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Bria did some assorted cleanup today- Luv Fashion reviews closed, so our review there was wiped D: Also, more assorted mini-revamps are coming! As a side note, Ellie got her computer taken away for finals so no layout requests or font requests will be done for a few weeks. Thank you for your patience!


New homepage! Bria is off snowboarding so button/banner requests are currently closed and current requests won't be completed this weekend. Thanks for your patience!


Hello, and welcome to Save the Magic! A lovely little page founded in September 2010 as a button request site by Bria. Since then, however, we've evolved. With the help of our two lovely co-owners, Ellie & Michelle, we now offer not only button and banner requests, but also premade buttons, fonts, and layouts. To navigate our site, click on the links above. Also, if you wouldn't mind grabbing a link back button on your way out, we'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much for visiting, and have a wonderful day!
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If you can't find anything of interest here at Save the Magic, please take a moment to check out our amazing sister site, Adore! Owned by the wonderful Ella, Adore is a button request site that also hosts its own graphic page complete with wonderful (and extremely useful!) resources for you to enjoy. The buttons are Adore are extremely high quality, and simply adorable. Check it out today!

Our other sister site is the beyond adorable Whirligig, owned by the wonderful Caylee. The buttons at Whirligig are not only cutesy and fun as the name suggests, they are extremely well made & very high quality! The layout is also simply adorable! Honestly, if you don't visit Whirligig you're missing out. Go request today!


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