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Hello! Welcome to Blackbird Fly. BBF is a button request site run by me, Lexy. Open since June 2010, I've been committed to creating quality buttons for all. I might not have a witty introduction about the origin of my site's name, but I truly put a great amount of effort into each button, making sure there is not a pixel out of place, in hopes that you guys like your respective buttons.

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February 17
Updated the link for ONE

Custom buttons for anyone

Okay, lets get bown to business. All buttons will be 88x31 px. When it comes to the backround, I'll take a look at your site and then decide what would be best. Be sure to fill out the form, okay? Oh! And you can only request a button if requests are open!

Note: If you cant decide on a border, animation, or font you can always leave some or all options up to me. Buttons left up to me generally come out better because I can see what works and doesn't work while working on the button. Plus, I may come up with new borders, fonts or animations that aren't featured here.


**About Shapely: Instead of a question mark, you can choose any symbol you'd like. The symbol will be cut out and become transparent. To see an example of this, check out my second link back button in the column on the left or in sitely. You can also drag the button over the grey background of this page to see what I mean about the transparency.


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Ghosts of buttons past

Button count: 170

These are some of my best buttons in my opinion.

Order's Up

This is where you can pick up buttons you may have requested. I keep the most recent buttons here. If you lose the button I made for you, and it is not in my portfolio, neomail me and I will put it back up for you.

Note: The codes below only include the button hyperlinked to your page. You will have to format it however you'd like to fit on your page.

Don't forget to give me credit!

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Nova is a great button site run by the fabulous Elisabeth.
With a great eye for design, Elisabeth can create beautiful
icons, banners and buttons for all your site needs. You can't
go wrong by requesting from her!


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