December 1, 2015

I no longer wish to continue with Diabolical Box because of two reasons. One, I am uninterested in Neo more and more these days. Two, my writing is too dark for a happy, "positive" community like Neo. You can feel it in Miraculous by the tone of my writing. I cannot come up with happy stories with happy endings and a happy atmosphere overall. Calling me a pessimist is pretty accurate.

Thank you to my requesters, those who have used my resources, those who have read my stories. Thank you for giving my site views. I truly appreciate everything that has happened during our opening.

Please do not hesitate in asking me for writing advice if you desire it. I will still be partially active at times.

To view the stories, click here. To view the main site, click here. I politely request for you to continue crediting me if you use my resources and please do not steal my writing.

Good luck with life.

- Malisha (contact)

Started on July 2, 2013