NOTE: Any steps in gray are no longer doable. Just skip to the next section to continue.

Prologue: Part 1

Prologue: Part 2

Prologue: Part 3

after reading the story, go back to the Gypsy Camp and click "follow the creepy path..." it will take you to Neovia.

go to the Burned House. you can click everywhere in the house, but the locations below will give you a zoomed in pic, and you should find a charred locket in one of the places.

-under the stairs(crack) (175,144)
-brick in the fireplace (81, 135)
-rip in the chair near fireplace (66, 205)
-on the triangular wood pieces (237,228)
-in the bookcase (143,119)
-in a hole in the stairs (211,135)
-in a rip in the sofa (186,186)
-left side of sofa (150,219)
-table leg (359,200)
-pillow spring (311,197)

(coords are in parentheses - click anywhere then replace the coord at the end of the url with those above)

click "take the locket."

now, in the Burned house, you will be able to see your "Quest Items"


You search, but find nothing...

...except a slightly charred locket. Unfortunately, the picture within has burned away.

go to the Cork Gun Game and play once. exit and return to talk to the gamer:

Gilly: I'm sorry to interrupt, but would you take a look at this locket for me?
Lyanka: That piece of junk? It looks like a hundred other lockets I've seen.
Gilly: Do you have any idea who might have owned it?
Lyanka: How would I know? Get lost.
Gilly: Uh... okay then.

then go to Bagatelle (you don't have to play this time)

Gilly: Pardon me, but could you tell me anything about this locket I found?
Harker: Amazing! I haven't seen such metalwork in, oh, must be ten years. Where did you say you found it?
Gilly: A town called Neovia.
Harker: . . .
Gilly: What? Harker: Nothing, nothing. Move on, I've got business to manage here!

next go to Spooky Scratchcards (you don't have to buy one)

Gilly: Do you think you could spare a moment to examine this locket?
Sssidney: It looks familiar... where did you get it? I know someone who'd pay a thousand Neopoints for that locket, though. At least, I used to. Haven't seen her in ages.
Gilly: I found it in the ruins of a town called Neovia.
Sssidney: Neovia? That place has been deserted for ages. No one from Neovia's been through here in a long time, though.

finally to Coconut Shy (again, you dont have to play)

Gilly: Excuse me, I was wondering if you could tell me anything about this locket.
Leeroy: Why, certainly, little miss... Well, what a pretty little trinket this is. I haven't seen one like it in years.
Gilly: I realize this is unlikely, but do you perhaps know anything about its owner?
Leeroy: I couldn't say. They used to make a lot of lockets like that, but these days...
Gilly: Thanks for your time.

once you have had all four conversations, you need to find your own order (kinda like the punch club bowls).

keeping trying different combos until you get this:

Gilly: Well, it's clear no one around here is going to help me. I wonder if there might be someone deeper in the woods who could identify this locket.

The conversation order be determined by what the first line of whoever speaks to you says: In other words, go to every location listed above and make note of the first line that each character tells you. Now visit them in the order based on the first remark by the person.
1. Certainly, miss...
2. I haven't seen such metalwork in...
3. That piece of junk?
4. It looks familiar

then return to Neovia and go to the Spooky Shack (you cannot go here until you unlock your combination). the Shack is centered on the left edge of Neovia.

After wandering along a mysterious path out of Neovia, you eventually stumble across a spooky shack in the swampy part of the woods.

Perhaps you should wait here for a while...


recognize the chair?

Chapter 1

You can now visit the Shack again, and this time Sophie is there. She yells at you and tells you to go away. Click on the button that says "Flee in Terror!". Clicking this button will bring you to the entrance of a cave. Click the button that says "Go into the scary cave...

The Cave you enter is made up of nine separate rooms (in a 3x3 grid). Each room has a tunnel that you can click on that will take you to another room. Spread throughout the rooms are eight different items. To pick up an item you must click on it, to drop it click anywhere on the floor of a cave. You can only carry one item at a time. A list of items are listed below.

1. Chair
2. Key
3. Lamppost
4. Broken Mirror
5. Rotten Food (gotten by clicking on pile of garbage)
6. Pile of Garbage
7. Treasure Chest (can't pick up)
8. Table (can't pick up)

As you wander around the cave you may happen to run into a beast. When you find the beast you will run away from it and end up in a random room of your cave.

There will be two rooms with a pool of light. Bring your mirror, chair, and lamppost here. Place the mirror below the light, the chair above the light, and the lamppost in the light. Once these are placed, get rotten food and place it anywhere in the room.

Chair: 225,155
Lamppost: 243, 215
Mirror: 243, 315
Rotten Food can go anywhere in the room

*Note: numbers are at the bottom of the browser in the status bar, at the end of the url you have your mouse over

if it doesn't work, try the other room with the pool of light

Once you get it right and the beast finds you, you will get a message saying

The mysterious, hulking creature stops and sniffs at the pile of rotten food on the floor. It picks up the food and eats it.

It seems to have an odd effect on the creature -- it's gotten all dizzy! It careens around the room.

The creature dizzily gazes at the chipped mirror -- and it seems terrified by its reflection! Whimpering, it turns and flees.

The creature doesn't look where it's going. It trips on the lamppost lying on the floor!

It falls toward the ground, and whacks its head on the chair.

The creature lies in a pool of moonlight, and you get your first good look at it. It appears to be an overgrown, misshapen Gelert. He whimpers sadly, no longer seeming like a dire threat.

Slowly, you begin to approach the creature, holding out your hand in a tentative gesture of friendship...

oh, and Sophie took the locket!

Quest Inventory

Here are all the items you've come across in your questing.

You have nothing in your quest inventory!

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Go back to the Spooky Shack. Listen to the conversation between Gilly, Sophie and Bruno, and then explore the woods.

Sophie's Shack

Sophie's decrepit shack stands before you, in a swampy part of the Haunted Woods.

Gilly: So how do we find Ilere?
Sophie: She lives deep in the woods.
Gilly: How deep?
Sophie: ...Really deep.
Gilly: You don't know where she lives, do you?
Sophie: Not... exactly.
Bruno: Well, then we'll have to search for her. How big could the Haunted Woods be, really?
Sophie: You're joking, right?
Bruno: Why would I be joking?
Sophie: *sigh* Let's go.

Click "Begin searching for Ilere"

The Swamp

NOTE: Everyone's swamp is different. No one has the same path pattern.

If you click on a soil path, you will be taken to another part of the forest. Walk around a bit until you find a stick on the ground. Click on it, and it will be in your inventory. (Click on the little gray arrow on the bottom right of your forest image) Here's how it looks like:

After fiding your stick, you must find a mutant Hissi dressed in a red coat. One you find him and if you simply click on him, the two heads will only argue. To mak ehim speak to you, click on your little gray arrow and click on the stick. Then, click on the Hissi to make him talk. This is the Hissi you must find:

After he talks to you, click on him again. You will be transported into a darker side of the woods. Now, you must find sets of vines lying around in the forest. There are 30 in all, and 6 of each kind. Here's how they look like when lying on the ground:

When all collected, this is how they look in your inventory:

Now that you have everything you need, you have to find the forest's end. It should like this:

Now that you have everything you need, you have to find the forest's end. It should like this:

The squared area is where you must click to start making your rope out of the vines you picked up. But first, put them all back on the floor by taking them from your inventory and placing them on the ground. After this is done, pick all the vines of one kind by random. Pick it, and click on the forest's end. If a message telling you that the vine isn't strong enough, try again with another kind of vine (and don't forget to put your previous vines back on the floor). Once you find the correct vines, here's what happens:

So this means that you must add some vines again. Click on the "X" on top of the window and pick up some more vines. But this time, don't take all six. Only pick three, and then see if they are the correct vines you need. If not, replace them on the ground. If they are used to make your rope longer, pick only one of the same kind after returning to the forest, and click on the end of the woods again. Do this until you either have the prefect length, or you need to get some more vines of another kind. When you get the length right, this is what happens:

NOTE: be careful not to make your rope too long. If you do, a monster will yank it, and you will have the search the whole forest again for all the vines.

Now that this is done, you get transported yet again into a darker part of the forest. You will encounter ghost Meepits that will flee if you click on them. To be able to catch them, you must play a little game of Meepit Juice Break.

By playing the game and going farther than level 2, you will win a glass of Meepit Juice that looks like this:

NOTE: It will be in your Quest Inventory, along with your forest inventory.

Now that you have some juice, you can move around the forest. You will encounter some Ghost Meepits that you must feed with the juice you just won.

NOTE: you may need to leave the woods before having the juice in your inventory. Simply leave, and then come back. You will still be where you left and the juice will be in your inventory.

Once you see one, click on the gray arrow and take the juice. Then click on the Meepit to watch it flee!

After realizing that this juice doesn't work, Sophie will transform it only Ghost Meepit Juice.

Now, walk around again, and give this juice to the Meepits. Instead of running away, they will follow you.

There are 7 Meepits in all that you must gather. After fiding them all, you must search for Ilere's shrine. It looks like this:

NOTE: on the stone gate, it reads "Casa El Ilere", meaning that it's the gate to Ilere's home.

Notice the white circles on the ground? This is where the Meepits should go. Take them from your inventory and place them on the lights. You will notice that some of them are happy, and some of them are either sad or simply neutral. The point of this is to actually make them dance (litterally!). To do so, move them around by clicking on one Meepit, then clicking on the Meepit that occupies the place you want your current on hand Meepit to go.

When they are all dancing around, the gate will open, and you will be transported to Ilere's home. Read the conversation, and you're now done!

The Haunted Woods

Gilly: What a creepy tree.
Sophie: Let's be be careful in there, huh? Ilere's very powerful, and not necessarily friendly toward visitors.
Gilly: Well seeing as how it was so hard to find this place, a little hospitality is the least she could do.
Bruno: Do you expect trouble?
Sophie: I always expect trouble. That way I'm pleasantly surprised when nothing goes wrong.
Gilly: Then let's go inside!

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Go to the Game Graveyard. At the bottom of the page, click on the house


It will take you to the Caretaker.

The Caretaker's Vault

You enter the strange house. Inside are rows of shelves stuffed with hundreds of books. They all seem to be records about deaths in the Haunted Woods. The Brain Tree would love this place!

Gilly: Hello! We're trying to find a specific grave. Is this where we'd look up those records?
The Caretaker: You could, if someone hadn't stolen my graveyard index books! I couldn't even tell you how to find a specific graveyard, let alone a particular grave!
Sophie: Calm down, buddy. We'll go find your books.
The Caretaker: Sorry. I just get angry so easily.
Bruno: Do you have any idea who might have committed this theft? The Caretaker: No. I was out having a sandwich, and when I came back, the place had been ransacked!
Sophie: Yeah, if you define "ransacking" as "stealing half a dozen books". Well, we'll figure it out.

Play Fetch in hard mode. Try and find the mysterious books along the way. If you run out of health, play again. (You only need to find one set of books. It will only show up as pile of books.)

You seem to have found some strange books lying out here in this maze. Oh dear! This isn't what your master wanted at all. He's going to be very cross!

Perhaps you should just flee while you still can!

Click on "Yes, I think fleeing sounds like an excellent idea" to go back to the Haunted Woods.

Go back to the Caretaker to give him the books.

The Caretaker's Vault

You enter the strange house. Inside are rows of shelves stuffed with hundreds of books. They all seem to be records about deaths in the Haunted Woods. The Brain Tree would love this place!

Gilly: We found your books!
The Caretaker: Oh, goodness! Thank you! I can't imagine what anyone would have wanted with them. Let me just take those, and I'll go over them and make sure everything's all in order.

Click "Give him the books"

Sophie: So can we look at the books yet, or what?
The Caretaker: No, no. I need to make sure everything's in order first. No pages missing or damaged, that sort of thing. Be patient.
Sophie: Yeah, yeah, patience. How long will that take?
Bruno: Becalm yourself, sister. We have time yet.

Return to the Caretaker.

The Caretaker's Vault

You enter the strange house. Inside are rows of shelves stuffed with hundreds of books. They all seem to be records about deaths in the Haunted Woods. The Brain Tree would love this place!

The Caretaker: Again, I can't thank you enough for returning my books. If you'd like to peruse them, please feel free.
Sophie: Well, let's dig in. We've got a lot of graveyards to search.
Bruno: It's going to take us a long time to dig up that many graves.
Sophie: Correction: It's going to take you a long time.
Bruno: Well what are you going to be doing?
Sophie: I'll be mixing up a potion that we can use to test each bone. If it belongs to the Spirit of Slumber, it'll glow.
Gilly: Can I help?
Sophie: Well, sure. Someone's gonna have to fetch potion ingredients for me.
Gilly: Great.

Click "Examine the graveyard lists"

The books contain detailed lists of information about every graveyard in the Haunted Woods. There sure are a lot of graveyards in the Haunted Woods!

The caretaker clears his throat. "The graveyards are all named according to a complex coordinate scheme that I devised. Unfortunately, it's too complex to explain, so just tell me which graveyard you want to go to and I'll guide you there."

Once you've finished, er, exploring each graveyard, I'll remove it from this list and find another one for you to search.

Choose one of the graveyards to being in.

You will have the choice to look for an ingredient for Sophie or to enter the graveyard. (see direction below for each choice)

If you choose to find an ingredient:

if you have to find an ingredient for Sophie, go back to her shack and click on the door. it will take you to a shelf of potions.

Inside Sophie's shack, you find the shelf of potion ingredients she told you about. But which one did she want?

#1 Baggus Juice
#2 Juppie Extract
#3 Kadoatie Essence
#4 Tanglevine Sap
#5 Zomutt Mucus
#6 Moonwater
#7 Liquid Meepit
#8 Alyseth
#9 Bloatershroom Extract
#10 Liquefied Bumroot
#11 Crushweed Juice
#12 Boiled Tree Bark
#13 Worm Snot
#14 Soaked Babaa Wool
#15 Spicy MortogBerry
#16 Jurple Butter
# 17 Boiled Meowclops Saliva
#18 BarkRoot Dew
#19 Liquid Chokato Mould
#20 Grundo Goo
#21 Powdered Bloodfern
#22 Pureed Sharpgrass
#23 Mutant Gruel
#24 Evaporated Snorkle Juice
#25 Ghostbeef Essence
#26 Glowing Zomutt Mucus

go back to the graveyard and offer it to her - she will tell you if it is incorrect and then tell you to go do something else. at this point, you can go dig up a grave.

if you are correct,

Excellent, that's just the Liquid Meepit I need. Good job! Sit down and relax for a bit. NOW."

You gain 50 NP!

Click "continue"

You need to rest, after running all over the place! I'm not sending you off again for a while."

After a couple minutes it will say "take potion" under the image of the potion on the right: click it and then click "enter graveyard" (not to dig, but to test).

If you choose to enter the graveyard:

Choose a graveyard place from the list, click on it and walk around until you find a tombstone that has a spot of dirt in front (no big hole, no bones in big hole... that comes later) That spot means that others are trying to dig there. Click on it... sometimes you have to move around a bit before you can click but eventually you can click.

Now... If there are 4 users already, leave that place (cannot dig). If there are question marks... it means there is a spot available. Click join group. Click wait until all (4) the spots are taken.

How NOT to get kicked out of digging group: There will be a pink box around a user. Click "Wait" when the box is NOT around your pet. When the box is around your pet, click "Dig." Continue to dig... sometimes people get kicked out, if you do you have a waiting time (I do not know what it is... a few minutes) until you can dig again.

if you do not wait your turn, you will get kicked out. The other diggers have decided you're not pulling your weight. "Go take a break!" they say, shooing you away from the grave. "Come back when you're ready to keep up and won't get in everyone's way!

You got kicked out of a digging group for slacking off! Sophie thinks you need a time-out. Try again in a few minutes.

if you get kicked out, you have to wait a few minutes to begin again.

Testing Bones:

Click "take potion"

What are you doing out here? Go find some bones to test!

You successfully take a vial of testing potion. Now go find some bones to test!

Click "enter graveyard"

Find a grave that looks like the following and click on it:

This grave has been completely dug up. The bones at this grave still need testing! Time to put on your thinking cap.

Click "continue"

You remove a large bone from the coffin and examine it. Some quick estimates tell you that it weighs 1,065 grams and has a volume of 710.00 cubic centimetres. How many drops of potion do you put on the bone?

Enter a number from 1-250:


You drip 160 drops of potion onto the bone...


You used too much potion! It reacts violently with the bone, setting off a small explosion that singes your eyebrows. You'd better go rest for a while.

Testing Formula:

To calculate the number of drops, divide grams by cm cubed . Take this number and multiply it by itself. Then take that number and multiply it by 25, and voila! The potion absorbs into the bone, and... nothing happens. Looks like this bone doesn't belong to the Spirit of Slumber. You gain 150 NP!" is what the message you will get says, unless you get lucky and find the spirit of slumber's the way, please tell me if you do!!!! ...

You remove a large bone from the coffin and examine it. Some quick estimates tell you that it weighs 1,768 grams and has a volume of 654.81 cubic centimetres. How many drops of potion do you put on the bone?

Enter a number from 1-250: ...

You drip 182 drops of potion onto the bone...


The potion absorbs into the bone, and... nothing happens. Looks like this bone doesn't belong to the Spirit of Slumber.

You gain 150 NP!

you have to rest between tests: You recently successfully tested a bone. But it was very mentally taxing! Perhaps you should rest a bit.

You dig up a shovelful of dirt!

Wow! You found something in the dirt you dug up!

Halloween Ixi Plushie ...

if you dig, you should find items in your inventory. I have multiples of:
Spooky Doughnut
Fetch! Stamp
Ghost Marshmallows
Meowclops Statue
Halloween Ixi Plushie
Halloween Kacheek Plushie
Mystery Of Halloween
Crystal Ball Table
Halloween Koi Plushie

heavenest found the Spirit of Slumber's bones!

The bones glow with an unearthly silver light.

Chapter 6

The Caretaker's Vault

You enter the strange house. Inside are rows of shelves stuffed with hundreds of books. They all seem to be records about deaths in the Haunted Woods. The Brain Tree would love this place!

Sophie: What are we doing here? We need to go to a graveyard and find a name to cross off.
Gilly: Oh yeah.

Click "Visit the graveyards"

Haunted Woods Graveyard

Sophie: Well, now that the Caretaker's all upset that we dug up half the Haunted Woods looking for the Spirit of Slumber's bones, we're going to have to do this name-elimination business a little more, uh, quietly.
Gilly: That Caretaker really is scary when he's angry!
Sophie: I kind of, um, stole his graveyard reference books after we found the Spirit's bones. So he's even more angry now.
Bruno: A wise choice.
Sophie: Look, here's the first thirty graveyards we should check. Once we've gone through every grave, I'll take it off the list and put on some new ones. Let's get going!

Choose a graveyard from the list and hunt down a gravestone that does not have a red X on it. Look carefully. An unmarked stone can be tough to spot amongst many marked ones. Once you find one, maneuver next to it and click on it. Read the page CAREFULY. Don't let the red x on the close-up image of he stone fool you. If the page says, "It looks like nobody's marked this grave yet! Write down the name and date of death and go find the name in the books so you can cross it off!" do so. Write down the Full Name The Day, and Month and the Year ( Sammy Schmidt, 1st, Gathering, Y4). If it says someone else already marked it, hit the leave Grave button and try for another. If the graveyard you're in is full (often) you can leave the grave yard you're in by making your way to opening in the fence. From there you may choose another graveyard to try. New graveyards are added every few minutes. Keep at it, I know they fill up fast, but persistence pays.

i finally managed to get a grave marked off! when the list of graveyards refreshes and there are 2 or more new ones, click the one second from the bottom - less people will go to that one.

Don't forget to write down the name and month!

Click "leave grave"

Click "Return to the Caretaker's Vault" - the book shelves will now be clickable.

You enter the strange house. Inside are rows of shelves stuffed with hundreds of books. They all seem to be records about deaths in the Haunted Woods. The Brain Tree would love this place!

Gilly: Where'd the Caretaker go?
Sophie: Must be taking a break.
Bruno: Which shelf has the book we need?
Sophie: Uh... I don't know. Let's pick one and figure it out.

Select the appropriate bookshelf (image below) for the month you wrote down (the shelf months change once in a while, but it's worth making a list for yourself each time it does), look through the list of names for the one you wrote down. There is more than one page of names (scroll down for page navigation links). Click the name. If the Caretaker yells at you just after clicking a name, refresh the page until Sophie says Good Work. Otherwise you'll not be able to mark another grave, and have to come back and click the name again. If you hit the wrong name, Sophie will yell at you, and you'll need to go get another name from another grave somewhere. Repeat the process as much as you like. It is assumed that, like digging, there is no set minimum amount to do. Every once in a while, while looking for correct shelves in the vault, the Caretaker will yell at you. If he does, just refresh till he goes away.

Shelves on the far left:
*Top Shelf: Gathering
*Middle: Hiding
*Bottom: Hunting

Middle set of shelves:
*Top Shelf: Eating
*Middle: Running
*Bottom: Celebrating

Left side of double shelves on the right of the screen:
*Top Shelf: Awakening
*Middle: Storing
*Bottom: Sleeping

Right side of double shelves on the right of the screen:
*Top Shelf: Relaxing
*Middle: Collecting
*Bottom: Swimming

Note: these change periodically. Write down the order for yourself. It will stay the same for a period of time, so it's good to keep track of what you know. Then adjust when the shelves mix up.

Sophie: Good work! Only countless thousands more names to go.
Gilly: Hooray.

Click "visit more graveyards"

some people are getting this new message when they go to the Caretaker's Vault. it will appear once but be gone they next time they load the page:

Gilly: I'm confused about something. If the Spirit of Slumber never died, how are we supposed to find his name?
Sophie: What are you talking about?
Gilly: Well, the Esophagor said that he'd never died, but then to bring him his real name...
Sophie: Right, and Ilere said that he was an ordinary Neopet, and became the Spirit of Slumber after he died.
Gilly: So I don't get it. If we bring the Esophagor the Spirit of Slumber's real name, he'd tell us when he died--
Bruno: Not that we need the Esophagor's help any longer--pardon the interruption.
Sophie: Oh, feel free. I've got all day for this.
Gilly: --but how could we tell the Esophagor when the Spirit died if he never died?
Bruno: I assumed he meant the name of the Spirit of Slumber before the Neopet who, er, became him, uh... died...
Sophie: Obviously. Can we move on now?

The Caretaker's Vault

Gilly: We did it! We eliminated every name except one.
Sophie: Well? What name is it?
Gilly: "Jubart Igig." How unusual. Very unlike most of the other names we found. Maybe it's an anagram of something... Nah.

Chapter 7

Go to Sophie's Shack.

You'll need to make a potion!
Your ingredients are:
*Leafy Slorgblossom
*Crushed Jurpleberries

Sophie: Okay, I've got the recipe for how to make this potion to summon the Spirit of Slumber, but it's a little vague on the specifics...
Bruno: Specifics? Like what, exactly?
Sophie: Um, like precisely how much of each ingredient to use. Or, uh, which ingredients. But it gives me some good ideas!
Bruno: Oh, this will go well.

Sophie: Bring me an ingredient! I'm not sure which one I'll need, so take your best guess, and we'll see what happens. There's only a few different ingredients that this potion might need, which simplifies things.

Click on an item

You want to keep track of which color the potion turns with each item your item order will be different, but the color order will be the same:

for me on step 3:

start: green/red

Bumroot : blue

Crushed Jurpleberries: purple

Leafy Slorgblossom: black

Leafy Slorgblossom: pink

Bumroot : rainbow

Leafy Slorgblossom: green/yellow swirl

Leafy Slorgblossom: purple sparkle

Leafy Slorgblossom: red & white swirl

So, click on an ingredient to add it to your potion. Mark where you are on the list above (what color you currently have) After adding an ingredient, check what color you currently have. If you moved DOWN on the list, you did a good job. Mark which ingredients you picked and in which order you used to get there in case you mess up. Repeat this process of randomly picking ingredients and using trial and error to move down the list, until you get to the color you need to (denoted in parentheses) When you finish one of the potions by getting to the color you need, then you will see a conversation between Gilly, Sophie and Bruno. Then you will be able to use a new ingredient (marked on the list way above). You'll start at Red again and then you'll need to try and move down the list again.

Some tips: Anytime you click an ingredient, write down on a scrap piece of paper which ingredient you used. If you moved down the hierarchy above, then write it down. If not, do not write it. That way, when you mess up, you know which ingredients to use in order to get back to where you were.

EXAMPLE: I have a Red potion currently. Let's say I use Leafy Slorgblossom and I get a blue potion. That's good. So I'd write Leafy or Slorg on my paper. Now, let's say I use a Blumroot next, but my potion turns red. This is BAD, so I will NOT write Blumroot on my paper. But I wrote down which ingredient got me to light blue in the first place (the slorgblossom) so all I have to do now is click on the Slorgblossom again to get it back to blue, and now I can use process of elimination (since it wasn't Blumroot, we need to try Slorgblossom or Jurpleberries in order to get to Purple)

NOTE: In some cases, if you are incorrect, your potion will turn bubbling black. This is bad, and means you'll need to start your entire potion at red again.

NOTE: In some rare cases, you may have moved down the list but hit a dead end. For example, let's say I have blue potion, and I make it turn purple. Then when I have purple I try EVERY ingredient on purple and nothing advances it to gray. In this case, go back to blue and try a different way to get it to purple. Specifically, let's say I'm on blue and I used Salt to get to purple. But now I'm on purple and I tried all of my ingredients but none of them make it grey. Start over, get to blue again, but this time, don't use salt to get to purple. Try different ingredients.

How can you tell which potion you are on? If you have 3 ingredients, you are on potion 1. If you have 4 ingredients, potion 2. If you have 5, then you are on potion 3.

Sophie: Yes! I think we've got it. Bruno, go ahead and give this a try.
Bruno: Here goes...

Bruno: Ugh... I feel a little weird...


Sophie: That's... an interesting effect.
Bruno: Oh, you think this is funny, do you?
Gilly: My goodness!
Sophie: Well, that clearly didn't work. I'll have to try something else. Maybe a different base potion... yes... Now, these ingredients will have a different effect than before, but it should work this time!

Click "Continue"

You'll now have 4 ingredients.


Sophie: Okay, this time for sure. Drink it down, Bruno!
Bruno: I hope this one at least tastes better than last time.

Bruno: Yecch! Too much salt. Or possibly not enough.

Sophie: Aww, I always wanted a little brother.
Bruno: I live for the sake of your amusement, sister.
Gilly: He's not going to stay that small, is he?
Sophie: No, no, almost... probably... not.
Bruno: Brilliant.
Sophie: Perhaps... yes! I've got it. I'll have to use a different potion base again, but this one's sure to work... if we put in the right ingredients... and it doesn't explode.
Bruno: Explode?!

Click "Continue"

You will now have 5 ingredients.


Sophie: I'm sure this one will work! Let's see what happens.
Bruno: Okay... but I had better not explode...

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Go to the 1 Player Battledome

The 3 Challengers are automatic opponents:

Ominous Stones (HP 8), Macabre Stones (HP 10), Furious Stones (HP 12)

Select your strongest pet to fight.

Scarab Ring (x2), Leaf Shield


How to beat them:
Use 2 Scarab Rings with Fierce Attack until you beat them. If you begin to take hits, switch to a Leaf Shield with one Scarab Ring.

NOTE: With the addition of these opponents, you cannot battle any other regular opponent.

Chapter 10

Go to the 1 Player Battledome

The 3 Challengers are automatic opponents:

Black Elm (HP 15), Blathering Beech (HP 30), Savage Sycamore (HP 50)

Select your strongest pet to fight.

Scarab Ring (x2), Leaf Shield, Greater Healing Scroll.

Burrow (very useful, but not ultimately necessary)

How to beat them:
Move 1: Use both Scarab Rings with Burrow. (or Fierce Attack if you don't haveBurrow)
Move 2/etc: Continue to use 2 Scarab Rings with Fierce Attack until you beat them.
If you begin to take hits, switch to a Leaf Shield with one Scarab Ring.
If you need to heal, use one Scarab Ring with the Greater Healing Scroll.

*When fighting the Savage Sycamore, you may also want to use the faerie ability of Drain Life. Use this on your first move with double Scarab Rings then follow the above steps beginning with "Move 1.

NOTE: With the addition of these opponents, the 3 stones are no longer available.

*Also, according to this week's editorial, battling will count for this plot, although it unclear how many plot points you will get from defeating one opponent.

Chapter 11

Go to the 1 Player Battledome

The 3 Challengers are automatic opponents:

Herman Dorfdrap (HP 55), Bennie the Jub (HP 100), Disgruntled Townspeople (HP 200)

Select your strongest pet to fight.

Scarab Ring (x2), Leaf Shield, Greater Healing Scroll, Downsize.

Drain Life, Burrow, Sink

How to beat them:
Move 1: Use both Scarab Rings with Drain Life (on weak).
Move 2: Use both Scarab Rings with Burrow (on strong).
Move 3: Use both Scarab Rings with Sink (on medium or weak)
Move 4: Use one Scarab Ring and Downsize with Fierce Attack.
If you need to heal, use one Scarab Ring with the Greater Healing Scroll.

NOTE: With the addition of these opponents, the 3 trees are no longer available.

Go to the 1 Player Battledome

The 3 Challengers are automatic opponents:

Shrieking Shadow (HP 50), Creeping Shadows (HP 75), Malevolent Shadow (HP 150)

Shrieking Shadow:
Select your strongest pet to fight.

Scarab Ring (x2), Leaf Shield, Greater Healing Scroll, Downsize.

Drain Life, Burrow, Sink

How to beat them:
Move 1: Use both Scarab Rings with Drain Life (on weak).
Move 2: Use both Scarab Rings with Burrow (on strong).
Move 3: Use both Scarab Rings with Sink (on medium or weak)
Move 4: Use one Scarab Ring and Downsize with Fierce Attack.
If you need to heal, use one Scarab Ring with the Greater Healing Scroll.

NOTE: With the addition of these opponents, the 3 previous opponents are still available.

Chapter 12

Go to Sophie's Shack
If it still shows the potion making step, go back to Neovia and re-enter the Shack.

Sophie: *huff* *puff* I can't... I can't believe that... We worked so hard to fix Neovia, and I just made it worse. What am I going to do?
Sophie: Girl, pull yourself together! You can't just give up. There's got to be something you can do. If they're still all under the effects of that danged Krawk's potion, then there must be some way to snap them out of it.
Sophie: I'd better go into my laboratory and start mixing up potions. This is going to be tough, though. I don't think there's ever been a potion like this before... I'm going to have to make things up as I go along.

Click on the door to the Shack to enter Sophie's Lab

Click Open basic ingredients cabinet

If your recipe is wrong:


Sophie: Augh! That wasn't right. I must have put in the wrong components. Let me try that one again...

How to Solve Step 1:

Lets say you have this.
Composite #1:
Quantity: 5 grams
Relevant property: Power
Target value: +54 +/- 5

So this means that you need to measure out 5 grams of whatever ingredient you want to use. Get ingredients from the 'Open basic ingredients cabinet' button on the top of the page.

+54 +/- 5 means that your property level goal is 54, but you can be plus or minus 5, so your range is 49-59.

Take 5 grams of the first ingredient and click on burn.
Then take 5 grams of the 2nd ingredient and click on burn.
Take 5 grams of the 3rd ingredient and click on burn.
By this time you can go back to first ingredient and change your choice - maybe crush.
Now go to second and change to crush too if you want.
Which ever ingredient gets to 54 plus or minus 5 take that ingredient and click "Create a New Composite." Only click on one ingredient.

Then click on the picture of the ingredient under "Composites." Once there is a red arrow under it, click "Throw it all in the cauldron and see what happens!"

Sophie: That seems to have worked out. I'll have to try it on something... and Bruno's not around.
Meowclops Mew?
Sophie Excellent.

Sophie Note to self: The smell of burning Meowclops hair is to be avoided at all costs.
Meowclops Mew.

Click "Try a different recipe"

How to Solve Step 2:

Lets say you have this.
Composite #1:
Quantity: 15 grams
Relevant property: Conjuring
Target value: +42 +/- 5

Composite #2:
Quantity: 25 grams
Relevant property: Enchantment
Target value: +81 +/- 5
Composite 2 cannot contain more than 10 grams of any one basic ingredient.

*NOTE: You will be doing each Composite separately.

*NOTE: The properties of Divination, Power, Conjuring, and Enchantment with go up or down depending on what you do to the item. (i.e. crushing may bring Power up, but bring Divination down.) Pay attention to what property you need for your Composite.

Composite 1:

You need to get 5 and 10 of ONE ingredient (I'll label them (a) and (b)). ONE only. And it can be 5 and 10, 6 and 9, 7 and 8, doesn't matter.

So burn, soak, crush, or desiccate both as before. Then when you get them BOTH between 37 and 47, you 'Make new Composite' for ONE (a) and then CLICK ON THE COMPOSITE YOU MADE (click on the picture so that a little red arrow appears) and THEN COMBINE the other one (b) with the combine button below Create a New Composite. (When you combine, the values will average out, so both must be within the target range.)

*Combining things increases the number of grams of the composition, but the Relevant Property will be the average of the composition and the thing you're combining!


Composite 2:

You next have to get 3 different ingredients for this next composite. So pick your 3, and crush/burn/soak/desiccate them until you have about your target value of EACH of the ingredients you used. Make sure you have 25 grams. 5 of one, 10 of the other two, whatever floats your boat.

So, experiment with each ingredient and action for each to find out what will give you that + relative property that you need. For me it was Conjuring for Composite #1, and Enchantment for Composite #2.

NEXT you do the same thing as the last one. Make sure that you have in the end, 2 composites IN THE RANGE of your target values. In this case it was 76 to 86 for Composite #2, and 37 to 47 for Composite #1.

Now, you put Composite #2 AND composite #1 AT THE SAME TIME into the cauldron. (click the pictures to get red arrows first!)

*NOTE: If you cannot get a level high enough on one ingredient, raise it on another to average them out.

In other words:

Comp 1:
ingredient A - 10g @ 42 (+/-5) Conjuring
ingredient B - 5g @ 42 Conjuring
Combine as one composition

Comp 2:
ingredient C - 10g @ 81 enchantment ingredient
D - 10g @ 81 enchantment
ingredient E - 5g @ 81 enchantment (or raise/lower to average out)
Combine as one composition

when both are complete, throw them in

Sophie: I think the ingredients are correct. Now let's make sure it works.
Meowclops: Mew?
Sophie: I'm glad you're back to normal. Time for dinner!

Sophie: That's definitely not right. Although if everyone in Neovia had an extra Bearog head... nah.
Meowclops: Mew!! GRRRRR!
Sophie: Stop fighting, you two, or I'll turn this shack right around!

Click "try a different recipe"

How to Solve Step 3:

Lets say you have this.
Composite #1:
Special: Spectral Essence
Quantity: 25 grams

Composite #2:
Quantity: 12 grams
Relevant property: Enchantment
Target value: +80 +/- 3
Relevant property: Divination
Target value: +81 +/- 3
Composite 2 cannot contain more than 3 grams of any one basic ingredient.

To achieve Spectral Essence:
20 Grams of Bloodfern – Soak and Crush to Max
5 Grams of Slorgblossum - Soak, Crush, and Desiccate to Max
It shows up as "Spectral Essence" rather than "Miscellaneous Composite.

To achieve Composite #2:
You need to get TWO properties to reach BOTH their target areas with +/-3.
Use ONLY the Crushed Jurpleberries. Take 3 grams 4 times.
for POWER: use only desiccate
for CONJURE: use only crush
for DIVINATION: use only soak
for ENCHANTMENT: use only burn

So for EXAMPLE. if you have power and divination, you will desiccate and soak ONLY. This will get you to your target areas in each category. IT GOES REALLY FAST, SO YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OFTEN, EVERY FEW SECONDS by clicking "stop" and check the numbers....

Then you combine all the Jurpeberries together. One bowl for the spectral, One bowl for the berries, throw it in…and congrats you did it.

NOTE: Each motion will only move one of them. So if you choose to desiccate, only the power will move. You then need to choose soak to get the divination to move. Get all 4 set of berries to the target area.

Sophie: Okay, third try. This one will work, I'm sure of it. Now, to test...
Meowclops: Mew?
Sophie:Ah, you again. Here, clopsey...

Dr. Meowsloth: You fool! You'll pay for this treachery! I, Dr. Sloth, will bring your ruin down upon you!
Sophie: I really hope this wears off soon.

Click "try a different recipe"

How to Solve Step 4:

To achieve Anti-Gravitic Goo:
Babaa Wool 4g
Jurpleberries 3g
Bagguss Pulp 3g
Burn and crush all to the max

To achieve Spectral Essence:
21g Bloodfern (3x7grams)- crush & soak to the max
2g Slorgblossum – burn & crush to the max

To achieve Composition #3:
Use the same Jurpleberries technique as in Step 3, Composite #2.

Sophie: Please, please, let this one work properly.
Meowclops: Mew?
Sophie:You're just a glutton for punishment, aren't you?

Sophie: Okay, now that just doesn't even make sense.
Meowclops: Emw.

Click "try a different recipe"

How to Solve Step 5:

NOTE: Everyone will have one of the following for their 1st Composition: Ice Plasma, Platinum Mist, Psionic Singularity

To achieve Ice Plasma:
1 gram Bumroot, burn and crush max
1 gram Sharpgrass, burn and crush max
1 gram Nova Essence, burn and crush max
7 grams Sharpgrass, no changes made.

To achieve Platinum Mist:
1g Sharpgrass - No actions
1g Madvine Root - No actions
8g Bronze Sansam - ALL actions

To achieve Psionic Singularity:
There are two methods here:
Madvine Root: dessicate 10 grams for 10 seconds then split into 2 grams and throw the other 8 away.
Nova Essence: 8 grams do nothing, just add
2 grams of Madvine, dessicate for exactly 2 seconds
8 grams Nova, do nothing

To achieve Anti-Gravitic Goo:
4g Babaa Wool - crush
2g Bagguss Pulp - burn, crush, soak, desiccate
2g Jurpleberries - burn, crush, soak
2g Jurpleberries – crush, soak

Composite #3:
You need 5 grams with an average of 300... a simple way to get it is:

Babaa Wool – 1 gram:
C/D: burn, crush
C/E: burn, soak
C/P: crush, soak
D/E: burn, desiccate
D/P: crush, desiccate
E/P: soak, desiccate

Other Ingredients – 1 gram each:
C/D: Madvine Root (burn), Nova Essence (crush)
C/E: Madvine Root (crush), Nova Essence (desiccate)
C/P: Madvine Root (desiccate), Nova Essence (soak)
D/E: Madvine Root (soak), Nova Essence (crush)
D/P: Madvine Root (soak), Nova Essence (burn)
E/P: Madvine Root (burn), Nova Essence (desiccate)

Next, get 1 gram of Jurpleberries, and if you need (you will need 2 properties):
Conjuring: crush
Divination: soak
Enchantment: burn
Power: desiccate

That gives a total of 1500 to the two properties you need.. all that is left is to combine the 4 into one composite, then get 1 gram of some random ingredient that wasn't used yet, and add that in.

Sophie: If this one's not safe, then I don't know what I'll do...
Meowclops: Mew?
Sophie: Thanks for all your support, little guy. Down the hatch...

Chapter 13

Go to the go to the Asylum in Neovia.

You will enter the office. Click on the tilted Lamp: it will be added to your Quest Inventory.

Click on the paper furthest back on the right hand stack of papers. A Not will be added to your inventory.

Gilly: Hm, what's this? Some kind of journal page. How convenient! Perhaps I should read it.

Next, click on a door to enter a hallway. Look around until you find the rooms with the Zombies.

Click on a Zombie to use the Lamp to beat the Zombies.

You bludgeon the zombies with the lamp, forcing them to flee!
Gilly: Thanks for the idea, Bruno!

Click on the paper on the floor.

Gilly: Hm, what's this? Some kind of journal page. How convenient! Perhaps I should read it.

Click on the Janitor's pocket. A Shiny Key will be added to your inventory.

Next, return to the hallway and look for the room with a locked cabinet.

Click on the Doctor's shirt pocket and pants pocket. A Rusty Old Key and Journal Page 2 will be added to you inventory.

Gilly: Hm, what's this? Some kind of journal page. How convenient! Perhaps I should read it.

Click on the Note on the cabinet.

The note reads:
Dr. Valus - I put a lock on the supply cabinet like you asked, so that Dr. Kirkbride will stop stealing gardening supplies. I've got the key. Let me know if you need it. - Miles"

Click on the locked cabinet.

You unlock the closet door with the shiny key!

Click on the Shovel. It will be added to you inventory.

Next, find the Courtyard.

Click on the upper patch of grass to dig.

You dig a hole with the shovel. There seems to be something in the hole.

Click on the bone in the Courtyard.

You dig up a tasty-looking bone from the hole.

If you do this before you have the shovel:

Gilly: A lump in the ground... I wonder if something's buried there. Argh! I can't dig! Curse these mittens!

Next, find the room with the Zomutt.

Gilly: Here, boy! Chew on the nice tasty bone!

Note: If you click on him without the Bone in your inventory:

Gilly: Aaah! Bad Zomutt! Sit! Stay!

Click on the paper to add it to your inventory.

Gilly: Hm, what's this? Some kind of journal page. How convenient! Perhaps I should read it.

You can now click on the locked jail cell. This will take you to a hallway of cells.
Click on any door and click once taken to that page.

Gilly: Drat! Neither of these keys will open this door.

To exit, click "Continue" then click the bottom of the door image to return to the hallway)

Click on the Journal Page when you find it under a door.

Gilly: Hm, what's this? Some kind of journal page. How convenient! Perhaps I should read it.

Keep checking doors until you find:

The rusty key works in the lock, opening the cell door.

Click "Continue"

Journal Pages

Page 1:
The journal page reads...

Lucy's journal, 31st day of Collecting:

Tonight is Halloween. Most of the staff have gone home to Neovia, leaving only myself, Dr. Valus, and the janitor, Miles, overseeing the patients for the night. I hope that all goes well, and I think between the three of us, we can manage.

The inmates are quiet at the moment, as it is late. I have drawn the first shift; Dr. Valus and Miles are resting, but of course I can rouse them should I need assistance. Miles's pet Zomutt has been snuffling around, making a minor nuisance of himself; earlier today, I found him burying a bone in the courtyard -- goodness knows where he found it -- and chased him away. I don't know why Miles keeps that horrid creature around, but it seems to obey him, and the doctors tolerate it, so I must as well, even though I am head nurse.

The most exciting news of late is that I had dinner with Dr. Valus earlier tonight. It wasn't a date, exactly, but I feel and hope that things are headed in that direction. He is quite charming when he's not distracted with diagnosing the insane.

One last thing: the asylum newsletter contained a devilishly difficult anagram puzzle this week. I can't solve it, but I've written it down here for future reference.


Gilly: Wow! An anagram puzzle! I've been waiting for one of these for, oh, say, six weeks now! Let me see...
Gilly: Hmm... the X after the Q... and then the A...
Gilly:: No, wait, maybe the L... yes, and then the I... could be...
Gilly: Ah! Got it. That was easy!
Gilly: Why would he write 'aaaargh'? Maybe he got attacked while writing it. Wait, that makes no sense. Maybe he was dictating. Boy, this place sure is strange.

Page 2:
The journal page reads...

Lucy's journal, 1st day of Storing:

It is late afternoon, and we are all quite worried. None of the other staff have returned from Neovia this day. Dr. Kirkbride and Dr. Heeler should both have been here by noon at the latest, not to mention some of the other nurses and orderlies.

I only find time to write now because Miles and I have just finished feeding lunch to the inmates. Dr. Valus has set off for Neovia to see if he can find any of the other staff; he should be back by nightfall.

Miles's pet Zomutt has been staring out the windows all day, growling quietly. He even barked at Miles and tried to bite him once when the janitor approached the beast, but Miles was able to calm him down. I don't know what's gotten into him.

For my part, I am very worried. What could have happened to the rest of the staff? If we do not receive relief soon, we may be overwhelmed.

Page 3:
The journal page reads...

Lucy's journal, 8th day of Storing:

I have not had time to write in a while, for we have been extraordinarily busy. Dr. Valus returned on the evening of the first, as promised, to report that Neovia was entirely deserted. It was as if the entire town had simply vanished into thin air. One house, he said, had been ransacked and burned, but the rest were untouched.

As a result, for the last week, Dr. Valus, Miles, and I have represented the entire staff of Meepit Oaks. We are exhausted beyond belief; we barely have time to feed and wash the inmates, and there has been no time for any form of psychiatric treatment. We have had to dragoon Miles into working as an orderly, keeping the inmates physically restrained while we feed them or change their clothing. Due to his lack of experience, on several occasions an inmate has almost broken loose; only Miles's brute strength (for he is rather large) has kept them in check.

We have sent for help, but have no idea if or when it will arrive. The sooner, the better, for we are bound to make a mistake sooner or later and let one of the inmates free. If that happens, I fear for our lives.

Page 4:
The journal page reads...

Lucy's journal, 11th day of Storing:

Good news, these last few days! On the evening of the eighth, we received a knock on our door. We opened it to find one Dr. Edward Alexander, sent from Neopia Central, to aid us. He gave his regrets that no more assistance could be sent, but he has done us wonders.

In the days before he arrived, the inmates became even more violent and aggressive than usual. Miles suffered several cuts when a mad Skeith managed to claw his arm, and I myself had been bruised several times when one inmate or another managed to break free of his restraints and knock me aside. Thankfully, Dr. Valus and Miles managed to restrain the inmates each time.

Nonetheless, we were on the edge of exhaustion when Dr. Alexander arrived. He brought with him an elixir, so he called it, that had been recently developed and would help to calm our inmates. It worked like a miracle; we mixed it with the inmates' food, and within a day, they had all become subdued and peaceable. We have spent the last two days resting as much as possible, to restore our energies, now that the inmates do not take so much of our energy to manage.

Dr. Alexander is a remarkable man. Handsome, and with the most striking yellow eyes. He is every bit as charming as Dr. Valus; even more so, I suppose, for he has not spent the last eleven days wearing himself out. I find myself drawn to him, and I think Dr. Valus may be getting a little bit jealous.

This morning, in fact, Dr. Alexander told me that he was very impressed with how I had held up during this crisis, and said that most nurses he knew would never have been able to hold out so long. He presented me with a beautiful violet flower that seems to glow even when not in sunlight, and is positively radiant when it is so illuminated. I don't know where he found it, but he assures me that it is a magic flower and will never need water or sunlight in order to thrive. I suspect it is a bit of poetic license on his part, but I cannot say that I mind.

Despite Dr. Alexander's presence having saved us from disaster, we certainly cannot continue on with only four staff -- and who knows how long Dr. Alexander will be able to stay? Soon we must find new orderlies and nurses to replace our missing staff, who are clearly not returning.

Page 5:
The journal page reads...

Lucy's journal, 13th day of Storing:

Disaster has struck. I write this from within one of our very own cells, having been locked here by the inmates. I only pray that someone will release me before it is too late.

On the afternoon of the eleventh, Dr. Valus saw the flower that Dr. Alexander had given me. He asked where I had gotten it, and I told him. This seemed to infuriate him, and he would not speak to me except in short, clipped tones the rest of the day. He was very agitated every time I saw him.

The next morning, I was awoken by Miles, the janitor, who told me to come quick. It seemed that one of the inmates had escaped from his cell. Dr. Valus had, apparently, gone to feed the inmates alone, and said that this particular inmate had broken from his restraints, attacked him, and fled into the asylum. Despite myself, I suspect that Dr. Valus may have still been upset about the flower Dr. Alexander gave me, and made an error in judgment when setting the inmate's restraints.

Dr. Valus insists, of course, that he made no mistake, and that the inmate simply broke free. I doubted this, for the inmates had all been calm and passive ever since Dr. Alexander began feeding them his elixir; but Dr. Valus said that he had not seen Dr. Alexander since the previous morning, and so the inmates had not received the elixir in almost a full day.

Dr. Alexander was still nowhere to be found, and I feared something terrible had happened to him, especially if the escaped inmate came upon him alone in the asylum. Dr. Valus, Miles, and myself searched the asylum as a single party, trying to find the escaped inmate. However, our doom was already sealed. Upon our third circuit of the cellblock, we discovered the several more cells had been opened, and the inmates escaped. Dr. Valus decided that it was time to flee the asylum, but it was too late.

A dozen or more inmates descended upon us in a fury. They dragged us away from one another, describing the horrible things they would do to us. I feel lucky, at least, that they only threw me in a cell and locked the door. For a while I feared they would return to torment me, but after a while, the asylum grew silent, and it seemed they had escaped into the Haunted Woods.

I sit here, now, lucky that I carried a pen and a last sheet of paper with me, so that I can document what has happened. The flower that Dr. Alexander gave me shows no sign of wilting, and so I suppose it is as magical as he claimed. It is my only companion, now, and the only memory I have of any brief happiness I felt in these last two weeks.

Chapter 14

Go to the 1 Player Battledome

There is 1 new automatic opponent:

Mayor Thumburt (HP 1000)

Chapter 15