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Welcome to Best Dressed, the original customized pet directory. My name is Berry, and I will be your host today! Here, you can see a collection of pets that I think are customized the best. To navigate the site, click the links above, and links to individual species are on those pages. Enjoy!

September 11, 2014 - I hope everyone had a nice summer! Sorry for no updates. I've been extra busy with a new little one on the way soon. I'm going to have to close applications until further notice. Thanks for understanding!


1. Pets must have at least 4 wearables
(Can include paint brush items and Neocash)
2.Your pet must have some type of clothing on - shirt, pants, jacket, etc. (Exception: Pets listed on All Other)
3. Your pet must have a background.
4. Your pet cannot be up for adoption or trade.
5. Your pet cannot be a lab rat.

Other Important Info:

Please check to the right if I am accepting pets or not. Thank you.
I do not accept all pets.
Pets no longer customized will be removed, sorry.
The suggestions I give are my own opinion. If you like how your pet looks, then keep it that way! Customization should be fun.
Please don't argue with me when I decline your pet or I will have to block you.
If applying for more than one pet, please send it all in one neomail. Thanks!
If your pet no longer meets the requirements or I see that you have been inactive for over 60 days, I will remove your pet. Sorry. You can re-apply though. =)
It takes me a lot of time to keep this site updated, so please be patient if I cannot reply or add your pet right away.
If I said I would add your pet and have not yet, please send me a reminder neomail.
If you want your pet's image updated, you must neomail berry02. (Check the page first, I have most pets on automatic update)
If your account gets frozen, I will remove your pet. Sorry.
If I cannot reply to your neomail (i.e. You have Only Neofriends Can Contact preference) I won't add your pet. Sorry.
Remember, if your pet was removed, you can apply again! Just neomail berry02.
Again, please be patient. It may take me a while to reply back.
Thank you everyone for your support with Best Dressed!

Just a friendly reminder to vote in the Customization Spotlight!

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Won Neopets last Site Spotlight August 12, 2010!

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Sweeters Cupcake (in-depth) 97/100; November 18,2012; deemed recommended. I would definitely revisit Best Dressed. The pets listed here are wonderfully customized, and I can tell that a lot of effort has been put into this site.

79% Oct 28, 12 The facts interspersed among your content are a really cool feature. Overall, your directory is very well-maintained and really fun to look through.

86% and won the Golden Travellers award! You've done an excellent job maintaining this site and it definitely shows! From the big picture to the small details, Best Dressed exudes professionalism.

4/5 Stars. The way you set up your directory pages is amazing! I love the little facts and random tips in between some of the boxes. Also, it's awesome how you have it anchored! I've seen some that are completely higgly-piggly, but yours is well done. I love that you put up 'user comments'. This involves the 'customer' and makes them feel like they contribute to the page.

100%! Your site is adorable, I looked through all the pets that have won and it was entertaining. Your site is such a joy to me and I bet it is such a joy to everyone else. You spelling and grammar is great. The layout has high quality along with a great color scheme. So really your site is perfect!

User Comments:

So glad to see that you're open again! Your page is one of my favourites! - Jessica (May 28, 14)

I love browsing through your site and looking at all the gorgeous pets. Sooooo much fun! Thank you so much for taking the time to consider and all the time you take maintaining the site! - Crystal (January 7, 14)

I love your site so much! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into it! - Crystal (December 9, 13)

I just love your site so much and want to show my support. Thanks so much for all your efforts and for running such a lovely site! - Selene (November 10, 13)

I love your site - Mekaila (November 8, 13)

I always loved your site! So much inspiration. - Anjelica (September 30, 13)

So glad to see that the site is open again! I love looking through and seeing everyone's beautiful customisations! I've been checking back for weeks now waiting for you to be open to entries again! - Jessica (September 26, 13)

I'm so glad Best Dressed is back!! the absolute best customization site and my personal favorite *hugs* - Meital (September 18, 13)

Thanks for your wonderful petpage - Gise (April 27, 13)

A general thanks for running such an awesome petpage. I look it all the time, gives me inspiration! - Emily (April 20, 13)

Keep up the awesome job on your page; it's quite fun to look at! - Ferret (April 7, 13)

Thank you for all you do for customizing on neopets! I've found so much inspiration from your page.  Sometimes it's the thing that keeps me coming back to neo and loving dressing up my pets. I'm so grateful. - Elle (April 3, 13)

I love your petpages, I'm a big fan - Puku (January 30, 13)

I love your page! It inspires me to customize when I'm having trouble thinking of new ideas. - Kim (January 29, 13)

I absolutely love your site - Katee (January 17, 13)

I love the theme activity and the layout organization is wonderful. - Sari (January 10, 13)

Oh, i just wanted to say that i love your pet page. you sure put a lot of effort in you pet page - Toni (January 8, 13)

I need to say that I really looove your page! It's awesome! n__n - Christa (January 2, 13)

Hi, first I want to say that I loved the "Best Dressed" page, it's a very nice idea and the page is very beautiful with awesome pets - Bree (December 27, 12)

Its a great site and seeing a selection of hard to customise pets gave me some inspiration for my maraquan hissi that I've been really struggling with. - Elle (December 24, 12)

Thanks for your page, it's really great ! - Alice (December 15, 12)

I came across your amazing pet directory somehow (I legitimately don't even know how it happened, but I'm happy that I did!) and I just wanted to compliment you on it! I found it to be very inspiring and and I was very impressed with all the detail you have put in to it. thank you for having such an awesome pet directory! - Saki (December 8, 12)

I really enjoyed your page customizations. - Jonas (December 2, 12)

I really love your page, keep up the good work (= - Jessica (December 1, 12)

I really love your site by the way ;D! - Anonymous (November 21, 12)

i LOVE your site, I can't believe i haven't seen it before! consider this fanmail if you like - Gromit (November 17, 12)

First of all I would like to say that I love your page, it always inspires me. - Lena (October 21, 12)

AHH I love your pet page!!!! The layout and fonts are just INCREDIBLY organized and amazing, and I love the wonderful customizations on display. Keep up the fabulous work!! - Ayrie (October 6, 12)

I recently discovered your pet directory Best Dressed, and I've enjoyed browsing through the lovely customizations you've assembled. Just wanted to say, keep up the great work (: Thanks for creating such a great site. - Lindsey (October 6, 12)

Just gotta say I'm a big fan of Best Dressed, took me a LONG time to have a customization that I feel is worthy for the site, hope you like it too and keep up the awesome work! - Wish (September 23, 12)

i love the layout of your page - looks awesome! keep up the great work - Luke (September 22, 12)

Berry, your page is awesome! I love it! Really nice job - Raz (September 22, 12)

Your petpage is amazing ^w^ I visit everyday haha. Good work and congrats for the awesome page - Anata (September 16, 12)

I am so pleased to have my pets included in your sharp, informative, and beautifully designed petpage! I love your random trivia all through the page. Really it's professional when all is said and done. - Silky (September 12, 12)

I think Best Dressed is an amazing site, too amazing for words! The site itself is so beautiful and well done, and Berry manages it very well. It has all of your customization needs, and even has a directory of pets! how helpful is that? So the main idea is, Best Dressed is one of the best existing sites I know, and I hope it stays here for a long, long time! - PF (September 10, 12)

Thanks for running such a nice site! - Kelly (September 7, 12)

I've been a fan of your page for a long time. I'm absolutely stunned at the effort and organization clearly put into your directory! - Blackberry (August 29, 12)

i love your site, keep up the amazing work - Anonymous (August 16, 12)

Custom are awesome on your page, I looove it - La (August 8, 12)

Great work on Best Dressed btw, I love looking through all the pretty customisations! - Jess (August 8, 12)

I discovered it today and I've just been going through it, you have such a range of pets it's so cool! - Anonymous (August 5, 12)

I really like your site, it's great. - Emily (July 26, 12)

I visit this page for inspiration and have to say you've did an amazing job keeping it up. - Mel (June 29, 12)

I found your PP and it's one of my favorite costumization sites! It makes it a lot easier to collect some ideas. - Izi (June 26, 12)

I'm too lazy to customize my pets very much, but I love what you did with your page - Hailey (June 26, 12)

Great work, as always, with your site. It looks fantastic! - Raquel (June 20, 12)

I really do love the idea of your site and how you have it set up! And it's always nice to have it there to look at it for new ideas. - Darian (June 8, 12)

I just really love your site! - Riese (June 8, 12)

Best Dressed looks so amazing, it really is such a wonderful site to poke around in! - Alex (May 29, 12)

That's a lovely page you've created. One could spend hours checking out all those well-customised pets. ^.^ - Natasha (May 27, 12)

Love your page btw, it's my favorite place to go and look for new ideas :3 - Bex (May 23, 12)

I'd like to say your petpage is awesome =O - Margherita (May 21, 12)

I just wanted to say that your Best Dressed page, is really organized and nice. - Rebecca (May 12, 12)

I just want to say that I love your page. It's so nice and organized. I always go there when I'm feeling uninspired. - Faith (May 10, 12)

I absolutely love the customization petpage that you run -- it's just nice to look at and fantastic!  - Taschi (May 5, 12)

Keep up the great work on your site, it really is amazing! I love the wearable of the month feature especially. - Caroline (May 4, 12)

Someone just linked me to your best dressed place and I LOVE it! Anyways, just thought I would commend you on your awesome effort in finding these amazing looking pets. Bookmarked for sure - Elfi (July 13, 11)

I also want to thank you for your huge work on the page, I think it is amazing and very meticulous! - Chiara (July 6, 11)

I just wanted to tell you that your page is absolutely wonderful, it's very inspiring and very well made. - Meital (June 11, 11)

Hello, I just wanted to say that Best Dressed is a really neat site. I totally love it. (: - AJ (May 15, 11)

I really like your petpage. Keep up the awesome work! - Cel (May 9, 11)

Great job on your site, it's the best customization directory out there. - Amber (May 7, 11)

Good job running a really cool pet page! - Aku (May 4, 11)

The Best Dressed is AMAZING! - Mindy (May 3, 11)

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE reading your site Best Dressed - it's like the neopets version of a fashion magazine, and it's one of my guilty pleasures. - Mere (May 2, 11)

I've long been a fan of your 'Best Dressed' site and firstly just wanted to thank you for creating it! I often find inspiration while looking through it. - Ruin (May 1, 11)

I adore Best Dressed, I think it is a super unique and gorgeously presented directory. - Qooki (April 28, 11)

Thanks for your time and taking the time to make such an awesome site! - Shelly (April 13, 11)

It's an amazing page btw, thank you for the wonderful collection of beautiful pets! - Loysco (April 9, 11)

The directory is great to look at, thanks for all the hard work that you put into it. - Chrisine (April 2, 11)

I want to start out by saying that I am awed by your page. It is certainly the cleanest, most organized, and beautiful page I've seen in quite a while. - Brenda (March 13, 11)

Thank you for maintaining such a great petpage. (: - Marisa (March 2, 11)

Keep it up with best dressed, i absolutely love it. - Felix (February 27, 11)

You have an awesome site! - Amber (February 27, 11)

It's a wonderful site you have there. You're doing an amazing job. - Amanda (February 23, 11)

Lovely page and idea btw! Very nice job with it all. - Tonya (February 14, 11)

What a wonderful job you did its just outstanding and you worked very hard on that site, AMAZING!!! - Heidi (February 12, 11)

I don't know how you keep up with your list. It's huge, and yet you do such a wonderful job with it. - Cindy (February 11, 11)

Love the site, please keep it up! - Luann (January 10, 11)

Oh my goodness, I just love your best dressed page. I always go there when I am in need for inspiration. - Britt (January 5, 11)

Anna what a great job your doing your site is just wonderful. - Heidi (January 4, 11)

Best Dressed is a wonderful place, I've been keeping an eye on it for a good while! - Alex (January 4, 11)

Your pets and Best Dressed site are both very amazing. - Valerie (January 4, 11)

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Hi, I love your Best Dressed pages. I ran across them a long time ago and constantly go back just to "ooh and ahhh" at all the lovely pets. - Cindy (December 2, 10)

Keep up the good work, I love your site. (: - Jennifer (December 1, 10)

I love and admire all the work you have done - Heidi (November 23, 10)

Excellent guide. Please keep up the good work. - Byron (November 11, 10)

Awesome directory! - Mary (November 5, 10)

You have worked so hard I am so happy TNT picked your site. - Cassy (August 12, 10)

Congrats on the Site Spotlight, Berry! They saved the best for last!! *throws confetti* Your Best Dressed site is amazing, if I haven't said so before. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to showcase our beautiful pets! - Shannon (August 11, 10)

I just wanted to say congrats, Anna. Your page is well deserved for that award. Very nice job. ^^ - Alex (August 11, 10)

Huge congrats! SOOO immensely deserved. Best page out there. SO proud of you! - Melissa (August 11, 10)

I just saw on the news that you won the last Site Spotlight, congratulations! It could not have gone to someone who deserved it more. - Kyd (August 11, 10)

Amazing petpage, with some of the most nicely thought out coding that I've seen. - Aki (August 11, 10)

I love your site, it gives me so much inspiration for outfits. - Michelle (August 10, 10)

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I've fallen in love with your Best Dressed page! There are so many well-customized pets and this inspires me to perfect and customize my own pets even more! There're great theme ideas! - Alex (May 27, 10)

Your idea of making a page with the beauties of Neopia is really great. Continue your very good job! - Fran (May 13, 10)

I just came across your best dressed pp and was really impresed! i just love it! - Annie (April 25, 10)

Your site is really fantastic. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it - Anne (April 24, 10)

Your Best Dressed page is AMAZING!!! - Saura (March 26, 10)

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and putting together an absolute top-notch, must-see directory. - Kaitlyn (March 9, 10)

AWESOME! Petpage, very glamorous - Sally (Feb 27, 10)

Your pet directory is so useful and inspiring. Excellent job! - Brittney (Feb 24, 10)

I love your pages by the way, they are a great reference for anyone looking for some ideas! - Jenn (Feb 12, 10)

I just was linked to your page tonight and think it's absolutely amazing! - Kestral (Jan 21, 10)

Your directory is wonderful and oh-so-pleasant to wander through! - Liam (Dec 22, 09)

I'm amazed by your directory! I bookmarked it when I first visited it! It is great to see customisation examples of every species- I love just to look through some species and let the best dressed Pets inspire me. - Sheba (Dec 16, 09)

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your Best Dressed site, and the huge amount of work that must go into running it! I really can't think of a day that I've been on neo when I haven't had a peek. It's such a lovely gift for all customizers (not to mention gorgeously put-together). - Jenn (Dec 11, 09)


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