hello there, and welcome to bliss, a petpage css site that prides itself in creating seamless, sophisticated, yet at the same time simple, layout designs! this is my first time ever starting a css site, so it may be slow-going to start. however, i am going to put a great amount of care and creativity into each and every layout. bliss was established in july of 2017 and intended to be a petpage site to stand out above the rest. it was created to both express my love for code and design, but also to help out the citizens of neopia in their own layout needs. i make my layouts in a way that is both designed simply and thought about complexly. come with me on this journey.

july 19th, 2017

got listed at dragon's lair!

july 13th, 2017

added bejeweled and floral as affiliates!!

july 7th, 2017

added +7 new layouts (6 of which were color scheme variations of "fused" and 1 of which is a new design entirely!)

july 6th, 2017

added my first layout!!

july 5th, 2017

the site layout is officially done! now i just have to add some layouts to get started :~) +1 affiliate, +1 site link back button!! ♥

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if you'd like, use one of my buttons to link back to my site! ♥

first button by ceci! second button by bee!


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listed at

1. don't steal my work!! in order to make a layout, it takes a great amount of effort and care-- don't erase my credit in any way, shape, or form, or else it negates all of the work i put into the css and that's not fun or nice :~(
2. edit the css however you'd like, just--as stated above-- don't remove my credit in the midst of all that editing. what you started with, regardless of how much you changed, was my work, whether it be unchanged or a skeleton of its former code
3. lastly, if you like my style but can't find any specific css that suits your eye in just the right way, go ahead and neomail me. if i get enough inquiries about css requests i may decide to open it up as a section of the site

all of these layouts are made for petpages. perhaps i will branch out into userlookups and that sort of thing, but for now we're keeping it to petpages. in order to "install" these codes, click on your active pet, click the arrow next to the neopet whose petpage you want to edit, then click edit homepage. click on the little grey box underneath your chosen layout and hit ctrl + a and then ctrl + c to copy the entirety of it. erase what code is already in the box on the homepage and copy and paste your chosen layout code in using ctrl + v. edit as you wish, so long as the credit to my site remains.

!!!! * drag and drop the images into a new tab to see the full size * !!!!