Hello, young one. I see you've stumbled upon FireClan's guild webbie. It's alright, calm down; you are safe here. What's that? You'd like to learn more about the Clan? Are you sure? Well, alright, then, but I must warn you: once you have unlocked its secrets, there is no turning back.

FireClan is a lit + warriors roleplay guild. This is the remake of its predecessor, which was successful in its glory days, but unfortunately fell prey to inactivity and loss of members. Its leader called the guild "dead". Dead? No, no. FireClan is never dead, never lost. It remains in the hearts of many forever ... never forgotten.


The rules, you see, must be followed at all times. Young one, if you are to survive in FireClan as one of its true warriors, you must do so.
They are quite simple really, and very similar to most guilds' rules on neopets; but if you are to join the guild, you must must must read them.

I. Follow the rules of TNT and obey the word of admins. First and foremost, I'd like for all members to be respectful of the rules on neopets, which means no cursing or swearing on the boards, no fighting or being mean to your fellow members. I also enforce those rules, and add some of my own: no arguments or disputes on the board. If the fight is absolutely necessary, take it somewhere else. You may not cause or encourage in any way fights between members on the guild boards.
II. No powerplaying or godmoding. Powerplaying and godmoding are indeed different actions. Powerplaying is playing as another member's character without their permission, while godmoding is making your cat invincible in battle during roleplay. Neither of these are allowed at all. This means no defeating your enemies in one swipe, or knowing all the battle moves when you are a kit, or sending another player's cat to StarClan without them saying it's alright. Just think: would you like it if someone else decided to play as your character like it was theirs? Do you think it would be fun to have your cat k!lled in battle without your consent? I didn't think so, so treat others and their characters how you want you and yours to be. Your cat must also act age appropriate: if he or she is a kit, then make him or her act like one. It can't suddenly be invincible, and it definitely can't grow up in a day to become an apprentice.
III. Be literate and roleplay warriors traditionally. I cannot stress this enough: the guild is a LITERATE warriors roleplay; not semi-lit. This means you must punctuate and capitalize correctly each post you write, and it never hurts to do a spell and grammar check before posting; no one-liners, please. We all know everyone has their creative blocks, but it's so it's okay to talk like this with no capitals when in ooc, but make sure to capitalize while in character. Also, no weird names like 'Plaidpaw' or 'Fairykit'. Cats don't know what plaid or fairies are, and they only name their cats after what they find in the forest, like types of trees (holly, ash, willow), things occurring naturally in the forest (leaf, pebble, bark), or even types of prey (squirrel, crow, mouse). Please be creative with your name and do not copy others' names, but make sure it is realistic.
IV. Be as active as you can. This rule is not as important as the others, but it is still a rule. Roleplay whenever you get the chance (when you are online and one or two other members are online at the same time and for more than ten minutes) but don't just make it pointless. Please tell Logan or other admin when you are going on vacation or why you are going to be inactive for a certain amount of time before you do. If you are quitting the guild, don't just quit. Tell Logan why you quit.


The current plot can be found on this page. Each time a plot is finished, the guild will brainstorm to make a new plot, then will roleplay that plot, and so on.


When an earthquake rips through the FireClan camp, the Clan is dealt a devastating blow. Its leader, Morningstar, along with many other cats were swallowed by the fissure in the earth. Now, as FireClan--reduced to merely a small, close group of cats--struggles to recover from the disaster, trouble is brewing. An ancient evil has returned, bent on revenge. FireClan will be stronger together after this dark force is put back in its place--if the cats can survive the encounter.


There are many different ways to make your way through the ranks of FireClan, both in and out of character.

In Character. If you have a kit that wants to become an apprentice, or an apprentice waiting to be named a warrior, or your warrior wants to become deputy, it's easy! All you need is loyalty and activity. Your kit must stay and act like a kit for two weeks, and then it will become an apprentice. However, you must roleplay it often or it will be ignored.
As for apprentices, their training is much longer; they must stay apprentices for five to six weeks, depending on your activity and how much you roleplay the apprentice. Your mentor must also agree that you have trained well and that you are ready to become a warrior.
If you want your cat to become deputy, medicine cat, etc. then just apply for the council position once he or she is a warrior and be active, loyal, and helpful to the guild. But remember, other warriors will want the position too, so even if you apply and do a great job in and out of roleplay you may not get it.
Out of Character. The general rank system is the same in character as it is out of character; when your cat moves up a position in roleplay, it will be promoted to that same position in the guild. Just keep trying hard to achieve your goals.


You may make up to three cats in roleplay, but if you want to make a new one, you must have permission from Logan (you might get allowance to make over three because of a plot). Otherwise, you may not exceed the character limit.
Do not kill off your cat the same day you make it; if you don't like the character you made, maybe you shouldn't have made it. Keep it alive unless Logan gives permission to you; it might be an important death in an upcoming plot!
The character form you must send to have your cat on the cat page is as follows. Also, don't forget to find a picture for your cat. If you can't just send a description to Logan and she'll find one for you. As your cat ages, his or her picture will be updated.

Name. pretty self-explanatory. Just put the name according to rank. If it's a rogue/loner/etc. then put that name.
Age. also obvious. How many moons your cat has lived.
Rank. put the Clan rank or what your cat's status is (rogue clan, rogue, loner, kittypet, etc.) If a warrior, put whether your character is senior, young, or a queen.
Gender. female or male?
Personality. how does your character act? what are his/her quirks? how is this cat different or similar to other cats, and what makes him or her unique?
Past. explain what happened in this cat's past- you might want to include why he or she acts a certain way, or why he or she chooses to do the things he or she does.
Name of Roleplayer. Not everyone visiting the cat page will know who plays who.


Name. Sootstar
Age. 25 moons
Rank. Leader
Gender. Tom
Personality. The leader is a responsible tom who enjoys order and organization. He always has to make sure that everything is going smoothly in the Clan. He doesn't take any kind of disloyalty. When he's not leading the Clan, he's chatting with Clanmates; he can be friendly when he wants.
Past. Sootstar is a FireClan cat through and through; his bloodlines can be traced back to the founder of FireClan. He was raised during a time of peace and prosperity, and wishes for his Clan to remain like so for the duration of his reign as leader. Unfortunately, his mate, Rainspots, was k!lled in the earthquake.
Roleplayer. Ash


Name. Otterheart
Age. 15 moons
Rank. Young Warrior
Gender. She-cat
Personality. Otterheart is a young warrior but is not afraid to voice her opinions. She is strong and steady in her mind and body and one of the best swimmers in the Clan.
Past. As a kit, she was orphaned, so she wasn't heavily affected by the earthquake. She has learned to support herself through her lonely past.
Roleplayer. Lemon


Name. Ashpaw
Age.11 moons
Rank. Senior apprentice
Gender. She-cat
Personality. Quite the perfectionist, Ashpaw can get pretty down on herself when she does something wrong. However, she likes to hear what her mentors have to say about her--good or bad--so that she can improve on her warrior skills as best she can.
Past. She's not fully FireClan, but Ashpaw is loyal to the bone. She is Sootstar's niece, but after her non-Clan mother left the territory and the earthquake took out her father (Sootstar's brother) she has become somewhat of a daughter to him. She holds his opinion in highest esteem.
Roleplayer. Ash


Name. Skykit
Age. 3 moons
Rank. Kit
Gender. She-cat
Personality. As a kit, it's expected for her to be easily excited, but Skykit is especially eager to explore and learn about warrior duties. She sometimes tries to leave camp with the warrior patrols to help hunt, but her misguided courage often gets her into trouble.
Past. Unlike many of the other FireClan cats, Skykit was not orphaned by the earthquake--not completely, anyway. Her father, Sootstar, is still alive, but Rainspots, her mother, died trying to escape from the nursery.
Roleplayer. Ash

Name. Rosekit
Age. 3 moons
Rank. Kit
Gender. She-cat
Personality. Soft-spoken and quiet, Rosekit is a sweet, shy, and compassionate kit. However, she is also very naive and easily influenced by the cats around her. Rosekit does not tend to speak out about her opinions if they're different from the others and prefers to keep quiet.
Past. Like many of the Fireclan cats, Rosekit was orphaned in the earthquake, losing both her mother and father. With nobody left who was especially close to her, Rosekit prefers to keep to herself.
Name of Roleplayer. Violet


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