This is our webbie - an excellent source of basic information about the pack, what our great guild is like, and how things run. Feel free to browse through the following sections and check out the guidelines as well. Below is a list of links related to the pack.


The elements

Quick Facts

Genre: Elemental wolf

Type: Roleplay

RP level: Lit/adv

Age: 9 years

Founded: 12/27/2008

Current members: 5

Application: Private, roleplay sample required for acceptance


Want to become affiliates? Neomail River!


The Swift River Wolf Pack is an established six year old elemental wolf roleplay guild, with a friendly and close-knit group of members. We have frequent rps, regular guild activities, polls, and new plots. There are normal pack leadership positions, such as Alphess and Beta, but also ones specific to our pack, including Spiritwolf, Ancient One, and Head Warrior. The fantasy aspect of our guild is incorporated in our wolves' elemental powers of wind, water, earth, light, darkness, dream, ice/snow, and fire. Each wolf holds at most two elements in their power, and works with a mentor to train both in using this ability, and in other aspects of a wolf's life. Despite their unusual powers, our characters still have the same limitations as real wolves, and do not possess extreme abilities of speed, endurance, or strength. However, their elements can help them a great deal in achieving their needs as well. Each element has its own advantages and disadvantages, and abilities grow as a young wolf progresses through their apprenticeship.


These are the basic rules that the Swift River Pack functions by. You may notice that they are similar to those of many other guilds, as many of the same standards apply to all sorts of roleplays.

{1} Please make sure to read all of this webbie and over our other petpages listed on the portal at the left. They are important to becoming part of the guild.

{2} When you join the pack you are allowed only one character, in order to build your rping abilities more and to limit your number of apprenticeships (as a beginner) to one. Additional characters can be added later, once you have completed your apprenticeship.

{3} Try to keep posts at least a paragraph long (5-7 sentences), and ideally even longer. One-liners are not acceptable. Several paragraph-long responses are ideal.

{4} Please be literate. Yes, Swift River will accept semi-lit members if their roleplaying looks good, but we encourage literacy and growing to become a better writer no matter your level. Even River is always seeking ways to improve. ;D

{5} No PPing or GMing. This is clear. Also, do not break TNT's rules. If you have doubts about whether a topic would be ok with them, chances are it won't be. So be careful. We want to keep both the guild and rping experience pleasant.

{6} Elemental powers are a fantasy aspect of our guild, but using these powers will drain your wolf of energy as much as rigorous exercise would. Yes, they are powerful, but a wolf's element will become weakened if it is overused. Only a long rest or a visit to the Dewdrops will restore the powers.

Only abilities based on elemental powers are allowed - no wolf can possess fantasy powers (including mental conversation, magic, etc) or wildly enhanced physical abilities. Our wolves are no different from any normal wolf living out in the wild, except for the elemental powers they possess, and we hold strongly to this notion. For more details on the elements, please consult this page.


Alphess: Riverrunner The Alphess is the leader of the Swift River, the strength behind its organization. She is strong, quick, and steadfastly committed to the pack and all of its members, no matter their age or rank.

Beta: Glacia The Beta is the second in control after the Alphess, and also knows a great deal about the workings of the pack. When in doubt, she is also a reliant wolf to go to when in need.

Head Spiritwolf: Position Open The Head Spiritwolf is the healer of the pack, and the leader of the Spiritwolves. She knows the uses of a variety of plants, and also sometimes has insights into the future.

Ancient One: Position Open The Ancient One knows all of the stories of the pack's past, and all of the legends that were passed down through the years. She is very knowledgeable and wise about a range of topics.

Head Warrior: Position Open The Head Warrior of the pack is leader of the warriors, and knowledgeable about their organization, daily routines, and the overall status of the pack and any groups that are unfriendly to them.

Scouts Scouts are the patrollers of the Swift River territory, the wolves who wander far and wide through the lands and along the borders, making sure they are marked and no other wolves enter. They will be the first to discover visitors into the pack's lands.

Spiritwolves Spiritwolves are the healers of the pack, and know of plants and their uses in making hurt or unwell wolves well again. They often collect more herbs, maintain stocks in the Spiritwolf den, and ensure that the pack is healthy.

Warriors Warriors are the main supporters of the pack - the wolves who hunt to supply food for others and deal with unfriendly packs should they get too close to camp. They have to have a wide range of abilities, and do anything from caring for pups to going with exploring groups to outside lands.

Apprentices Apprentices are the young wolves of the pack who are just learning what it means to become a full-time member, working with their mentor to learn of the ways of Swift River. They train with their elements and other abilities to one day advance up the ranks of the pack.

Pups Pups are the youngest wolves, very full of energy, but also unaware of what the outside world holds. They have a habit of accidentally getting into trouble, and it is up to the older wolves to watch out for them until they grow to apprentice age.


Apprenticeships are required of all wolves who join the pack, whether they are new characters created by new members, or new characters created by existing members. The apprenticeship is integral to any wolf becoming part of the pack, regardless of how new/old their roleplayer is. New members are permitted to have only one wolf until that character has completed their apprenticeship, in order that they, as a newcomer, should not be working on more than one apprenticeship at a time.

Once a wolf joins the pack and has passed the age of pup, they choose a mentor from the pack and enter into an apprenticeship. Any members of the pack who are on the guild council or in the position of Spiritwolf, Scout, or Warrior can act as mentors to young wolves. The apprentice will be trained in their element(s) and the areas of speed, strength, endurance, agility, and hunting. Depending on what position an apprentice wants to have in the pack once they complete their training, specialized training may be needed. Any member above the rank of apprentice can train a wolf for any role within the pack - training is simply customized depending on the final rank that will be achieved (for instance, aspiring Spiritwolves will learn more about healing, Scouts more about protecting the land, and Warriors more about hunting and caring for the pack).

Mentoring occurs on an individual basis, with a mentor working one on one with an apprentice in training sessions. You can choose to have a mentor with the same elemental power(s) as your wolf, but mentor-apprentice teams with different elements can work just as effectively together. After joining the pack as a pup and becoming familiar with its workings, a member must choose a mentor to work with through their apprenticeship. Once a wolf has chosen a mentor and the mentor has agreed to train them, the apprenticeship initiation is carried out by the Alphess, after which the training can begin. The training itself is usually done through neomail, and continues until a mentor feels their apprentice is competent in all areas of study.


A mentor can be any member of the pack with a ranking higher than apprentice. These wolves are the ones who train the younger and newer wolves in a variety of abilities and in the ways of Swift River. The main components that are covered by their training are:

Elemental Abilities
Pack Courtesy
Encounters with newcomers/visitors
Geography of the territory
Pack History
Pup Care

Each mentor can choose their individual method of teaching these abilities. In addition to these abilities, Spiritwolves will be educated about plants and healing. Scouts receive a greater focus on the territory and addressing newcomers, while Warriors are trained more in hunting and daily needs in the pack such as caring for pups. It is up to a mentor to decide when their apprentice has reached a high enough proficiency in all of these areas to become a full member of the pack, and to graduate from their apprenticeship and be able to become a mentor themselves. A typical apprenticeship lasts at least a few months in real time, during which the mentor and apprentice train together. During this time, their work usually goes on through neomail (but can be done on boards), and they can both participate in rps with the rest of the guild at any time. The two occur simultaneously.


The elements are the unusual powers the wolves of the Swift River Pack possess, which set them apart from any other group of wolves. These elements include Wind, Water, Earth, Snow/Ice, Light, Darkness, Dream, and Fire. The source of these strong powers are the Dewdrops, a series of large raindrop shaped jewels, each of which contains the essence of an element. Each gem is roughly the size of a wolf's head, large and luminous with a swirling center that contains the core power of the element. They are rumored to be hidden deep within the caves of the Snowy Mountains far to the north, in a place few wolves have seen.

Each member of the pack can control at most two of these elements, and develop a greater amount of control over the element(s) they control over the course of their apprenticeship training. A wolf may possess any combination of elements possible, including those that may be opposites (such as light and darkness) or sets where one element is weak to the other (like fire and ice). All Swift River wolves have one elemental power, and some two. In these cases of dual elements, one power is usually stronger than or dominant over the other.

It is up to each wolf to discover their elements for themselves - they cannot be forced to show themselves by any means or outside forces. An element is part of who a wolf is and is integral to their personality. A wolf may feel an affinity for natural manifestations of their element, such as water, night, etc. and seek out their powers in that way. They also may run across an element by accident, in reaction to a surprise/anger/etc. It is up to each individual how they would like their wolf to come across their powers.

The elements are not flawless though - if a wolf uses their powers for too long, or exerts too much effort at once, they will quickly become weakened. Elements are best used only in situations of need and should not normally be applied in daily activities of the pack, such as hunting. If a wolf does overuse their element(s) only a great deal of rest and a visit to the Dewdrops to restore their lost power will bring them back to strength. Healthy wolves can also choose to see the Dewdrops in order to give them a small energy boost in their element, but the journey north to the mountains is not as easy one, and this decision is not lightly made.

See this link for more details about the elements.


The wolves of Swift River are unlike normal wolves, in that they have the ability to choose to stop (and restart) aging. After a wolf has reached the age of three years, they may select to become "immortal" in a sense, and will not become any older until they choose to do so. This ability is part of the wolves' elemental powers, and lasts so long as they still have control over their element. No wolf can live infinitely, but this allows the process to be slowed.


A few guidelines must be followed in creating Swift River wolves. There are some allowances in appearance, but generally a wolf must have a fur color that is realistic. Some acceptable examples are white, black, grey, silvery, golden, brown, tan, rusty red, or any mixture of a couple colors (such as that found in timber wolves). Please keep eye colors relatively realistic too. Some exceptions may be made if the tint is related to an elemental power, however. No clothing or jewelry is allowed, nor are things like animal companions. Unusual markings are permitted, so long as they are not excessive and relate understandably to a wolf's elements.

When making your character page, please be sure to include the following information: name, age, gender, pelt color, eye color, markings, personality, elemental powers, and mentor (once attained). Additional information such as history and themesong is optional, but encouraged. You may include a picture if you wish, or have the reader rely on your description to get a thorough idea of your character.


Wolf of the Month (WOTM) is a special honor given to a different member of Swift River each month. WOTM is given to members who are particularly helpful, involved, friendly, a great contributer, or overall are an asset to the guild. Any member can nominate an individual to receive the title by neomailing River or another council member, and briefly explaining their reason for nominating that member to the title. No one individual should receive the title within three months of the last time they received it, however, which ensures that everyone has a good chance to become WOTM during the course of a year.


Swift River is an established guild, and as such we expect members to maintain a relatively consistent activity level. You do not need to be logged into Neo for hours and hours to be a good member, but you do need to be involved in roleplay regularly and should check in at the guild at least weekly. Exceptions will be made in cases of vacation/extreme business/unexpected events, but we would appreciate you just popping by the board to let us know in advance if something like this has occurred. If you do notify us as to the reason for your absence, we will be sure to not sweep you.

As of this point, sweeps have been occurring on a roughly three-month basis, with members who have been active within the past month being immune to the event. Those who have been absent for three months will certainly be removed, however, while those active within two will be notified and given time to reply before they are swept from the guild (unless they have failed to post). This schedule is subject to change, however, as conditions vary.


If you are interested in joining the Swift River Wolf Pack, please follow these few short steps:

{1} Neomail the Alphess River to let her know that you are wanting to join the pack. Please include a roleplay sample (at least seven sentences, either in the neomail or on a petpage) to demonstrate your literacy. Please be aware that if you ignore our guidelines, you may be advised to look for a better fitting guild.

{2} After being accepted, you will be sent an invitation to join the guild. Please make sure to introduce yourself to the pack members, who will surely give you a warm welcome.

{3} Create a petpage about your wolf, including name, gender, appearance (keep it relatively realistic. No pink fur or clothes/jewelry, but some markings are allowed), personality, history (optional), element(s), and themesong (also optional). If you need help with coding, you may choose to use one of our custom layouts, or request one to be made. Once your wolf page is done be sure to neomail the link to it to River who will add it to the portal.

{4} Now you'll be ready to choose a mentor! Please see the apprenticeship and mentors sections for further information.

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