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Smiley Guide

TNT's smiley page is here. It doesn't have all the smilies, though.

What is a smiley?

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines the word "smiley" as:

(in electronic communications) a symbol that represents a smiling face, typically formed by the characters :-) and used to indicate that the writer is pleased or joking.

So, in other words, a smiley is a symbol inserted into an electronic conversation to display emotion or tone. On Neopets, however, some smilies are transformed into images like .


Here are codes and information for some of the image smilies on Neopets. This table includes some of the basic smilies and all of the smilies that are not present on TNT's smiley page.

For boards, you simply type in the "board code" to make the smiley, but for petpages, lookups, guilds, etc. you need to copy the code under HTML. Case does not matter when using board codes.

Image Board code HTML