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I'd like to thank every single person who took an interest in Someday in Ecstasy: from the features, rankings, compliments, criticism, support, encouragement, kind words in general, and even to the mails asking "when requests gonna open??", thank you.

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Welcome to Someday in Ecstasy, a button request site dedicated to creating stunning and aesthetically pleasing buttons to help beautify both your site and help spread the word! In order to achieve this perfect button for you, Someday in Ecstasy puts a heavy focus on pleasant colour schemes, sensible use of typeface, and complimentary texturing to tie your button's visuals all together along with keeping the requester's advice and personal preferences in mind.

Someday in Ecstasy was established as an expansion from The Button Club on July 3rd, 2014 by Camscathes. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel more than welcome to contact me anytime!


July 5th
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To ensure that there are no easily avoidable issues with requesting your button(s), please read the rules (aka words of common sense) carefully before you continue on to filling out the form.

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Below are the absolute best examples from my own perspective of my buttons. You may find a much larger collection of Someday in Ecstasy's buttons in my full portfolio if you wish to see more examples.

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After you've received your mail of completion, you can pick up your very own button below! Your button will be marked with your name along with the name of the site or page you requested for within the button. If there are any sort of errors or changes you feel necessary with your button, you are more than welcome to contact me about it!
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Buttons from pickup will be moved down to Someday in Ecstasy's portfolio after one week. After that time, buttons may still be collected, but no changes to the button will be accepted. Newest buttons start from the top left while older buttons will be eventually moved to my full portfolio.
Button portfolio count: 343

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The resources offered at Someday in Ecstasy are primarily for request sites that are either just starting out or for those whom are already established and are simply looking for some updated resources.
Resource and/or Textarea design © Someday in Ecstasy.

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Textarea designs + css hover effect suited for link back buttons or button pickup

NOTE — Textarea designs with all uppercase letters must have a text-transform:none element when hovered upon to preserve the original code (some browsers copy the words along with the style: uppercased).
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The Photoshop CS3 tutorials listed below show my personal techniques and methods I use to create the button requests offered at Someday in Ecstasy. They are all written to benefit you — whether or not you have a button request site of your own or are simply wanting to make buttons — so please feel more than welcome to mail me with any suggestions for tutorials!
Tutorial 1 Step by step button making experience.

Resulting button

To be announced Contact me and your question will be transformed into a new tutorial!

Resulting button

Step by step button making experience

I start off with an image (more specifically an image the requester chose). This image was copied on to photoshop and cropped from the original preview to further copy on to an 88px by 31px file.
Here's the cute little button birthed from the big mama image and I'm the nanny who's going to raise it to be strong, independent, and beautiful. Right now it's ugly and crying, but everything goes through a rough start!
Re-positioned by dragging the image upwards due to a good variety of colours present to edit.
Note*: not all steps are thoroughly explained aka I don't show how I got to each step it's just showing what I do. Anyway, levels are used to balance colours and enhance both shadows, highlights, and of course the midtones. I put a heavy emphasis on highlights in this button.
Resulting edit from the levels settings. Notice how much brighter the image is?
Now I'm using curves to mess with the tones and contrast of both the colouring and lighting in the image. More emphasis on deepening the tones.
The image looks vibrant with rich purple shades.
Now using the basic brightness and contrast tool to balance out the lighting.
Not much of a transformation, but there's more friendliness between dark and light.
I'm going to attempt to sharpen the image using the smart sharpen too and literally I can't stand doing this cause seemingly my photoshop is messed up with sharpening. I do have all the settings correct — gaussian blur sharpening at 500% for every third of a pixel (does that even mean that whatever idc) — though so you are perfectly fine using these settings just I'm dumb.
LOOK OMG it literally did nothing?? besides make the lines be ugly??
Re-positioned the image back up! It's perfectly normal — at least for me?? — to shift the image multiple times before, during, or after editing to get it in it's nicest place. Remember you're dealing with a very small space so it's best to get the best colour variety to make your button eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing!
Duplicating my image to start the creation of a nice image smoother and colour brightener. Put your duplicated layer above your original and set the new layer to soft light.
Now we're doing the opposite to the new image: giving it a gaussian blur. Set the radius to 2.5. You can increase the amount if you'd like, but try not to go over 4 pixels.
Look how glorious the image looks now praise! Glorious is a lil lame to say but it suits it.
Now we're going to do a pure colour edit! Pick out midtone colour from your image — this will most likely be found in your image's background, such as the sky, the grass, or a character's hair colour.
Once you've picked your colour, create a new layer, fill it with your colour, set it to lighten, and then set the opacity to a range of 25% to 50% depending on how rich of a colour edit you want or what looks nice on your image.
Since I used a very subtle colour edit, only the darker shades were affected.
First step into texturing the button! I always and only used light textures in my buttons so this one works nicely. Idk who made it lol ):
Resize and crop to fit it cosily in the button.
Move it on to the button, put the layer above both the image and the colour edit layer, and then set the layer to lighten.
Resulting image. Ya kind of ugly.
Since the red was a little too much for the image and reducing the opacity would be a very ineffective way to fix it, I'm going to edit the actual colouring of the texture using hues.
Much better! Now the light actually blends in with the image rather than taking dominance.
Now I'm going to use a really gorgeous and button-specific texture created by the super smart and cute Abi! She even cropped it to suit perfectly in your button. Thank you boo.
Also hugs and kisses to Nina for showing me how to most effectively put the texture to work. Copy the texture on to your button, put it beneath any other texture you have, set the layer to hard light, and set the opacity to anywhere from 30% to 50%.
Zanggg. Look at dem colours now!
Now we're on to the most important part of the button, the text! I personally love using the pixel font, 04b03, bolding it, and setting the colour as the same as the midtone I chose! Put the text layer underneath both the texture and lighting layers to have the effects affecting the letters. Also, shoutout to Bianca at Ornament for unknowingly letting me use her request for this tutorial, ty ty!
Positioned the text in a nice spot, but you can't read it yet because we still need the text border!
To get the range of the border, CTRL + click on your text layer's T symbol and expand the selection by 1 pixel.
Once you have your selection, select a dark midtone colour from the area surrounding your text to act as the border colour.
Create a new layer, place it below your text layer, fill the selection with your colour, then set the border layer to multiply.
Result from the previous step.
Now to do the border clean up that all the fancy button makers do lol. Mainly what you do is remove all ″empty space″ pixels that are diagonal to your letters or between the gaps. The way I do it is to create a new layer and then highlight each of these pixels with a white pencil tool dot to show the spaces.
First make sure you've highlighted your border layer (click on the layer). Now select the ″empty space″ layer — CTRL + click — and right click on one of the white dots. A popup menu will appear and select layer via cut. Delete both the ″empty space″ and the cut border layers.
Here's the clean border!
Now I'm going to add some padding to the border to increase visibility of the text. Duplicate your border layer, put the new layer under it, and add a gaussian blur of 1 pixel to the new border.
Notice how the border is more feathery, but the text is much more visible!
Since the text isn't entirely legible, I'm going to lighten the text colour by several shades — to a cuter light pinkish purple.
ZANGGG that really made the text pop out I did well.
Now I'm going to add a gradient effect to the text to create a more glossy looking button. I either set the blend mode to overlay or soft light, reduce the opacity to around 30% or 40%, and reduce the scale to around 50% to create a very sharp and abrupt gradient.
Glossy, glossy.
Time to create the button's border! Select the pencil tool to draw with.
Pick a colour from the background that most dominates the outer edges of the button, but will still blend in nicely with the inner.
I always draw a simple rectangular border and set the layer to multiply. Also, make sure to have your border layer underneath all your textures and colour edits!
Blend the border in by giving the layer another gaussian blur of 1 pixel.
Now for the inner white border. Create a new layer, place it above your outer border's, draw another rectangle within your outer border, set the layer to hard light, and keep the opacity between 80% to 100%.
Final result of the border. Look how much an effective border can do for your button.
The text was a tad too close to the edge of the inner border, so to move the text, select both the text layer and each of your text border layers. I shifted them all over to the right by two pixels.
Much more spacious and tidier.
Now on to the animation. I decided to have a full shine animation so pick a very light colour, but not white as you want to keep it smoothly flowing with the colouring.
Select the pen tool.
Make sure your pen tool's options are set to paths (first section with the pen + square).
Create a diagonal path reaching from outside the bottom of your button to the outside top.
Select the brush tool.
Make sure your brush tool's settings are at 0% hardness and a diameter of anything from 12px to 21px.
Before you do anything, create a new layer above your text but below your button's border. Then select the pen tool once more and then right click on your path. Select stroke path. This will brush a line along your path.
Select delete path to remove the pen line, but it will keep the brushing.
Set your shine layer to linear dodge (add).
Give the shine layer a gaussian blur of 4 pixels.
Go to your animation window and duplicate the first frame. Move your shine layer all the way off the button to the left side for the first frame, and for the second frame, move the shine all the way off to the right side.
Select your first frame and tween the frame to your second frame with 38 added frames. This is just what I personally think makes the shine look realistic, feel free to shorten the length or make it more slow.
Final result of the shine! The animation repeats itself a little too quickly, so make sure to add a break in between start to ending frames.
Duplicate your final frame 4 times.
Set the new final frame's time delay to 2 seconds.
Save the button & you have your completed button request!
Thank you so much for reading this button tutorial! If you have any further questions or need something within the tutorial elaborated on, please feel free to give me your feedback!

Tutorial 2

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