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Welcome to the Freakin Sweet Gallery Directory! Listed here are just a few of the awesome galleries found around Neopia. We hope to extend our database even further in the future. If you have a gallery that you would like to be listed, neomail Becca. Also, be sure to neomail the gallery owners and tell them how wonderful their galleries are! Enjoy! If you are browsing the galleries, and find a gallery has changed or been cleared out, please let me know by neomail. Just click on Stewie's face! If you want to get back to the top of the page while browsing, click on the little raincloud!

Last updated: April 19th, 2008.
List Clean-up: April 3rd, 2008.
Current number of galleries listed: 261

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Cute and Fluffly Fun
These Galleries feature everything cute and cuddly.
Baby Plushies and Plushie Plushies
Baby Things
The Gallery of Many Smiles
The Flower Fields
Toys- Over the Rainbow
Baby Depot
Gallery of Plushies
The Wonderful Plushie Gallery!
Baby Wonderland

Delicious Delights
Hungry? Check out these yummy galleries!!
Delicate Delicacies
Sweet Sugared Strawberries
la virginie
Mintylicious Neggs Gallery
Galleria of Exotic Fruits and Fluffs
The Patisserie of Chocolate Covered Stuff
A Love of Jelly!!!
La Maison du Fromage
Breakfast Foods Galore
Neopius Honorus
Foods From the Crypt
Jolly Wigglies
Time For Tea
Oh My, Strawberries!
Strawberry Neopia
Cookie Emporium
Gadgadsbogen Paradise
Mmm, Peas!
Potion Notions
Raspberry Gallery
Jelly McGumgums
Gallerie de Miscellany
The Wonderful World of Jelly
The Kissaten Cafe
The Berry Patch
The Hot Dog Hut
Sweet Realm
Foods across Neopia - Altador, Qasala and Shenkuu!
The Giant Cookie Jar
Evelyn's Apple Gallery
Trixie's Caf���¨ a Latt���¨
Biscuit Buffet
Neopet Shaped Food
Ye Old Coffee Shop
The Jellied Omelette
Chez Spud
Caffeine Bubbles
Darromai's Tea Shop

Who says figurines are just for kids?
These galleries feature toy collections of all kinds.
The Tower of Usuki Dolls
Usuki Convention Center
Usuki Land
Whimsical Playthings
Casey's Toy and Games Gallery

Galleries dedicated to the cute pets that steal our hearts.
The Mooseum
Marshmallow Paradise
Sterling's House of Lupes
Wocky Wonderland
Pretty Peophins
Tying Your Bow
Unique Unis
Just Bruce
PTERIfically unUSUaL
Stop! It's Aisha Time.
The Icy Heart of Aisha
Tia's Aisha Collection
Scorchio Gallery
Kau Pastures
Mika and Carassa's Backroom
Not your average Kougra gallery!
Peophins Museum
My Kau Gallery
Jetsam Gallery

Dream homes
Galleries filled with awesome items for your Neohome, and Neogarden.
Magical Windows!
Oceanic Furnishings
The Nile Gallery Of Desert Pottery
Oceanvale Glaziers

Ooh... pretty colors...
Starry, Rainbow, Shadow, you name it, they have it.
Purple Haze
Oh My Stars
Downtown Disco District
Green Stuff!!!
Watch Out For That Paint Bru...Ooops!
Boogie Night
Shades of Grey
The Refreshing Red
Citrus Sams Orange Parade
Purple Solitude
Gold Rush
The Green Scene
Much Ado About Nothing
The Mutated Warehouse
Ive got the BLUES!
Split Museum

Randomness Rocks!!
Are you of the eclectic type? Well then these galleries are just the ticket!
Winter's Favorite Things
- - D r e a m s c a p e s
Random is Fun!

Who has time for just one theme? Not these galleries!
Muddy's Gallery
Cuteness Gallery
Cuckoo for Coconuts and Everything Else that I Like
Quiggle Collectables and More
Kau Creations
The Qallery
Island Boogy
Sleepless in Neopia
Baby Items and Other Goodies
Beautifully Disgusting!
Pretty Things
Rare Treasures
The Many Sides of the Lupe
My Cherished.
A Mote's Paradise
Little Boutique
Dung and Sloth
Morbid Dreams
Stupendous Scrolls
Eternal Shrine of Everlasting Affection and Memorial Gardens
Galleria 'n Goodies Galore
Pixies Collections
.::Kiskey's Treasures::.

Fluttering Faeries, Batman!
Galleries dedicated to Neopia's whimsical wish granters
Faerie Fantasy
Butterfloo's Baubles
Faerie Things
Fyora's Faerie Favorites
Enchanted Dreams Gallery
Fyora's Palace
Darkness Falls
Jhudora's Cloud
*Snow Faerie Cavern*
A Pixie's Paradise
My Favourite Faerie Things
Faerie Bubbles

Holidays are here!!
Well at least they're here in these galleries...
Jingle Bells
Home For Christmas
Love Shack
Neopian Holidays
Defenders of Ardor
Maria's Snowy & Icy Corner
Advent Calendar Collections!
Season's Greetings

Renegade Gallery Owners
These galleries don't conform to any old theme, they make their own.
Summer's Closet
The Book of Books
All About the Bunny
Sports Hall of Fame
The Spur
Snowball Fight
Bottles of Neopia
Inara's Stemware Collection
Ethereal Skies
Everything Retired
Talek's secret weapon vault
A Pile of Stars
The Mecha Pond
The Bubbly Distraction Gallery
Medical Marvelousness
Flies and Maggots!
I Love Stuffed Frogs.
Ninety Nine Knives

Unique Themes
Galleries with an interesting, original theme.
The Ship's Hold
Boxed in!
There's a HAIR in my Soup!
Gallery of a Geisha
Sleep to Dream
Sophie's Hidden Shack
Foods that Freak Modthryth Out
The Royal Kingdom
Hiding in Plain Sight
Relax at the Beach!
Exploring Neopia
The Optician
Pinata Parody
Hat-tastic Headwear
Kalypses' Scrapbook
The Twelve Signs
Brush Your Teeth!
Say 'No!' To Snackrificing Petpets!
Building Block Toybox
Aaannnndddd Action!
Marvelous Multiples
bone'a fide
Sandy Toes Museum
The Vampires of Neopia
Sparkle of Light
Down the Rabbit Hole
Redraw Me!
Food Fight!
Carnival Delights
Crazy Eights
Sea Farer's Gift Shop
Flash Games Memorabilia
Wind Up Museum

Cultural Collections
Dedicated to those galleries that bring all of the fine arts and cultures together in one beautiful harmony.
The Institute of Musical Arts
Music Notes
The Neopian Institute of the Arts
The Art Gallery
Music, Music and more music!

The Plot Thickens!!
Where to find memorbilia from the Altador Cup and the many mind blowing Plots? These galleries!
Obsessive Lost Desert Plot Disorder Shrine
Hall of History
Plot Cities and Their Heroes
Temple of Altador
Plot Rewards Gallery
Historical Neopian Events
On the Yooyuball Field
My Altador Cup Runneth Over

Faithful Companions
Happen to love a particular petpet or petpetpet to pieces? Have a look at these galleries!
Flinke Flasche
Neopia's Cutest Canines
The Kad's Meowclops
The Gallery
Kat Scratch
Playful Critters
Dandan Parade
Encinovamp's Petpet Gallery!!!
Ishy's Petpet Haven
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spyder, Man
The Petpet Puddle Hang Out
The Hula Hut

From the shadows they came...
Galleries filled with dark and mysterious things from all around Neopia.
Bow to Balthazar
Neopia's Darkest Lair
Morbid Reign
All Things Darigan
Evil Lives

Galleries dedicated to the avatar craze.
Marleens Avatar Item Gallery

Travel the world.
See treasures of the deep, sky, and earth in these galleries!
Underwater Gallery
Eliv Thade is Watching You...
Let it Snow
Winter Celebrations
Around the World
The Joy Luck Club
The Medieval Gallery
All Things Shenkuu
All About Neovia
Yum Yum Shenkuu!

An Apple a Day...
Let these galleries school you on the basics of Neopia.
Conjunction Junction
Erudition School

Q. Why FSG?
A. I have had a long-time fascination with Family Guy, so I say Sweet, or Freakin Sweet a lot. One day I was looking at someone's gallery, and I said "Oh man, this gallery is freakin sweet!" Then the idea just popped into my head to make a Gallery Directory. Thus FSG was born.

Q. Why don't you add Paint Brush galleries?
A. Paint Brush and r99 galleries are a dime a dozen. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all. That doesn't mean they're not nice to look at, but if I add one, I'd have to add them all. Maybe I'll make a category for the only PB gallery to ever be listed, and find my favorite... Granted, there are some that have unique layouts, or have a certain theme tied to the Paint Brushes. Those are the ones I list. I also will only list COMPLETE or like 98% complete Negg galleries. I like Neggs.

Q. You said my ____ gallery wasn't complete enough to be added in yet?
A. Yes. If you have something like a color gallery, a food gallery, etc, there is tons to be added, and a lot of it isn't very expensive. I do add those galleries sometimes, but only on the promise that you will continue working on it swiftly. I like to have nice big galleries listed in my Directory. Please remember, it is my directory.

Q. Why wasn't my gallery in the FSG Freakin Favorites?
A. I only pick a few out of the hundreds of galleries we have listed here. Those are the galleries that best caught my eye. It's not that I don't think your gallery is worthy (otherwise it wouldn't be listed here) but there are just some layouts or themes that stick our more than others.

Q. Will you rate my gallery?
A. No freakin way! I don't believe in putting a numerical value of one to ten on someone's pets, gallery, siggy, avatars, userlookups, etc. There was even someone rating names once. *sheesh* I will however give you pointers, but I will not rate anything. Sorry.

Q. I heard something about a FSG award?
A. Yes! I finally created an award for every gallery listed in FSG. It is located here so go pick one up when you get the chance. It is not currently linked back to FSG, because we have buttons for that, but if you want to link it, you're more than welcome.

Q. Where is your gallery?
A. I currently have two galleries listed, and they are the only two I plan to have for a good while. One's listed under Unique Themes, and it's called Kalypses' Scrapbook. It's actually pretty neat, check it out. The other is called Jelly McGumgums ���¢�¯�¿�½ , and it's listed under Delicious Delights. The third, which I just started, again, is not complete and won't be listed for a little while.

Q. Do you make graphics/can you make me some?
A. I do make them, but not in mass quantities. I stick to Guild layouts, and sometimes petpage layouts. I mostly do banners/buttons/etc. You can neomail me to make a request. The link to neomail me is at the top. I would also like to point out that my friend Angela made these new designs for FSG, so if you take anything and say you made it that's stealing! So keep the sticky paws off of the stuff. Especially the cute Stewie neomail button.

Q. Why is my Toy Gallery not listed with the other Plushie galleries?
A. In Neopia there is a Toy Shop and a Plushie Shop. To me there stands a big difference... a toy to me is something like a figurine or a doll, and a Plushie is, well it's a plushie! Something soft and squishy.

Link to the Freakin Sweet Gallery Directory?!

If you would like to create a button/banner for FSG, you are more than welcome to! Please neomail me and let me know! I'd like to have a diverse cache of graphics to use. :)

FSG's Award Center

Award image created for morgan_lafaye00 by that_girl27.
FSG's Freakin Favorite List:
Listed here are the top galleries of the FSG. These can be the most creative, the most worked on, or the catchiest. They are also listed in their respective categories. Enjoy!

Obsessive Lost Desert Plot Disorder Shrine
The Kissaten Cafe
la virginie
Sterling's House of Lupes
Downtown Disco District
Foods that Freak Modthryth Out
Hat-tastic Headwear
Pinata Parody
Say 'No!' To Snackrificing Petpets!
The Twelve Signs
Redraw Me!
On the Yooyuball Field
The Hula Hut
Darromai's Tea Shop

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