★ Sweets & Cookies

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In a small town filled with dim orange lights near Happy Valley, snowflakes fall endlessly, covering the whole area with a white blanket. With just a sniff, the strong and sweet-smelling baked goods with aid of gusts of strong winds, lured you to a pink-based bakery shop located near the Ice Caves.

Open', the sign hanging on a white, glass-framed door says. You turned the white handle of the door and pushed it forward, causing the bell hung the side of the door to ring. A loud, cheerful, yet gentle melody welcomed you to enter.

Welcome to Sweets & Cookies. Would you like to dine here? a little Faellie asks. You nodded and ordered a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of chokato biscuits for your fill as she led you to a white table and chair. With a sip, you could see only a few customers eating here. Majority who came in went to buy their pastries home.

You noticed a small stage built at the corner of the shop and on it was a blue-skinned Aisha with unusually pink locks who had created a luxurious melody with a vocals and guitar which calmed the hearts of her fellow customers. After singing her last and final note, she stood up and took a bow with applauses coming from the entertained customers.

She went towards to greet and have a quick chat with them. Not too long later, she approached you. Are you a tourist? I've never seen you around before, she smiled as you nod.

★ The Co-Owner

So your name is may_sapphire? Well, nice to meet you! My name is Sapphire, she introduces herself hopes that you had found her home town very relaxing yet enjoyable at the same time.

Full Name» Sapphire Beautifly
Call Me» Sapphire
Gender» Female
Species» Aisha
Age» 17
Height» 5'4
Weight» o //// o
→ High School Student
→ Co-Owner of S&C
→ Part-Time Singer

Companion» Mittens the Faellie
Family» In Faerieland
Build» Thin
Personality» Optimistic, Innocent, Cheerful

→ Scarf [Any Colour]
→ Headband with Butterfly Pattern [Optional]
→ White Feathered Wings [Optional]
Special Features»
→ Ability to Withdraw or Summon Wings
→ Alter Size of Wings
Caretaker» Haruka

Likes & Dislikes
♥ Singing
♥ Baking
♥ Music
♥ Pastries
♥ Festivals
♥ Musicals
♥ Mittens
♥ Flying
× Burnt Pastries
× Noise
× Heartless Neopians
× Unable to Fly
× Ugly Clothes
× Loneliness
× Failure
× Getting Sick

★ The Workforce

The Owner of Sweets & Cookies
Not only is she the person who created S&C, Haruka is also what you would call my caretaker despite being 2 years younger than me. Even though she appears to be unfriendly and serious, she is actually one very crazy and lazy girl who is often found lying on the ground during weekends, rolling for no apparent reason. However, during the days when we are open, she is usually found in the kitchen, preparing pastries for her loyal customers. However, during the holidays when I am free most of the time, she would shove her position to me and expect me to handle the shop while she gets all relaxed. I sometimes wonder who actually runs the bakery during this time of year-- me or her?

The Part-Time Worker
Ichi is my not-so-little yet adorable 13-year-old relative (who is a Baby Bori) who loves to come here with his petpet and play with Rose, my Faellie. During the weekends and holidays, he works part-time here by serving the customers, gaining extra pocket money for school and receiving a box of baked goods each week. Ichi can be a total tsundere which makes him act super cute at times♥

★ Acquaintances

Luna and Kaho, I hope you two would come back soon. T_T

The Son of a Chinese Restaurant's Owner
Van Van stays in Shenkuu which takes around a 15-minute journey from Happy Valley by air. He doesn't like me very much, it seems since he keeps on calling me an ebil lady which Haruka somewhat finds it amusing for some weird reason. Van Van usually has an appearance of a 7-year-old due to his ability that also increases his which can be very annoying.

...But, when he reveals his real 17-year-old appearance, he's actually kind of cute. Ah, but please do not tell him that I said that. I'll give you a free box of Chocolate Coated Pretzel if you keep this a secret between us, okay? ;)

Neomail Haruka if you would like to RP with me. :)

★ Little Helper

★ Photo Album
These pictures have been organised from the newest to the oldest. Click and drag the thumbnails of these pictures to your address bar to view its full size.

Art Done by Haruka

Art Done by Others

★ Cake Buffet

Which reminds me, do you have an Aisha? Sapphire's random question made you spit out you hot chocolate into the mug. Well, if you do, Sweets & Cookies will have an Aisha Appreciation Cake Buffet Day! Sapphire exclaims and briefly explains further that when Haruka started the bakery, the local Aisha would voluntarily help her on running the shop and decided to celebrate annually on the day Sweets & Cookies became famous around town.

It's obviously free for Aishas so bring yours, okay?

Anything that will prevent your account from freezing. ALSO, please link back to my petpage. Thank you. :)

If you don't have an Aisha adoptable, feel free to have an art trade with Haruka in return of a custom.
Custom Requests: CLOSED
Custom Trades: OPEN

Waiting List

Waiting to Receive



★ Presents Received


★ Award Corner
May redo the award...


1. Do not take them unless Haruka give you the premission to do so.
2. Please link back these trophies to my petpage.
These rules apply to all of my trophies, Sapphire says.
It'll be nice if you catch those who are using my trophies without their names nor petpages placed under there.
Artist Award

[this trophy's background is NOT transparent]
Applications: Open
How To Apply
1. I love seeing good art!
2. Send Haruka,
may_sapphire, a link to either your art gallery, petpage, etc.
3. Use the title, "Artists' Trophy".
4. If I rate your 8/10 and above, feel free to take them.
Feel free to neomail may_sapphire if you want your art gallery to be linked in here.

It's hard getting my trophy, okay?
Please don't be too upset if you do not receive my award.
If I don't reply you within a week or so,
it means that you're not chosen. If you are not choosen, you can always try some other time,
after you get better in your drawing skills.


Petpage Award

[this trophy's background is NOT transparent]
Applications: CLOSED
How To Apply
1. Send Haruka, may_sapphire, a link to your pet's petpage.
2. Use the title, "Petpage Trophy".
3. Wait for a few days to see your results!
I'm sure everyone who applies for this has a nice petpage.
However, I only make a gold trophy. I'm too lazy to make bronze and silver, which means it'll be a little easier getting this.

You should AT LEAST have a...
1. Story [optional]
2. Good Art!
3. Adoptables/ Makeables
4. Decent Layout
6. Music [optional]
7. Completed Petpage
8. Effort

Nobody applied...

Amazing Petpages

By the time Sapphire got back from the cafe, you have already finish readin the notice. She takes a sip of her cuppucino.
And the shelf on very left is the trophies from others, given to me.
She explains, taking another sip. She then takes out a packet of cookies and shove them to you. You shook, not wanting to eat anymore snacks.

Awards Received
She places her cuppucino on a table near to and picked up an award, staring at it cheerfully.
I really have to thank those who gave me an award or two.

Thank you so much, kwallie!
The Rainbow Cloud Award- for all who have worked hard on their petpages! Clicky here to get your own! XD
Pfft! Haruka took these free awards!
Don't you have any shame?

Thank you so much, maaahaaa!

OMG, Roxy! Thank you!~
Sapphire places back the award and sighs. She turns around.
I hope to receive more awards for my collection.

★ Hugs & Kisses

★ Page Status

★ Quick Links

★ Keeping On Track

Added Vaaner in the Acquaintance section.

Changed Sapphire's adoptables into something more yummy~

Decided to revamp the story line and such. First, completed editing the layout and colour scheme. Planning to draw more to decorate the petpage. Wish me luck~!♥

Added 2 more customs~

★ Neighbours

Come Taste the Rainbow? Buurrrpp.. Ardelis

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Neomail Haruka if you would like to exchange contacts

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