Who Knew
by sarika_ambrielle

How well do you know your account? I can honestly say I know my accounts inside and out. In the event your account is comprimised or frozen for whatever reason, you better hope you can say the same if you're planning on getting your account back. There is a form that you will be required to fill out that most people don't even know exists. To see the form yourself it can be found here ... Automatic Submission Form - Frozen Accounts then Submit a Ticket, Frozen Accounts. I suggest you take some time to gather all this information together so it will be instantly handy to you, just in case. You probably don't really need it all but the more you have the easier it would be for both you and TNT.

Let's take an indepth look at this form shall we.

1. Regarding Username: Well this one is quite obvious and if you can't answer it you should simply say good bye to the account and go read the funnies instead.

2. Why do you feel this account should be returned?: (maximum 64,000 characters) You have to tell your story so make it count. Include as much pertinent information as you can without sounding whinny or repeating yourself. Even if something doesn't sound important, include it as you have lots of room.

3. Previously used magic - word(s): They do NOT want your current word just old ones and WOW, I don't think I can actually be to helpful on this, guess I shall start today keeping these recorded.

4. Email Addresses (any addresses used on the account previously): If you change or have changed your Email address write them all down.

5. Birthdate: This seems like it should be obvious but a lot of online people do not use their real birthdate so if you used a fake note your bogus birthday.

Well that was pretty easy wasn't it, NOW we get into the tough stuff --- Account Verification.

6. Who are your Neofriends? Most of us could instantly list most of our closest neofriends but how about those casual acquaintances who you don't correspond with on a regular basis, you need to also list them. You should also know who is a VIP.

7. Neocash Purchased: (maximum 64,000 characters) Keep a record of the NC Cards you redeem including the number on the card and the reference number you are sent as confirmation. Knowledge of items you bought VS traded would probably be helpful as well.

8. Rare Item Codes Redeemed: (maximum 64,000 characters) My beautiful Space Faerie avatar is the result of the one code I redeemed, I gained the Space Faerie as a battledome challenger and consequently beat her. I would imagine if you don't write down what you received when you receive it, you'll never remember later.

9. Warnings received: (maximum 64,000 characters) This one is the easiest question, I mean who doesn't remember if they have seen that scary red exclamation point icon appear attached to that alarming neomail from TNT.


You need to now what that warning said you did, whether you did it or not.

10. Pets you have created, abandoned or transferred: (maximum 64,000 characters) Well I personally have only ever created five pets on this account so that was easy. If you create pets regularily you should write all their names down, don't worry about color or species as that can change. On my spare I went searching and found 30 pets I had created still out there, all still beautifully colored.

11. Items in your closet or equipped to pets (please specify): (maximum 64,000 characters) Plenty of space here and a good opportunity to take advantage of. Equip every one of your pets with something, even if it is a cheap wet snowball or two. Of the allowed 650 items in your closet know which rare, weird or multiples are there.

12. Further explanation, additional details: (maximum 64,000 characters) There is so much that you could have here that only you would know about your account such as:

past trades/auctions (what items were traded, and who did you trade with): Once a trade or auction has gone through most people couldn't tell you the details about it so you need to get the details before it goes through.

stocks you currently own, I personally couldn't tell you which stock I bought this morning let alone what others I own.

items in your inventory or Safety Deposit Box, not a detailed list but perhaps knowledge of some of the rarer, weird or multiple items.

books your pet has read or at least how many they have read

The avatars or stamps you have collected

the most recent jobs your pets have done

your petpet levels

your pets faerie abilities

even the dates of contests you won such as Beauty Contest, Art Gallery, Poetry, Random

if you are are a premium member you could have your premium referrals listed

13. Attachment: Attach a File (max of 10 files, total of all attachments must be under 25 MB) WOW, this makes life so much easier and I can't thank TNT enough for this wonderful addition.

That's it the whole form broken down into detail. It will take you time to get the information together (took me a couple hours) but once complete, it's extremelly easy to keep accurate and up to date. You should have this information available on each and every one of your accounts as a form would be required for each individual account.

Lastly I highly recommend everyone take advantage of their PIN number's so people can't change your account around, this option can be found here PIN Number Preferences

This was submitted to The Neopian Times and received the following response.

Your Neopian Times submission (Who Knew) was rejected because discussion of scamming or frozen accounts is not something that we want in articles. Yours Sincerely, The Neopets Team