: WINNERS Prize

Oh and 126np as well!.
28th April: WINNERS Prize

Oh and 130np as well!.
29th April: Booby Prize

.. and you don't even get a booby prize!
30th April: WINNERS Prize

1st May: Booby Prize

2nd May: Booby Prize

4th May: Booby Prize

5th May: WINNERS Prize

Oh and 138nps as well.
6th May: Booby Prize

Oh and 179nps as well.
7th May: Booby Prize

8th May: Booby Prize

10th May: Booby Prize

.. and you don't even get a booby prize!

Mystery Island Volcano

As the Kougra guide states it's been found that throwing normal codestones into the volcano will actually produce new red! codestones. Cool huh?
Codestones needed:
Prices range from 3500-9000np

Red Codestones include


Be careful when buying Codestones as plushie versions exist as well, if it has plushie on the end it will not work at the mountain.

Cooking Pot

At the cooking pot you'll find Jhuidah, the island faerie, there's lots of concoctions you can make below is a list of them.


= basic dryer and bubble blower
=Sword of Domar and Corn on the cob
=Everlasting Apple and Jhudora's Crystal Ball
= Faerie Acorns and Little Timmy's Slingshot
= Carrotblade and Hubrid's Noxious Blade


= Green Apple and Onion Rings
= Magic Potion and Sunflower Seeds
Lemon and Lime Fish Pop and Organic Carrot
=Bargusaurus Steak and Prime Veggie Burger
=Bargella Root and Dargil Meat
=Bargil Surprise and Carburnujelly Sandwich
= Bread and Neopox Pizza
=Spooky Jelly Brains and Baked Apple with Cream and Jam
=Blurf Gelert Cake and Oranella Slushie
=Bubbling Blueberry Cheese and Gooey Snot Cheese
=Vein Cabbage and Mud n Mayo Dip
=Chocopie and Coffee
=Felrum Jelly Cube and Carburnup Pepper
=Organic Carrot and Blueberry Snowpuff
=Vegan Cheese and Neo Crackers
=Can of NeoCola and Cherries
=Chicken and Mud n Mayo Dip
=Orange Chicken and Neowaiian Bread
=Spicy Wings and Hot Cakes
=Spironut and Cheese
=Choco-Strawberry Muffin and Pizza
=Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter and Cherry Pie
=Asparagus and Chocolates
=Sausage and Cheese Roll and Chocolate Neodrops
=Cone-Shaped Watermelon and Chili Cheese Dog
=Popcorn and Kau Kau Farm Milk
=Strawberries and Cream Baby Food and Jam Pastry
=Mustard Mayhem Grarrl Gobstopper and Neoblocks
=Asparagus and Hot Chocolate
=Turkey Deli Slices and Bread
=White Chocolate Chia and Chocolate Chia Truffle
=Organic Red Grapes and Flowers
=Chewing Dung and Snow Cake
=Ghost Marshmallows and Gremble
=Eyeball Slurpy + Brain Tree Root
=ErgyFruit and Broccolli
=Garlic Bread Halves and Blueberry Fish Pop
=Doughnutfruit and Snowberries
=Banan and Bread
=Pineapple Muffin and Phear Coffee
=Boiled Sea Serpent and Strawmelon Jam Burger
=Fungi Fruit and Strong Berry
=Pizza and Fungi Fruit
=Grundo Stix and Fresh Baguette
=Gummy Star and Black Eyed Peas
=Gwermal and Grunion
=Grilled Cheese + Ham
=Hot Soup and Chocolate Milkshake
=Fish Pop + Cornupepper
=Chocolate Cake and Icy Negg
=Milky Moo Ice Lolly and Green Ham
=Doughnutfruit and Large Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie
=Cherryberry Krawkade and Lemint
=Lemwart and Cracked Keno Egg
=Lollypop and Runny Snot
=Stale Bread and Baby Tomatoes
=Snorkle Snout and Lime Starfish
=Snowghetti and Meatball and Hot Soup
=Tigersquash Mega and Mechabread
=Mechabread and Veggie Sausage
=MechaBerries and Bread
=MechaBerries and Sugar Doughnut
=MechaBerries and Grapes
=Faerie Block Mallows and Crablett
=Battle Muffin and Meowclops Head Pillow
=Metalicious Ice Lolly and Green Mouth Wash
=Poison Muffin and Mortogberry
=Soothing Bandages and Lime Jelly
=Munuberry Slushie and Transparaberry
=Teal Juppie and Kraku Berries
=Red Octopepper and Grapple
=Orange Rambus and Potion of Concealment
=Cheese and Green Apple and Negg.
=Plum and Grilled Cheese Sandwich
=Neocrunch Cereal and Plum
=Purple Juppie and Snow Sandwich
=Rahketmelon Slushie and Glowleaf Melon
=Royal Cheese Bread and Harffel Fruit
=Roast Gargapple and Salmon Steak
=Bluehamberry Burger and Royal Cheese Bread
=Asparagus Balls and Brown Sauce
=Sausage and Bread
=Scabu and Ergyfruit
=Peachbread and Tut Trout
=Mechabread and Grapes
=Combomelon Plant and Spiced Apple Pie
=Vanilla Ghost Cake and Pumpkin Slice
=Golden Juppie and Hot Cakes
=Strawberry Chia Pop and Vanilla Milkshake
=Pickled Eel and Honey Blossom
=Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) and Chewing Dung
=Muntando Fruit and Joint of Ham
=Thornberry and Chocolate Chip Cookie
=Thornberry and Toffee Ice Cream
=Scabergy and Spotted Pudding with Custard
=Green Cabbage and Leek
=Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Traditional Welsh Usuki
=Asparagus and Chicken
=Juicy Melon and Bottle of Water


=Organic Bananas and Wriggling Grub
=Woo Woo Grub and Cheeseburger
=Woo Woo Grub and Ham
=Woo Woo Grub and MechaBerries
=Woo Woo Grub and Spotted Pudding with Custard
=Woo Woo Grub and Watermelon Soup
=Negg and Pork Sausage
=Purple Negg and Milk
=Ice Negg and Chocolate Cake
=Scrambled Rainbow Negg and Chocolate Chip Cookie
=Yellow Negg and Blue Negg
=Orange Negg and Mummy Spaghetti
=Purple Negg and Chocolate Ice Cream
=Rainbow Negg and Vanilla Milkshake
=Rainbow Negg and Chocolate Ice Cream
=Rainbow Vanilla Negg and Cinnamon Swirl
=Orange Negg and Purple Negg
=Green Negg and Lettuce and Tomato Baguette
=Yellow Negg and Chocolate Ice Cream


=Angelpuss and Triffin
=Neotrak and Avabot
=Snowbunny and Drackonack
=Buzzer and Fungree
=Bloop and Baby Fireball
=Gulper and Fir
=Hasee and GX-4 Oscillabot
=Hasee and Angelpuss
=Gruslen and Snarhook
=Cool Purple Teddy Bear and Huggy
=Nuranna and Khonsu
=Snorkle and Flishy
=Moltenore and Tenna
=Noil and Pawkeet
=Puppyblew and Poppit
=Roburg 3T3 and Meepit
=Meowclops and Slorg
=Spardel and Mallard
=Poppit and Spyder
=Uggatrip and Mazzew
=ComboBot and Ultra Pinceron
=Wheelie and Pinceron
=Doglefox and Uniocto
=Buzzer and Dwarf Tree
=Gallion and Zoomik


=Meowclops Plushie and Black Eyed Peas
=Pink Spinning Top and Neonip Critter
=Flaming Torch and Purple Fuzzle
=Snowglobe and Gumball Machine
=Yellow Kau Plushie and Springy Shoyru Toy
=Blue Quiggle Plushie and Wooden Building Blocks
=Springy Toy and Super Blue Poogle Toy
=Fuzzie Bear and 100% Fake Uni Mask

Sand Sculptures:

=Bottle of Black Sand and Bottle of Green Sand
=Bottle of Red Sand and Bottle of Blue Sand
=Bottle of Blue Sand and Bottle of Green Sand
=Bottle of Black Sand and Bottle of Red Sand

Stamp Collection

If your an avid avatar hunter like me this shiny one may take your fancy, find the list of stamps needed below.

Last Updated: 25th April 2011
Mystery Island
Kougra Stamp

Est Price: 500np
Mystery Island
Aishas Stamp

Est Price: 99k
Coco Stamp

Est Price: 35k
Jhuidah Stamp

Est Price:
Island Native

Est Price: 1np
Mystery Island
Hut Stamp

Est Price: 1000np
Assorted Fruits Stamp

Est Price: 1900np
Triangular Flotsam Stamp

Est Price: 800np
Zeenana Stamp

Est Price: 1100np
Mystery Island
Grarrl Stamp

Est Price: Unknown
Island Acara Stamp

Est Price: Unknown
Haiku Stamp

Est Price: 1np
Mystery Island
Heads Stamp

Est Price: 2np
Bottle of Sand Stamp

Est Price:
Island Uni Stamp

Est Price: Unknown
Mystery Island
Chef Stamp

Est Price: Unknown
Tombola Stamp

Est Price: Unknown
Mystery Island
Kiko Stamp

Est Price: Unknown
Island Mystic Stamp

Est Price:
Ryshu Stamp

Est Price: 3900np
Need a Better
Printer Stamp

Est Price: Unknown
Upside Down
Acara Stamp

Est Price: 10mil
One Hundred
Neopoint Stamp

Est Price: 20mil
Printer Stamp

Est Price:
Nibbled Cooking
Pot Stamp

Est Price: 15mil

The Rock Pool

When the original Maraqua was destroyed the poor petpets had nowhere to go, lucky for them they managed to take refuge in the rock pool at Mystery Island, here's some of them available to buy.
Description; Poor little Cubetts arent the brightest Petpets, but what they lack in brain power they make up for with love.
Description; A cute little Walein is just the thing if your Neopet is feeling blue :)
Description; Orps are not the brightest petpets around, but they are very bouncy indeed.
Description;This furry little guy appeared all of a sudden one fine Gadgadsbogen.

Island Avatars

Oh look at those shiny avatars.....
A Day at the Beach
Go on a Tiki Tour with any one of your pets.
View the lookup of an Island Tuskaninny
Krawk-Island Fever
View the lookup of an Island Krawk with an Island Petpet 60+ days old.
Geraptiku-Deserted Tomb
Randomly awarded when finding an item or discovering the treasure in the Deserted Tomb.
Randomly awarded when refreshing the Haiku Generator page.
Visit Techo Mountain with an item that has bread in it's name in your inventory
Cheapest Option; Altadorian Bread, Est Price 10np
Techo-The Buzzer Game
Awarded when scoring over 300 points in The Buzzer Game
Island Mystic
Awarded when you receive a fortune with the word "Kyrii" or "Kyries" in it at the Island Mystic Hut
Island Quiggle
Own an Island Quiggle over 30+ days and view its lookup.
View this article on Gadgadsbogen day on March 4th. (available yearly)
Kacheek Swim
Visit the beach on Mystery Island with a Kacheek as your active pet.
Score 1000+ on Gadgadsgame
Stamp Collector-Mystery Island
View the stamp page after you've completed it
Techo Master
Go to Wisdom on the Mystery Training School

Trading Post

A handy mini guide to the trading post.

Trading Post Main: Will take you back to the main page above.
Browse Lots: Will take you to the search box
Offers you have made: Will show you pending transactions
Your items: Will take you back to your inventory.

Browsing the lots

Creating a Trade

Your Trades

Making an Offer


Do your research before making an offer to make sure your getting it for the right price.
Also when bidding on paintbrushes please make sure it does not have PLUSHIE on the end before you bid.
These will NOT paint your pet


Mumbo Pango is one hungry coconut god back in 2000 he gobbled most of the neopets team! Only Pop Tart lived to tell the tale!

The Victims

1st: Monster Boy
2nd: Styrofoam Bob
3rd: Cookie
4th: Zurvix
5th: Paper Dragon
6th: Number 6
7th: Mr. Plaid
8th: Electric Blue Monkey
9th: Dr. Monroe
10th:Bye-Gon Jinx
11th: Mr. Roboto
12th: Tiger Catcher

Mystery Island Volcano Plot

This was one of Neopia's early plots and was purely a puzzle involving the 5 guardians of Mystery Island. It starts when they are kidnapped and we find various clues that lead to an evil shaman trying to destroy the island. The players had to think of the incantation to stop the shaman (which was begoneevilshamanofdarkness).
The full solution can be found here

Trophies and Avatars

The trophies you could of received were:

These 3 avatars are very rare and unfortunately not available anymore:
Finish in the top 100 of the plot.
Finish in the top 10,000 of the plot
Free Jhuidah using the Tagabo Potion

Mystery Games

The fun never stops on Mystery Island!


You're leaving? Already, oh well.

Come Back Soon!