Name: Haku Rahouk
Alias: The Devil
Gender: Male
Species: Draik
Painted: UC Darigan
Occupation: Band Musician
Role: Singer/Screamer, Lead Vocals

Personality: Very extremely arrogant and self absorbed into his own world. Careless about what he says or does to other people but has great passion for those that loyally follow him and do as he asks. Has a pretty bad attitude about nearly everything and often will act like the world owes him and that other people are merely in his way all together. Not the most pleasant creature to be around but is vastly known for superior singing and screaming ski.lls in music and ranked #4 overall. Being a man of noise thunderstorms are possibly his favorite things ever.

Skacal and Malin are the original creators of Spopple and siblings. Fruguol is the long time drummer and best friend to Skacal since they were all kids. They formed it back in 2012 and have since gained a massive fanbase for not only the music but the band itself are of huge interest thanks to the ever talented Malin and close bond of the band. Recently it seems things went astray for them when Skacal publicly outed the lead singer as a thief and cheater, they unanimously kicked him out.

Since then things have been rocky between the three remaining members. Some have speculated this is the end for them as already they have chewed through three other perfectly good singers. It is often blamed on Malin for their reasons of ditching out but it has never been confirmed as to why.

Band member profiles:
Malingira Yozura: is tough as nails and mean as sin for such a young girl. She is known to be violent and one astounding guitar player. Malin is also characteristically short in size and is often known as 'The Shrimp Dragon' affectionately by fans referring to her size and temper. Its known her and the former singer might have had a thing but nobody knows if that's the real reason he was kicked out. She is very vocal about her opinions and seen as the front man for the band. It is widely known she writes the lyrics for most the songs.

Skacal Yozura: is Malin's older brother and a cackling jerk. He is rambunctious and highly playful on stage and fans adore him for it. When it comes to his sister he can be pretty protective and has been known to knock some dudes out to keep her safe. Like his sister he is great at bass and regular guitar though he prefers bass. Together they make an amazing team almost mind linking it seems when playing they can create great music off each other. When not on stage Skacal rarely voices things unlike his sister but it is usually sarcastic and rude if he does.

Fruguol Buffingotn: is the drummer for the band. He is just another dime a dozen like most drummers and not very exceptional in his sklls compared to the other two, however he is lucky in that he's known them both since kids. Him and Skacal share a brotherly bond and affection though never show this side to the public. He is very friendly and can be rather chatty often taking over interviews and social situations for the other two to coast through. He is also a known wannabe ladies man that fails horribly.

I don't think it can really be disputed about the fact I love UC Darigans. I currently own nine of them, nine. That is a lot of one color and a lot of UCs. Matter of fact it consists of almost half of my 20 allowed pet slots. I have worked very very hard for each and every one of them in various different ways though most were through trading. I feel rather oddly complete, though I am missing arguably the most important piece of the puzzle.

My goal for my Darigans the past year has been to get what I like to think of as the King. I traded up and up and up towards this goal unconsciously actually before the inspiration hit. More scaling up the mountain and I managed to land myself into UC P/R/D/K tiers. The super scary ones and I had never been up there before. I won't bore you, mistakes were of course made due to inexperience but low and behold I achieved a massive goal. Only it came with an interesting twist for instead of landing a King, I got a Queen in Muhallaz my UC Dari Wocky.

Don't get me wrong I am fiercely proud of obtaining her and wouldn't trade her for the world, but that's the problem. I won't trade her, I can't she stole my heart as I always knew one of these would. Single handedly she ended my greatest trading string and made me hold back on the true goal which is a King. For a time I thought I might be okay just stopping there count my blessing and such with such a rare beautiful pet but the pull is still there inside. I've tried thinking up a decent compromise to replace this spot too but it just doesn't fit right in my head. I need my King Lizard, I have my Queen Cat. What is a King without a Queen and vice versa?

This is where your Rahouk comes in and why I want him. I LOVE the irony of having the highest 'tier' and one of the most sought after of Darigans coupled together with one of the lowest (my Shoyru). Again I will say it many more times during this app but he is a King, I want one of the literal kings of the Darigan coloring to fulfill this spot as is deserving of them. Most importantly and why Muhallaz couldn't have filled this spot even if I had gender changed her is because the theme for this is the Purple dragons of Darigan. Muhallaz is a bright red fluffy cat as comical as that could have been.

He would in truth not be a traditional king with a kingdom however, but at the same time he kinda would. What is a King without his audience? His loyal followers and subjects? Where every other person besides those of his family and friends hang on his every word like some descendant of the heavens.

My version of a Kingdom fit for this King is that of the bus he travels in to be the castle, his subjects a crowd of party-goes ready to rock out and obey his every word. The stage the one place he owns and he knows it, his family a small band of fellow UC Darigan, purple, dragons. My King is a rockstar in every sense of the word.

Hopefully you can see this vision of mine and understand how important it is I fulfill this spot finally. I can not complete my Darigan Dragon band without the lead singer and most important part! I hope you enjoy this next part, for while I may be applying for your Draik to come to a new home, he is really applying to join my band. It's a beautiful irony I've been waiting to use for a long time.

This serves multiple purposes and is only a prologue chapter for the real story . Just a small snapshot for me to test personalities and interactions between the various people. The real deal will have viewpoints through everyone but for the purpose of the app the interview is through Rahouk.

Slowly the line was shrinking, or rather the waiting room. It was the ultimate sizing up contest in here all the other guys measuring their competition through stolen glances, mostly gone unseen, and death glares across the room. I didn't give any of the other freaks in here the time of day though, I was above them after all. I ended my last band just because I was sick of the drama and had plenty of money at the time to do it and survive. Turns out The Kings pockets aren't actually bottomless though and five years later I needed back into the game.

I had bid my time wisely waiting for just the right band to surface needing a new lead singer. They had to have the right sound, the right attitude and at least a certain level of fame. Wouldn't matter though once announced I had joined up they would shoot into super fame in an instant. That's what happens when you get famous, might have already been five years since I had dropped out of the scene but I was certainly still relevant in all facets of music. Still though this band had to impress me to deserve me since nobody would realistically turn me down, they would have to be crazy.

Slowly we were shrinking as interviews took place. This band was known for being pretty tough to get into and stay in. Already they had chewed through their original singer and two guys after but I wasn't worried. Rumors had it this band was ruled with an iron claw by the female of them. People called her something stupid like 'The Shrimp Dragon' whatever that meant. Didn't matter though because I was going to tame this girl and make her bow to ME In all my research though something about the girl in the pictures was familiar. Her eyes were always what grabbed me an their weird crystal blue way.

When my turn came I was more then ready. When I arrived to the room, I wasn't surprised by what greeted me behind a standard interview table. In the center was a smaller sized girl, unremarkable and nothing special besides her neon pink highlight in her otherwise dark hair and clothing. The one pop of color in the room really. On her left was a big burly bear of a guy that could only be described as a drummer, unremarkable in every way. On her right was probably the one known to be her brother, he was just staring down at his extended feet uninterested in the situation.

Well they weren't very impressive off stage. I could change that. Shrimp Dragon was already staring me down and ripping me apart inside though with a worthy glare. Had to admit it was unnerving and charging the atmosphere with hostility. Something, interestingly enough, her brother seemed to pick up on as he looked to her and then to me with curiosity now. It was clear they had a strong bond just from that.

Across the table from them a lone chair sat waiting and extended for me. I was above them though and this chair was not mine to take. It after all had for the past numerous hours held lower musicians that had failed to impress this band already. I was not going to stoop down on the same level of the band I would remain above them as I belonged.

Without anyone else so much as making a sound the girl started things of in an unexpected way. Next

Immediately Drummer Boy looked to her shocked Malin! You haven't even heard him yet! He exclaimed stunned. The brother just continued to ana.lyze me before saying, He has the right look as if that mattered much.

Before anything else could really happen I interrupted them all So I'm Haku, your new King and lead singer. Drummer boy laughed at that, a deep rumbling bellow fitting for his size.

This ones got some guts, He nudged Malin You two would have some awesome duets. While you try and strangle each other! He erupted into a fit of laughs and The Brother followed. Good friends was what I got from this between them all.

When they finally calmed down I started again. So when do I start? I'm sure you all know who I am Arrogance was key with bands. You didn't apply for the positions you made them yours. Especially if you were a lead singer role you had to show they could trust you in times of need. I'm your leader now shut up and follow my lead. After all singers were the main talkers were they not? That had always been my favorite thing to say to my former band.

I'm your Singer trust me in times of need,
Now shut up, follow my lead.

Always did have a nice ring to it.

The boys seemed to be throwing one another uncertain glances now. Both flicking their eyes to Malin then looking back up at each other undecided from her lack of reaction and interest. A secret conversation written in strong bonds where words weren't needed at all. Being a man that dealt exclusively with words for a living this was something I had always admired of other band members besides the singers. They did know who I was right?

Look dude... the brother started before becoming lost for words. Drummer boy picked it up, Skacal doesn't socialize much besides with a guitar.

I do to. The brother, Skacal muttered throwing his friend an exasperated look of embarrassment.

You do not. Dummer said in a finalized tone before looking back up to me, Look man we need some samples. Screaming ain't for everyone. This blew my mind, they didn't know me.

Screaming? I asked thrown off now by this knowledge. I looked to Malin now curiously, she knows me but they don't? How? I pointed at her. She has obviously heard my work considering she wanted to throw me out earlier.

That is true, you must be garbage then. Drummer boy snickered sitting back in his chair now amused. Nobody made fun of me, I had worked too hard for the respect I got on stages and I was not to be mocked by some low grade band, especially by a drummer. They were a dime a dozen in this genre and easily replaced. Now was my turn to glare, did the temperature in the room heat up or maybe it was just me getting all hot headed.

For the second time now Malin finally spoke though she was still avoiding looking at me and playing mindlessly with a pen. This is Haku Rahouk, lead singer of Indecency. she said. Former Indecency. She looked up at me now through her lashes and once more as always with images of this girl on the internet, something was hauntingly familiar about her eyes. Crystal blues like that of a Husky, bordering on white.

Her words changed everything in the room though as both drummer boy and Skacal now looked at me with the awe and respect I had been waiting for. Both now realized and recognizing their new King was extremely gratifying. Drummer boy seemed stunned to silence momentarily before he spoke again, Why didn't you say something?

Doesn't matter that's a snake She pointed at me accusingly now with the pen. My reputation proceeded me in her eyes, but for the other two, it meant far more and they saw the potentials of my already established fame just as I did. The boys were growing on me but this girl really was infuriating.

Drummer boy stressed her name now as if in physical pain, Malinnnn He looked at her pleading. His greed to have me join now evidently written all over his face.

Skacal now spoke, I think she is tired of interviews for the day Fru he said while observing his sister trying to puzzle her out.

I'm not tired She snapped. Again her final straw to the conversation was simply Next and both boys silenced themselves.

I just stood there through it all and now let out a sly smile. Look ladies, I addressed them all and was rewarded by both boys looking offended. As they should be being ruled over by a small girl like her. Just a case of bad attitude surely it couldn't match mine though.

You need me. Plain and simple and you all know it. I looked directly at Malin now and was once more haunted by her odd familiarity. You and me together, our voices would be unbelievable. None of that weak stuff like I've seen before. No we can be the King and Queen of that stage and we can make the screaming hordes of demonic fans ours. We can command them with our voices combined and hypnotize them with the screams of your guitar, the pounding of the drums, the fire in your brothers heart that I have seen on stage from you three. We can ascend and transcend into far more the just another band. We can be the rulers of the bands. Let it all out Haku. This seemed to trigger something in her I wasn't expecting though.

Instead of being met with her normal hostility I watched her soften up before my eyes. Both boys hung on, waiting for her final say on the matter, I knew this really would be the last words in this interview and my fate was in her hands. I didn't want to admit it but this band in particular, I wanted into. The boys understood their lower positions compared to the singers. This girl aggressive as she was I wanted to unravel her mysteries. I wanted to know why she was so familiar to me but most importantly, and greedily enough, I was depending on this so I wouldn't go bankrupt.

This band had all the right potential to become what Indecency had failed to be.

Malin rose out of her seat and stretched This interview is over. She stated with absolute finality. Her boys got up to follow her lead and I felt my heart sink sadly for once, failure was not an option.

Some instinct in me made me say her full name, just once. Malingira Again I was struck by how I seemed to know her so well. As far as I knew her full name was not in the public eye. I watched the entire band look to her now ever curious as myself on her reaction.

She hesitated before softening again. I noticed her hand moved to her right arm to slide softly over a tattoo unconsciously. I couldn't make out what it said from here but it was words, a name? You didn't let me finish, she said softly, distantly, sadly. we have band practice tomorrow. Now she met my eyes, I saw hope and something else. Was that affection?

I was so thrown off by this it took me a moment to realize 'we' included me in that too. I couldn't think of anything to say so I simply nodded and she nodded back accepting that I understood her meaning. She hesitated a moment longer then practically ran from the room. Together us boys stared long and hard at the closed door confused and trying to make sense of what had just happened. A simple bonding time that might prove valuable later in time.

Extra Stuff and Things: Just some extra little things that I thought might be cool and fun to add into this. You know how people make adoptables for people to take and use? Well the whole band concept can have a creative twist to this via the band shirts route. I was thinking like I could take a name of a pet and highly stylize it or even 3D the text and then put it on a shirt base along with something relevant to the characters. Or of course if there is a logo or symbol related to them. Here are some quick examples I whipped up quickly as concepts. One thing I am in particular very stubborn about giving my pets is matching themes + fonts when they are active. I just over all have a matching obsession but here on Neo where I can control everything it's pretty bad. Fonts are something in particular I just love designing though for this band account this one in particular kinda just matches all of them and is universal besides that I change the red to match the characters. (yellow/gold for Fru, pink for Malin, red Skacal, and teal/purple for Haku) And now of course the ever typical customization show off of applications. Though of course these are always fun to do and be creative with.

They had already been walking together for at least half an hour, him leading. The tour was stopped for the night, the concert was tomorrow and they had the time to ki.ll. He kept checking his phone repeatedly to make sure they were going the right way. Haku had just left the safety of the tour buses and had turned around some minutes later to realize he had a silent follower. She reminded him all too often of being a ghost, a dark angry ghost.

Where are we going? He couldn't lie it took forever for her to ask him this and the anticipation had been murder. I'm pretty sure she could tell and had been enjoying it, she really was an expert in torment. Ever heard of Urbex? he asked. He was several paces ahead of her looking this way and that, scouting for people or potential fans down these back roads. Checking the map on his phone again looking for his destination. The setting needed to be just right for this, even as they slowly got to worse and worse parts of town. This was actually where you wanted to be looking for just the right Urbex spot.

Not a clue Malin replied after a minute of thinking it over. She sounded bored now. You are in for a magical experience then. Haku said between breaths like he was hiking, the sun was really beating down right now but he knew it was just because it was Golden Hour. The hour before the sun sets and the hour of it's rising, where everything has a lovely golden hue and feels like a magic time. Haku loved Urbexing in these hours. Urbex, He said is a combination of the words Uraban Exploring. It consists of exploring abandoned places mostly.

Sounds boring she said.

Haku shook his headYou are just a hater, THERE! he exlcaimed excited and quickly pointing as a rather large building came into view. It was only 5 stories tall but it was easily one of the taller buildings around. It was made of white bricks that were stained with heck knows what and looked perfectly grime filled with all kinds of nasty secrets. Bricks had fallen out in places but that was okay, it added to it's charm. The door was unlocked he could see because it got pushed around by the wind like a bully. Basically the place was a disgusting looking hot mess with a bit of a creep factor. It looked perfect to him.

You want me to go in there?She asked a little surprised and taken off guard for onceMy brother would skin you alive if he knewShe smirked at that, obviously enjoying this thought. Mischief was this girls favorite thing and most especially doing something she knew her brother would just hate. Pretty sure that's the only reason he often was followed by this girl, Skacal and Fru hated the idea.

Finally he stopped just outside the doors and askedYou game then? Haku was excited at this prospect. Even if the building turned out to be nothing special it would still matter the world to him. To have this creature at his side doing what he possibly loved more then creating music.

Looks exciting enoughShe said standing along his left side, once more showing total lack of disinterest though if he wasn't mistaken he could see the gleam in her eyes. This made him happy in a way he didn't really know how to explain. He shrugged off his backpack now and settled down to sift through the contents.

Everything he could need was in this bag, radio's for communication, flashlights, watches, bandages, masks and so on. One thing he liked to do though most of all was capture memories of these places, pictures. Inside were a few decent higher end camera's just for the job. He took one out along with two flashlights, one for each of them, and two masks, one for each and passed her the things.

She looked at the mask a little confused turning it over like it might have some kind of secrets. Why the mask?

For things like mold, abspestos and whatever other garbage might be floating around in there. He said snaping it on and adjusting it into place. He however had something pretty sweet to cover it. What had surely looked like a hoodies hood was actually a half mask for his face and was one of his favorite items to wear just in general. Mostly because it had a half skull printed on the front of it making a sort of x-ray effect. Next show he was going to play he was going to wear this, he just had to.

He checked to see if she was ready and found a look of awe struck written all over her eyes despite the mask. She quickly looked away though and at the building before plowing through the doors herself and immediately stopping. She looked back at him a little shy as he zipped back up the backpack and put it on to follow her. He could see why she stopped as it was solid blackness inside. He held up his flashlight and wiggled it in his hand at her before clicking it on and moving deeper. Malin followed his lead clicking on her own feeling stupid.

They explored the first floor and from what he could tell this was some kind of old abandoned school. Old desks and whiteboards, chairs a gym, papers literally everywhere in every room. More and more evidence as they climbed up the buildings floors. Glass from doors was smashed and littered the floors making it sound like they were walking in dirt despite the linoleum floors.

Vandals had clearly come and spray painted the walls wherever they could dodge the peeling paint. Haku lived for this, he almost wished he didn't have a mask on so he could breathe in the musty decay and remember it. He had often contemplated taking pieces of these properties to remember them buy but it wasn't his to take. That was what the pictures were for.

All along the path together they had shared in posing for a tasteful and artful image of one another. This was something new for him as often he would have to find something to stand his camera on and time pictures out. He took his time going up and by time he arrived to the fifth and final one Malin was leaning on a smashed open window looking out over the rest of everything. Golden Hour was over now and the sun was setting turning the pink in her hair violently vibrant.

Haku quickly snapped a picture alerting her to his arrival from the camera beeping but it didn't matter as he had gotten it. She just threw him a nasty glare before turning back to the sun, once more Haku was captivated by how beautiful she was right now in that lighting. Unable to resist he quickly moved forward and wrapped his arms around her from behind. He immediately felt her resistance.

No, no, no it's for another picture He blurted out just wanting to enjoy the moment. She leaned back giving up though her hands were still on his wrists ready to pry him off her.

Have to hand it to you jerk, it's beautiful up here but the building was kinda lame. Haku chuckled because he could tell watching her explore that the primal curiously in her had come out.

You looked like you were having fun to me little Dragon She instantly pried him off her then as he was expecting and he let her have it.

Don't call me that she sneered angry

Oh please. He scoffedWhat I wouldn't give to be called a dragon. Haku the Dragon King has a nice ring to it.

Get over yourself princeshe tried to insult him with degrading the Kingly title Hurry up and set up that last picture before the suns gone and it's too dark out to go home. She did have a point this place reeked of trouble at night.

He quickly set up the camera and they quickly agreed to do something rather unique. The sun was just low enough in the sky and the angle just right. It took a few attempts but eventually they got it and quickly began the rush out of the building and back to the tour running almost the whole way. Skacal and Fru were not in the least bit pleased to see them return together but Haku really couldn't care and strode right by them.

He didn't notice what Malin did and it didn't really matter to him as he was on a mission right now. He crawled into his bunk panting and sweating his heart out but unzipped his backpack and rolled over emptying everything and sifting through for his camera. He removed the memory card uploaded them to his laptop and instantly went to the last image and only one of them together.

Malin really was so short but she fit in this so perfect. He was wrapped around her looking over her shoulder at their hands, her hands were what looked liked cupped around the sun trying to hold it up. His own hands were under hers and the whole lighting made everything almost into silhouettes and where there was color it was sharp blazes of contrast. It really was a stunning picture to be proud of.

But his whole focus was currently on her arm tattoo she hid from the rest of everyone, he had been right when quickly glancing at the photo it for once it was exposed.

That really is a good picture He heard fondly behind him. Haku rolled out of his bunk and began clawing at his back to get the sticky shirt off and turned around for her to see his own back tattoo.

What does it say? He asked her. Of course since it was on his back he couldn't see it. He hadn't seen it or paid much attention it was just something he knew was there and probably for a creative reason. Malin hesitated for a long time so he simply said her name and almost right away she replied.

Malingira Yozura...Just as he had thought. With fear he whirled on her dropping his shirt back down catching her off guard and ripped her sleeve up her arm. The look of shock on her face was great, but sure enough there it was on her arm. Haku Rahuok

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