Welcome to Snowfall12553's petpage! It seems that you've stumbled onto our FAQ/About Us page. Here you'll find some Frequently Asked Questions as well as a little bit about Snowfall, Coldfire, and Aroiis! I hope you enjoy.

Also, don't hesitate to drop me a neomail! Although these are the answers to a lot of questions I get, I don't mind new questions or comments on my stories at all. :3


Some of these questions I haven't been asked, but I think it's good to show what I would say and its explanation. So here we go...

Hi! I'm (insert name here). What's your name?
Well, my username is vanessa1357924680, but you can just call me vanessa or Bianca, seeing as that's my real first name (after all, it's on my userlookup). Anything beyond that, such as my last name, is something that you don't need to concern yourself with. :P

What's with all of the numbers in your username?
*blush* Okay, there is a somewhat reason for this; bear with me. When I first joined neopets, a couple of my friends and I were reading this book with a bunch of main characters who we thought were similar to us in some way. Everyone thought that the character named "vanessa" was the most like me, so I chose that name. However, as you can guess, plain old "vanessa" was already taken, and the simple number combinations like "123" were gone also. I didn't want a number at the end that I couldn't remember, so I kept trying commonly used combinations, but they all were taken. Eventually, I got so frustrated, I jokingly typed in all of the odd and then even numbers, expecting them to already be taken, but they weren't, and that's how I got my name.

When did you start writing?
Honestly, it seems like I've been writing forever, but let me think... I guess I started writing when I was little, usually poems and the like. I then moved on to freeverse and then eventually stories. In fourth grade, my best friend and I attempted to write a 100 page story and although it never worked out, we did end up writing quite a lot and it was good practice.

As for on neopets, I've been writing since a few months after I started playing with my first series, The Crystal Eye Prophecy. It was only two parts long, but with its acceptance, it got me more into writing than ever!

What are some of your favorite books?
Well, I love Harry Potter (especially the 3rd one) and all of the Pendragon books by DJ MacHale-- they are simply amazing and I recommend them to everyone. I also really enjoyed The Warrior Heir, The Hunger Games, and The Mortal Instruments Trilogy to name a few.

Wow! I really love your story [insert story name here]! Are you going to write a sequel?
Why thank you! I enjoy writing a lot and I'm glad you commented on my work (I like this type of mail; it makes me feel happy that others are enjoying my work as much as I do!)

As for sequels, for the most part the answer is no. I occasionally bring Jesc and Jhudora back for things (such as in the Roomies Ruin), but that's about it. Of course, I may wake up one day and have a great idea for a sequel, but I have no plans for any at the moment.

Will you be my neofriend?
I'm always flattered that people would want to be friends with me, but I honestly don't chat much on neopets, so the answer is usually no. However, feel free to drop me a neomail if you so desire!

Hey! Will you join my guild?
As with the above question, I'm sorry, but no. I'm not a very talkative person on neopets and I just don't have the time to join a guild currently.

[Insert pet name here] wants to challenge Coldfire12553/Snowfall12553/Aroiis to the Battledome!
With the new Battledome, this may actually be a yes--but I need to train someone. All my pets are a bit on the weak side...

Hi! I was wondering if you had any tips on getting into the Neopian Times?
*Gasp* Doth mine ears deceive me? I'm honored that you would ask me... *bows as audience claps and cheers* ...and of course I'll give you some tips (though please take everything with a grain of salt)! Now here we go:

First off, in order to write a story, you need an idea. I'm not a fan of getting ideas from other people; I like ideas to come from me, no matter how frustrating it is to pull one out of my head, which is why it takes so long for me to write a story. As for my number one place where ideas form: while showering. Yes mom and dad, that's why I take so long...

Now that you have a rough idea, you need characters. Think about them a bit, about their personality, their looks, their ideas, thought process, how they'll react in your plot scheme, etcetra. Once you have some really cool characters, grab a pencil and paper (or situate yourself in front of the computer) and write, write, write! Let the ideas flow freely and try to make it sound nice using words from a thesaurus or spicing it up with similes or personification.

Finally, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD! Proofread as many times as possible until everything is sounding right and there are as little gramatical/spelling errors as possible. Then, go to the Neopian Times Submission page, copy and paste your story, click "send" and hope for the best. Don't worry if it's rejected: tweak it a bit and then try again. I've gotten rejected a bunch of times, and although it's disappointing, don't stop trying! And if one story doesn't work out so well, try another! More practice means better writing, and after all, if you give up, we could all be missing out on a great story. :)

For more tips and guidelines, click here for a page written by schefflera, and here for a Neopian Times Article entitled "A Guide for Future NT Stars" written by fierwym. They're both really helpful and should help you get on your way to writing in no time.

And if this answer still didn't help you, or you still have questions, don't hesitate to neomail me!

Why didn't you answer my neomail?
I didn't? Wow... I'm so sorry! I try to answer every neomail I get: If people take a few minutes out of their lives to write something to me, it's the least I can do to write them back! So once again, I'm so sorry! However, if you sent me a neomail that comprised of only one word such as "Hi!" or "My name is (insert username here)" or some random thing of gibberish, then I tend not to respond, because for one I don't know why you neomailed me, and secondly: How would I respond back? With another "hi"? That would just add more work to the lives of the countless Weewoos dedicated to the service of neomail throughout Neopia, and I happen to like Weewoos quite a lot, thank you very much. :)

Another possible reason I may not have answered you is if your neomail is set for "friends only." If that is so, I won't be able to answer you unless you click here and make sure that the Only Neofriends Can Contact box is unchecked.

Wow! I really like your userlookup! How did you make it?
Why thank you! I'm quite bad at html and the likes so I'm glad you like it! I used the code from this tutorial, and the topmost image was made by me in Microsoft Paint (yes, just plain old Paint) from images all over the site: from backgrounds, trading cards, etc. The background is sometimes created by me, but if it isn't, then credit will always be somewhere on userlookup. :)

I noticed that you have a gallery and I was wondering if I could donate something to be put in your collection?
Wow! Yes, I do have a gallery and if you want to donate something to help it out, that's fine with me. In fact, I find it touching that people would do that, and besides the item being up, I'll also make sure to put your username on my Thank You Blog (the red one with the Weewoo) for everyone to see your generosity. So THANK YOU!

However, as of late I've recently changed my gallery so that it only displays stuff mentioned in one of my NT stories (see my wishlist.). If you donated a pen or pencil, I've kept your name in the blog, however, and I still thank you very much.

Hey, I was wondering if I could use your characters for my own story...
Ehhh... Okay, for this one it all depends. For starters, certain characters, like Jhudora, Queen Fyora, and Illusen are already Neopets characters. In other words, I don't own them, so feel free. However, as for Jesc, Jim, Jan, Arisca, Mrs. Pierce, Roselia, etc; Aggggg.... I think I'd feel a bit uncomfortable letting other people use them, no matter how careful you promise to be. There could be exceptions, maybe for members of the NTWF, but it all depends on what you're writing, etc.

Can I draw you a piece of fan art for one of your stories?
*Jaw Drop* Of course you can! I'm really not the best artist in the world, so I am utterly amazed by anyone who can draw, let alone someone who draws something inspired by one of my stories! If you do give me a piece of fan art, I'll be sure to display it here for the world to see. And thank you so much!

Who is that fourth pet on your userlookup?
My permanent neopets on this account are Snowfall12553, Coldfire12553, and Aroiis. (CaptainFaer is another pet of mine but he is on my side account). If you see a fourth pet on my main account, that is a pet I picked up from the pound and is currently zapping with the lab ray. After I finish zapping him/her into something interesting, I put him/her up for adoption, hoping that someone who has always dreamed of this sort of pet would be able to get him/her. If you are ever interested in this fourth pet (remember: NOT Snowfall, Coldfire, or Aroiis), then feel free to drop me a neomail!

Just for a reference, the pets I have labbed so far are: Quennlyn the Grey Bori, Amarrnith the Maraquan Jubjub, Aystrum the Maraquan Grarrl, Maracthe the Mutant Kougra, Genimie the Maraquan Acara, Evermore_ the Robot Bori, and Zeerce the 8-bit Zafara.

I'll add more questions once they're asked/I think of some, but now onto my pets...


Hello, vanessa1357924680! It's nice to meet you!

Gender: Female
Age: hours
Level: 8
Strength: 12
Defense: 9
Intelligence: 173
Painted Speckled: April 27, 2008

Snowfall12553 is the wonderful Speckled Gelert pictured above. She is quite patient, a huge fan of the Lost Desert Yooyuball team, and loves reading, especially the Neopian Times. Naturally green, she originally wanted to be painted Snow because of her namesake, but after some thought, we decided that Speckled suited her much better.

Now that she's finally painted, Snowfall enjoys her life as a Speckled Gelert, relaxing in our neohome, reading anything she can get her paws on, and traveling with me and Coldfire12553 as we venture around Neopia. She loves visiting Mystery Island, Faerieland, and, of course, the Lost Desert (go Yooyuball!), and whenever we visit Terror Mountain she loves to go snowboarding and skiing. She also helps me out with all of the puzzles in the latest plots. As for food, Snowfall loves things such as tchea fruit, ummagines and, of course, chocolate!


Oh, and let me introduce you to Snowfall12553's petpet, Twalayla the Gwalla! By nature, Gwallas love to play on the snowy peaks of Terror Mountan, and that's where Snowfall first met her. Ever since, the two have been inseparable and love spending time together!


Hey, vanessa1357924680! I'm Coldfire12553! Nice meeting you!

Gender: Female
Age: 1487 days
Level: 25
Strength: 32
Defense: 22
Intelligence: 22
Painted Pirate: July 11, 2008

(Stats note: since this technically isn't Coldfire's petpage, her stats aren't updated automatically so they may be slightly off. These were her stats on May 16, 2008. You have been warned... *onimous music plays in the background*)

Anyway, the Pirate Ixi pictured above is Coldfire12553. She's very active, a tad stubborn, and adores the Krawk Island Yooyuball team. Originally a red Ixi, she waited year after year for Ixis to be able to be painted Pirate, and finally her dream has come true.

Coldfire loves to travel all of Neopia with me and Snowfall! If she could, she's said that she would have a different neohome on every different Neopian land, especially Krawk Island, Shenkuu, Maraqua, and Faerieland. She also spends her time helping me narrate all of my stories on her petpage and playing games such as Eye of the Storm and Crisis Courier. And as for food, she loves ummagines, baggusses, and the occasional chocolate faerie cake!


Prepare to meet Coldfire's petpet, Scotchmel the white Weewoo! Coldfire loves anything that has to do with Krawk Island, and during a recent visit, she happened to spot Scotchmel whistling from his spot atop a mast of one of the docked ships. It didn't take long for the two to taking a liking to one another, and now they're always side-by-side!


What's up?

Gender: Male
Age: 339 hours
Level: 1
Strength: 13
Defense: 13
Intelligence: 11
Painted Christmas: April 26, 2009
Painted Halloween: July 27, 2009

(Stats note: since this technically isn't Aroiis' petpage, his stats aren't updated automatically so they may be slightly off. These were his stats on May 10, 2009. You have been warned... *onimous music plays in the background*)

Meet Aroiis, the newest addition to the family. He's a pretty chill guy who likes to be called "Aro" for short, and although he was quite shy at first, he's become a steeple in our family. Originally blue, he was then painted Christmas, and has now finally been painted Halloween!

Before living with us, Aroiis didn't have much of a chance to explore Neopia. However, he really loves Altador, Shenkuu, and the Haunted Woods. He enjoys playing sports like Gormball and Yooyuball, he loves rock music although has a subtle taste for classical at times, and he's pretty light-hearted. Plus, as the the only male in the family, he's usually the voice of reason in many of our female fights.


Here's a big welcome to Kelvin, the newest petpet in our family! This Fire Yooyu was found for Aro after uncovering his love of Yooyuball, and the two are constantly playing mock games in the backyard. Also, when the summer rolls around, they love venturing to Altador together to roam the streets and play with fellow amateur Yooyuballers.

Thank You!

Without further ado, I would like to than you for visiting our "About Us" page. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please drop me a neomail! Also, I have to say thanks a million to sunnyneo.com for the coding help! Without them, this would just be a plain white background with boring black text.

So, until further notice, we bid thee adieu! *Prepares to break into song, possibly from The Sound of Music*

Snowfall12553: If I were you, vanessa1357924680, I'd leave now before things get ugly.

Coldfire12553: Ditto. But thanks for coming, and see you soon!

Oh! Before I forget, make sure to check out some of the links above! Most are just normal neopets navigation links, but there are some cool links as well.

Coldfire's Petpage is a compilation of all my Neopian Times stories, Storytelling wins, and Poetry contest wins, along with info on each one.

Aroiis' Petpage has a list of my NT goals, my wishlist, and a list of stories I'm currently working on.

Fan Art Page has exactly that: fan art drawn by others of characters in my stories. (There is only one piece right now, but it's so awesome I needed to make a Fan Art Page).

The link that reads "My NT Stories" is just a link to the Neopian Times that shows everything I have published if you're looking for something to read.


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