The Forgotten Shore Map Guide

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On 9/6 TNT stated that you are NOT guaranteed to win something each day - this is not a glitch!
If you receive the following message, you did not receive a prize that day:
A deserted shore stretches along in front of you, but there's nothing of interest to be found today.
(Remember - the Forgotten Shore is RANDOM!)

Basic Information

The Forgotten Shore Map was introduced on September 2nd as a new item given out at Anchor Management.
Once all 9 pieces are collected, they can be put together in the Treasure Maps area of the Games Room.
The completed Forgotten Shore Map gives access to the Forgotten Shore area of Krawk Island.
Once the area is available, it can be visited once daily for a chance to randomly win various prizes.

The Map Pieces and Prices

Last price update: 12/03 @ 10:00am NST
*Prices are currently fluctuating - please check the shop wizard for the best prices before purchasing!*

#1: ~450 NP

#6: ~450 NP

#7: ~450 NP

#2: ~450 NP

#5: ~450 NP

#8: ~450 NP

#3: ~450 NP

#4: ~450 NP

#9: ~450 NP

Cost for the whole map as a set: 7,000 - 12,000 NP

Getting to the Forgotten Shore and Collecting a Prize

*Note: You can only have the Forgotten Shore Map on ONE account!* (editorial reference)

After putting the pieces together in the Treasure Maps area, a message will appear stating:
Congratulations!! You have all nine pieces of the Forgotten Shore map!
(The pieces will then disappear from your inventory.)

Once your map is complete, you can access the Shore daily using this link:
Or by clicking on a secret area on Krawk Island as shown below:

Then you will be presented with an image of the shore, either with the empty shore
OR with a clickable item as shown below - note that the sand lump can be rather hard to spot!
(right click "View Image" for a larger pic)


Earrings & Necklace of the Deep


Forgotten Shore Background, Avatar, Pirate Draik Egg, Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion

Discovered Treasure Chest

Ancient Peophin & Round Maractite Coin
(Thank you to pianoslyv and inukagomefan for these screenies!)

If an object is present and you click on it, you will see the following message:
A deserted shore stretches along in front of you.
What's this? It looks like you've found something buried in the sand ...
You have received a (prize).

The Prizes

Prizes are randomly awarded each day, and include the possibility of winning nothing, or the new avatar:

Other available prizes include:
Round Maractite Coin
Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin
Earrings of the Deep
Necklace of the Deep
Forgotten Shore Background

2,000 - 10,000 NP

100 NP

100 NP

100 NP

100 NP

5,000 NP
Discovered Treasure Chest
(gives items when opened - click for a list)
Pirate Draik Egg
Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion

60,000 NP

6 million NP

3 million NP

*Prices are variable - please confirm before pricing or buying!*
Last update: 11/26

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't I receiving any prizes?
On 9/6, TNT replied to tickets when people assumed this was a glitch, stating:
We are happy to inform you that this is not a bug. You are not guaranteed to find an item every day you visit. It is designed to be like a treasure hunt! We have updated the messaging to help clear things up!
Remember - the Forgotten Shore is RANDOM, meaning there is no pattern. If you are getting many days in a row of nothing, you aren't doing anything wrong, you're just having some bad luck :)

Can I have the Forgotten Shore Map on a side account?
No! Please only get the map on one account. Because it gives daily prizes, you would be breaking Neopets rules. Read more here and here.

Does the time I visit the shore matter?
Good question - I'm not sure! Since I don't keep track of the times that certain prizes are won, I can't help with this question. As far as I know, the shore is random. However, there are some theories: 10 past midnight wins NP, 5 seconds past the minute wins better prizes, early morning wins better prizes ...

Is the map worth it?
Everyone has to decide for themselves. Here are some things to keep in mind:
- Expensive and rare prizes, like the Draik Egg or Krawk morphing potion, are possible to win
- However, it is very common to receive nothing as a prize (about 50% of the time) or a very small NP amount
- It is possible to receive an avatar as a prize, if you are an avatar collector this might be important
Remember to weigh all the factors when deciding if and when to buy, and good luck at the Forgotten Shore!

What items can I win from the Discovered Treasure Chest?
I am keeping a list of available prizes here:
Items Available from the Discovered Treasure Chest.
Please let me know if you received a prize I don't have listed!

How did the Anchor Management daily begin?
After the disappearance and rebuilding of Krawk Island, the Anchor Management daily was introduced. Players can access the daily via the Governor's Mansion on Krawk Island.
For more information about the Krawk Island Event, go here.

Why was the map released?
The map was released as a possible prize one could win from the Anchor Management daily. The news release stated: Pieces of a strange new treasure map have been washing up on the shores of Krawk Island. We wonder where it leads? It also pictured the items available to win from the map. Read the original news release here.

Do you have the map?
Yes ... and so far I have not had great luck! :P

How can I help with the guide?
I appreciate everyone's feedback on the guide. I also appreciate your input on prices or other errors that you notice. And, if you like the guide, please pass it along on the boards if you think it can help someone. I also love to have people around during the day when I'm at work, answering questions on the thread and directing people to the guide links - please feel free to jump in if you're interested!
If you have the map, I love when people send me a quick neomail letting me know what prizes they received that day for the prize log! Thanks for your help :-)