SOTM BOTM Awards Sitely


Feb 25 10
I got another vote for me button! Yay! Today is a school day so I'll only work on this when I'm free. Don't worry I'll be on ;)

Feb 24 10
Got another contestant. Yay! Lol feel free to join. I still need affies and listers though :p

Got 1 button and like 5 affies today. What a day right?! :D I'm happy now cause I just got another great button today. Its from Teleport. It looks pretty good and matches the image from the layout!

Feb 23 10
Yes! Finally have 2 buttons from the florist! Now I can advertise. BUT I won't be on that much today cause I have to go to county lol. I'm super nervous about it. But I'm really happy I got buttons. I've been waiting so long.

Yay! I made the florist join my BOTM. I got +3 affies so far.

Please please vote for me at uniocto. It would really help! Thanks!

Feb 22 10
Yes! I'm hoping to get more buttons and contestants. I'll be advertising after school for sure! Oh and its my friend Lila's Birthday and she's turning 14! Just a big shout out happy birthday Lila!

OMG No buttons yet. I only got to the waiting list in the florist but still no reply D: -sigh-

Geez! Tomorrow I'm going to county and I'm half nervous and half excited! I heard this year the judges would be really strict.

Feb 21 10
Hey! Lily here! Just wanted to say I'm really excited to start of Born with Talent. It'll be really fun. Once I'm done with every thing I need for the site, I'll start advertising.

I made awards today so I should be done with every thing. All I need is buttons and I'm good to go ^_^.

Once I get my button I will defiantly advertise my site more. But for now just working on it. I need to work on my sitley more too.

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Born With Talent

you have never seen it in your life??

Hello, I'm Lily, you might know me as the sweet, smart, funny, and talented one lol. You'll also probably know me when I made Rain Fall. I started liking doing the review but I started not liking. It was also tiring and waste of time. So I just decided to make an SOTM site lol. There is more than being the top site. You can maybe try button of the month as well. You'll probably even try for both! Which is fine with me if you follow the rules which is really easy to do. If you know how to read, you'll know how to read the rules. Well thats all I have, just have fun and don't get angry if yo lose.


No cheating of any circumstances! If found will get disqualified.

Please don't vote for your self. Also don't force any one to vote.

You must at least have 1 button in the site!

Only vote for 2 sites thats it!

You may enter but please link back.

Oh and I have a big obsession for sweets. I really really love cupcakes! ;)



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Try your best!

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