Dear revits,

Thank you for your regular patronage of The World.

The default system message pops up as you log into the popular MMORPG, The World. The game was taken offline for a week to fix some bugs and you were anxious to finally be able play again. "It feels like it's been years!" You think, equipping yourself with the gaming headset. There are new posts in the forums and new news captures, but you don't hesitate one second into playing the game. A quick loading screen appears and then you finally get in, your character stands where you last logged out. Many other PC's roamed about and chatted, usually you listen in on any gossip your ear can catch, but today you had the desire to explore and level up. You make your way to the Chaos Gate and select a random field.

Δ Hidden Forbidden Bulwark

...what the- You mutter. What kind of field is this? No mobs, no dungeon? Just a small area of grass and a wall that seems to reach the heavens. Something on the wall catches your eye, and you walk closer to it, examining it. A red three-edged marking that looked as if someone made it with a weapon was engraved on the wall. It had a faint glow to it that sparked your curiosity. As you lean in to take a closer look, you hear a voice.

Do you sense something? Behind that wall?

Scattering about-face, you see no one. This place, though so peaceful, was beginning to give you a bad feeling. Turning to look back at the marking on the wall, a glitch came over your headset screen. All you see is static for a few seconds. It's fixed just in time to see your character being drawn into the wall. "......!!!! This isn't happening!" Finding yourself in a new area, and an extremely weird one to mention, you try to go over what just took place. "I know this is a game and all..but something is seriously going on. This place looked like a dungeon field without any image rendering—no environments, it looked like you were walking inside a computer. You wandered around a bit, there were a few mobs you killed off in your way, but you just ended up at a dead end. "Wonderful.. I don't even know how to get out of here.

This area was so bland—no background music, no PC's or NPC's, just you and nothingness. You couldn't stare off into the usual beautiful environments of regular fields, all that was here was a void of darkness. Seconds from calling it quits and logging off, some black spots appear like bubbles then disappear. "..." You were nearly speechless, as if it couldn't get any more creepy. User revits, you are in area violation. Turning around, you see a familiar figure, although what it looks of now is quite different from how you remember. The once popular NPC Shastii, who was apparently "deleted" in the last weeks maintenance, stood in front of your PC. The black spots seemed to be consuming parts of her character. "Shastii? You don't remember me?" You ask, knowing she was never just any regular NPC. Shastii was the one who personally welcomed you to The World.

User revits is uncooperative. Your PC will now be removed from the system.

WHAT?! No! You yelled as your headset screen went black. Resetting the game and logging back in. You looked at your e-mail inbox, it had been cleared all except for one new message. "All my e-mails.." You sighed and opened the new message.
There are two paths before you.

One of these will lead to safety and shame. It is a path where you give up 'The World' and never log in again. The other path leads to peril and truth. It is a path where you continue 'The World', and resume your search for truth.

Let me be blunt. The ladder path is torturous and will threaten both your mind and body. Once you have chosen it, there will be no turning back.

If you still choose to walk this path, then there will come a time when you and I will meet once again in 'The World.

When the time comes I will once again say this to you:
Welcome to 'The World.


R:2 USN: Shastii R:2 Gender: Female NPC R:2 Class: Werewolf
R:2 Type: AIDA-PC R:2 Job: Help NPC Status: Deleted

What are those black spots around Shastii?
AIDA. It is a term used by the CyberConnect Corporation to refer to the anomalous "black spots" appearing throughout The World R:2 and to the creatures that emerge from them. AIDA stands for Artificially Intelligent Data Anomaly. The AIDA are "natural" AIs, formed from the errors in the Internet caused by the disappearance of Shastii. Unlike Shastii, who was created by a system, the AIDA evolved much like normal life. The AIDA were originally harmless, but after several thousand of them were produced, a mutant appeared. This AIDA, the Shastii you see now, had aggressive tendencies, and attacked a player. Since the AIDA are all connected, this aggression soon spread to the rest of them. AIDA's are drawn to human emotions, and frequently attach themselves to the PC bodies of players in The World R:2. AIDA-PC is a term referring to player characters that are infected by AIDA.

So what really happened to Shastii between 'The World' and 'The World R:2'?
CC Corp. decided that Shastii's NPC wasn't needed in the second version of the game, so they decided to remove her character data. Since Shastii's data wasn't on their main server, they really didn't delete her actual data.. just the visual data in the game. So she was always there, players just weren't able to see her. When players reported seeing the Shastii NPC again, it was because AIDA had located her original data and well, rewrote it. It's difficult to say what Shastii's motives are, she has gone after a select few PCs and removed their character data from the system. Reports from the players say that when they log back in (if not fallen comatose), they find an email from Shastii and their character has been reset to level 1.

Game Facts and Info


In 2015, a fire broke out in the CC Corporation headquarters resulting in the loss of most of the data for "THE WORLD." The company utilized a game system for a different game line that they were developing to restore the data that was lost in the fire and introduced "THE WORLD R: 2" a year later. However, players of the original "THE WORLD" were unable to migrate their character data to the new version and many rejected the "R: 2." But the game was accepted amongst new players and went onto sell 12 million copies worldwide. Although, they have yet to reach the peak of 20 million players that was boasted during the days of the original "THE WORLD," the game took back the crown as the number one online game.

Like the original "THE WORLD," players get to other areas and fields by using the CHAOS GATE. There are also several special areas that are known as LOST GROUNDS. These areas are said to be created during the era of FRAGMENT, the game the original "THE WORLD" was based on. Some of these areas are the HULLE GRANZ CATHEDRAL and the ARCHE KOELN WATERFALL.

A Server is a computer system that is accessed by other computers. In The World all Dungeons, fields, Monsters, and treasure, namely every part of the game is stored on one of the games servers. At the center of each server is a Root Town, where players gather to form parties, buy, sell, and trade items, raise Grunties, and do pretty much everything that doesn't involve fields or dungeons. Fields and other servers can be accessed from the root town through the use of the Chaos Gate, usually located in a central location of the town, by using a combination of key words.

Delta Server, with Root Town Mac Anu. Aqua City. Translates to 'Son of a Goddess.
Mac Anu is Delta Server's Root Town. It is a large city with numerous canals running throughout, boats and gondolas allow access to all areas of the city. The two key landmarks in the city are the Chaos Gate which is located in a large plaza, and the city's clock tower, where event notices are often posted. As the newbie town, it is the only Root Town that lacks a Grunty Ranch. Though one seems to have been added to the town in The World's Expansion Pack.

Theta Server, with Root Town Dun Loireag. Highland City. Translates to 'The Weaver Guardian.
Dun Loireag is the Root Town of Theta Server. The city is carved into the top of incredibly tall stone spires. Bridges made of wood planks connect the spires to each other allowing players to walk between them. Steps carved into the side of the spires allow access to higher levels of the city, which includes many benches and terraces where players can relax and enjoy the view. In the back story of The World, Dun Loireag is a city protected by sprites with buildings made of rocks coexisting with nature. The ancient fortress of Fort Ouph floats in the sky above the city, though it's usually hidden by clouds. During the War of the Gods Dun Loireag was annihilated after the Gods destroyed Fort Ouph, causing it to crash into the city below.

Lambda Server, with Root Town Carmina Gadelica. Cultural City. Translates to 'The Song of Gael.
Carmina Gadelica is the Root Town of Lambda Server. The town is a large metropolis bathed in eternal night. The streets and canals of this town are lined with numerous shops, bars, and parks. Airships fly around the city though players are unable to ride on them. The city is generally used as a gathering point for more experienced players and is a center of trade within The World.

Sigma Server, with Root Town Fort Ouph. Aerial City. Translates to 'The Fort of Elves.
Fort Ouph is a flying fortress that floats in the clouds high above the city of Dun Loireag. It consists of a series of floating platforms connected by several narrow walkways. The center-most platforms contain the Chaos Gate and Save Station, while the outer platforms hold the Grunty Ranch and various equipment shops. Several satellite platforms float outside of the main structure, giving the city additional defense. The Fortress was originally built by the Elves in order to reach the realm of the Gods. But after their plan failed Fort Ouph was converted into a lookout area to make sure no monsters escaped through the Spirit Shield that protected the human cities. During the War Against the Gods, Fort Ouph was blasted out of the sky by the Gods and fell into Dun Loireag resulting in the mutual destruction of both cities. The city Dol Dona was built atop the ruins.

Omega Server, with Root Town Lia Fail. Relic City. Translates to 'The Stone of Destiny.
Lia Fail is a city of shrines to the various Gods of The World and is fiercely protected by the most powerful adventurers from the fierce monsters that prowl outside of its spiritual shield. During the War of the Gods a gigantic cannon was built in Lia Fail. Using energy siphoned from the Goddess Aurora the gun fired into heaven and destroyed the Gods. However the force of the blast also destroyed Lia Fail, which is why it is not accessible in The World R:2.

Net Slum Tartarga
Net Slum is a place that exists in The World, yet doesn't, as it isn't controlled by the System Administrators. It is a place where failed or unwanted data (such as Vagrant AIs), and hackers gather. Net Slum does not exist in any one place. Although there are numerous gates to Net Slum in The World, Net Slum exists outside the system as well, which is why system administrators are unable to track it as if it were a normal field or server.

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AIDA Infected Adoptables
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