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As of December 5, 2009,

The Sakura Directory


Don't say that you were surprised to see this coming. This site has been on hiatus since October when I originally had plans to leave Neopets for good. Instead of abandoning the place where I had sought refuge from the real world for many years, I simply decided to abandon my sites that I had put so much hard work into.

Yes, this was a very difficult decision to make. I had put lots of time and effort into building my sites and making them known throughout Neopia. Unfortunately, I simply don't have what it needs to keep up the workload anymore: time.

And so I say farewell to all of those who have used my directory. The listed pages will remain at the bottom of this page until January 1, 2010. All listees may feel free to remove my link back button at this time, if you wish.

If you still want to find a page after my listings have been removed, there are not only several directories within Neopia, but there are also users on the NeoBoards who would be happy to lend a helping hand to someone looking for a lost petpage. To help you continue to get around, I will place the links of some of my favorite directories below; directories which I plan on using myself in the future.

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Here are the awesome directories! ^.^
Wow, many of these sites have changed quite a lot since I've visited them.

Listed Sites
Sorry, Listed Sites have now been removed.