Welcome to Custom Usukies!
My name's Cha, and I'm the owner, founder, artist, and creator of the original idea of Custom Uskies.
But just what is Custom Usukies? Well, Custom Usukies is a site where you can get a Usukie Doll that is modeled after your pets, you, or whoever or whatever you wish! To use a real Neo example, we all know who the Battle Faerie is, right? Well, TNT created a doll based off the Battle Faerie. They also made one based of Arnold, Vira, Fyora, the Zafara Double Agent, Cylara, and many other neo characters we know and love. Here at Custom Usukies, we do the same thing- but with the pets and people closest to you!

See how alike we look?
There are currently three kinds of Usukies here at Custom Usukies: Premade, Custom, and User Uskies. To learn more about each category, and to find the request forms, go to their section, labeled in the bar to your left!
Hope you have fun and enjoy!


1. I don't have a Usul! May I still get a doll for my *insert species*?
Of course! Just keep in mind that you Usuki will still be a Usuki, not a Usuki with a *insert species* tail stuck on the back. ;)
2. You didn't respond to my neomail!
Never fear! I simply haven't gotten to your neomail yet. ^^ I will always respond to any neomails for Usuki's with a "Got it! Sure" or some similar response. n_n
3. I don't like it. Will you be uber offended if I don't put it anywhere?
Yes. ;;
Just kidding! xD No, I will not be offended, as long as you are not rude about it. If you are rude, of course I will get angry. But I will never get angry at you for not putting the doll somewhere.
4. Must I link/give credit?
YES. Your doll will come with a link back to me. I ask that you do not remove the link.
5. May I request one for an app I'm making?
Of course. I am happy to do app Usuki's. n_n

CSS by Nene

What's up doc?

9/05/10 YES I AM ALIVE. ;A; I'm terribly sorry for neglecting this site for so long, rl came up and karate chopped me in the face with the wrath of a vengeful god. Long story short, there have been big upheavals and all sorts of horrid changes, as well as changes for the better, going down. Just know that I'm back and I'm giving this site some much needed TLC. C': I've cleared out all the old links that were either broken or the sites have changed, cleaned up the pick up page, tweaked a few things that were bugging me, and we've gotten some new listers! *throws confetti* Go check them out! Also, the site may get a new layout, so hang on tight for that!

3/01/10 ...OH MY GOODNESS I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING OTHER THAN POST NEWS~! *faints from shock* Yes, as you may or may not have noticed I updated CU's look. Yea or nea? I still have the other code handy, if more prefer it, and I will tweak a few things that will undoubtably pop out at me when I'm not so tired later. xD But for now, ttfn~!

I come bearing news- good news! Don't trample me! ;; Firstly, you know those health problems I've talked about (...wait, have I talked about 'em here? 0o Can't remember...) Anywhos, I got the results from my CAT scan back, and it looks like I won't have to have surgery at all! *throws confetti* What does this mean? It means I can get back to making usukies as soon as the medicine kicks in and I can get all my backlog of schoolwork done! C: Secondly, ROTIEU WON FIRST IN SPECIES! *DANCE PARTY!* Thank you all who voted, you're so nice! :'D Thirdly, we are now listed at Sequester, a new directory. If any of you have sites, go sign up to be listed now while the first place spots are open! ;D

2/14/10 *is brick'd by angry mob for DARING to show my face around here* Dx
Well, now you've killed me and I can't work on your usukies any more SO THERE! Mob violence is not the answer. u_u But what IS the answer is voting for me in the upcoming BC by clicking HERE :3

*is trampled for even suggesting that*

2/4/10 What's this I hear from the stands? HIATUS? Fret not, it is just a short one! C: School is hitting hard, and I've got to hit back hard or be KO'd. x.x I know you all have been waiting for your usukies for a long time, but I promise to get them done as quickly as I can. D: Also keep in mind I have 23 requests in my "To be completed" folder, and yours is probably not first, so it will take quite some time! ;; Again, I appologize for leaving you all hanging, but I promise to get every usuki ordered done and to you.
Oh, and on a side note, I made that hiatus sign myself, and for the brushes I used, please see the credits page. C:

1/29/10 HUZZAH! I'VE GOT MY COMP BAAAAAACK~! Now is the time for DANCING! I will work on all of the orders I received, but I warn you all, it will be a long process. I literally have a full page and a bit of nm's requesting dolls. So be patient, I'll do them as soon as I can!

1/28/10 Eeep! One of our affies is no more! :x
...I'm not sure who though, I just saw their button was moved/deleted on photobucket, and their site has reverted back to a standard Cybunny page. /feels like an awful affie for not knowing who
In other news, my comp MIGHT come home today! : D Here's to luck!

1/27/10 Guys, for the love of goodness, STOP MAILING ME WITH ORDER FORMS! I'm getting swept away! 8D Actually, that's just me griping because I can't do them immediately and it bothers me to see all those shiny order forms I can't finish. o^o Custom Usukies is still open for requests, and I warn it it's a GIANT line so it will take a while. Those of you with apps coming up close to the due date, I don't suggest putting in an order form. Also, we have been listed at Delicious Pie Directory, so go check them out!

1/26/10 I HATE VIRUSES! D: ALL YOU WHO MAKE THEM SHALL ROT IN THE UNDERWORLD IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT! |K My comp is STILL being fixed. ;; This one is a hard one, apparently, and they've got it hooked up to another comp like a breathing regulator. They had to hook it up to another comp so they could even click the "start" button. D8 So I still cannot make usukies, and it looks like it's going to be even longer until I can. TTxTT

1/23/10 We are now listed at City Lights! : D However, my comp, with all its shiny image programs, is still sick. :( So no Usukies yet!

1/20/10 Bad news all! D: My comp got a virus from a rouge ad on neo, so it's in the shop. Custom Uskies will be down until about Saturday. ;;

1/19/10 That's right, I am a coding GODDESS. BOW DOWN MORTALS! Wait-what? This is a premade from Sugary I fiddled about with? FIE I SAY UNTO YOU, FIE I SAY! For it may be a premade (and a most epic one at that- Sugary is high quality and you should go check them out!) but it took SO MANY HOURS to transfer all of this over and fiddle about with it, and to re-write most of the FAQs and all of the introductions, and to find all those pictures and stick up here, to say nothing of all the other premades I tried out that didn't work, and all the directories and sites I traversed for you all! So BOW I SAY BOW! D|
Teehee, if you want to see the before to this after, take a look-see here. =P Edit: No you can't see. That page has been cleared. Terribly sorry, just know it was atrocious. P:

1/18/10 Hey you, you with the code. Yeah, you! ;D This layout's getting a bit cluttered and a bit discombobulated, and I'm looking for a new layout. I'll be hunting around in the many directories here-about's, but if you'd care to help out you'd be my savior. :3
I'll also be revampin the introduction, because I feel it's a bit messy and a tad confusing. So be on the lookout for new and exciting things! ;3

1/17/10 And from the people arose a great shout: "GASP! WHAT IS THIS NEWFANGLED SHENANIGANS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE?!? =o "
That, my friends, is the newest addition to Custom Usukies- the User Usukie! For an explanation about what exacatacily that is, head over to the FAQ~!

1/16(17?)/10 CUSTOM USUKIES HAS 500 VEIWS! : D

1/16/10 Gasp! We have three new affies! C: Go check them out! Go bats at Batman Reviews, I-can't-think-of-a-non-"croaking"-related-joke for The Croaker (which is a pretty spiffy directory), and AIDDSFHJHE HOMIGOSH! ENTERPRISE GUILDS! You /will/ go look at it! First off: STAR TREK. ._. *pushes my aisha Scientific_Spock towards you* What's that Spock? It would be logical for them to go look at it now? Spock says go now. Secondly: It's a brilliant idea! It's a list of guilds, so if you are searching for the perfect non-private guild and don't want to get mauled at the Guild boards, go take a look-see. C:
And th-th-that's all for now folks!

1/15/10 I have NOT lost my mind! : D HUZZAH!
It turns out Cass found Custom Usukies and listed us, and the message I got was the wrong copy paste. (It said CU was chosen to be the day's featured site- and I swear the sound of my jaw clunking to the ground was heard on the other side of the continent)
So the bottom line is we're listed at Soroptimist Directory, I'm not crazy (yet), and we're happy to be there! C:

1/15/10 ...I've officially lost my mind. I just got a neomail from the wonderful Cass of the rather impressive Soroptimist Directory that I've been officially listed...and I never remembered requesting to be listed. C'8 Well- there we are under New Sailors, and we're thrilled to be aboard! :D Go inspect that fine ship and her body o' ship-shape sailors!

1/15/10 We are now listed at Persues! Huzzah!
...in other news, I still haven't fixed the banner-that-is-too-large-in-IE BUT BEFORE YOU THROW ROTTEN TOMATOES AT ME I have finished all the orders. C: If your usuki isn't up by now, you haven't responded to my neomail asking you a very important question. o.o I hope you /whoever you are/ read this.
Aaaaand~ I'm working on some new dolls for the common use- any suggestions? C:

01/12/2010 Egads! I just figured out what was wrong with the third button on the list! :x It's issue has been fixed, and now affies feel free to use it. xD
Also, I discovered a few flaws and blue outlines on the library's computer that runs in IE (whoops!) and fixed those. So hopefully there's no more problems! :P
I also discovered for some reason the banner is a tad bigger on this computer than my regular one, so I'll fix that perplexing puzzel when I get home. 0o
My oh my, has this been a day for technical errors! C'x

01/11/2010 WHEEEE! Look at our spiffy new banner!
We have two new affies! : D Go take a look at Jessi's Screenies and Carnival! (A button site)

01/11/2010 See that snazzy new banner? All me. BD
...although it may get swapped out for a banner made by a professional if I ever catch one on the HC. :P So enjoy my hard work for now dash it! *shakes fist* That's my tears, sweat, and blood in a cute pixel formation!

01/10/2010 We are now listed at the new Amity Directory!

01/10/2010 Wow! =D Guess what guys???? Custom Usukies is the featured site of Sector 7! Lets all give them a giant THANK YOU! 8D

01/09/2010 Holy cajoles. 0.0 After Love is gone! D: Poor Ji, I hope she's ok! Sound's like some jerks gave her the 3rd degree and schools piledriving her like a former heavyweight champion looking to regain his belt. D8 I shall remove After Love's button, but lets keep it in our memories. RIP, After Love.

01/09/2010 I saw fit to delete my spammage from yesterdays news, and thus it is no more 0:-3
I refer to the song lyrics "When they own the information/Oh they can bend it all they want" and laugh maniacally. B3
In more important news, yes, we are now /really/ listed at Starlight, and she was very nice about it. xD

01/08/2010 (three minutes later that that bombshell) FWAAAH~! Look at the cute little button Missy just made me! Look at it! LOOK AT IT I SAY!

01/08/2010 Ummm...in the site news more usukies and one of the listers hasn't actually listed us yet but I have every confidence they will...
So...that really had no place here. But I felt like a person who just won the lottery and must now attempt to twitter about it via a telephone pole. The pole is probably closer, and can indeed send out messages, but is probably not the best forum.
So...yup. Take my spammage with all the grace you can muster, and feel free to shoot me dirty looks because I'm too dazed to notice
Toodlepip for now I suppose!

01/07/2010 (later than later than later) Yay! Custom Usukies is now listed at Starlight!
...what's that I hear? Condense all updates for one day in one post? Piffle! You are positively blithering my dear readers. e.e I upload as it happens! On the spot news! Live coverage! And some want my blatherings to be pruned down, slashed to their bare bones...what rot! Never heard anything so silly in my life...

01/07/2010 (later than later) The new section is up and running with Usukies for the Booktastic readers among us! C: I have more ideas for this section, but if anyone cares to make a suggestion, drop me a line! And in other news, we also have a new affie! Go check them out, Cheap Books Guide really does have a great selection of cheap books for those looking to make their pets geniuses on a budget!

01/07/2010 (later) Waha! I've gotten a new section up! Now everyone can enjoy some usukies that can be applied to any pet. Cx So far there's only the Boochi Shield, but never fear! There will be more!

01/07/2010 Sacred Bovines! I've gotten through all the backlog, everyone who requested one now has a doll! n_n Custom Usukies also got listed at the wonderfully helpful Sector 7, and got marked as a recommended site! :0 So on top of that good news, I'm going to tackle that project I told you all about and make Usukies everyone can use. I now have to wrestle with code and make a new batch of Usukies- good thing I have a free day today! Wish me luck all!

01/05/2010 Gasp! IT'S TWENTY TEN! :@ Sorry for not posting that on the dot, or at least the day, but I was busy at Disneyland with family. xD Well, this year is starting out good from what I can see. I got a bit sick, so sorry for all of those I've left hanging! I'm working again, and to all those who are following this page, I've decided to start a NEW PROJECT! What's this, I hear from the stands? Well I'm going to make some generic Usuki's that everyone can use. Sort of like "Not UFT/UFA!" buttons! I've already got one down, a Boochi shield, but I'd like to get a few more done before I post it, and those will have to wait until I finish my backorder. I also have to figure out where I'm going to put them, but I'll deal with that later. xD
So welcome to 2010 from Custom Usukies!

12/26/2009 Aha! I figured out how to make a counter! xD Whaha- take /that/ confusing guides! The counter has now been started. :P

12/25/2009 Merry Christmas all! ♥

12/24/2009 New affie! Go check out Misguided Ghosts, who gave us such a lovely button!

12/23/2009 Whewie! This has been a day and no mistake! A new layout from Kill the Lights, a new affie (The amazing Shine with me!), a new button (from Shine, those lovely people!), and Ji was kind enough to list us at After Love! This has been a good year for us, and we look forward to next year and making new dolls for you all! (:


Want one? Fill out this form and mail it in!
Name: {This is what's going on the doll!}
Character: {the more details about their personality, the better!}
Anything they must have? (jewelry, markings, favorite hat, ect.): {not required to fill in}


Anyone and everyone can use these- they're not designed for a specific pet or person, so feel free to post 'em where ever you want! If you have any suggestions, I'm always open! I mainly focus on the Customs though, so if it's slow in showing up here, don't fear-I haven't forgotten your suggestion! I'm just trying to find a time to fit it in. :)

Suggest away!

CSS by Nene

User Uskies

These Uskies are based off users, rather than pets. That's right- these are usukies for YOU! They're bigger than the Usukies designed for pets, because people are bigger than pets. ;D These are also more suitable to posting on userlookies, whereas the smaller ones fit better on petpages or pet lookups.
Please keep in mind, these uskies take longer and can't really wear neopet items. If you'd like a usukie, but not a giant one, or you'd like to wear a specific neo item, you can still request a smaller usukie for yourself instead of one of these!
Speaking of requests, here's the form for one:
Name: {This is what's going on the doll!}
Personality: {the more details about your personality, the better!}
Anything you must have? (jewelry, markings, favorite hat, ect.): {not required to fill in}

Request Away!

All that good Sitely Stuff :3

Have a button, my dear guest! (the buttons themselves have the credit on them- click them to go see the lovely sites that made them!)

Here's the award CU won:

I don't go award-hunting, so when I got this, I was stunned. xD Thanks again!


Listed at:

The background is from DA's lovely Feelingblues, lets give her a round of applause for her lovely design! I would give a link, but since it's offsite that's a no-no. x'D

And as for this site's code, you can find a quick link to Nene's site Sugary on almost every page, but here's a button for those who like all this stuff in one place! :3

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