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About Painters Weekly

My name is Kat and I am the creator and owner of Painters Weekly. I created Painters Weekly because I often see users on the help board asking questions about paint brushes. These often include the current price of a paint brush. Well, I wanted to make one guide that I could give to people that will hopefully answer all of their questions and one that was updated often. Painters Weekly is updated every Saturday, so you know the prices are very close or exact. I try to include as much information as I could and there will be even more coming. Hopefully, Painters Weekly becomes big, and helps out lots of people, as that is my main goal.

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Do you have a question about any paintbrushes? Got a comment or suggestion for Painters Weekly? Problem with the price/ page? Send me a neomail! Please click the link that relates to what you have to say.

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March 28,2010
  • +1 new button
  • Listed at one new directory

  • March 27,2010
  • Prices updated!
  • SOTM ended at Astral and Painters Weekly placed 4th by one vote! Thanks to all who voted :) Don't forget to vote at A Thousand Cranes and Uniocto as well!
  • I entered Pre Perfection's SOTM
  • The counter hit 1000 visitors!

  • March 26,2010
  • Finished the banner request
  • + 1 new button!

  • March 25,2010
  • I've decided to update prices on Saturdays instead of Sundays, since I realized it would probably be easier for me.
  • I'm working on a new layout, but I'm still in the experimenting stage. A new layout will be up hopefully some time next week!
  • +1 FAQ
  • Got 1 banner request that I will complete tomorrow.

  • March 24,2010
  • The first Colourful Masterpiece award has been awarded to Soroptimist Directory!

  • March 23,2010
  • Did some tweaking
  • +1 affie
  • Received my first thumbs up with some really nice comments! All thumbs up comments will be screenied and added to the sitely section!
  • Added an awards for you section to extras and put up 1 award so far! I will be awarding it to sites later :)
  • Listed at one new directory
  • Applied for a review

  • March 22,2010
  • Finished 3 banner requests!
  • Redid the 3 premade banners
  • I got some nice comments from Calipeed who requested some banners, so I screenied it and added it to my fanmail!
  • +2 buttons
  • Added a thumbs up/down, go ahead and click one to let me know what you think! (Idea used with permission from Cass)

  • March 21,2010
  • Voting is now open at A Thousand Cranes! Spare a vote? Don't forget to spare a vote at Astral as well!
  • +2 affies
  • Got some requests and finished 3
  • I changed the request form so now you can request any type of banner for your pet!
  • I put the updates in a box so they don't scroll as far down the page
  • Added some affie requirements

  • March 20,2010
  • I'm entering Painters Weekly into some SOTM competitions today!
  • Voting has already started at Astral so please spare a vote for Painters Weekly!
  • More tweaking
  • Finished a banner request, but I think I'll change the requests to pet banners instead of just Not UFT/A banners
  • Applied for a review and scored 110/120 at Astral! (Award)

  • March 19,2010
  • Prices updated! I noticed quite a few went down, how nice!
  • 2 new FAQ
  • 1 new affie
  • I changed around the paint brush price page so it looks neater now
  • Did some tweaking
  • Added a mascot and some Not UFT/A banners in the extras section, check them out!
  • Finished the custom section in extras for not UFT/A banners. I'm done for today, check for more tomorrow!

  • March 18,2010
  • Painters Weekly is back! Yes, I missed it to much and there will always be people needing up to date information about paint brushes, so I decided to bring it back.
  • New layout and completely revamped, with fun extras coming soon!
  • There are still a few things that need tweaking and the prices need to be updated, but for the most part, PW is up and running again!
  • Now listed at Mount Olympus
  • About paint brushes

    What is a paintbrush?

    Paint brushes are magical items that change the colour of your pet. Paint brushes can help give your pets a personality, plus, their cool to look at. However, not all pets can be painted each colour. Take a look at the Rainbow Pool to see which colours your pet can be painted, before you go out and buy paint brush.

    How to get one

    There are several ways to get a paintbrush. If the paint brush is worth less than 99k, you would probably be able to find one using the Shop Wizard. If the paint brush is worth more than that, you could also try the Auction House using the Auction Genie. However, it is harder to get a paint brush in the auctions because there are often other users trying to get the same paint brush and you may end up spending more money in the long run. I would suggest checking the Trading Post when you are looking to buy a paint brush. You can often find what your looking for on the Trading Post and even haggle to get a lower price. If you want to haggle, you should neomail the other user first to see how low they would go, or try and cut a deal. You can not offer more than 800k per trade, so if you are purchasing a paint brush over 800k, you need to neomail the user and ask them to auction it. There are also paint brushes available at The Hidden Tower. You can get a Baby Paint brush, a royal paint brush and a Darigan Paint brush from there, but they are much more expensive there than at the Trading Post. Also, your account must be four months old before you can purchase something from The Hidden Tower. Another way to way to get a paint brush is from random events. These are very rare and usually make mention to a character named 'Jacko'. Having Neopets Premium increases your chance of random events, but not necessarily paint brush random events. The last way to get one is by playing games, wheels and contests. These include:
    Fruit Machine
    Wheel of Monotony
    Test Your Strength
    Alien Vending Machine
    Key Quest
    The Wishing Well

    How to use one

    To use your paint brush, make sure your paint brush is in your inventory and not your safety deposit box. Then, go to the Rainbow Pool. On the Rainbow Pool's home page, there will be a section called 'painting your Neopet'. In this section, it will show you the paint brushes you have and your neopets. Below each Neopet is a drop down bar. Choose the pet you want to paint and choose the paint brush from the drop down bar. That's it!

    Paint brush prices

    All paint brushes are listed in alphabetical order. Hover over the image to see the paint brush name and price. Click the paint brush to see which pets can be painted that colour. Prices are check on the trading post. Prices subject to change.

    Last Price Update: Mar 27, 2010
    Next Price Update: Apr 3, 2010


    What is a Lutari Paint brush? Does it paint my pets Lutari Island colour?
    No. The Lutari Paint brush is an inactive item, so it cannot be used to paint your pets. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon one, you can make a lot of Neopoints off of it since they are very expensive to buy. However it is unusable, so the only thing it would do is make a nice edition to your gallery.

    What is the best way to make money and save for a paint brush?
    This really depends, on you. Personally, I find the best way to save is by playing as many games as you can everyday. You can also restock, buy things for cheap and sell them for a profit. Don't forget to do your dailies everyday too! Kissmoto is a good dailies guide. Saving up takes time and effort but in the end, very rewarding!

    What is the best paint brush for my pet?
    This all depends on you and what you like. Visit the Rainbow Pool to see the colours your pet can be painted, then decide what you would like the best!

    Why is there no alien/ chocolate/ clay/ coconut/ custard/ fruit/ garlic/ ice/ jelly/ mallow/ robot/ snot/ sponge or msp paint brush?
    There is no paint brush for these colours because they are lab only colours. This means you can only get pets of these colours from the lab ray. See this guide for prices and info about the lab map.

    This paint brush says retired, does that mean I can't use it?
    That depends on what brush it is. If it is a glass or stone paint brush, you cannot use it. These colours have been retired from the site completely so they cannot be used at the rainbow pool, they are more of collectors items. All glass pets changed to Tyrannian colour and all stone pets changed to Mystery Island colour when the paint brushes were retired. However, any other paint brushes that say retired, are still usable. The 'retired' just means that they are getting more rare and are only given out under special circumstances. Examples of these brushes are faerie and lost desert.

    Is there a paint brush store?
    You can a baby, royal and darigan paint brushes at the Hidden Tower, but there is no store that sells just paint brushes and none of the main shops stock paint brushes.

    What painted pets can an account under 4 months adopt/transfer?
    Accounts under 4 months cannot adopt pets above level 2 or limited edition or restricted pets (excluding Grundo), no matter what the colour or level. The pet colours that an account under 4 months can adopt/transfer are basic colours (blue, red, green and yellow), brown, checkered, glowing, invisible, orange, pink, purple, shadow, silver, skunk, speckled, split and white.

    More Paint brush FAQ coming soon!
    Neomail me to ask a question!

    Not UFT/A Banners

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    Custom Pet Banners

    Want your own custom banner for your pet? Fill out the form below, then click the envelope to send it in!

    Requests are

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    Pick Up:

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    For Tess767

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    For snowymoonwolf123

    Banner for Maria, good luck on your app!


    Meet Hue, he is Painters Weekly's mascot! Hue is an avid learner and his favourite thing to study is paint brushes. Hue knows just about everything there is to know about paint brushes, so he is a great helper. Don't be afraid to talk to Hue, he is very friendly!

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    Soroptimist Directory (02/24/10)


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    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
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