Welcome to the Garden

You wander into what seems like a long forgotten wood. Trees hang their dead and decaying branches over your head as you step through a rotting layer of leaves and soil. An erie glow in the distance beckons you forward. It is not a soft glow like that from a streetlamp, but a bright blue-green glow that you determine to be most certainly a hallucination. As you approach the glow, a nutty decaying smell clings to your clothing and the ground begins to squish under your footfalls. Your eyes fall to the path just ahead of you. It is lined with mushrooms of great size, color, and shape. The nutty smell grows stronger, and the glow pulls you closer. . .

The trees open up into a sheltered clearing, hidden from outside light and wandering eyes. The mushrooms expand in variety and number. They shoot up from below the long dead trees, cling to the fallen logs, and peek from under a pile of forgotten leaves. Shelves of flat fungus create soft stair-steps that climb into the shadowed heights of the trees. The glow of the mushrooms create a soft fog that consumes the forest floor. The nutty, decay smell begins to seem sweet and welcoming. You walk over to a fallen log, careful not to step on the fungi below, and find a place in the soft soil where you sit, leaning up against the log. The cool air changes direction, and you feel a calming breeze against your face. Before long, the quiet clearing sends you to sleep.

When you finally awake, you are greeted by what seems to be a large Lupe walking towards you. Unsure of whether to run or not, you stay still, leaning against the log. Your hands drop to your sides, where newly sprouted mushrooms have wound their way out from under your legs. As the lupe draws closer, you notice that with every step it takes, a group of mushrooms spring up from the indentation where a paw previously met the moist soil. The creature walks up to you and sits directly in front of your feet. Mushrooms spring up from where it sits, and glow as they make contact with the smooth fur of the Lupe's hindquarters.

The Lupe seems to study you, staring with heavily dilated eyes ringed by a neon green. The smooth grey fur of the animal contrasts sharply with the fading blue-green markings on its face, legs, and back. Wings like that of a dragonfly twitch with the touch of a new mushroom, you can see the forest through them. The translucent purple and green bring a soft shade to the forest behind them. As you stare at the creature that sits in front of you, you hardly notice that you are being consumed by the hundreds of tiny mushrooms surrounding you. As you move, the stalks draw closer, tightening their hold on you. They undulate with light, seeming to breathe with you. You struggle, but with each movement, the mushrooms entangle you more, covering more of your body. this is surely a hallucination you think. Mushrooms can't grow this fast, nor do they feed on human flesh.

As the lupe watches, you are covered to your neck in the slimy decaying mushrooms. Before your vision is blocked out entirely by a pair of Ink Caps, you see the Lupe smirk and turn to leave. he lured you here. He knew only curiosity and wonder could bring a human meal to his decaying garden.

The Keeper

Born Of The Garden

A mother Lupe heaved and sighed as her pup was born into the world. Her clan stood around her, watching as a tiny grey snout and paws came into view. They smiled and encouraged the Lupess until a small furry ball fell onto the soil below. She cleaned the pup so that his steel grey fur shown brightly in the afternoon sun. He opened his eyes to his mother, and the rest of the clan. He started with bright green eyes, strange for a pup of this color. The clan smiled and began to leave one by one so the mother and pup could have their privacy. I will name you...Ryubin The mother smiled as her pup yawned and fell asleep in her paws.

Weeks after his birth, Ryu was an active and healthy pup. Markings were showing through his steel fur, as with most pups his age. His tiny wings were a beautiful translucent blue-purple. They twitched as he played with the other pups his age.

Ryu could hear his mother in the distance, calling his name. He said goodbye to his playmates with a sharp bark and turned to run to his mother. As he did, he ran headfirst into the legs of another Lupe.

You're coming with me… The Lupe said as he picked up Ryubin by the skin on this neck.

Ryu squirmed a little, but stayed calm. He knew this Lupe. He was a friend of his mother's. He ran towards the den where Ryu and his mother lived. When they got there, the den was a mess. Walls were caved in, branches had been ripped from the walls and floor, dirt spilled out into the front opening. The male Lupe dropped Ryu and ran to the den. Oh no…No please no!! He squeezed under the fallen walls and disappeared inside.

Ryu was scared, his mother wasn't in their den. He turned to run for help, but as he did, he was snatched up yet again, but this time by Kalyin, the clan leader.

Kalyin brought Ryu to a clearing in the clan's forest. This is where big meetings were held. The whole clan turned out for events that took place here. But why was Kalyin bringing him here? The big Lupe dropped Ryu rather painfully down onto a pile of wood from under which mushrooms were sprouting. Ryu looked around, the whole clan was here, even the pups he was just playing with. And there, being held down by two of the biggest Lupes in the clan, was Ryu's mother. Tears streamed down her face, as she pleaded to them for something. Kalyin turned to address the clan…

I have gathered you all here today because a law has been broken. Many weeks ago, Ryubin was born of Alenkay. The clan rejoiced at the birth of the steel pup, but just recently I have noticed something. The markings of this pup are not the normal markings of a pup of this clan… Kalyin grabbed Ryu once again, and smoothed back his fur. Shining through the steel coat, were blue-green markings that seemed to glow as Ryu breathed. The clan broke out into chatter as Kalyin threw Ryubin back to the pile of wood.

These markings can only mean one thing… That our own Alenkay had ventured into the deadly garden while carrying Ryubin. The clan began to whisper among itself, wondering what would become of Alenkay and her pup.

Kalyin looked at Alenkay as she pleaded with him to set her free. The lupes holding her down looked at her with cold eyes, knowing what would become of her. Kalyin spoke to Alenkay. Unfortunately, there is no forgiving this Alenkay. You know I cannot let this incident go unpunished. For your disregard for the laws and safety of this clan, Ryubin will be banished to the garden where you visited. He will stay there until the end of his days, living among the deadly fungus and the rotting forest. Kalyin hung his head, he didn't want to banish Ryu. It hurt him to give the orders, but if he wanted to keep his power, he could not let it go unpunished.

Kalyin turned to the clan and spoke once again. This is not the only example I will make today. I cannot allow Alenkay to stay here with our clan, she has been poisoned by the garden, and must be destroyed. Alenkay began to weep once more, pleading harder for Kalyin to allow her to be with Ryu in the garden. The two Lupes holding her down bared their teeth and waited for Kalyin to give the final order. Kalyin nodded his head once. The clan held its breath as Alenkay stared with desperate eyes at her son. She mouthed the words I'm sorry to Ryu.


Tears drenched the fur around Ryu's face, making his markings glow even brighter. He turned his head as his mother was surrounded by Lupes. Two female Lupes whose wings were old and frail, threw ropes around Ryu's paws, and tripped him. They held him down as a large white lupe with a red stain on his muzzle approached. Kalyin turned to Ryu with an apologetic face. You have a beautiful tail, but it is a way for others to tell that you are from here. I cannot let this happen. Kalyin motioned for the white Lupe to draw near. His name was Runok, and his muzzle and paws were stained red. He bit down into the soft fur of Ryu's tail. Ryu yelped and squirmed, only to be pushed further into the dirt by the old lupesses holding him down. Runok jerked his head to the left, and then the other way, severing the beautiful tail from Ryu's body.

Ryu cried as the jagged base of his tail dripped crimson onto the dirt. With every drop, a tiny mushroom sprung up from the damp soil and spread its cap into Ryu's wound. Before long, where his beautiful tail once was, remained a stump of a tail. Kalyin spoke to Ryu. It is time to go Ryubin. We will take you to the clearing where your mother visited, and you are to stay there, never to leave. The powerful magic of the garden will never allow you to leave. Once you enter, you may never leave.

The small pup was blindfolded and tied up once more only to be dragged for what seemed like days deep into the darkness of the forest. The old Lupe that dragged him did not stop once, not to drink or eat or sleep. All Ryu could do was sit still and await his destination.

The Keeper

Ryu grew up in the garden where he was exiled. He kept the mushrooms fed, and did everything in his power to lure wary travelers into his clearing in order to feed his many millions of deadly fungi. The mushrooms seemed to welcome and yearn for the touch of Ryu's soft fur. They sprung up in every footstep he took, and wound themselves around him when he lay down, or sat. The mushrooms seemed to glow in an undulating pattern when Ryu passed them. They breathed with him, and grew larger as he approached. They fed off of his victims, and sheltered Ryu from the rain that so often drenched the clearing.

Ryu would often sit under a large clump of shelf-like fungus and stare out into the garden in which he lived. The toxic mushrooms grew with a quiet innocence that fooled even the most cautious passerby. Ryubin was the keeper of this garden, he protected them from slorgs and a number of other creatures that were set on eating and destroying the clearing. The lupe was forced to live off of the small animals he caught because the mushrooms were far to deadly to eat. He would eat his fill of the mucousy slorgs, and hide the rest for later. Food was scarce in this garden, it was a wonder Ryu was still alive.

Ryu often thought of what became of his clan. Once he grew older, the realization of what really happened to his mother came to him. She had been destroyed just as Kalyin had decided. Ryu remembered that day well. He could still feel the twinge of pain was the big white Lupe bit into his tail. He could still see his mother pleading with the clan, begging for forgiveness, wanting so badly to be with Ryubin. He remembered the long drag from the clan's clearing to this garden.

He had attempted to leave. Almost as soon as he was thrown in as a pup, he ran to the opening in the trees in desperate attempt to escape. As he left the path into the garden, thousands of mushrooms came from the garden and dragged him back, never allowing him to leave them.

Ryu now knew that there was no other home outside of this clearing. The dark, rotting garden was the only home Ryu knew. Now that he had earned the trust of the mushrooms, he never had the urge to leave. But it never stopped him from wondering what was out there...

And Beneath The Steel Fur...


This is a ref for what Ryu looks like. Its pretty strait forward... His wings are transparent, please dont let this image fool you lol. He has blue-green markings on his face, back and legs which as a pup helped him 'blend in' with the dangerous mushrooms in his garden. They were the tell-tale signs that his mother had been to the garden before Ryu had been born. The markings decided his fate. His fur is a medium steel-grey, helping him to hide during the times when victims are lured into his clearing. Because of the constant darkness of his garden, Ryu's eyes are always heavily dilated, and sometimes the neon iris is not even visible. His tail was bitten off as a pup so that he could never return to his clan. Some believe Ryu's saliva contains a deadly cocktail of the toxins of the mushrooms in his garden. Contrary to that belief, Ryu does not eat the mushrooms and is for lack of a better term...harmless *grins*

A Glow of Creativity

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My Art

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