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The following are pet pages for all my permanent pets in a 'folio' format, thus PETfolios. The links above will lead you to each pet's folio page. Clicking the small images below will lead to each pet's lookup. Their lookups are also linked alphabetically. Enjoy!

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March 1 - Zambeezi
March 4 - Fylse

May 6 - Krawkie
May 26 - Koyenta
June 5 - Yazat
Sept 19 - Palauza/Zaldry
Sept 20 - Kealty
Sept 25 - Takeflight
Oct 5 - Alchae
Oct 28 - Rondezvous

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Ambitious * Dauntless * Reserved
Alchae is a bit of a loner. It's not that he isn't a friendly fellow, it's more that he just isn't very chatty, or sociable. He has a lot of goals and goes about the business of reaching them each day. He very much enjoys the company of his headstrong, opinionated Nuk, Kulae. He seems to be able to coax her into behaving better than one would expect from a Nuk.

His pottery collection is his absolute passion. He very much enjoys the sweet, solitude of his melodious Leafy Accordion. His favorite game is Sahkmet Solitaire.

Kulae the Nuk
May you always have walls from the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.

Land:Lost Desert

History | Alchae was adopted as a Desert Techo from a kind Charter member, Jon. I've always had a fondness for Techos and his dark brown base color combined with the extra choices his desert clothing offered helped make him a very versatile pet to customize.

Pottery Gallery 72/78
Ultimate Genius, IQ 211
Two Silver BC Trophies
An Itchi for Kulae
Alchae; Male; Desert Techo


Independent * Introspective
A conflicted soul, Fylse knows the lonliness that comes from being part of a group but still feeling like an outsider. Neither a traditional Krawk nor a native to the watery world of Maraqua--he is something other and feels that solitude deeply as a sense of inadequacy.

Fylse is still searching for his calling in life, he has started collecting Neodeck cards to occupy his time. He is also learning to play the conch horn and reading to increase his knowledge. In his spare time he enjoys playing Whirlpool. He admires Marak, The Wave, as a hero he can relate to.

His petpet, Boguss the Screal is a very enthusiastic explorer of the area known as grave danger.

Boguss the Screal
The wings of hope carry us,
soaring high above
the driving rain of life.


History | Fylse is a pet I was never looking for until I saw him. Something about the combination of his name and species struck a chord in me. I had traded for a Draik to retrade and decided to trade the Draik for Fylse and have him become a permanent member of my Neo family.

Ultimate Genius, IQ 201
Gold BC Trophy
A Glyme for Boguss
Fylse; Male; Maraquan Krawk


Imaginative ~ Optimistic ~ Whimsical
Kealty has a sunny disposition. She can find the positive in nearly any situation. Her purpose in life is to bring joy and goodness to Neopia. She enjoys traveling, dressing up and eating delicious faerie bubbles as well as delectable gourmet food.

Kealty's favorite locations to explore are Altador, Faerieland and Maraqua. She is one of those rare beings who feels comfortable in every situation and all surroundings and thus puts others at ease. She is equally adept at flying, walking and swimming.

How beautiful a day can be,
when kindness touches it!

Jubilation the
Faerie Hegelob

History | On September 20, 2011, I was gifted a Blue Draik Egg, by a very special friend! That same day, I created Kealty, she will always be a very treasured pet of mine. Kealty was created Blue, next she was painted Christmas, currently she enjoys life as a gorgeous, happy Desert Draik.

Gourmet Club Badge 650 pts
Kite Gallery 54/63
Ultimate Genius, IQ 350
Completed jobs 400
Bronze BC Trophy
A Draphly for Jubilation
Kealty; Female; Desert Draik


Intuitive ~ Graceful ~ Stealthy
Koyenta is something of an enigma. She is a student of the darker arts and an accomplished potion maker as well as enjoying her homeland of Shenkuu, gardening and health food. She adores being outdoors as well as playing her leafy recorder. Her heros are Ilere and Jerdana and her favorite game is Kou-Jong.

Zanee the
Island Faellie
It is better to light one candle
than to curse the darkness.


History | Koyenta was the third pet I created. She was created on Koi Day in 2006. I distinctly remember waiting until Koi Day in May because the one pet I really wanted was a Koi! Koyenta was named for a Thoroughbred mare, Kayenta. I changed the spelling to K-o-y, to match her species. Not long after I created her, I painted her Disco, she was so lovely!!

Then, one day I logged on and discovered Koyenta had been "converted." I never could get used to the new Koi look, so Koyenta volunteered to be a labrat. She changed colors and species many times... One day she became a Spotted Uni. I absolutely adored the look and it seemed fitting as she had originally been named after a horse.

Ultimate Genius, IQ 349
Bronze BC Trophy
An Squippit for Zanee
Koyenta; Female; Spotted Uni


Eloquent ~ Felicitous ~ Saavy
Born in Brightvale, Krawkie spent her childhood in the Kingdom of Hagan. Her best memories were the days spent playing with her best friend, Roberta of Brightvale. The two had many outstanding adventures together and enjoyed shopping, reading and discovering mischief.

Nowadays, KrawkodileSupreme, spends her days in Faerieland. She adores shopping (especially for clothes) and is an accomplished haggler. She exhibits the natural grace and charm one would expect after growing up as the companion to a Princess. She is fascinated with clouds, and is optimistic and unpretentious much like her hero, Pseilla.

Vale the
Faerie Mazzew
Obstacles are those frightful things you see
when you take your eyes off your goals.


History | In March of 2011, I traded Talathio for KrawkodileSupreme. I had originally intended to re-trade her for a better named Krawk but it didn't take long until I grew fond of her. I am very attached to her now and, to me, her unique name just adds to her charm. After being "Boochied" in October 2011, Krawkie was painted Tyrannian and then Striped which is now her permanent color.

Brightvale Gallery Spotlight
Ultimate Genius, IQ 487
Jobs Completed 513
Silver BC Trophy
A Mootix for Vale
KrawkodileSupreme; Female; Striped Krawk


Altruistic ~ Charismatic ~ Generous
Palauza believes the true measure of a soul is not how strong you are in defending yourself but in how far you will challenge yourself to help another. She has been called both strong and beautiful, but her calling is to be a guide and friend to those who need help. The soup kitchen is one of her favorite places. Often she gathers up a bunch of omelettes and plushies and takes them to the pound.

Her one weakness is gourmet food! She loves to sample rare and exotic treats from around Neopia or to cook delicious gourmet meals at home and invite over several hungry pets. Until recently, Palauza was very outdoorsy and athletic, she loved nothing more than attending the faerie cloud races or spending the day volcano running and mountain climbing. Since her accident and subsequent morphing, Palauza has become more serious; she has always valued honor and responsibility and that is even more apparent now.

Zareba the
Royal Seece
Wisdom is knowing what to do next;
virtue is doing it.


History | Palauza was created on September 19, 2006; as a Poogle. She was the third pet ever created by her owner, Blackwater. She was subsequently painted Starry and a happier Poogle never existed--until Boochi came along. Palauza hated being a baby Poogle. She looked ridiculous and begged to visit the lab ray scientist. After a few short weeks she found her transformation and has been enjoying life for these past several years as a gorgeous Faerie Eyrie. Phase two of Palauza's history involves her being morphed into a Striped Blumaroo. There may be a royal paint brush in her future.

Gourmet Club 201 points
Completed Jobs 115
Ultimate Genius, IQ 284
Gold & Bronze BC Trophies
A Scoach for Zareba
Palauza; Female; Striped Blumaroo


Adventurous * Amiable * Analytical
Rondezvous is a very sweet Blumaroo who enjoys having fun and making people happy. He attempts to be dark and mysterious but honestly he just doesn't have it in him. He is far better at statistics and games of chance than he is at being evil or wicked. His favorite land is Roo Island; he loves nothing more than spending the entire day riding the merry-go-round, playing Dice-A-Roo, buying souvenirs and of course visiting King Roo!

Zydeco the
Pirate Seece
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Roo Island

History | Rondezvous was created with a deliberate misspelling of the RW rendezvous, just because I really like the word. He was labbed into a white Blumaroo and when his petpet was zapped into a Fire Babaa, I decided to paint him Fire as well. He was a Fire Blumaroo for several years and was lent to help people get the avatar many times. One day, it was time for a change and he was painted Royal and then Halloween. He received a beautiful Halloween Baby Blu petpet to finish the look. Then I grew tired of the Halloween color and decided to paint him Pirate. He received a new petpet, a Pirate Secee and a Veespa.

Silver Customization Spotlight
Ultimate Genius, IQ 205
Bronze BC Trophy
An Veespa for Zydeco
Rondezvous; Male; Pirate Blumaroo

Future Look


Athletic ~ Intelligent ~ Unique
Everyone in the family agrees that Takeflight is the smartest pet. Not only does she have the highest IQ - 3424, but she loves to test her wits on strategy games and she succeeds at everything she tries. She has attempted many activities over the years, from completing a few jobs, to battling and training, eating gourmet food and attempting many sports and games as well as learning to play the pink ukelele--which was difficult for her. The one thing she always comes back to and excels at is reading and learning. Her petpet, Zephyr is exceedingly precious to her.

Zephyr the
Royal Anubis
A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.


History | Takeflight747 has the distinction of being the first Neopet I created. In spite of her less than stellar name, I'm very pleased that I not only still have her, but that she has earned Booktastic and Reading Badges. Tif, as I affectionately call her, was created as a Uni and painted Purple. When we both tired of that, she was painted Cloud and given a matching Cloud Anubis. That petpet became the symbol for a very dear real-life dog.

After quite a time had passed, I thought maybe I would morph Tif into a Draik. I decided to lab her a bit for fun while I was saving/contemplating. When she turned into a Cloud Poogle, I stopped labbing to enjoy her as a Poogle for awhile. Ultimately I started labbing again, during which time some of her more memorable zaps were--Chokato Kiko, Darigan Kyrii and Chocolate Kyrii. In the end, I decided she was meant to be a beautiful, graceful Uni Princess and I painted her Royal. Of course, her faithful Anubis, Zephyr, also needed a makeover. He is now a Royal Anubis Prince.

Recently Tif has finally realized her ultimate goal and has morphed into the gorgeous Faerie Draik she has always wanted to be.

Two Honorary Book Awards
Ultimate Genius, IQ 3424
Jobs Completed 36
Silver BC Trophy
A Vernax for Zephyr
Takeflight747; Female; Faerie Draik


Curious ~ Exuberant ~ Outgoing
Yazat is all about fun! She is very enthusiastic, especially regarding music and regularly attends concerts in Tyrannia. Yaz has difficulty playing most instruments but has a great sense of rhythm and does well playing percussion. Her large appetite keeps her constantly on the look out for her favorite foods--strawberries and omelettes. Destruct-O-Match is her favorite game.

Cherish the
Island Acko
Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.
I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty,
believe in them and try to follow them.


History | Yazat the Island Chomby was given to me by my sister, Jen. (Thanks!) I love her zany name, her beautiful color and her adorable matching petpet--Cherish, the Island Acko. Thanks also to Ari who allowed me to adopt her Desert Chomby so Yazat could have the clothes.

Ultimate Genius, IQ 237
Gold BC Trophy
A Fleaf for Cherish
Yazat; Female; Island Chomby


Charming ~ Flamboyant ~ Suave
Whether a Pirate Krawk or a MSPP, Zaldry is a born rebel and a pet who definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer. He is a very talented musician who's primary instrument is the mountain dulcimer. Music always comes second to the joy he takes in his stamp collection. He is currently looking for a petpet to match his unique character. His hero is Dasher Soley and his favorite game is Bilge Dice.

Zaluana the Chuchuana
Living at risk is jumping off the cliff
and building your wings on the way down.

Land:Krawk Island

History | Created on Poogle Day in 2012, Zaldry was always intended to be a Krawk. He asked for some time to experiment with the lab ray scientist after his siblings shared some of their adventures. When he turned into a Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle, life changed just a bit for all of us. Even though he is now a Pirate Krawk, he still retains a little of that MSPP magic!

Stamp Collection 503
Ultimate Genius, IQ 121
Jobs Completed 41
Gold BC Trophy
Zaldry; Male; Pirate Krawk


Witty ~ Sentient ~ Tenacious
Zambeezi truly lives his quote. His is a story of a journey and repeated metamorphasis. He was created to excel in the battledome and his childhood involved extensive training and many visits to the lab ray scientist. He had to do without a lot of the comforts and pampering other pets had. For awhile, he was troubled by this and spent some years feeling rather angsty. However, one day it dawned on him that his experience had given him strength and courage and his patience had paid off because he was now a handsome, stalwart Krawk. Since that moment, Zambeezi has been more than satisfied with his path in life. So satisfied in fact that he didn't even hesitate when the opportunity came once again visit the lab ray on a daily basis.

Zalibzer the
Mutant Gallion
It is good to have an end to journey toward;
but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

Terror Mountain

History | Zambeezi was created on March 1, 2008, as a blue Gnorbu. He was labbed daily for about 2 years. He spent a lot of time as a Grarrl and ended up being just about every color Grarrl. In 2010, he was finally morphed into a Red Krawk (at great expense!) then painted Royal, Christmas, Striped and Pirate. Recently he has again begun visiting the lab to increase stats. Final destination, maybe a Stealthy Kacheek?

HSD 2700+
Battledome Wins 10,000+
Battledome Score 1,457,824+
Completed Jobs 660
Ultimate Genius, IQ 743
Gold BC Trophy
Zambeezi; Male; Labbing


Training and labbing to potentially trade for a UC.

Starting Stats
Level 2
Strength 8
Defence 8
Movement 9
Endurance 10

Current Stats
Level 72
Strength 41
Defence 36
Movement 28
Endurance 29

Ultimate Genius IQ 200
League 4
HSD 106

Pet Goals

IQ 216/300
BC Art
BC Gold

300/340 Neodeck
Jobs 400
IQ 350/400
BC Gold
Gourmet 700

IQ 364/400
BC Gold
IQ 487/500
BC Art
BC Gold
Jobs 600
IQ 284/300
IQ 205/300
BC Art
BC Gold
2200 Books read
BC Art
BC Gold
Jobs 100

IQ 237/300
IQ 121/200
New Art
Petpet & Petpetpet
Jobs 50
Level 400
Ability: Reflect

IQ 743/800
New Art
Jobs 700
HP 1500
BC Art
BC Gold
HSD 900
Abilities: Lens Flare,
Burrow & Warlocks Rage


Faerieland - Blackwater444

Kiko Lake - Blackwater222


CSS by Colorblock

Divider from The Lunch Box

Flower from Cakie

The Memories

Dear Diary, It's happening again--those strange spells. I think I might have some rare illness. Maybe I should tell my owner. I'm afraid I might fall out of the sky if I'm ever flying when I get one of those visions. The world just goes black and I feel like I'm in some prehistoric dream state, everything looks so different…. And the voice in my head…. How do I make it stop?

Kealty pondered what she'd written and made a decision, tomorrow she'd tell her sister. Krawkie was over 1700 days old whereas Kealty was only 100, all those extra days must have given her some wisdom that she could share with Kealty.

However, Krawkie was just as perplexed when Kealty shared with her what she was experiencing. "Hmmm, I've never in all of Neopia heard of anything like that," She said. "Tell you what, let's go over to the hospital and ask one of the Nurses if you have any of the common illnesses and what they would recommend to cure you.

The Nurse asked Kealty a million questions about her gums, her head, whether or not she had any rashes or itchy skin… On and on and on… Finally she said, "Maybe it's a strange case of the doldrums, why don't you try rubbing some Mushroom Ointment on your face for a few days and see if you feel better. So, they bought some Mushroom Ointment at the Pharmacy on the way home and Kealty faithfully rubbed it on her face for the next several days.

Still the spells persisted, once she even got one when she was down at the Employment Agency. By the time she came back to feeling like herself she almost missed the job deadline. This was getting embarrassing, she never missed job deadlines, always finished her jobs in record time. Something had to be done about these strange incidents.

Kealty really hated to bother her owner, who was going through her own crisis at the moment, but she felt at this point she had no choice. Blackwater was very wise, she would definitely have heard of this before or know what to do. Who could have predicted that Blackwater was just as perplexed over these systems as Krawkie and the Nurse had been. "Wow, those are absolutely not normal symptoms of any illness, Kealty," She said. "Have you eaten any of the gourmet mushrooms recently? Have you eaten anything that disagreed with you?" Blackwater asked. "I haven't eaten any mushrooms for months now, nor have I eaten anything that made me sick and I've been having spells several times a day," Kealty replied.

Ok, hmmmm, I think we need to go see Ilere," Blackwater announced. "Ilere! Who is THAT," Kealty asked? "Ilere, is an Earth Faerie, but she's…. let's say a bit darker than Illusen. She lives over in Neovia. In fact, let's go by Altador and see if Koyenta can come with us. Koyenta has studied with Ilere and Sophie and she can introduce us all," Blackwater stated, making plans as she spoke.

As the trio gathered in Ilere's cottage, in hushed anticipation; the beautiful, elfish-looking Faerie cloaked in a dark green robe, took Kealty's hand in hers and held it with her eyes closed for quite a long time. Finally, she spoke, "Kealty, you are chosen.

Let me tell you a true story. A long, long time ago in Neopian pre-history, creatures known as Tikwyren roamed the land near present-day Tyrannia. They were ghastly, fire-breathing beasts that had wings but were unable to fly due to their massive size. They differed in appearance from the smooth-coated Chombigrukin species by virtue of their scaly hides and their enormous ears. As time progressed, the Tikwyren specialized and mutated into several separate species, which became known as Scorchio, Shoyru, Krawk, Draik and Hissi. Of all of them, only the Draiks became completely comfortable in the air, water and on land. As the Draik's size diminished in response to their flying ability, they retained their enormous ears and the ability to hear even the minutest sounds as well as to sense the tiniest vibrations.

Now you're probably wondering how this relates to you and your gift. Very, very rarely, a Draik is created that retains some of the characteristics to the magical Tikwyren. When that happens we say they have 'The Memories.' You are one of those special Draiks.

To Be Continued...


Which came first the Draik or the Egg? Or in this situation, we ask which came first the pet or the petpet?

One bright morning, a Faerie Hegelob was discovered hovering right outside the front door of our Faerieland home. None of us had ever seen a Faerie Hegelob before so we were quite stunned by this exquisite discovery! Of course, we knew that Hegelobs are mystical creatures that are usually found in the waters of Shenkuu and yet we could obviously see that this little creature was more suited to flying and seemed to prefer it. We decided to bring the little sea horse in out of the cold; we felt sure her owner would show up at any moment to claim this little jewel of a petpet.

Days went by and no one claimed the tiny being. Meanwhile we went out of our way to assure her comfort. We asked everyone we knew if they or someone they knew had lost a Faerie Hegelob petpet--soon the news had spread throughout Faerieland but still no one came to claim her. By this time, she had throughly captivated us and we were completely enthralled with this tiny, but silent petpet.

We gave her access to the ponds and fountains in the back of the house, in case she felt like bathing or swimming, her favorite was the Light Faerie Fountain, but most of the time she preferred to hover around us and participate in whatever we were doing. She was obviously an intelligent petpet but in spite of our questions about where she had come from and which pet she belonged with, she never uttered a single sound.

About a week after she arrived, a package showed up. Had it not been so clearly addressed to our home, I would have thought surely it had been delivered to the wrong location. Inside the package was a brilliant blue Draik Egg! The little petpet who we had started calling, Jewel, because of the way her beautiful iridescent scales glittered in the sunlight, became exceedingly animated when she saw the Draik Egg. She hovered over the egg and would not leave it. All night long she hovered over the egg. Nothing we could do would coax her into leaving the egg to get some sleep.

First thing the next morning, we gathered up the egg and headed up to the Draik's nest. This would be the first Draik in our family and we were all very excited. No one was more excited than little Jewel. I'd never seen her so cheerful and vigorous, she looked like she was ready to erupt with radiance. As we settled in to wait for the Draik to hatch, we were tossing name ideas back and forth, when unexpectedly the little Faerie Hegelob started chirping and tweeping and making all kinds of racket. We were all astonished as she hadn't made a single sound up to now.

Right at the same moment, our Draik hatched into a stunningly delicate female Draik. We tried to hold Jewel back for a few moments to give our Draik time to take in the situation but we were too slow. Uttering a long whinney she rushed over to the female Draik and the two of them immediately started nuzzling and communicating in sounds none of us could comprehend.

Then it dawned on me. This amazing petpet had somehow magically appeared to become a companion to a Draik we didn't even know would be coming to live with us. That kind of magic leaves you spellbound!

The Draik we had hatched became known as Kealty, ultimately only she was able to understand the utterances of her now talkative petpet. She also changed her name from Jewel to Jubilation because together they truly represented what it means to be jubilant.

Which came first, the Draik or the egg? For us it happened to be a magical, jubilant petpet.

Glitzy, Gossamer Radiance

Gift bags gleam brighter than glittering jars of jewels;
Their iridescence approaches the shimmering sun.
Their luster is my downfall and some may call me fool.
My devotion they have claimed, my obsession has begun.

The packaging invites with sparkles and colors bright.
Innards lined with tissue that crinkles when you peek.
Discovering what's inside makes your heart feel light;
The wonder of it all leaves me feeling weak.

Every shape and color, every size and theme,
The beauty one can share in gifting and receiving.
Visions of gift bags, line the contents of my dreams,
Gift bags are my mantra, their glory leaves me believing
In glitzy gossamer radiance.

A Time of Tumult

One bright day, Palauza and a couple of her friends, Golubzi, the Island Korbat, and Sbazy, the Silver Scorchio, decided it would be a great day to do a little volcano running. They met at Palauza's house in Faerieland. Palauza told her owner she'd return in a couple of hours and off they flew to Tyrannia. Once they arrived, they found a nice-sized cavern that appeared suitable for a run and donned their protective gear.

The trio entered the cavern where the lighting was dim and their voices could scarcely be heard over the plop and fizz of the fiery lava which lined the center of the cavern. Sbazy shouted a warning to them both as they began to fly, "Keep your eyes open for gems, and watch out for those falling rocks; remember what almost happened last time." Away they went gliding through the narrow crevasses and back to the spectacular views of the wider caverns. As the traveled they dodged around eruptions of lava some going nearly as high as the chamber ceiling. They also headed Sbazy's warning and kept watch for falling lava rocks. Along the way they occasionally swooped low to collect gems from the cavern sides which they put into their carrying packs.

Soon they were nearing the end of the subterranean area and they found a spot on the side of the cave where they could stop for a moment and collect a few more gems as well as have a chance to get a drink of water and rest their wings for the journey back. It was uncomfortably hot in the cavern and the trio was sweating but they were experienced runners and none felt overly tired, just eager to be up and flying again. Before they started back they split the gems they had collected between their three bags so all had an equal load. Golubzi, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the heavy load said, "Let's not collect anymore gems on the way out of here. This is about all I can carry and still manage to fly. I don't want to end up in a pool of lava over a few gems.

Off they went, heading back to the entrance of the volcano. Golubzi was in the lead followed by Palauza and then Sbazy. Suddenly, just as they flew past, a geyser of lava sprouted up from below, Palauza dodged the lava spout but just as she did a fiery rock fell from above and hit her hard just above the left wing. Down she started to fall; somehow she managed to escape the lava pool and make it to a small shelf on the side of the cave. Her bag of gems wasn't as fortunate and it fell from her shoulder straight down into the lava.

Sbazy found a safe spot to land not too far from Palauza. Golubzi, who could find nowhere to land, hovered in the air nearby. "My wing is broken," Palauza stated simply with a flat voice that betrayed none of the emotional turmoil she felt inside. "We don't have much further to fly until we're out of here," Sbazy said. "If Golubzi can carry my bag of gems, I think I can carry you." They staggered out of the cavern in that manner. Once out, Sbazy managed to wrap Palauza's wing base to prevent further damage. They packed up their gear and hiked a short ways into Tyrannia where they hired a hot-air balloon to fly them back home.

Once home, Palauza's owner immediately took her to the healing springs. Afterwards, Palauza felt much better but Marina said the wing would require several visits to heal completely and recommended some potions for Palauza to drink as well. Even though some of the potions tasted awful, Palauza drank everyone one of them. She was devastated by her injury and her inability to fly but she had a lot of faith in the healing capabilities of the faeries. Golubzi and Sbazy visited daily, they assured her there was nothing she could have done differently to prevent the injury.

Over the following weeks Palauza continued to visit Marina and before too long, the healing faerie declared the wing completely healed and gave Palauza permission to fly. Palauza was elated and prepared to take to the air immediately to return home. As she made ready to fly, something seemed wrong. Something about the way her wing moved just didn't feel normal. Palauza tried to lift off and she couldn't.... She couldn't fly. Marina, after observing Palauza's attempt to fly, had a talk with Palauza and her owner. She said sometimes there is emotional trauma in situations like this where there has been a severe injury or a fall. Marina suggested that Palauza visit Fyora to benefit from the Faerie Queen's superior healing capabilities and to get her advice on how to proceed.

After spending weeks visiting Fyora and obliging her in every suggestion she made, Palauza slowly came to the realization that the situation was hopeless. She was never going to be able to fly again. She had some sort of an emotional block that she just couldn't overcome. It seemed as though all the strength and courage she possessed was useless to her now.

Fyora proposed that she take a holiday and go somewhere, other than Faerieland, where she didn't have to face flying every day and could relax and contemplate her choices. Palauza chose to spend some time in Brightvale with a couple of her siblings--Rondezvous, the Halloween Blumaroo, and Zeanii, the Rainbow Lutari. The three of them greatly enjoyed the cool, autumn weather and Palauza inwardly marveled at how different life was away from Faerieland. Here, pets actually walked or ran places instead of flying. If they were going a long distance or were in a hurry they used a wheeled cart. It was so pure and simplistic and yet it worked perfectly for the citizens of this beautiful valley.

The trio visited the glazier's workshop where each of them had a chance to make a stained glass ornament. The tailor in the armoury was only too happy to show them his amazing cloth and how it was fashioned into colorful, fashionable but utilitarian battle armour. They toured shops overflowing with books and scrolls, they strolled through orchards and gardens ripe and overflowing with produce. With Fyora's influence, the group was able to get a rare look inside the Royal Potionery to see some of the methods used in creating and bottling the King's potions.

During their stay, the three had an opportunity to attend a ball. The castle was so resplendent, the royal clothing so rich and luxurious, Palauza was a bit in awe over the entire scene. She enjoyed learning the steps of the dances, however, it didn't escape her notice how much easier it was for Rondezvous and Zeanii to perform the steps than it was for her with four padded feet. Still it was a lovely experience and she couldn't help but daydream a bit envisioning herself as royalty and living in such a beautiful scenic area.

It was there she conceived the simple solution with which she found peace. She would drink one more potion--this one a morphing potion and become a Blumaroo, maybe even a royal Blumaroo. She would never have to ponder flying again.

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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